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File: 1627006113138.jpeg ( 246.79 KB , 1600x1200 , BEE72802-A595-4297-9C55-6….jpeg )


Anyone willing to drop a red pill on the Naboo Crisis, the Clone War, the imperialist policy of the Galactic Republic, and the how/why regarding Emperor Sheev Palpatine’s rise to power and the political economy of his Galactic Empire?
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why didn't you just post this in the Star Wars thread, conveniently named the Star Wars thread? In there you may have found ansers to ALL of your questions, just saying.


Stop being assmad


Ah I realize this was transferred from /leftypol/ in which case, I doubly recommend use of the existing Star Wars thread.


this is old legends lore, but disney has lowkey implied this is still the current lore as well, just not outright codified it. they've namedropped a lot of characters very pivotal to the series (Revan, Nilus, Satielle Shawn, Darth Bane, ect ect) so its likely they will do a remake sort of deal with the New Sith Wars. Which would be nice, the most representation they ever got in Legends was a few comic books and 2 or 3 novels.


Nah, thats Old Republic lore from KotoR's. The post-original-trilogy aesthetic of disney is far more akin to TNO Warlord Russia for the lack of a better analogy. Shits fucked, Republic is barely stable, remnants and banditry everywhere, economic chaos.

File: 1626033507789.jpg ( 97.63 KB , 1200x667 , euro-2020-final[1].jpg )


Ingerlund 1-0 Italy at the half time
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lmao, they can't stop losing


Daily reminder that these subhumans controlled 1/4 of the world.




thought i'd post it during some big HAPPENING or at the start of the season but i will now


File: 1624522850469.png ( Spoiler Image, 147.58 KB , 800x371 , 9AB5AF4F-10D8-4D8E-BF75-3B….png )


I’ll start:
Pan’s Labyrinth
Blade Runner
Starship Troopers
The Thing
The Matrix
Pirates of the Caribbean
Paths of Glory
The Devil’s Backbone
Return of the Living Dead
Grave of the Fireflies
Princess Mononoke
Come and See
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Mark Fisher said the alien was neoliberalism


how is metropolis fascist?


>Starship Troopers
I mean, it's a parody of fascism, but that does not make it communist.
>Blade Runner
Those things are more like techno-accelerationist Nick Land type of stuff, can be communist, but isn't necessarily. Also, very implicit Zionism in the Matrix triology.
How? Because of big evil corporation?
>The Thing
Might as well, John Carpenter is a crypto-Marxist.
>Pirates of the Caribbean
Fuck no.
>Return of the Living Dead
I agree.
>Come and See
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That a very anti-materialist understanding of Grave of the Fireflies. You think every nazi soldier and government official and their families were executed in the GDR? Victims of propaganda are still victims.

File: 1624797265063.jpg ( 111.88 KB , 960x621 , film-1155439_960_720.jpg )


Can anyone lead me to good resources to learn about cinematography and story telling in general?
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Watching King of Staten Island right now, and ngl, I fuckin love it. This movie really does capture what it is to be in ur 20's on Shaolin rn


Watching Dog Day Afternoon, most anti-cop film I've ever seen.


I always found it hard to come up with ideas for a story, even a very basic log line for a good concept. Mass production has pushed every idea out at a faster and faster rate, and as a result nothing seems unique to try.


It's plain and simple subjective
Nothing deeper to understand.

I personally like the lore aspect and the comedy.

Brb gonna watch it

>ur 20's on Shaolin rn




I'm 26 qnd live on Staten Island and there's parts of the film I heavily relate to

File: 1625710695478.jpeg ( 129.43 KB , 1280x720 , robben.jpeg )


