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File: 1620300865547.jpg ( 27.48 KB , 400x300 , 985349bd4499b7041e0cfd68ee….jpg )


Fishing thread
Talk about your gear, what fish you caught,…. you know the drill

Because fighting animals is fun!
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File: 1630393829954.jpg ( 61.74 KB , 736x700 , sprockety.jpg )

if you can catch a fish with a gear-sprocket or a drill you have reached ultimate mastery of spear fishing.


Anybody know how to convert a normal, sit in, kayak into a fishing one? Don't want to cut too many holes in the hull for risk of breaking it. However, I would like to add some storage, some hitches for rope, fishdar, and a live well to hold my fish. I am willing to switch the live well to an external floating one. Anyone have any advice? I'm looking for use in both fresh water and salt water but the salt water will be in bays and fresh water would be in swamps and lakes


So you are asking how to add mounting points to a surface without drilling any holes.

For many materials you can rough up the surface with sand-paper and then epoxy a mounting-point on to it. A mounting point can be a simple block of wood you can drive self-tapping wood-screws into, or a more advanced bracket. Just make sure that you use clamps to compress the 2-component-epoxy-glue-joint as hard as you can. The connection-strength of a glue-joint depends a lot on that. You can go one step further, by reinforcing the joint to add additional fiberglass around it, to increase the connection surface with the boat.



it's not that im completely against it, I just dont want to cut so many that the chances of screwing something up gets to a much higher probability. I will probably need to get holes into it for the storage and the mounting points, but honestly then again thats the top of the craft. the bottom is a completely different issue. I don't want to screw it up when I am trying to install a fish dar and a live well, however I think the live well can be tied to the kayak in order save space to an extent.


thread theme

File: 1608525650907.png ( 51.54 KB , 562x335 , Autonomous-Car-3.png )


4chan /o/tists have been saying the n word too much for my liking, so how about an all things Aut/o/ thread?

I'll start.
As much as I like the dream of Full Automated Gay Space Communism, I still really like my car and the roar of an ICE. I don't really know how to reconcile the two concepts. I just want to vroom br/o/s. ;_;
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File: 1688309047137.jpg ( 12.74 KB , 200x200 , free-candy.jpg )

Maybe he got head trauma in a car accident. That would explain why the anti-carfags are frothing psychos.


Those are just being retards. Over reaction against cars like that only comes from when your live in a place with such shitty horrendous public transport but having a car is also out of the question for you too, like a big ass city.
>having complete control over where proles can go on public transportation
Oh you're just being a retard too, nevermind
>Bunch of eco fash
Save it when they kill brown people and larp as Ted


To make them more mad, I'm about to buy another project car.


Well dudes, I ended up not buying another project car. Going to go with new this time around. I know it's a bad purchase, but I decided to treat myself. Decided to go with a nice GTI. Will be picking it up next week.


Any more updates, friends? Working on you car? Looking for advice? I'm here for that, since most car dudes are either massive soyfags or rightoids.

File: 1683610142325.png ( 12.82 KB , 125x125 , 1683005715934.png )


>visual novel

literally incel simulator
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? I don't want to be a w*man normoid lol


File: 1685609447583-0.jpeg ( 1.36 MB , 4000x3000 , Keripo1366464466.jpeg )

File: 1685609447583-1.jpg ( 77.06 KB , 640x481 , 1595252639194.jpg )

File: 1685609447583-2.jpg ( 708.47 KB , 966x2300 , 1595250693482.jpg )

File: 1685609447583-3.png ( 2.73 MB , 2100x1500 , 1578065533942.png )

Nothing beats the era of when Type-Moon was barely more than two guys making games and manga from an apartment


It's not. Learn how to write, ESL.


