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File: 1609455577817.png (44.08 KB, 1400x1050, '・ω・).png)


How's that self-imposed challenge coming along, anon? You do challenge yourself… don't you?
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How do you manage to stay at level 3? I haven't palyed that game since I Was a little kid though


The Lucky Jewel guarantees the double-or-nothing minigame at the end of a battle. If you lose it you get nothing at all. It can be the coins or experience variant though, so there's an element of frustrating randomness. Later you can buy the lucky Hammer in Seaside Town after beating Yaridovich, which does the same thing but has infinite use.


Is that really an exploit though as opposed to just how the game works?


Whatever it is, it's repetitive and annoying to do constantly when you're trying to be the best.


File: 1611356634354.webm (3.7 MB, 240x320, sandlobstercannon1.webm)

A clip mostly for my own benefit. How to get that heckin fairy from the first big cannon in stage six by blowing it up early. Really tricky when it's only on screen for a few seconds!

File: 1608527512520.webm (2.96 MB, 1280x720, whyboner.webm)


Why did this make my PP hard tho?
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File: 1608527513606.webm (2.64 MB, 1416x590, avp.webm)

better quality


nice cock


Ah, this was the moment it happened.
Ever since it's been inflation, belly stuff, force feeding, cum inflation, oviposition, preggo, etc.
Yup, that was an awkward boner.
Embrace it.



File: 1610952434894.jpg (290.76 KB, 900x1200, lmh4uvs7ciw31.jpg)


What's your opinion on this man and his work?
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I like Kojima because he's uninhibited and slightly mad and that makes for unique and inventive experiences, if not particularly coherent ones.
I haven't played Death Stranding yet but if anyone could get me to play a game about literally just walking it's him, because he's bound to throw unexpected things your way.


Like what? Fun???

I'd seriously recommend giving it a try, even if you just grab it from redbox for a weekend or something. Play it online if possible.

||I hope you like monster energy drink||


>Like what? Fun???
>boring, inconsequential open world?
>half assed voice acting?
>shitty hipster music?

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to play mgs3 just one more time


>half assed voice acting
What do you mean by that exactly?


File: 1611687763348.png (269.16 KB, 800x703, IMG_2731.PNG)

I will never buy another Open World game in my lifetime

File: 1608528307689-0.jpg (28.27 KB, 460x215, Victoria_II_Logo.jpg)

File: 1608528307689-1.png (565.75 KB, 722x506, ajq4h6nepe941.png)


Suggested by >>6447, here's the victoria 2 general
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Even in the modern era barely any countries really accept outside cultures, it's a bit unrealistic to expect it to happen in the victorian era


I mean it's not like the political and economic sim in paradox games is especially geared towards realism anyway as much as it's abstractions that allow you to play with a sandbox history, but more to the point the rapid speed of assimilation in Vicky2 is far more unrealistic than conditional acceptance of certain cultures would be. It should take at least a couple generations, and there should be syncretic cultures/religions that form under certain conditions out of the presence of different cultures. Like if you have strong traditionalist/conservative politics, and strict immigration law, some portions of a minority culture should quickly assimilate (within a generation) while other portions maintain high discontent, and if you have socially liberal or left politics and lax immigration law, immigrants should assimilate more slowly and there should be significant syncretism that can produce "subcultures" like Irish-American, Italian-Argentine, Anglo-Irish, Brazilian Confederados, etc.

Maybe that's autistic but what is the point of Vicky2 if not POP autism?


How is that mod these days? I remember when I tried to play it years ago, the economy was completely fucked.


It seems decent within reason to me, at the least playable. They've been working on it consistently over the past few years so I'd say it's worth giving another try.


That would be cool, I guess I just think it would be dumb if you can pay 50 whatever points and wait 6 months and suddenly Serbia embraces Han Chinese culture or whatever.

File: 1610673119125.jpg (164.79 KB, 1280x720, ps.jpg)


Immersive WWII squad combat simulator. 80 people on a server, 40 a side, although they are talking about expanding it to a 100. There's no ranks, skins, microtransactions, or any of that bullshit. At the end of the game you just see your own stats, and four MVPs and that's it. Onto the next one. It's exciting as fuck and if you're not careful it eats your time. It is made with the Unreal engine and I am told it is very similar to Squad, which I haven't played.

The game has several game modes, but the most popular one is offensive. Where you capture enemy objectives by taking over the point. The maps and locations are as true to history as they can be, they re-created the locations from maps, aerial photos from the time, stuff like that. Weapons available are the ones available to that side at that battle. And yes, there are tanks. You can play as the Wehrmacht, Waffen-SS, US airborne, British airborne or French infantry (in 1940 iirc).

It's a real team game and communication and cooperation are necessary. You have a squad leader who commands his squad of 9 people, who can be riflemen, medic, light and heavy machine gunner, mortar, AT, sapper, radio, with the special classes divided among the squads. There are also armored squads, for driving tanks, because you need 2-3 people to operate a tank. There are also logistic squads, who have to set up forward operating bases, vehicle repair stations, supply stations, defenses, mortars, etc. The maps are huge, and you get a sense of a battle on a large scale.

