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File: 1608525623415.jpg ( 279.76 KB , 572x900 , imcomingforyourmeans.jpg )

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How do you dress? What are you wearing today? How should you dress, as a Marxist? Which trends are proletarian and which are bourgeois?
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File: 1637094932119.png ( 471.61 KB , 474x642 , ClipboardImage.png )

Rate my fit

Anything other than this for informal shit is bourgeois deviation. This >>2543 is the worst fetishising prole culture from another fucking era


truly a noble costume for the American proles. I would be happy to wear this as a uniform.


not wearing ANYTHING right now, usually have three different outfits fpr different occasions

1. Soviet m88 Afghanka uniform jacket
some random t-shirt
black jeans
my old beaten up converse sneakers because I don't have anything else

2. black jeans
suit jacket
black button up shirt
or white button up shirt, then with black vest

3. black jeans
sleeveless tyelnashka shirt
denim jacket


I'm slowly replacing my wardrobe with better made and worker fair trade clothing from places like pactwear.
I'm not sure how you'd describe their style, maybe simpler derivative of Abercrombie & Fitch's style. Muted colors, faux stressed, a little preppy even. If nothing else, get pact wears socks. They're all organic and they are the softest best socks I've ever worn.
Before that was wear loud sports shit I was finding in the mall.


fuck me I forgot to mention that I also wear an East German NVA greatcoat when applicable

File: 1640622230680.png ( 541.45 KB , 537x811 , Sukune_Shiko_2.PNG.png )


do high reps(weighed,not calisthenics)really work? For bench press I only have 30 kilos, im planning to do 5000 bench presses a day with 30 kilos. NFL player herschel walker did 5K pushups a day. Im admiteddly a transhumanist technocrat so id like to use technology(weights)and not just "gravity"
>will i just be injuring myself,or wasting my time?

File: 1608526126333.png ( 1.25 MB , 1011x583 , Screenshot_2020-07-23 RAKE….png )


Not sure who here is into watches, but I really enjoy them as both time-capsules for the aesthetic sensibilities of a period as well as for craftmanship and engineering.
picrel is a Soviet made Raketa 'Big Zero' Khrushchev's favourite watch but heres some other interesting examples;

> Mao had an Omega pocket watch given by Zhou Enlai

> Che was often seen wearing a Rolex Submariner
> Fidel also favoured Rolex and would rock up to 3 timezones at a time (typically Havana/Moscow/Washington time)

Think it's worth mentioning that Rolex wasn't a luxury brand the way it is now and was more of a tool watch.
Anyway, show us what you got or just tell me fuck myself, whichever suits you
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Because clearly the watch industry is struggling to keep up with demand in the modern world. Like, REALLY, why do you even need a watch anymore? I need one but that's because I work in an assembly line with high explosives and can't have lithium batteries on the floor.

Most work places you don't need a watch though.


All that functionally was genuinely useful to a handful of pros like scuba divers or firefighters. Then normies bought them to LARP, but it's by no means a trend, those watches have been around for 20 years.


all that thick plastic and design shape is really helpful? does it protect and cushion the watch?


I think that and it makes it easier to grab if you're wearing gloves, and easier to see if you're in low visibility conditions.


It doesn't help. That shit is still a pain in the ass.

File: 1633083447210-0.png ( 1.4 MB , 1688x2878 , ClipboardImage.png )


We have the social skills advice, fit threads and what not but I want a general purpose thread for encouraging comrades to get ahead.
How to be resilient in the wake of capitalism, READ READ READ, discipline, batina and such other things, how to help those around you. Also share inspirational stories

This even if fictional was pretty inspiring for Lenin, he read the thing 5 times in a summer
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You'd lose that bet, I eat all homemade food
But you are right about the fiber thing

I only get to buy veggies once a month in limited quantity since my elevator is broken

Gotcha… writing this… post.. with my ass clenched with a bottle… of crea- OHYMGOD THE BOTTLE EXPLOED FROM THE POWER CLENCHED ASS!




tell us all you eat




Did 40 pushups today, and got 2600 calories in (trying to bulk). Only managed to do 15 minutes on my bike, but it's better than 0. I've already meditated for about 30 minutes today; I'll try to slip in another 40 tonight. The weather is perfect and there is no excuse not for me to be strengthening my mind and body.

do you get enough fiber and drink enough water? sounds concerning, post pictures of the affected area so we can figure out what's wrong

File: 1627932410973-1.png ( 49.03 KB , 500x500 , Revolutionary soldier.png )

File: 1627932410973-2.jpg ( 184.71 KB , 1079x1083 , furry artwork.jpg )


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Also, if you try to have a double identity, it's likely that people will recognize your style if someone who is sufficiently obsessed with you for any reason is able to connect the dots. And we know there are plenty of psychos out there more than ever. Plus associating yourself with leftism is legitimately dangerous in some countries.


File: 1632568651391.png ( 691.77 KB , 983x1024 , ClipboardImage.png )

I got a question for you artists

If I buy a drawing tablet (Just found btw that you have to they don't have a screen on their own and you gotta connect it to something else)

Btw why is it called a tablet if it is just a slab? What is the electronics inside it?

Can I use the stylus you get directly on other touch screen stuff? Like this huion stylus fm 640p
could i use it's battery free stylus on my android phone like a galaxy note's stylus to just casually scroll?

I don't understand the techonolgy behind visual art?
Also I heard a while ago that apple got into the stylus game and tell me did they introduce some proprietary techonology in this drawing industry?

