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File: 1608526104322.png ( 191.29 KB , 684x969 , d6w30rj-43b32840-8cd4-4fa9….png )


I know a lot of them are shit but there's also some great ones. Post pastas you like or other /x/ stuff


>not just posting in the SCP thread




File: 1608526353198-0.jpg ( 375.79 KB , 807x1427 , When Ulysses is looking.jpg )

File: 1608526353198-1.jpg ( 570.23 KB , 727x2279 , 1596743976389.jpg )

File: 1608526353198-2.png ( 364.59 KB , 750x3162 , Charcoal.png )



>necrobumping the thread when mods agreed to leave make the SCP thread the creepy-pasta/urban myth thread too.

File: 1608526199863.jpg ( 31.99 KB , 1000x256 , HS-13_1.jpg )


Post topics related weapons of mass destruction


Oh look, its your mom.


what type of mom joke is that? I don't get it

File: 1608526088512.jpg ( 19.89 KB , 390x600 , 41LMUA9fd8L._AC_UL600_SR39….jpg )


yea been lurking here for a while. guys have recommended some great books by Marx et al. honestly though can't fight a revolution if i'm not blowing out the back of the most bougie bitch i can find in these endtimes. No cap, you know? would rather die lol SO come in here anon, let's talk about books, articles, vids, podcasts, etc that gets someone down the virgin-to-chad pipeline. Anything that gives some serious and decent advice on making better personal choices in your life for your emotional, physical, and intellectual wellbeing.
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>just be a chad with tons of interests and a defined career path that will make you lots of money bro


This is the loser inside talking. Everyone has interests, so lean into them. Everyone can figure out a carreer path and at least attempt to stick to it. If you aren't doing this, then you're just a lazy asshole. Being a socialist doesn't mean you get to stop living in capitalism. Is it a fucked up system? Yes, but you need to make the attempt. You're always going to be a loser if your main plan is to wait for socialism to fix everything. Protip: That shit ain't happening any time soon.
So work on yourself and go for what you can. You don't have to make a lot of money, just don't work at McDs for the rest of your life because you didn't want to think about it.


>If you aren't doing this, then you're just a lazy asshole
You don't know me or my circumstances, so fuck off. My education growing up was fucked for reasons out of my control, so now I'm 21 and have no clue about what to do with myself and i'm just wasting away in community college.

And I wasn't even using capitalism as an excuse or whatever, but if we're going this route you really sound more like one of those bullshit self-improvement bronze age fitness narcissists on twitter more than anything.


Not the same anon, but if you don't have a clue just pick something mildly interesting with some demand and stick with it. Sooner or later you will get more experience and better conditions.
At least you get a fresh start and plenty of opportunities to interact with your peers.
I didn't usually hang out with classmates outside class or school activities at my high school (I was kind of a newcomer) but at least I could talk and have fun with them. It's probably because of how management treats their employees but my workplace is full of fascist envious burnouts who just want people around them to fail like they did, and for whom any oportunity is good to spew their hateful nonsense.


>growing up was fucked for reasons out of my control, so now I'm 21 and have no clue about what to do with myself and i'm just wasting away in community college.
Then figure it out. You are in shit circumstances, but the fact that you're going to any college at all means you can get an associates, or other degree. You aren't retarded.
>but if we're going this route you really sound more like one of those bullshit self-improvement bronze age fitness narcissists on twitter more than anything.
Believe it or not, self-improvement shit actually has something to it. I'm an avid reader of this material, and though I know it isn't a solution to a deeper problem, I don't post on bunkerchan about how nothing can ever possibly get better.
This is like incels complaining about showering and going to the gym when they don't shower or go to the gym to begin with. Yeah, it won't fix every issue, but start there.

File: 1608525997478.png ( 107.7 KB , 284x318 , reckful.png )



Byron "Reckful" Bernstein was one of the esports legends, one of the greatest World of Warcraft players and streamers of all time. Struggled with depression and committed suicide.

PRESS F to pay respects
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>>>/dead/ is literally for this shit niggas


I meant about tackling depression, not wallowing in it.


Good board


>tackling depression, not wallowing in it


Nigger shut the fuck up

File: 1608525849398.jpg ( 172.29 KB , 1078x516 , Magazine_Penn_Station_rend….jpg )


So many fabulous and easily maintained buildings have been demolished because of short-sightedness. We shouldn't be vandals of architecture. We should preserve the Penn stations and the Russian cathedrals of the world, and not just demolish our monuments.

We should rebuild some of them as well. People don't just have utilitarian needs and need a "spiritual" or imaginative side which is opposed to efficiency but which startles you.
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So is Senegal an "M-L" country in the same sense that Mozambique and Angola are? (i.e. totally revisionist and authoritarian Capitalists like most African countries anyway)
Being that they're actually willing to do token things like work with Based Koreans.

Anyway, I think the statue is a fine piece of socialist realism, but you shouldn't be building pretty statues when your country suffers from severe underdevelopment and wealth inequality.
Out of 189 indexed countries, Senegal ranks 166 for human development thus putting it in the lowest tier.
IMF colonial horseshit of course keeps them down in many ways, but leadership that builds a nice fucking statue (that I'm sure won't be maintained) over literally anything else is shooting yourself in the foot.


