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File: 1627495856688.png (1.47 MB, 1560x720, graphics dont matter.png)


Theres no way to improve 3d models, textures or lighting anymore what matters are animations and physics along with art and game design these days, battlefield 2042 wont look better than bfv, bf3 hell maybe not even bad company 2 but what it can do to show it's an improvement is by implementing improvements to its physics engine to make the world feel more interactible and immersive like bf1
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Due to the rate of profit AAA studios like ubisoft and Activision have been pumping out shitty bargain brand releases every year because profit margins are too thin within the pc and console gaming industry to produce well written,refined games with original assets like portal 2 ,old school runescape, half life 2, call of duty classic and world at war, and far cry 2. The modern gaming industry isnt what it was like in the early 2000s where most games were polished linear 1 purchase games that occasionally came with expansion packs that doesnt make enough mullah and that sure as shit doesn't keep the absolute vultures that are investors from pulling out their stocks so to compensate game devs are systemically forced to keep finding ways of pumping out money out of the same fucking assets out of the same unoptimized code with the same safe new releases every year that people are already familiar with because the risk of a new title like anthem coming out and just fucking flopping is higher than ever as profit margins continue to lower and the prospect of innovation within computer graphics to provide gamers better performance and new experiences is a dream. We will never see a game like bad company 2 ever again for a long long time


>We will never see a game like bad company 2 ever again for a long long time
Good, because it was dumbed down trash that signified the death of the Battlefield series. You shit eater.


I just mean some games look the same or worse than 5 years ago but struggle to push 60 frames on current hardware.


WiW is unironically the best looking game there is, and it has deffended this title ever since 2004. Art design and a good sense of creating aesthetics that fit together beat any sort of super fancy graphic technology, ESPECIALLY the meme experimental shit like textile/hair physics or "advanced" liquids like FromSoft shit after DS2 exemplifies (DS2 best looking FS gane btw), where suddenly every monster with loose clothes or some fur becomes a hairy scrotum that splashes shitty looking blood which then goes on to place a stain on the 3D model skin which just makes it look dirty.


File: 1627581784284-0.png (10.52 KB, 256x256, Metal Slug 3 zombie vomit.png)

File: 1627581784284-1.png (435.48 KB, 304x224, Metal Slug 3 rawket.png)

File: 1627581784284-2.png (179.18 KB, 266x242, Metal Slug 3 hermit crab.png)

>WiW is unironically the best looking game there is
That title belongs to a game released ten years earlier.

File: 1626266497739.png (408.67 KB, 512x512, ClipboardImage.png)


Skyrim is for Nords, and if you don't like it you can gtfb to Morrowind
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Based Reachman independence NOW!


You all do realize Nords are completely fucked right? Between Reachmen fucking Western Skyrim, bandits and vampires taking control of all forts, a civil war, and hundreds of thousands of Falmer beneath their terribly defended cities I'd be surprised if Nords don't end up like the Dunmer next game.


File: 1627057663021.png (40.74 KB, 860x773, ClipboardImage.png)

>NOOOOoo! my epic dovakhin will defeat all the baddies and unite skyrim with my best bro Ulfric and then become the new emperor and defeat the thalmor with my thuuuuming dragon powers and reunite tamriel and then go to akavir and the next game will be the new dragonborn emperor conquering akavir


Skytards unironically believe this


File: 1627344159192.png (1.03 MB, 1200x965, thuu'uumer.png)


File: 1621838560990.png (484.12 KB, 907x673, ClipboardImage.png)

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To join:
>open minecraft
>add server
>use address leftypol.aternos.me and name it whatever you want
If it's offline you can log in to the public-use aternos.org account leftypoluser to turn the server on.
The password for that account is bunkercelsBTFO
Reminder to bump the thread if you bring the server online so other players will see.

Mode: Survival
World Type: Large Biomes
Pirate Friendly: Yes
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>Is there plugin to prevent this from happening?
It's a limit the website imposes because they have limited server space.


How far have you gone from spawn so far?


When i try to join any of the rooms, it says i wasn't invited?

I see, but i meant something like reducing the same numbers of chunks loading, as to alleviate this.

Some 1400 blocks.


>When i try to join any of the rooms, it says i wasn't invited?
I've set the join setting for the rooms from invite only to public. That should do it.


After a few unsuccessful tries, i think i finally managed to create a portal in a nice location to move the base.

Problem is, it seems the portal spawned just outside an Pillager Outpost lol. So if anyone wants to help me clean that shit, i'll gladly accept, as i can only burn so many things with a single flamethrower at a time.

File: 1627256371138.jpg (910.39 KB, 888x1276, peeps kek.jpg)


/v/ and /tg/ tend to say that gatekeeping would've kept the soul of the hobby intact but what would gate keeping even entail anyways?


what a great fucking question. Like being a racist incel was never going to stop women from playing games anyway. Consumer revolts don't work! fucking gamergate retards. Look at how they dumbed down games across the board to appeal to wider audiences. Thats fucking capitalism. You gotta make the money.


Gatekeeping is a stupid concept because it's completely ineffective when it comes to something the gatekeeping group has no control over. The audience of games has always been larger than the desires of a handful of online autists.