Modern soccer is a joke. “Jogo bonito?”—not anymore. Soccer is marred, among other things, by the beguiling act of—you already know it—diving. Take the 2021 Euro—almost every game here has been decided by a player diving and getting an undeserved call. The most striking example occurred today (i.e., July 07, 2021) in the Semifinal, when a blatant dive in the penalty area by an English player (i.e, Stirling) led to England’s undeserved win over Denmark. Diving affecting major games is not a recent phenomenon—it has been ongoing for years now. Take, for example, the “No Era Penal” incident back in 2014, wherein the infamous dive by the Dutch player Arjen Robben led to Mexico’s undeserved exit in the Round of 16. Hell, back in 2011, researchers published a paper (hereinafter named “Gwendolyn”; see link below) which studied diving in soccer. The paper found the simple fact that players dive when the benefits outweigh the costs of doing so. See Gwendolyn. Keeping this in mind, Gwendolyn suggested that increasing the ability of referees to detect dives and increase the punishments associated with diving may deter players from doing so. See id. But look where we are ten years later. If anything, the problem has only gotten worse—even with the introduction of VAR! Will there ever be an end to this quandary?
I resoundingly say, “No.” The tools are there, but the buffoonery continues. Clearly, the game has vitiated into a shell of whatever former glory it had, and there are no signs of improvement on the horizon whatsoever. Some people may blame the players, but I say to them to heed the old adage: “Don’t blame the player, blame the game.” Indeed, soccer—in its current, professional state at least—actively encourages diving, and I will not judge a player for maximizing his chances to win when his livelihood is on the line. Something must change, but will it? We all know it won’t. I am not here to propose solutions or even suggest that they are any. I am only here to point out that soccer is terminally ill—already dead, I should say—and it’s time to abandon ship. Watch a different sport, pick up a hobby, or actually play soccer in real life—anything beats this facade.

<(Paper link: https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0026017)


I don't care about sports unless I'm playing it or it's a scripted theatre like Inazuma 11


File: 1625724563361.jpg ( 67.73 KB , 1200x800 , diving.jpg )

>by the beguiling act of—you already know it—diving
I didn't even know diving was possible for this sport, the ground must be a lot softer than it looks.


Fucking internet funny guy here


>Inazuma Eleven

File: 1622623461662.png ( 8.14 MB , 3550x2675 , 2badef94eef6519d5327b5fb2b….png )


What do you think of the Solarpunk literary genre? I find it very interesting, not only because I find the aesthetics very attractive, but also because it is openly anti-capitalist and has a very strong ideological content.
But I would like to know what /leftypol/ thinks.

Do you find a Solarpunk society the ideal society?
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you should write an article on this.


any GOOD solarpunk media


Can someone scrub the company/ad aspect from this please


So, soulless steel and glass shit and housing blocks?

I lived near it. Nothing but concrete, and it house a small mall.

While looking good, it's just an arcology.
>Without roots

A bit better than the regular vertical sleep factory.

Dave, from the marketing department just mashed together all the things hipsters like. Please buy our shit now.


mfw sociacucks actually believe in this xd

File: 1625019022841.png ( 18.11 KB , 300x250 , tfHAsCWCBQ-4.png )


the fuck is up with the hate of wizards in nerddom these days?
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Modern day nerds have become super autistic about plotholes and having a story that makes sense and is serious. This isn't neceserally a bad desire, but it fucks wizzards in the ass. There is a reason 99% of fiction nowadays has the trope where wizzards are treated like subhumans or something of the sort - its the one trope that works, and no others are really available. The only other thing is making an extra autistic magic system that makes wizzards into scientists with "eh" powers. I'm actually sorta building a fantasy setting right now, and I just decided to say "fuck it" and just have no wizzards because they don't add anything that cool on their own. So I'd say unless you want to make magic a lynchpin of your setting, just don't add it in.


File: 1625258444816.jpg ( 37.29 KB , 600x600 , wizard_in_mustang.jpg )

fuck you wizards are rad


I always love how the archetypal wizards were given their powers from genetic privilege, while wizards in games all studied hard in wizarding school.


>makes wizzards into scientists with "eh" powers
Can't it be both?


File: 1626150387657.jpg ( 34.3 KB , 600x399 , 9fa.jpg )

>Modern day nerds have become super autistic about plotholes
I noticed this too, the other day I was reading some anime reviews and reviewers were like THE NATURE OF THIS POWER/EVENT WAS NOT EXPLAINED WHATSOEVER LAZY WRITING. I also remember a YouTuber whining years ago about Mad Max Fury Road not giving detailed background to the enemies and creatures moving on crutches in the dark.

For some reason, people don't want any mystery or sense of wonder in their media.

