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File: 1608525566856.jpg ( 87.27 KB , 1031x626 , TYJMMVXRQJGIPK3P7IGV2QWKOM.jpg )


¿Por qué Ucrania todavía no puede con los pro-rusos 6 años han pasado desde la guerra en Dunbass?


Why Ukraine still can not with the pro-Russians 6 years have passed since the war in Dunbass?

File: 1608525517232.png ( 892.73 KB , 1024x805 , 68747470733a2f2f692e696d67….png )




What's the point besides larp?


What more do you need?

File: 1608525555456.jpeg ( 39.95 KB , 511x511 , EMUS6bTWoAAxiHx.jpeg )


I need tutorials on how to edit video. Free (or cracked) software, how to mix sound well.

What is the tool with the most used friendly design and stuff?

Need it for making propaganda videos.


Just get Sony Vegas or Adobe Premier Pro. I used Sony Vegas with almost no experience back in the day and it worked for me.

Free alternatives but for simpler stuff:
ffmpeg, for splicing two videos together or putting one sound file over a picture and requires commands.
Aegisub to put text on screen and Virtualdub to encode.


For video-editing I suggest Edius 6.5, it's got the same advanced features as adobe but is much faster since its less abusive on the memory during editing.


Pirate Sony Vegas.

File: 1608525501701.jpg ( 337.33 KB , 1920x1200 , wp1822531[1].jpg )


>Expensive>Overly complicated to maintain>Overlapping wheels frequently jammed>Difficult to get to the battlefield>Gun not that much more powerful than the Panzer IV>Inefficient armour layout meant it was only impenetrable for a few months>Subsquent medium tanks from all sides were better armed and armoured while also being cheaper, lighter and more serviceableWhy does the propaganda about the Tiger tank (and most German engineering from WW2) being the best during the war last to the modern day? The Tiger was an awful tank, a waste of resources and did nothing to change the course of any battle.
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>>891Tanks, in general, are pretty shit ngl. Aircraft carriers are much better.


>>894>only really immediately influenced the KalashnikovNot this shit again… seriously why do people still believe in that nonsense? The AK-46 has more in common with the STG-44 and was dismissed for overcomplexity and unreliability. Meanwhile the USA and NATO use more components of the STG-44 than the soviets ever did, such as in the M-16.


File: 1608525512502.jpg ( 145.3 KB , 700x471 , cruise missile doctrine so….jpg )

>>964>Aircraft carriersTheir only real use is to act as transport and launch pads for imperialist fleets to park off the coast of a smaller country and bomb it to shit. When face with an opponent of equal technological advancement or even slightly comparable technology these carriers are sitting ducks to cruise-missiles.https://www.quora.com/Why-have-big-battleships-e-g-USS-Iowa-and-the-Bismarck-become-obsolete-in-modern-navies/answer/Chuck-Garen


>Why does the propaganda about the Tiger tank last to today
It's part of the whole "le uber reich/clean wehrmacht" myth about how the heroic, well trained Germans all killed the soviet horde 10:1 but lost because "muh red zerg rush"


File: 1608525553990.jpeg ( 61.14 KB , 431x600 , AB013661-9AE3-407E-A0BF-E….jpeg )

>Still pushing this shit meme
Wehraboos are truly subhumans

File: 1608525428488.jpg ( 155.11 KB , 704x396 , darkwojackstalin.jpg )


Juche.town is still down.What's going on?
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>>577free.territory when?


File: 1608525552900.png ( 6.78 KB , 960x640 , technocratic_primitivism.png )

Raddle.me is better.


hate mastadon, wish something that was exactly like it but not that existed.


File: 1608525553136.jpg ( 38.66 KB , 224x423 , fritzlol.jpg )

Does ziq know you post here?


raddle has too much reduced class consciousness wokeness

File: 1608525505173.jpg ( 8.46 KB , 259x194 , 4c207dc71c0c871eee496deba6….jpg )


Share recipes and ideas for cooking delicious food! Hotdogs, chili, preferably healthy food!I am vegan and I would like to say vegans and non vegans need to get along in this thread or I will fucking gut rape all of you.I just made a fucking delicious Setain steak seasoned with onion and garlic powder with a little salt and pepper. On the side I had a salad and some riggatoni. I could get a picture, but, i'll make it tomorrow and post it up here in the general.Here's some recipes, also: https://veganheaven.org/all-recipes/seitan/ https://www.onegreenplanet.org/vegan-recipe/champignon-mushroom-risotto/These cookies are off the chain good.https://spoonuniversity.com/recipe/the-best-vegan-chocolate-chip-cookies-you-ll-taste-in-your-entire-lifeEnjoy!
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Not all of us, no.


