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File: 1618112854611.jpg ( 26.13 KB , 466x583 , 71bOMkqZIGL._AC_SX466_.jpg )


How do I grow weed, do I need a specific kind soil, can I grow some on a normal pot that I can put by the window? How do I grind the leaf into form that can be smoked, as in is there a specific tool? How much sunlight does it need? How much watering?


>How do I grow weed
pretty easy, also ton of resources available
>need a specific kind soil
not really, marijuana is basically weeds (the kind you have to remove from your vegetable garden), it grow pretty easily. A better soil will still give better result ofc.
>can I grow some on a normal pot that I can put by the window
I mean, sure, but dont expect a crazy productivity
> How do I grind the leaf into form that can be smoked, as in is there a specific tool?
plenty of resources for this too, but first let me tell you, the leaf is not what you wanna smoke, its the buds (of unfertilized female)
the first step will be drying them
>How much sunlight does it need
>How much watering?
dude, just go search for a tutorial, it's really not that hard and I wont spoonfeed you anything else


Just don't

File: 1608525746156.jpg ( 146.19 KB , 569x425 , stalinwriting.jpg )

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Thread for those who like to read and write including fanfiction. Share drafts, look for beta-readers, ask for writing advice, give recommendations and do all that other cool jazz. Just remember to not bully anyone else no matter how shit their taste might be.
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File: 1628289613247.png ( 261.38 KB , 417x288 , ClipboardImage.png )

>reaad this
If you refer to the other advice on writing - personal experience. If you are referring to the flouride -I'll just dump my old post on Flouride for that:
>Fluoride build up in the body causes calcification of the pineal gland in the brain.
>Calcification of the pineal gland and the resulting degradation results in a worse sense of direction among other negative consequences.
The prevalence of pineal gland calcification was 58.8%. There was no statistically significant correlation between age and the extent of the calcification. The prevalence of calcification was 58.6% in females and 59.0% in males. The average anteroposterior measurement was 3.73±1.63 mm, while the average mediolateral measurement was 3.47±1.31 mm. The average total calcified area was 9.79±7.59 mm2.
>Excessive flouride damages your teeth with fluorosis.
Fluoride in dental care products is useful, it's water treatment in particular that lacks evidence. Kind of like how magnesium in your diet is an important nutrient, but gargling Epsom salt will kill you from hypermagnesemia. The action mechanism for fluoride strengthening of teeth is entirely topical. You get all the fluoride you could need from toothpaste and mouthwash. Ingesting fluoride means it has to run its way through all your bodily process and then return to your mouth in salivary secretions at very low concentrations for any sort of action on teeth. High bodily concentrations of fluoride can make bones brittle and actually can stunt brain development in children. The only reason we treat our tap water with extra fluoride is because the phosphate fertilizer industry Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>The only reason we treat our tap water with extra fluoride is because the phosphate fertilizer industry produces hexafluorosilicic acid as a by-product and water fluoridation is used as an excuse to just dump it in the water supply instead of disposing of it properly.
Not just that, it has its roots even further back in lobbyists from the nuclear industry working to downplay the toxicity of fluoride exposure against workers. One of the biggest advocates for fluoridation and fluoride safety during the cold war was the lead toxicologist of the Manhattan Project and the same guy who orchestrated the human plutonium experiments where they injected plutonium into people without their consent to observe what happened.


Thanks for the additional information! Im afraid we're somewhat derailing the thread LMAO


I noticed you had pasted something I'd written a while back in a modified form. I was very flattered so I had to add more.


Sen for "fuck it" writing, Liberation Sans for more structured stuff.

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Since Star Wars got a thread why can’t this? Discuss anything you like of the universe. lore, art, diy modeling or even Marxist critique of the setting and gw parasitic relationship with it.

To start of the part 5 of Astartes fan film and the promise for more.
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>they haven’t gone after anyone
It’s a matter of time really. Remember when they sued the Heinlein estates for using “space marines”? Or the fact that they made the primaris instead of true scale models just to copyright them.
The new guidelines are basically hanging the sword of Damocles above every content creators head. Because according to it, anything that use official artwork can be sued. And even if the content creator win under fair use, they would have bankrupt themselves wasting years and a fortune for the court procedure. GW is going full Lee Kuen Yew on this one.


