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File: 1624339535275.jpg ( 134.97 KB , 1008x567 , p06hbk0f.jpg )


Discuss any tips, tricks, and tactics to get ahead. Moralfags leave your ovaries at the door.
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Guys they’re extending the eviction ban again potentially. I’m already living rent free, but I have a more devious plot to fuck over the landlord.

I’m going to throw a room up on airbnb and make some extra cash off it, while the landlord gets to eat shit every month lmao.


Genius shit lol, just don't get arrested


But there's already other threads for that on other boards.


1) Buy some orange juice. Spit in it, coom in it, leave it in the sun. Collect the result after a week or when funky stuff starts appearing. Spread small amounts of the mix all over the hard to reach corners in the apartment.
2) Go to the pet store and buy some dead mice for snek pet. Put them in water for a bit. Open a vent and toss one or two of the fucks inside.
3) ALWAYS coom in the biggest, hardest tissue you can find, flush it down the toilet. Also start using wetwipes for your ass and also flush them.
4) Buy a regional pest (termite, cockroach… whatever) and present them a nice place they could infest in the apartment.
5) Spill some sticky shit on the carpet, tell landlord about it, cowtow and suck their dick, offer to pay for the damage. Maybe find some other invwntive way to please them (this shows you are a good tenant and not the maospawn I'm teaching you to be).
6) Move out before the nastyness really kicks in. Repeat in new apartment.


File: 1630858814145.webm ( 18.24 MB , 320x240 , operation-baha-blast.webm )

i think you could take this further by going with one of these huge suitcases, the tube could go through one of the handles

File: 1608525595431.jpg ( 28.99 KB , 264x378 , Collision_in_Korea.jpg )


Royal Rumble Edition, I guess. Even though we won't get enough activity to have multiple editions.

I haven't watched any wrestling in at least half a year, but the Rumble is tonight and that's always my favorite PPV. I normally at least watch the last RAW and Smackdown before a PPV, but I'm so out of it that I didn't even bother to do that, so I have no clue what the current angles are. I watched NWA for a while but haven't liked what I've seen from AEW.

Any other white trash comrades who like fake fights?
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I agree with those. It's way too soon for Sasha to lose the Smackdown's Women's title. Then with Roman Reigns, I have a feeling he's going to have that title for a good long while. I'd like to see him and Drew continue where they left off from Survivor Series. I'm honestly surprised they don't have anything set up for Asuka as far as the Raw Women's Championship goes. I guess the storyline for the Women's Tag Team is taking more of a ride, maybe Asuka "Two-Belts"?


File: 1608526977539-0.gif ( 3.08 MB , 256x191 , asuka dance.gif )

File: 1608526977539-1.jpg ( 1.17 MB , 1600x1600 , asuka boob.jpg )

File: 1608526977539-2.jpg ( 317.45 KB , 1920x1080 , asuka booty.jpg )

Yeah, probably. I'm hoping for 2-belts Asuka tomorrow. She's too based. Everything about her style: her speed, energy/intensity, kicks, spinning backfists, suplexes, hip-attacks, the Asuka lock submission. She's joshi puroresu incarnate. also hnggh and teds of peace


Mommy Asuka! I love her as well. I really miss Kairi though. Kabuki Warriors didn't last long enough.





File: 1608526821115.jpg ( 203.64 KB , 725x1101 , 402598101c1630b254e4676334….jpg )


Anyone here can make decent money scamming boomer/porkies/petty bourgeois/state?
I'm interested in ways to pay rent and maybe a dinner with someone's else money
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Do you use pictures of someone else's Insta/OF? I guess catfishing is pretty easy but you need some source material the coomers are not gonna find.



I just used pics from other less popular dating sites. The one thing I learned is coomerbrains are literally retarded, a lot will sign up for shit without checking anything really.

If there was a better product to grift coomerbrains with other than sham dating websites, it would make bank.


how much money can you make through that
i thought the website takes like 90%




>i thought the website takes like 90%
Not even Onlyfans takes 20%

File: 1608525491509-0.jpg ( 26.9 KB , 200x416 , Колодка.jpg )

File: 1608525491509-1.jpg ( 312.26 KB , 1127x845 , 20 марок.jpg )

File: 1608525491509-2.jpg ( 78.53 KB , 800x732 , Шапка Мономаха.jpg )


A thread dedicated to the discussion of collecting stamps, coins, weapons, military awards, etcDo not buy items from sellers on eBay if they do not have an excellent reputation. On the web-site you can find copies of coins and badges that cost $10 each but people sell them as originals, so you are not safe even when buying cheap items. There are also web 1.0 style forums for professional collectors and dealers, like this onehttps://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/they are quite good and many people on them have decades of experience in collecting. These forums function like auctions and they are also very useful if you want to find out for free if your jewelry/coin/whatever is fake, or just take a look at people's collections.
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>all that trash
It's somewhat depressive.


Yeah, I've spoken to the mayor multiple times but it was of no help


>get a big fucking snow plow shovel
>loads of trash bags
>clear whole place out
>install new metal doors on the bunker
Free bunker.





File: 1608526489162.jpg ( 111.98 KB , 744x559 , dig.jpg )


Let's discuss asceticism.I am learning to embrace miserabilism ,obscurity,lumpen-ness (however i stay far away from obscenity)
i was once,online,said to have CRAWLED out of a hole. I take revel and delight in that,and im honestly thinknig of digging a hole to live in in my backyard. My diet would be potatoes,grown in my own garden,and rain water/dew.
my cloth would be a pant made of cheap fabric by myself,and my sleep,limited.
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Because of a September meme about not fapping (essentially the No Nut November of Latin American, though I'll partake in NNN too) its been the longest since I've not masturbated (21 days). Now for regular situations I limit myself to jerking off at most 4 times a week, though I've found that even with quarantine it's not been that difficult. Have any of you gone a long time without jacking off? How did it affect you?