File: 1625906906978.jpg ( 24 KB , 505x426 , cooper.jpg )


General Discussion for Twin Peaks and all things Lynch related.
Should there be a season 4?
Where the fuck is Cooper and Laura?
What the fuck happened to Diane?
What did Laura whisper in Cooper's ear in the final shot during the credits?
Why am I still obsessing over this shit?

File: 1623349431706.jpg ( 505.35 KB , 1236x1200 , 1623349370823.jpg )

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Let's get a footy thread going.

Tomorrow is the first match between TÜRKS (Kara Boğa) versus Italians.

Other spicy first round matches include England versus Scotland, Finland vs Denmark, Germany vs France.

Post your predictions and reactions in this thread
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well i'll make a new one then, worth it for post match shitshow


File: 1626033420104.png ( 306.7 KB , 1023x699 , INGERLAND.png )





Very interesting information!Perect just what I was looking for!


заказать велосипед по интернету с бесплатной доставкой

File: 1625109670245-0.jpg ( 306.02 KB , 1600x1200 , music girl wallpaper.jpg )

File: 1625109670245-1.png ( 5.02 MB , 1600x1017 , Space Colony by Shigeru Ko….png )

File: 1625109670245-2.jpg ( 86.46 KB , 1024x768 , dj.jpg )

File: 1625109670245-3.jpg ( 852.45 KB , 1920x1200 , headphones.jpg )

File: 1625109670245-4.jpg ( 155.91 KB , 640x960 , kaname chidori.jpg )


Post wallpapers! I need something without anime girls in it, but really comfy and nice and makes you feel like you're living in it
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File: 1625247909841-0.jpg ( 1.39 MB , 1920x1080 , Thassa, God of the Sea.jpg )

File: 1625247909841-1.png ( 4.43 MB , 1920x1080 , The Resistance.png )

File: 1625247909841-2.png ( 9.24 MB , 3911x1897 , Thousands of Evils.png )

File: 1625247909841-3.png ( 1.31 MB , 1920x1080 , Wake⁄Lift.png )

File: 1625247909841-4.jpg ( 494.68 KB , 1920x1080 , Neon.jpg )

Mostly album art and M:TG, I know


File: 1625255686202-0.png ( 3.7 MB , 1918x1037 , 1611823536363.png )

File: 1625255686202-1.jpg ( 817.86 KB , 2560x1440 , 1606819889046.jpg )

File: 1625255686202-2.png ( 1.55 MB , 3440x1935 , 1616289893195.png )

File: 1625255686202-3.jpg ( 555.69 KB , 1920x1080 , 797570-full-size-mushishi-….jpg )

File: 1625255686202-4.jpg ( 198.04 KB , 1920x1080 , 1587477926056.jpg )

some an*me shit i like


File: 1625514830573.jpg ( 624.2 KB , 2048x1536 , 28th anniversary lagoon ne….jpg )

Anyone else hubble gang? Recently I've been using hubble telescope images for desktop backgrounds.


File: 1625515580723-0.jpg ( 1.84 MB , 2500x1535 , 1b1324f7e25b7121beef6c9427….jpg )

File: 1625515580724-1.jpg ( 14.56 MB , 5593x3454 , 04f506148862782ea4c8dd4378….jpg )

File: 1625515580724-2.jpg ( 374.32 KB , 1920x1235 , 56e66452fc26fb4bbdefb59d3b….jpg )

File: 1625515580724-3.jpg ( 213.67 KB , 3500x2322 , 904b6defe90af6e6aca20d52f6….jpg )

File: 1625515580724-4.jpg ( 985.46 KB , 3071x2045 , 991f63987ad5cdb49c13a508df….jpg )



File: 1625515648789-0.jpg ( 1.02 MB , 2017x1307 , a0fa50c9cf7e0563a817eb8a3f….jpg )

File: 1625515648789-1.jpg ( 501.27 KB , 2100x1350 , b45179088602869f7b567c472e….jpg )

File: 1625515648789-2.jpg ( 637.32 KB , 2048x1405 , c88f1b8052a8414026839a910d….jpg )

File: 1625515648789-3.png ( 571.61 KB , 2664x1896 , dc98ab6c8910009d7f3714ec8d….png )

File: 1625515648789-4.png ( 759.34 KB , 4380x2468 , f677794990ecb0f3a075bfdf16….png )

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