File: 1688787130404.jpg ( 90.38 KB , 666x666 , 1650507463658.jpg )



File: 1688815387769.jpg ( 216.54 KB , 600x900 , 17.jpg )

>Shiki cuts a w*man in 17 pieces and he gets a girlfriend

the only way a sub8male can convince a w*man that he is dominant enough for her pussy is by literally slicing her to pieces.. and even then it would STILL be a case of anime logic

File: 1608525759212-0.gif ( 1 MB , 175x175 , super_cool_com_badge.gif )

File: 1608525759212-1.gif ( 125.93 KB , 256x256 , Hammer&Sickle.gif )


Any of you like modeling in blender?
I'm really amateurish at it but I recently made these two and felt like sharing them somewhere. and what better place to share than on lefty pol.
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there's supposed to be normal maps and roughness maps on it but clearly it barely makes any difference.
>introduce surface imperfections.
If you have any that aren't going over the top, share, them please, I still want the thing to look shiny and clean.


File: 1608526568130-0.gif ( 1.83 MB , 258x258 , cool_comstar_cylces.gif )

File: 1608526568130-1.gif ( 3.02 MB , 512x512 , cool_comstar_evee.gif )

two more renders, got rid of the roughness map and decreased the roughness untill it shined properly


File: 1608526568441.png ( 2.92 MB , 512x512 , super_cool_badge-1.png )

>animation thread
>still using decrepit inefficient GIFs
Anon, I…


tips on using blender on a shit pc?


make low polygon art that way your view port won't slow down.

File: 1608525689047.jpg ( 925.71 KB , 1700x2192 , 49647782-a-suldin-vsya-ist….jpg )


За Победу!

Post photographs, videos, documents, maps, medals and stories relating to the Great Patriotic War.
Post about WW-II history you know or want to know about. Primarily Soviet focused but includes others too.

If you have a soviet veteran in your family history, feel free to create an account and register their name, photo and any other information at http://moypolk.ru
No shitposting
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File: 1614157685099.mp4 ( 36.41 MB , 640x480 , We are Masters of War 1941.mp4 )



>Muh Vlasovites!!!!
Fuck off, Stalin also said so that this is a victory of the Russian people and their fighting spirit and meant all Soviet peoples by this; Slavs and Kavakaztsev and Mongolo-Tatars. This is despite the fact that he is a Georgian and as the leader of the USSR he was especially grateful about the population and nations of his country, and did no good for the nationalists. Despite the fact that Stalin said that, for example, heroes were on each side of the Civil War. And the Vlasovites betrayed Russia, fighting for foreigners who openly wanted to annihilate the people, and not as a Civilian where a great honor of the people fought for their homeland and their conviction about how to save it.


File: 1625588992907.webm ( 12.91 MB , 640x360 , Soviet Artillery Tribute ….webm )

Don't forget the myth that the USSR used human wave tactics.
In reality the USSR relied heavily on artillery that while lacked the command and control of US artillery of the time made up for it in shear firepower. Soviet tactics also took this into account and more focused on battlefield destruction (killing/suppressing everything in a large beating zone and removing enemy cover) rather then attacking any particular target.


Outstanding game.Тhis is my third revision. I've bedn playing now foг аlmost
four yeɑrs. Tһe pros are that itt is incredible on mаny levels.
The graphics, the dіfferent games, as ԝell as thе animations, агe amazing.
Cons: They takle more then they guve іn rare instances ɑnd pop-uⲣs аt the
end of a spin.


How the USSR Crushed the Nazis and Ended Unemployment


File: 1608525694723.jpg ( 85.85 KB , 809x1200 , 1569732757118.jpg )

 No.2970[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Perhaps it has become your goal to be more charismatic, uninhibited and sociable.