Ima be honest here, that looks like pure vomit.


not every westerner is American.


>they believe that their food is safer than any local made food
Even in the USA they don't believe that, in Europe McDonalds has a lot of European dishes and anywhere its consumed more because its cheap and less because it 'tastes good', well that and ignorance by some burgers.


Nice samefagging. If you judge food based on how it looks first you don't belong in the kitchen.
Also I don't know what kind of vomit you've been looking at (alien vomit?), cause it sure as hell don't look like it to me.

File: 1608525542180.jpg ( 29.63 KB , 1148x792 , consumer_whore.jpg )


>hobby>Entertainment, [b]Education,[/b] Technology, [b]etc.[/b]seriously retarded board


What the fuck do you people DO exactly? Sit and think of stalin?




>>1303Learning is fun, anon.


>>1303Check the catalog lmao


File: 1608525542917.png ( 278.07 KB , 462x427 , c3c.png )

>>1302We're just leaving it open for whatever people want to consider a 'hobby' (ie learning about non leftist things), don't have such a stick in your butt

File: 1608525530117.jpg ( 512.3 KB , 3102x1788 , Crochet.jpg )


I heard this was a hobby board and I want to get started crocheting.What supplies do I need?Where can I find tutorials or guides on crocheting?Is it possible to crochet a person as a beginner.


Get a crochet needle and a ball of yarn. Just get a single needle that is right for the type of yarn you choose. Watch a few tutorials on youtube. Try to make a few squares until you get a hang of it.

File: 1608525517770.png ( 518.15 KB , 596x327 , SettlersGame.PNG )


Settlers: The Game
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I had my eyes on it. I'm surprised it's still in early access, I feel like I watched the trailer for this game like a year ago.It looks cool, but I'm not touching it until it's out of early access.


>>1086every game nowadays looks the same and plays the same


Decided to give this game a go since it's rated quite highly on steam.Do not touch this steaming dogshit until it's out of early access.Fucking horrifyingly bad framerate even on lowest settings. The popup is so bad as well, boulders will literally appear and disappear right in front of you.Dogshit early 2000s AI, literally everything just walks straight forward into walls and rocks.Fucking dropped squads of soldiers on horseback directly onto my spawnpoint and I got spawnkilled half a dozen timesMelee is the most impotent shit, I've never seen a game like this with such an impotent melee weapon. You will stab somebody 20 times and they will still be alive.This game doesn't feel like it should even be in early access, it's so fucking unfinished and jank. The entire game feels so fucking incredibly jank it's kind of amazing.


>>1197That's sad to hear. It looks like they've made other games so they should know better than to release something unfinished. I wish developers had a more realistic scope for producing polished games.


File: 1608525528608.png ( 850.77 KB , 722x738 , spacebase.png )

>>1197>Do not touch this steaming dogshit until it's out of early access.You should never buy or play anything that's on early access to begin with, it's a complete scam

File: 1608525513237.jpg ( 14.13 KB , 220x220 , 220px-Woman_Worldwide.jpg )


If you like electronic music and haven't heard Justice's "Woman Worldwide" you owe it to yourself to give it a listen.FULL ALBUM LINK: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLH3lfNtPhUxjYAuUU7fX-USuWI1WkgzAFit sounds a bit like a modern DAFT PUNK. Won some music awards as well. i give it a 9/10


>>1029p. sweet


>>1035i cant stress enough how you should listen to the whole album in order, its a bit like a live mix/remix you would hear at a music event than an album with discrete songs.Each song blends into each other. There are some epic drops that sound even better when they are heard in the context of the greater song and album


>>1039>i cant stress enough how you should listen to the whole album in orderNext thing you'll tell me I should unmute the sound so I can hear it, or something crazy like that. :pI have listened to music before. :)


>>1062some people only listen to an individual song


>>1068I figured he put the full album playlist link for a reason. But anyway, I like the album. Bought a Franz Ferdinand Justice remix on vinyl the other day.

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