Only downside is that the team developing it said they don't have enough money to add the Eastern Front battles to the game. But they have had modding only since December 2020, so probably in the future we can expect that someone will make some Eastern Front maps.

Do any of you play? I think it would be cool to get a leftist clan going in this game.
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havent played it but i love Squad, ive heard PS and Beyond The Wire are pretty barebones and underdeveloped at this point


Wrong, it's the best setting.
It may have some bugs, but PS is a fully functional game. They've only had modding for two months, so expect other maps, units and battles in a bit, someone already made a new map/battle and added it to the workshop.


BF2 still has an active playerbase with BF2HUB. We definitely should organise something, or at least have a weekly gaming session.


>It may have some bugs, but PS is a fully functional game. They've only had modding for two months, so expect other maps, units and battles in a bit, someone already made a new map/battle and added it to the workshop.

oh ok thats good to know, how does it compare to Hell Let Loose?

really my biggest (admittedly very autistic) issue with it is that its only the western front, pretty unforgivable sin imo for any ww2 game billing itself as in any way more authentic to focus so much on american infantry in europe. red orchestra had it right to make europe USSR vs Nazi and save the americans for the pacific in the first Rising Storm, which was the far more interesting american part of the war anyway

also i just hate playing as nazis, a bit petty considering i dont mind playing as like the US in Squad but w/e


btw, does anyone on here play Squad? should i make a new thread for it? would be nice to fill out a squad with some /leftypol/ lads

File: 1608528222004.jpg (34.05 KB, 600x776, Claude-Cosplay-from-Star-O….jpg)


Hey guys

I want to get more into JRPGs so I've gathered a small list of games that interest me (PS1-3, gamecube, 3ds and all the openemu consoles are what I can play on)

trails in the sky
breath of fire 3&4
wild arms series
final fantasy 9
suikoden 2,3,5
grandia 2
chrono trigger
legend of mana
golden sun 2
Ys series
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Play Golden Sun 1 before 2 if you haven't done it, it's really one big game separated in two cartridges, and a masterpiece at that.


You've never played Chrono Trigger? What's wrong with you?


This game will stay with me forever. One of the great classics.

Yeah, despite its endless praise I wouldn't consider it overrated. Extremely ambitious games that actually deliver deserve all the praise they get.

Has anyone actually played Legend of Dragoon? It's infamous for its length but is it good?


I used to not listen to other peoples opinion thats why =)

legend of dragoon is on my extended list, I've listened to the OST quite a bit and it was wonderful but was kinda thrown off by the gameplay from watching footage


File: 1610927777652.jpg (963.99 KB, 1687x2147, large.717949748_PhantasySt….jpg)

>trails in the sky
I've heard its good
>breath of fire 3&4
The whole series is pretty good. It's cool to see the archetypes and gameplay evolve overtime
>wild arms series
the ost is good
>final fantasy 9
the slowest FF by far. If you can take the slow pace and loadingscreens, it's a great game.
>suikoden 2,3,5
Same as BoF
>grandia 2
I liked Grandia 1 a lot, but I haven't played 2 yet.
<le meme obscure game
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File: 1609335906638.jpg (97.55 KB, 500x336, you are saying the wrong t….jpg)


What could we do to push people like this to realize that just whining at a massive corporation is not going to fundamentally change anything, and that the problem is the system? I'm tired of hearing the same "look, I'm not promoting copyright infringement, but I also hate what this powerful company who is the copyright holder does to fan projects/its own games…" and other such cop-outs. Sounds like cuckoldry to me.

Maybe the first step is to promote the idea of changing copyright laws so that big businesses can't fuck people over as much, instead of allowing consoomers to try to defend fan projects/piracy and cucking out to copyright law designed to protect the rich at the same time. Maybe some already realize this, but I think the majority hasn't even thought that in this case, the problem is not the company who is unwilling to be nice and ignore the law to cooperate with fans, the problem is the laws (and system, of course, but they're not ready for that yet) that allow "anti-consoomer" companies to force their own rules onto those fans whenever and however they want, and it's hypocritical to simultaneously support such illegal activities and copyright law. They definitely already understand that corporations are not their friend and just want to make as much money as possible, gamers only need that little push towards real action.

From there, we could start promoting criticism towards the system itself, little by little. Hopefully, they would end up realizing that the issues in the videogame industry such as overpriced pieces of plastic or overpriced and limited re-releases of old unoptimized software are never going to be solved by reforming the company's policy or capitalism, that the implications are much more bigger than they ever imagined, that capitalism is not a universal and unchangeable state of affairs that we just have to accept and deal with, and that there exists a viable alternative to it which we could help bring about.