Let's have a thread where we ask questions and give advice to improve exactly that.
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There is no trick, you just do it. I can go down all the arguments
>fuck what everyone else thinks, that will only hold you back
>good guys will give you cudos for trying, even if you fail
>you will gain experience and will be better when the next girl comes around
yada yada, you just do it. You are not a creep for showing interest in a girl. That's the most normal thing. And perhaps one day a girl might interpret your advances as creepy, just accept that. This land mine type of mentality that turns you into an in-active pussy is exactly what differentiates men from boys. Just accept that there are going to be girls who will interpret your advances as creepy, despite the fact you weren't actually being creepy. If she feels that way about you, accept it and move on, but don't let it stifle you. That's not even worth discussing since this girl gave you plenty of signals she felt comfortable with you.

I will give you a piece of advice. Make flirting with others something normal to you. Flirting is just playful jabs and you can do it with anyone. If that becomes second nature for you, it won't feel off or artificial once you are doing it, because you are actually interested in the person.


Whenever I do get into political disagreements with people I know in my real world, I've gotten quite good at the "being compassionate and respectful, knowing they're only like this out of conditioning" part, but when they do ask me questions, my mind tends to freeze up and I only know the answers days after the fact. Is this something I can overcome, and if so, how?


This picture is only true within Burgerland. Go overseas and you'll see that a stable man that can provide is considered a catch, and what's passes a pretty in the states is considered ugly almost everywhere else.


File: 1684138472625.png ( 180.54 KB , 640x996 , sieg, cry, and suicide.png )

So this is what they were talking about the NutSoys ripping off their entire culture off the US. What a fucking fascistic degenerate, holy shit. It's like even his pores are soaking wet with hatred to everybody who ain't abiding to the officially approved image of a true real citizen & an Uhmæreekuhn patriot.

>average person
>has a wife, a nice job (oxymoron), a house, & some genetic slaves of his printing in his private property
So >60% of the US population aren't average. & if they don't belong to this category, then it is their fault, of course.

This shitty pornographic pic of a mooscleey retard who's on the school's bueraucracy favlist for his ball-kicking for their prestige kissing with some shallow ass-shaking whore is just an icing on the cake: behold, the socially approved cultural law abiding ubermenschen are about to create a family unit in support & continuation of our bæst of the bæstest social system in the history. & if somehow you don't belong to this system, then it's only you to blame for that. Kill yourself you genetic dead end low status off the mark mentally ill freak, look how casually your mere existence is shattering muh fair world hypothesis when I dedicated my whole pseudo-life to fit into it. Boo-hoo-hoo.

>Thoughts on pic related?

You may already be fucking dead but who the fuck cares. Go back in time, take back this shit & don't you ever bring such fucktardation here again. Where did you even find this wipeoff holy fuck.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


The response is a perfect illustration of why successful people rarely try to help or give advice to unsuccessful people. It's not because successful people are selfish or morally bad people. It's because unsuccessful people are usually fucked in the head, refuse to take solid advice, and will hamster their way into believing that being unsuccessful is somehow a good thing.

But you keep doing you anon. And enjoy the results as well

File: 1608525743442.jpg ( 16.96 KB , 500x344 , smonk.jpg )


Hello comrades. ITT we talk about what we are doing to improve ourselves. I'll go first:

I am trying to quit smoking. This is probably my sixth attempt but I am going to try and take it more seriously this time.

I have been cutting down for the past few months and had gotten down to 3 cigarettes a day but when I tried to quit earlier this week I ended up buying a pack at the end of the first day and smoking the whole thing that night out of anxiety about quitting.

I am a drug addict in recovery and this leaves coffee and kratom as the two substances I can use. The kratom seems to help with cigarette cravings or at least incentivizes smoking because I feel sick when I smoke on it. I might try NRT too. I am going to try and get back into running too since that helped me get off heroin the first time.
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Okay. If the problem is memory there are lots of things you can do to improve recall, just look it up.
If the problem is explaining it, I can't help much. My guess is its some sort of anxiety that you should examine on your own or with a professional.


I mean, I have this irrational fear that they're going to punch me in the face, even if they're someone I'm on good terms with.