I've tried and there was no effect, neither on psyche/motivation/etc nor on pleasure when jerking off for the first time after.
Though I find that jerking off every two days is optimal pleasure-wise. If less than that I'm not maximally horny yet. And if more than that I'm already gettng used to not jerking off and the urge isn't so strong anymore.


I'm not OP but why is /dead/ a "secret" board?


Because it's for Doomers and other dead-ends and the mods kept it around because even though its a redundant board, it's also part of the culture. Ask for more clarification on >>>/gulag/


You will never be a real hobo

File: 1608526782840.jpg ( 59.53 KB , 760x507 , dr-communist-revolution-p0….jpg )


Lets have a thread dedicated to the most ridiculous and most intimidating piece of headwear ever conceptualised
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File: 1608526829330-0.jpg ( 37.88 KB , 323x500 , Soviet medic Helena Greben….jpg )

File: 1608526829330-1.jpg ( 44.47 KB , 500x500 , tumblr_mc2oy3IIvg1r3sn0vo1….jpg )

File: 1608526829330-2.jpg ( 44.3 KB , 450x605 , d1846a39ae533dc4f4eb6bfd85….jpg )



File: 1608526829513-0.jpg ( 181.58 KB , 800x1128 , 800px-Вступайте_в_красную_….jpg )

File: 1608526829513-1.jpg ( 422.23 KB , 800x1107 , 800px-Stamp_of_USSR_2252.jpg )

File: 1608526829513-2.jpg ( 160.16 KB , 800x1095 , Finish_propaganda7.jpg )



File: 1608526829724-0.jpg ( 102.38 KB , 800x580 , 6766952baed85bac31cc514283….jpg )

File: 1608526829724-1.jpg ( 65.17 KB , 521x708 , 2657352.jpg )

File: 1608526829724-2.jpg ( 39.7 KB , 600x489 , 5631077f95689a7dba57e555fe….jpg )





What was this inspired by? In some pics looks like a medieval helmet

File: 1608525994837.png ( 646.02 KB , 2400x1200 , Flag Map of the World.png )


Post your own or others maps in this thread. Statistical and imaginary maps are welcome.
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File: 1608526760919.png ( 67.73 KB , 718x349 , Screenshot_2020-11-02 List….png )

List of operators of the Mig-29, most advanced soviet fighter plane produced. Blue is current operators, red former operators.


>1st pic
I've heard about those Pornhub statistic maps, but never saw it myself. Could you link the most recent one? Kinda curious about what is my country fapping to.




File: 1608526768108-0.jpg ( 771.51 KB , 1223x1309 , Arda_in_First_Age.jpg )

File: 1608526768108-1.jpg ( 508.19 KB , 1539x1636 , Arda_in_Second_Age.jpg )

File: 1608526768108-2.jpg ( 444.25 KB , 1539x1636 , Arda_in_Third_Age.jpg )

You never specified Earth.
Thank god for pornhub for helping us map out the degenerates.


Some retardness in Europe

File: 1608525453493.jpg ( 32.53 KB , 474x308 , tools.jpg )


Do It YourselfITT: Everything DIY>Handymanship/Making™>Transferable skills in revolution/collapse>Sustainability and Self-Sufficiency>Guides and Blueprints>Home Improvement/Maintenance if you're bougie enough to own your homeDon't post shit that will get you or the site v&.
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File: 1608526078540-0.pdf ( 8.27 MB , australian_bushcraft_pdf.pdf )

File: 1608526078540-1.jpg ( 13.11 KB , 480x360 , Legend.jpg )

In case you ever get trapped Down Under.


Thanks Crocodile Dundee


It's a jury-rigged system, not actual smithery


Usually I don't like those homebuilding or home renovation shows, but I discovered a series of channels on Youtube of hippies creating amazingly unique houses with very little money in remote places. Like this fellow who created a cheap and cozy domed house in the redwoods with no outside help.




File: 1610963375240.jpg ( 10.97 KB , 369x136 , download.jpg )


Anybody here like to collect fossils? I'm planning on getting some nice Ammonite, Trilobite, Leaf, and Fish fossils. I plan on getting a Mammoth molar in the future
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File: 1615298802743.jpg ( 5.29 MB , 3000x4000 , IMG_20210309_145902.jpg )

Largee meg and bivalve from Antwerp




Had no clue that there were meg teeth in Belgium. Also, that's insane that you found a shark vert there, were they with the teeth? Also, that horse molar is really nice. Possibly a Hipparion?


There's actually lots of meg teeth in the Berchem formation in Belgium. The way I find them is by sifting through soil, ex situ, so there's no way of telling if the vert and teeth belonged together. I think the molar is Equus caballus.



File: 1608525931560.jpg ( 74.15 KB , 828x947 , EX13t6-XgAEqIOn (1).jpg )


I'm interested in what sort of consumer goods were there in the USSR, Maoist China, etc.
Like what kind of toys, games, books, snacks, clothes, drinks, etc. they had?
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I still remember fruit kefir that my mom bought me when i was a kid. The taste was just the best, nothing that sells now can beat it.


File: 1608526568823.jpg ( 314.95 KB , 650x472 , soviet guitar.jpg )

USSR couldn't build instruments worth shit. Look at this unholy abomination. Thinking about adjusting intonation on that bridge makes me wince.


Looks normal to me.


That wolf looks fashionable as fuck


You know they followed Western designs for things like these right

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