File: 1608526071551.png ( 637.13 KB , 682x734 , spomenik.PNG )

exactly it's not so much that modern architecture or modern construction is shit its more like porky wants to extract as much value as possible with yogurt carton luxury condos and office buildings, that and a lot of rich people just have shitty taste.

Despite being very click-bait brutalism the spomenik monuments to commemorate victims of fascism are legit siq. They were mostly locally commissioned from living yugoslavian/baltic artists and I think did a good job in reimagining what a "war monument" looks like but still being relatable and striking.

So many classical/ western culture concern-trolls forget that there are a lot of "classic" structures/ architecture that are just nostalgic fakes - confederate statues, neo-classical architecture, entire "medieval" towns built for the Worlds Fair etc


>"medieval" towns built for the Worlds Fair
Got some links to that, sounds interesting!


>So is Senegal an "M-L" country in the same sense that Mozambique and Angola are?
No, but the DPRK has good relations with many African countries whether or not those countries are ML since they supported anti-colonialist struggles across Africa. Also Angola and Mozambique are officially socdem since the 90s.


Africa has gotten pretty revisionist or even reactionary since the USSR fell, sadly

File: 1608526002942.jpg ( 604.89 KB , 912x720 , Bronenosets.Potyomkin.1925….jpg )


Any thoughts on the current podcast on russian revolution by Mike Duncan? (https://www.revolutionspodcast.com/)

Any other interesting podcasts to listen to?
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>Any thoughts on the current podcast on russian revolution by Mike Duncan? (https://www.revolutionspodcast.com/)
Sounds interesting. I might give it a listen.
>Any other interesting podcasts to listen to?
Both have been talked about and recommended on /leftypol/ a ton, but:
Moderate Rebels – Good anti-imperialist pod by the Grayzone guys
Cumtown – Funny (Stav is fat, gay and a pedophile)

Does anyone know of any good film podcasts that aren't just people talking about the big, new, English language releases and the same old, 80s, cult b-movies? I want something that has a bit more variety with some foreign films and films from the 60s and earlier.



General Intellect Unit, cybernetic Marxist podcast. They examine "the intersection of Technology, (Left) Politics, and Philosophy". Just found out these guys. They seem interesting.


Am I strange for thinking podcasts are largely boring?


They're friend simulators for people who are nofriends such as myself.


do they talk about the FOSS movement?

File: 1608525908118.png ( 1.35 MB , 1456x644 , cardboard.png )



All he's doing is filming their building. But it's funny as hell to see these industrial workers panic and trying to intimidate the camera man, and then summon a boss, and finally cops. At one point they even try to block his view into the building by getting employees to stand around blocking the view with a piece of cardboard.

It really drives home how so many of these bosses act like mafia bosses that have to protect their pride by stopping the camera man.
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I guess, you could make it a general trolling porky thread


these videos are hilarious. I had no idea that "First amendment audits" were a thing.


Reminds me of this classic series:
>Surveillance Camera Man:

Could be interesting if it was subverted to specifically cover business owners, I fully support this subversion.


yeah I wonder if he started this trend somehow


Comradely reminder that if you go into a store that you think may try and swindle you, record them.

File: 1608525434202.png ( 1.78 MB , 1920x1080 , desktop2.png )


desktop thread?

Desktop thread

Please use >>>/tech/252
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File: 1608526059562-0.png ( 422.17 KB , 1600x900 , pikachu-wallpaper.png )

File: 1608526059562-1.png ( 402.1 KB , 1600x900 , pikachu-wallpaper_2.png )

File: 1608526059562-2.png ( 798.12 KB , 1600x900 , pikachu-wallpaper_3.png )



File: 1608526059828.png ( 532.64 KB , 1600x900 , fox_wallpaper.png )



Is that windows 7? I sure hope it is just a skin, otherwise you are sitting on numerous unpatched security vulnerabilities.



Nice, I just wish it ran well on my 4 year old ultrabook.


File: 1608526060306.png ( 7.1 MB , 3840x2160 , readcockshott.png )

Ubuntu with Bottompanel and Dash to Dock

File: 1608525414933.png ( 100.89 KB , 600x519 , russian.png )


so is this /freedu/?learn russian general anyone?
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&gt&gt36&gt&gt36Upload them to pomf.cat and post them.


If you are still here I made a new post that will hopefully get traction.>>191


>tfw you discover "ихний" doesn't exist




Reposting since this got deleted because of dumbasses
See https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%D0%B8%D1%85%D0%BD%D0%B8%D0%B9

File: 1608525784399.jpg ( 349.03 KB , 2400x1350 , https _d1e00ek4ebabms.clou….jpg )


I have like 100€ at the end of each month. I have no clue, what I should do with it. I have no expensive hobbies (well, I like to play games on my PC, but buying PC-components seems like a waste of money to me). The existence of the internet has basically killed most reasons, to spend money. What would you do?
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Give them to me. *rubs hands*


*rubs mustache*
Hitler-chan, Back out of your cuckshed again eh?


e-readers are quite easy on the eyes and some can be made to run linux i believe


Buy a decent scanner, then import and scan artbooks from Japan.


Save it for when you need it.

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