I thought about taking smart drugs but I keep forgetting to purchase them at the supplement store.


>taking drugs
Drugs are the representative democracy of your psyche. You give away all of your political power to the fuckers, they take it, give you some limited dividends in the form of heightened ability to appear as a normal person & then desert you later, leaving you with nothing but a crave for the return of them.
So you have to exploit that.

The problem isn't in some kind of material deficiency in your organism, but in the way the circumstances of your existence are wiring your psyche, which in turn, of course, leads to all sorts of deficiencies in the workings of your brain, which in turn… yeah, completes this cycle. So don't give any hope to drugs alone: if you can't exploit their short-term lmao benefit to start to actually unfuck your mental condition, then taking them may very well fuck you up even further (& considering you are on this board, you know full well that it always can become worse).


This is correct, but if that anon were to learn how to make those "smart drugs" him-self, it wouldn't turn into chemical dependency chains. Though I don't know how realistic this is, some compounds are hard to synthesize in a diy setting. But in principle there is a way out of this dilemma.

File: 1608525487607-0.png ( 352.37 KB , 1599x955 , Family Tree (Final).png )

File: 1608525487607-1.png ( 345.77 KB , 1600x956 , Family tree template.png )


Let's have a fun little family tree thread /hobby/You can whip one of these up in MSpaint in about ten minutesI'd like to see what all of yours look like
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oof, hope you get a red flag like your parents someday


It's weird burgers knowing so few about their families and even their grandparents. I could tell you anything about my great-grandparents and cousins and cousins of my parents and so much family lore


File: 1671681819121.png ( 597.63 KB , 1600x956 , MyFamilyTree.png )

I think it's more aboot selective amnesia.


it's because most burgers are ghouls and that leads to most of them hating their families and having no curiosity about them or caring to remember shit about them


Maybe that's because the fascistic tyrants from that family unit you, @ birth, were hopelessly assigned to, are literal fucking undeads who after decades of abuse, mental torture, physical punishments and constant devaluing of your existence in general despite even all of the trying to prove your selfless loyalty to them totally deserve the ticket to the fucking communally owned auschwitz where they would be dismantled "alive" (since these fucks don't even live in any sense of the word) into spare parts for the pig food? And even this prize is in no way deserved by these black holes of human existence?

inb4 that one brainraped to death conservacuck:
>huuuuuuuuuh!1 how dare you not to luv ur saint sacred mommydaddymatripatriarchs you fukcin gawdles wæstern leebrul????!

File: 1680869601289.jpg ( 101.62 KB , 1236x744 , hard scifi bio.jpg )


I'm looking for hard science fiction about realistic bio-tech.

Any suggestions ?


Gah, wish I could give you recs about this. My ex would probably know, but he doesn't talk to me anymore.


Ribofunk story collection, by a guy with an Ital*an name


Thanks I'm going to check that out

File: 1630841464774.jpeg ( 72.68 KB , 1280x720 , masterb8.jpeg )


Anybody else masturbate? If you don't I think you should give it a try. It's pretty fun and it feels really nice once you get the hang of it. I bet even Stirner enjoyed stroking the ol' unique property if you catch my drift
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I try and balance it out. Usually I only jerk off every two days or so. Nofap people are nuts but I do think constantly exposing yourself to degenerate pornography and jerking off constantly can desensitize you.


I haven't gotten there yet, and I don't think I'm going to. I think I'm Aleister Crowley mode. A lot of people thought he was some kind of cultist, but I think he was just really horny.


Jerking off to your own imagination is the golden mean


masturbation is a sin, a sin which only destroys our souls, also, when you fap and coom, you slowly die inside, the enemy laughs as you're but a pathetic faggot who'd rather coom than do something usefull with that time

stop cooming, start prepping, you filthy, ugly, wannabe commie faggot


File: 1680813653924.jpeg ( 30.85 KB , 612x600 , no.jpeg )

>stop cooming

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