File: 1608528252405-0.png (24.96 KB, 690x206, logo2.png)

File: 1608528252405-1.jpg (164.89 KB, 756x425, wnr.jpg)


Don't see a thread for this game, let's have one.
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File: 1626238149445-0.jpg (1.25 MB, 3840x2160, 20210714053320_1.jpg)

File: 1626238149445-1.jpg (1.34 MB, 3840x2160, 20210714053235_1.jpg)

File: 1626238149445-2.jpg (1.11 MB, 3840x2160, 20210714053501_1.jpg)

Can we talk about Railway Empire here too? Or is that too capitalist?


Do you recommend? I've been eyeballing it on steam lately
Same genre I suppose, but this game has a VERY steep learning curve and tons of depth, whereas banished is pretty simple.


Yeah I think it's good, though it takes a while to figure out how to set rails properly on 'realistic' (ie trains don't just fly through each other) difficulty (not that complicated really but the game does a poor job of explaining it). You'll want to look up a short guide on that.

I'm going through the DLC now, pretty fun stuff. You can get them on sale for like £3.50 which is worth it to me for a new region and new scenarios.


politics completely aside, I love this game and hope I can soon spend more time in it again.
I do love making my micro DDR


Are there hotkeys for navigating the menu in this game? I don't want to destroy my mouse hand with too much clicking.

File: 1615751647702.jpg (327.39 KB, 1920x1080, Nier.jpg)


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I remember reading the review for one of the Drakengard games in EGM a million years ago and iirc it got big point deductions for a weird incest plot


There is a priest in the first game who rapes children, but he's comically evil, just like everyone else in the game tbh


Imagine having a nice enough butt that people would pay to polish it for you.


How is that a bad thing?


File: 1627004486289.jpg (Spoiler Image, 197.59 KB, 2958x1840, 2b-nier-automata-3d-print-….jpg)

>anatomically innacurate figurines

File: 1608528105158.jpg (124.85 KB, 1280x720, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)



[b]Server is up. Server IP is:[/b]

[b]Server Name is: BunkerHell[/b]

You should be able to download them, extract and plop them into MultiMC.

I'm going to have a shitton of free time over the next few months and I'm thinking about hosting a new Leftypol Minecraft server. Had some experience back in the day hosting factions based servers on the mindcrack modpack. I'm a little rusty but I should be able to pick it all up again reasonably fast.

Right now I'm leaning towards a factions based server (maybe with factions maybe based on lefty ideologies, or people could just sort themselves into teams or w/e) a tech-y modpack based on PVP and a limited mapsize - ideally a large, continent sized island with limited resources and with borders around it so there is some competition for resources (hopefully creating incentive for political alliances and conflict). I'll try to find a plugin which allows physical territory claiming/restricts harvesting of resources on non territory so expanding, building outposts, trade between factions and etc would be encouraged. Nuclear power, high-tech weapons/defense & industry mods are of course a must. Hardcore food/agriculture mods may also be added so there is a need to diversify agriculture/food production and encourage large teams.

I'm willing to put down the money for a decent server and can probably maintain it for a while, possibly indefinitely although that all depends on interest in the idea.
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Is this still active?


Not all threads need to be a +300 posts "general".


ufile says that the file is expired. is there a way i can get the file without paying premium


Is this still on?


This thread is an old bunkerchan thread that was imported in the move to leftypol.org. The newer minecraft server thread is over here >>9389

File: 1624947406770.png (428.02 KB, 600x600, cheater's lament.png)


>The Market is unavailable for the following reason(s):
You must have a valid Steam purchase that is between 7 days and a year old with no recent chargebacks or payment disputes.

>To remove this restriction you must make a purchase in the steam store
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Trade your cards little by little until you have enough money


If you mean sell them, I can't since the market ban exists or that would be my goto

If you mean trade them, I don't understand
Where do I trade them to and with whom


>I can't since the market ban exists
Oh that's right I'm a dumbass
>Where do I trade them to and with whom
There's a trade forum, right? I've never done it because I don't wanna learn the complexities of it just to get digital cards


unironically based and cringe at the same time.


>buying games
But why though? I only have steam for TF 2.

File: 1622303640528.png (252.08 KB, 559x314, 1397768-far-cry-6-12-07-20….png)


Alright, what's everyone's opinion on this?
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>modern revolution
Sounds like liberal bullshit.
>the conditions that lead to the rise of fascism in a nation, the costs of imperialism, forced labor,
>the need for free-and-fair elections, LGBTQ+ rights,
>to empower our team to be fearless in the story we were telling
Nevermind, it is liberal bullshit.

>We also tried to be very careful about how we approached our inspirations, which include Cuba, but also other countries around the world that have experienced political revolutions in their histories.

>In our approach we made sure to seek creators and collaborators for our team who can speak personally to the history and cultures of the regions we were inspired by.
Could this mean that they're focusing on what happens before a revolution?
>I am from a family that has endured the consequences of revolution.


its pretty dull. the game play is ok, story is dumb


Ths isn't out yet though


This is the sequel to 5 right?


I don't know about sequel, but it's certainly the next entry into the series

File: 1608527895974.jpg (240.13 KB, 806x1200, 8f2.jpg)


Let's end it once and for all
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no you know, all the games have to wait for a remake in a post-capitalist world to be considered art just like any other media :^)


Sometimes, but they're never high art.




That depends what your definition of art is. A game with a good, sophisticated story that has elements of tragedy or comedy can be considered art. The gameplay itself is just competition, a sport like chess played between you and another player or an AI.
>inb4 muh graphics
>inb4 muh music
That's just the decoration, the essence is the story, in video games the graphics and the music are like satellites that orbit around the story.



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