Do you have any links to detailed stls for 3d printing?>>18557




The "over-the-top Imperium" thing is not really a good form of satire when they are facing robots who want to destroy the galaxy, big bugs that want to eat the galaxy, sentient mushrooms who live to fight and literal forces of hell. Anything the Imperium does is easiily justifiable.


> Orcs kicking Archaon’s ass in SoC was unacceptable and they had to sneakily retcon the whole thing so that chaos can win
My friend was the one that did this at Gamesday, apparently it was a complete fluke as well, his Grimgor just walked up and merked Archaon in the back and got a hilariously bullshit instakill roll.

File: 1608526413209.jpg ( 95.38 KB , 800x522 , st-tropez-france-october-v….jpg )


Why does it make evreything feel fine?
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Запомните, Билли Бонс, запомните! Если вы не бросите ПИТЬ, то очень скоро УМРЁТЕ! Слово "РОМ" и слово "С-М-Е-Р-Т-Ь" для вас означают ОДНО И ТО ЖЕ! Вы меня поняли?
(Think, Billy Bones, think! If you do not stop DRINKING, then very soon you'll DIE! The word "RUM" and the word "D-E-A-T-H" for you are THE SAME! Do you understand me?)

Originally posted in a VK meme group "МеМы По ОсТрОвУ сОкРоВиЩ нА кАжДыЙ дЕнЬ" (Treasure Island memes for every day) on the 6th of May, 2021, author being "Memer Downie Jr."


Got hammered every time my relationships broke down. Best way to release the frustration without being depressed all the time.


>I don't understand beer tbh.
you will once you're older.
>I guess I never got smashed, but I don't really find the idea of forgetting what I did the day after that appealing.
you're thinking of liquor


Got wasted again. Feel like shit again. Time to quit drinking for a while.


>Got wasted again
No you didn't you liar

File: 1608525906034.png ( 2.24 MB , 2215x3301 , 1424972105569.png )


Play baseball? Watch baseball? This is the thread!

This thread was created during the 2020 COVID crisis so the MLB isn't playing this year it seems. Hopefully you guys have decent Cuban, Venezuelan, and other games to watch.
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I want to get into watching sports but my parents hate sports and I'm afraid they'll catch me up and say something insulting.


>my parents hate sports
How so? Do they hate athletic activity in general? Are they overprotective?


Just "dumb sportsball, only morons watch sportball" types plus none of theme exercise and makes excuses to keep eating super processed food.


That sounds more like they don't give a fuck, so I wouldn't worry about it.


File: 1629073002155.webm ( 2.98 MB , 1280x720 , 1627451412956.webm )


File: 1608526618817.jpg ( 110.62 KB , 900x523 , skin-max.jpg )

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Is skin care bourgeois?
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>I change pillow cover weekly
every 2 weeks is enough, you get less detergent residue on your skin
>I use face wash in the morning with my shower
>I use moisturizer
probably too much product and too much washing

>I've heard that there's some product that you apply specifically on a zit and then it's gone the next day.

70% alcohol, if you are fearless you can freezburn it with liquid nitrogen


>freezburn it with liquid nitrogen
Pretty sure that's for sun spots / moles lol You mean amateurs self-apply this? Sounds dangerous as fuck
>70% alcohol
Yeah, looked up, found this clip https://youtu.be/lQPjbsVh61c . It seems to support your claim, while also mixing in some other tips like using a needle and q-tips. Also mentions salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.

Reading onward it seems I may have neglected the order in which I apply stuff. Sometimes I've applied moisturizer before either using an abrasive toner or shaving. That may have not only countered the effectiveness (oil blocking pores from product) or worsened acne lol should've double-checked that one! Online guides definitely specify applying moisturizer last in whichever skincare routine.


Dermatologist propaganda to scare you off with the needle onto their hands. Just wait for white head and then squeeze from sides without your nails.


File: 1627702132078.jpeg ( 43.01 KB , 184x359 , 4D0175A7-E68B-44A1-8F95-4….jpeg )

>mfw I realize that I have genetical cystic acne that could never be truly cured
>they’ll cause scarring regardless of treatment
This sucks.


When people say tret increases photosensitivity what exactly do they mean by that? Do you get tanned more easily or something?