Last question: Is it sus that the prices of regular separately bought styluses are the same as buying a whole ass graphics tablet that comes with a free styluses?
WTF is up with that, Is this a country thing or is it the same everywhere. I was looking up prices on amazon.


the more expensive drawing tablets also come with screens, they are called tablets because they predate android devices probably by about 20 years.

The ones with battery free stylus use induction, that means the stylus is powered remotely by magnetic fields, that the tablet is emitting. It's vaguely related to how wireless charging works, for electric tooth brushes.

You have to pay attention for compatibility the stylus has to have a tuned induction coil that matches with the tablet, and since all the inputs are communicated by radio signals it also has to have matching communication standards.

You have to read online reviews to find out which pens work with what tablet.


>they are called tablets because they predate android devices probably by about 20 years



File: 1608525433481.jpg ( 50.71 KB , 1024x730 , EA_2qAkWkAY31IS.jpg )


What side jobs to make money?
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We need more advices like this


Dark net market place


Heard about a Romanian guy who made a living out of that because of the dollar exchange rates & low cost of living. Rent and everything


It's like if you had a relative abroad sending you money but instead it's some degenerate mid-class westoid buying non existent things


I've been relatively successful playing around with bitcoin, but I honestly quit my job for a good trade and I am making a decent amount of money and much happier than I was at my stupid office job.

File: 1608526344936.jpg ( 131.67 KB , 610x412 , hewitt.jpg )


Anyone into this shit? The upcoming housing crisis is an open door for more backyard pools to skate.
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File: 1626257157600.png ( 73.73 KB , 474x314 , ClipboardImage.png )

Anyone ever had one of these two wheeled things?
I had it as a kid and aside of some smooth turns the overall control is crap, you have to constantly swing your knees and ankles for it to move and it wouldnt even go uphill, it needs both feet on board all the time so tricks were also a no
It was interesting to learn though and it teaches you balance, and the funny falls were worth it


Any of you inline skate here? I got some dope new rockered frames coming in


Skateboarding is technically illegal in japan




Bro I did that so much when I was a kid. It actually made me ironically much better at surfing.

File: 1608525420037-0.jpg ( 391.59 KB , 1600x1038 , 1518861184_sbornaya-1983_8….jpg )

File: 1608525420037-1.png ( 178.87 KB , 1000x963 , 1564769904767.png )


do you watch sports?
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They don't call him "ゴキロー" for nothing.


Goodbye… Homerun…


accidental sage


No, even watching live looks stupid, like play it yourself uygha


File: 1633014889517.png ( 274.23 KB , 698x993 , gaddafi whip.png )

>Sport is either private, like the prayer which one performs alone inside a closed room, or public, performed collectively in open places, like the prayer which is practised corporately in places of worship. The first type of sport concerns the individuals themselves, while the second type is of concern to all people. It must be practised by all and should not be left to anyone else to practise on their behalf. It is unreasonable for crowds to enter places of worship just to view a person or a group of people praying without taking part. It is equally unreasonable for crowds to enter playgrounds and arenas to watch a player of a team without participating themselves.
>Sport is like praying, eating, and the feelings of coolness and warmth. It is unlikely that crowds will enter a restaurant just to look at a person or a group of people eat. It is also unlikely that they will let a person or a group or people enjoy warmth or ventilation on their behalf. It is equally illogical for the society to allow an individual or a team to monopolize sports while the society as a whole pays the costs of such a monopoly for the exclusive benefit of one person or team. In the same way, people should not allow an individual or a group, whether it is a party, class, sect, tribe or parliament, to replace them in deciding their destiny and in defining their needs.
>Private sport is of concern only to those who practise it on their own and at their own expense. Public sport is a public need and the people cannot be either democratically or physically represented by others in its practice. Physically, the representative cannot transmit to others how his body and morale benefit from sport. Democratically, no individual or team has the right to monopolize sport, power, wealth or arms for themselves. Sporting clubs represent the basic organization of traditional sport in the world today. They retain all expenditure and public facilities allocated to sport in every state. These institutions are social monopolistic agencies like all dictatorial political instruments which monopolize authority, economic instruments which monopolize wealth, and traditional military instruments which monopolize arms. As the era of the masses does away with the instruments monopolizing power, wealth and arms, it will,Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1608526982559.jpg ( 4.45 MB , 4000x3000 , IMG_20201221_004112.jpg )


Just fixed my recurve bow. Anyone else interested in archery here?
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i once made a bow out of broom stick and broken rubber band
so yeah you can say im an archery expert


File: 1632379542035.jpg ( 12.95 KB , 500x325 , E0f_ikWVoAEb9f9.jpg )




PVC is a good material for bows, it's a very common diy project.




File: 1632423830388.jpeg ( 1.81 MB , 3072x4608 , pexels-photo-413879.jpeg )

Is she an archer? Because I think she she just pierced my heart.

File: 1608526654369.jpg ( 89.94 KB , 768x539 , __opt__aboutcom__coeus__re….jpg )


Trying to get the /hobby/ ball rolling
I want to grow mushrooms. Does anybody have any tips? Or ways to start without buying a mass-manufactured kit?
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File: 1608526663650-0.jpg ( 294.27 KB , 320x2268 , detpsych comb 3.jpg )

File: 1608526663650-1.jpg ( 356.03 KB , 320x2722 , detpsych comb 4.jpg )

File: 1608526663650-2.jpg ( 218.87 KB , 320x2261 , psych comb 1.jpg )



File: 1608526663845.jpg ( 195.12 KB , 320x1790 , psych comb 2.jpg )





Honestly it's much more interesting to go collect them in nature


pftek has worked for me growing psilocybin. mostly don't now because you need an aseptic environment which is different with a kitty or two mulling about the house

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