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Listening to an obscure radio station on a certain imageboard with a couple other listeners, several tabs open all with different topics, ranging from the NSFW and a blog on the feasibility of living in sewers to a live-stream of three painters critiquing their owm art. Fast food in one hand and my dick in the other, foot on the mouse and the other on the keyboard.


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WT general. This pleases the Snail.


this game is such a piece of shit and yet i get sucked in again and again


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>>733That mostly stems from the fact that at the very core there's an amazing game; a WW2 game that accurately depicts vehicle specs and physics, but it completely ruined by the fact Gaijin is quite possibly the worst dev in the history of ever and I include EA and Bethesda in that. I mean at least EA tries to be passive aggressive when it tells its players to fuck off, whereas Gaijin just straight up tells its players to Fuck off and when other players try and point out that there's a problem Gaijin says everyone is hallucinating and that there is no problem. Plus premiums, broken game, etc etc and the fact Gaijin refuses to do anything about any of these and doesn't have to because lol where else are you gonna play as an IS-3 that isn't WoT?


>>734researching something as basic as repairs and fire prevention is pissing me off so muchwhat is it meant to add to the gameplay to get toasted by a single shot? just make it an instant kill, who even gives a shit at that pointand rolling around with a broken off tank barrel and having to go inside one of the contested areas for repairs is absolutely ridiculousthat is adding nothing but frustration


>>736Welcome to Gaijin. That frustration is supposed to make you throw money at them in order to make the game """fun""", the frustration is just there in order to well frustrate you and you pay for it to not be there, typical whale hunting. Also did you see that stuff about the Maus? They managed to break the game so much that they removed it by their own admission because they were too lazy to balance it to the broken premiums that broke it in the first place, so instead of fixing the core issue they just removed the symptom. My bet is that by 2021 we will actually have less vehicles ingame than we do right now. Holy shit fuck Gaijin.

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