>and cucking out to copyright law
*and to cuck out to copyright law

My point with that paragraph is that I would expect this idea to prompt consumers to think beyond their narrow view that companies are the origin of every one of the problems that they bitch about, which of course are only some of the logical consequences of capitalism. Or, in gaymer/programmer terms, "it's not a bug, it's a feature" but unironically. Perhaps realizing that the scope of these issues is bigger than they thought would result in them eventually seeing the whole system we live in as the fundamental problem.


Great essay op. I don't think that the fanboys nor the consooomers would realize the underlying conditions that result in corporate behaviour.


File: 1610444571559.png (31.39 KB, 920x331, 1000 dollar app - i sleep,….png)

Just look at this shit.
>A $1000 shitty mobile app? Sorry, we can't do anything about it; their business, their rules, you're not being literally, physically forced at gunpoint to spend that much money to see the full game, so there's nothing wrong with it even if you think it's exploitative and their workers are being paid above average wages. That's how this world works!
<Oh what's that? The creators like some incest ship or used to be obsessed with gay rape anime porn 7 years ago? REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE CANCEL THIS GAME
God I hate liberals so fucking much.
Plus, when will it become popular to tell these goddamn pussies that we can and should change the status quo?

Thanks anon, although I wouldn't call it an essay, it's just my ranting out of frustration at this conformist, weak-ass, passive bullshit. So it comes down to this? Consoomer dicksuckers will be our enemies forever? No hope for them to be enlightened whatsoever?


>above average wages
*below average

File: 1609811670422.jpg (33.7 KB, 500x375, 1380743527967.jpg)


Does anyone here watch Game Center CX?


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When the libido modern culture gets so shit that you can't even entertain yourself with your toys, but have to be entertained by a professional artisan.


Who says they have to be professional?


Sometimes I like seeing a random guy play and talk about games. Most of the time I play the games myself. What's the problem?



Hell yeah I do dawg


>super mario 2 episode
>deep space 9 theme outta nowhere

File: 1608528098427-0.jpg (10.78 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (4).jpg)

File: 1608528098427-1.jpeg (10.19 KB, 347x145, download (45).jpeg)


From a leftist perspective, which warlord is best for Russia?
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Zhdanov is really based in his regional focus tree but then they just make him comically evil in his superregional tree and then he just dies. Someone here should make a rework mod for him.


I mean you can now have Kardashev be his successor and return to LibSoc ideology, unless they pull another epic maymay and have Kardashev turn out to be evil too.


It’s so stupid of these people to continuously try to make any associates of Stalin into actual cartoon villains while giving Nazis of all people relatable backstories. Peak liberal hilarity.


His Soviet Union is just the Soviet Union irl under Brezhnev


Suslov is obviously the better choice here.

File: 1608527543601.jpg (54.28 KB, 1920x1080, Mother3banner.jpg)


Is this game Marxpilled?
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The villain is literally named Porky and his literal capitalist empire is themed after pigs, why aren't there more communist MOTHER memes??


You can't go wrong with playing them as originally intended: NES, SNES, and GBA.
Most people start with 2, go to 3, and 1 is usually an afterthought because of the grind.

I personally suggest playing 1 via the 1+2 remake for GBA, but that's just me.


File: 1609932556692.jpg (77.53 KB, 1280x720, Piggy guys.jpg)

No and it's about the only thing that would make the game better. There is no collective workers struggle that topples the Pigmasks, it revolved around 2 psychic kids, a dog and a neet finding enough mcguffins.
It is the most outwardly anti-capitalist game I've ever played though, and probably the best JRPG ever made in regards to the system it came out on. Like, they pretty accurately depicted the carrots and sticks of imperialism, they never try to portray capitalism as anything but "when things got shitty", reform isn't even on the table because any half measure would still be barbaric compared to what the Nowhere Islands were before.
Even the personal stories the characters go through have a strong anti-reactionary bent. The entire chapter with Flint shows just how hollow and useless petty revenge against an exploited group is, but it never hesitates to show that all violence carried out against the Pig Mask Army is absolutely fucking justified.
One of my biggest frustrations with other supposed anti-capitalist games is that they try to suggest that whatever self-defense against capitalism is taken is just as brutal as capitalism itself, The Outer Worlds being the first example that comes to my head. The only time Mother 3 comes anywhere close towards that would be the ending, and even then between the way the events play out and the story that led up to it, totally justified.
Also the Pig Masks are the perfect fascists. They show up as police a lot of the time, and do "police shit" (protect capital). They're threatening with their tech and fetish for violence, but they're also a bunch of fat dipshits who bumble around in an amusing way.


File: 1609933153893.png (359.19 KB, 500x345, batman rubbing his chin.png)

>series created by a literal marketer
Really makes you think.


What comes close to a revolution, I think, is the Dragon's awakening. It destroys, but also has the potential to rebuild, depending on the person who pulls the needles. And to get rid of Porky's empire it has to be completely destroyed. Most of the characters who learned about the Dragon and the needles supported Lucas.

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