File: 1614214069049.png ( 204.18 KB , 1086x291 , revival.png )


How do I get into board revival as a hobby? pic related
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Porn and memes are the wood chips and fertilizer that help the garden of community grow.


you can't, it's a misnomer because these boards have always been dead




Bump shit or simply create threads, half a decent premise is enough to get the ball going
If you want higher discussion well that's another thing


Star by going on leftypol.org and not using this shit site.

File: 1608526817992.jpg ( 379.35 KB , 2048x1070 , fiction.jpg )


Hello everyone, I want to make a topic about books, but, ones that are too trashy for /edu/. Talk about books, request books, et cetera.

Well, I'll start off the thread by asking for recommendations for 'optimistic sci-fi' where humans and aliens get along (relatively speaking) and accomplish things. Bonus points if there's first contact involved, extra bonus points if there's interspecies romance. Mee-yow. I've already read a lot of books like this but I can't get enough. Thanks everyone.


I came here because I remember being very entertained by the series "Isaac Asimov's Robot City" even though it's not written by Isaac Asimov but by various authors, it's a good read but I read it when I was younger and I don't have a copy of the books anymore. Check it out if you like scifi and AI.


Dragon's Egg is a scifi about an alien first encounter, written by an astrophysicist (Robert Forward). It's awesome - everyone I've leant it to that has read it said it was great.


What's the cheapest way to print a copy of a digital book (that I pirated)? I can't read for too long on a screen, mainly because it's uncomfortable and because I get easily distracted. Plus, I would like to recommend >>13688 to my dad but I don't want to subject him to hours and hours of looking at a screen.


> I can't read for too long on a screen, mainly because it's uncomfortable and because I get easily distracted.
I hear some reading devices are like paper to look at. You might try one of those. Probably cheaper than printing books.


This series was very entertaining indeed.

I might pick up Neuromancer but what are some other must read fiction books that aren't scifi?

File: 1608525528104.gif ( 385.59 KB , 640x480 , dwarf_blacksmith_by_vertib….gif )

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Often when when talking about leftist fiction, it is in relation to speculative science fiction.I'd like to have a thread to discuss not only fantasy with leftist themes, but fantasy in general.So, read any good fantasy recently?
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>However I don't really know how to start and try to tie it all up together.
Try writing a story to give you a reason to incorporate specific elements of the setting and help focus which parts need more development.


Its servicable. First I played it I had the "just left the Star Wars movie theater" vibe of it being the best of the franchise, but a year later now I think Origins still blows it out of the water. In short, hopefully not too spoilery:
>Too few story missions
>Main antagonist is a bit of a meme, Low-Key spoiler: He is hyped up as being super duper bad dude but just comes off as a push-over who only sets cool things in motion around him, while himself staying as a joke
>Gameplay is neither as in-depth as Origins or as fun as the LIDL-WoW combat of DA2.
>Apparently you have to do a bit of grinding of low quality side content in order to progress, I can't say since I was a completionist and did all of it before the main missions, which lead to me having way too much mission-starter points)
What good it does have:
>Very strong characters, basically all but 1 companion were great, while Varrick is probably best companion in an RPG period
>Very good story in everything else aside from main villain
>Good mission design in the few main missions, including some awsome moments as well
>Amazing DLC content (If you ever play the game, you activate the last DLC through your mission table after the last main campaign act, while the other two are integrated in the base game)
>A very strong final ending that still has me hyped for DA4


Guessing you are the guy from /games/ who started the "Games like Green Knight" thread. I recommended Dark Souls 2 there. I really think Dark Souls games would be right up you alley in terms of story, adventuring and style. As much as those are memed for their difficulty, I'd argue they shine the most in terms of story, and I fully endorse cheesing and cheating your way through just for that.


I have just started reading it and can recommend it. Good stuff.



ill give em a check, ive always loved the look of the screenshots ive seen


good rundown comrade, ill also check them out

File: 1608526095894.jpg ( 83.29 KB , 969x1281 , lovecraft.jpg )


what do you guys think of H.P lovecraft ?
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whose fucking hobby is H.P lovecraft


I like his cat.


People who like weird eldritch stuff? SCP used to be really into him before they devolved into gay RP.


wholesome person


mo u new york is poopoo lands

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