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Airsoft/Milsim discussion, gears, Airsoft guns and so on and so on.
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Do many adults do this? I really want to try it, but I'm 28 and don't want to show up to play with a bunch of teens.


>>728Dunno about where you live, but here spain I always see 30 and even 40 year olds playing on the fields, teens seem to be the exeption


>>728from what i heard it seems popular amongst some active soldiers and military rejects, often even in their 30syou can probably find youtube videos, by channels that record first person views, where you see what kind of people are going


Anybody know a good online airsoft shop to buy stuff?



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Haven't seen this thread revived anywhere so I thought I'd bring it back myself

ITT: Discussions about stats of Soviet military hardware, tactics etc. Not strictly limited to Soviet stuff despite name.
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Every time Russia or the USSR try to one-up the US they always make a decent product with less funding. However trying to follow the US’ idiotic and profit driven designs is a stupid gambit destined to wasted resources that can be allocated somewhere else.
Hell, we’ve seen them failed at this already. In the 80s, the US under Reagan pumped out so many shit projects that forced the USSR’ R&D to go into overdrive. However the US can afford such a sink in funding but the USSR can’t, do they got ground to dust.
A better strategy is to just do what the PRC is doing now. Just have their spies steal US designs wholesale, skipping development entirely and make a few hundred copies with a fraction of the original price tag.


>the US can afford such a sink in funding
Ironically it couldn't, the USA itself has been feeling the impacts of this military spending for decades at this point.
Ah but Russia isn't the USSR, it's capitalist and makes good profit off of a private military-industrial complex, so a light stealth fighter half the price of an F-35 is a perfect opportunity to have mass produced contenders on the market to disrupt the USA's sales.
>have their spies steal US designs wholesale, skipping development entirely and make a few hundred copies with a fraction of the original price tag.
I find it funny how salty /pol/ can be about these kinds of things, given that China is being smart about this.
In regards to spending in the 80s, the percentage of the GNP that the USSR used was remarkably lower than that of the USA throughout the Cold War and even the 80s. The reasn Soviet R&D suddenly went off budget was because of Gorbachev's inane decisions that essentially threw money down the drain (such as the destruction of the Train ICBMs or selling of the navy to South Korean scrapyards.


>Ironically it couldn't, the USA itself has been feeling the impacts of this military spending for decades at this point.
Feeding it to the crumbling infrastructure, resolving healthcare and garbage public education yes. However the Soviet back then even during the reign of pizzaman still had the government resources towards welfare, housing and the myriad of other aspects. This made them stalled and petered out much faster than the US. It’s one of the things that makes the Brezhnev administration the stagnant one. The west knows that they can have leeway in shoving shit down their people’s throat because any meaningful resistance got destroyed to even the the unions.
>it's capitalist and makes good profit off of a private military-industrial complex
True, the modern Russian oligarchy makes money hand over fist buy producing recycled Soviet designs. Like the Armata. But like selling a car, you have to have good PR or an army of shills to uncritically buy your stuff. So it’s better for them to produce new products to arm the army and sell the surplus old customers like MENA, India, DPRK, Belarus, Central Asia and Vietnam.
>I find it funny how salty /pol/ can be about these kinds of things, given that China is being smart about this.
Yeah, I don’t get it either. Didn’t they remember that the rise of the US as an industrial powerhouse was due to them stealing European inventions and selling them at a lower price as well. It’s literally how their beloved free market works.
>such as the destruction of the Train ICBMs or selling of the navy to South Korean scrapyards
Didn’t he also sell a warship to fucking Pepsi at one point or was that Brezhnev?


>petered out much faster than the US
Frankly, I think if they actually applied cybersyn (which was rising up in the 80s only for Gorbachev to crush it yet again, they might have won out in that regard.
>better for them to produce new products to arm the army and sell the surplus old customers
True, but they're running out of surplus and beginning to imitate the USA's policies of creating export models en masse for the market overall.
> US as an industrial powerhouse was due to them stealing European inventions
The most hilarious part is that capitalist countries continued to do so to one another throughout the 20th century
- https://lefty.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=8111
- https://lefty.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=10045
>Pepsi ship
That was Khruschev, as part of Pepsi's bid to be the only accepted source of foreign pop-soda for the USSR.



File: 1608526447939.jpg ( 3.31 MB , 3000x4000 , imagescrub.jpg )


A thread for the Hiking, Hillwalking, Mountaineering, Camping, Randonneuring and other comfy /out/door pursuits involving time in the wilderness

>Ask questions

>Get Answers
>Ask for advice on getting started
>Do trip reports
>Bitch about your poor navigational abilities
>Post Non-Identifying photos (i.e. Don't post your face you idiot)

I've been doing a fair bit of mountaineering the past few weeks and I'm really getting back into the swing of things, might join a club again soon
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Go for it. Sounds like a good experience.


I know this is a dead thread, but I'm doing a 21 mile loop in the Dolly Sods in WV this weekend with my gf. It's not too intense, but it's the longest backpacking outing I will have done so far. Wish me luck!


File: 1626625505771-0.jpg ( 1.72 MB , 3264x2448 , IMG_0009.JPG )

File: 1626625505771-1.jpg ( 1.49 MB , 3264x2448 , IMG_0010.JPG )

File: 1626625505771-2.jpg ( 1.64 MB , 3264x2448 , IMG_0011.JPG )

Lake Louise, Alberta. I really ought to get an actual camera though


very pretty


Seems cold as fuck

File: 1626245929352.png ( 824.79 KB , 1080x864 , Cupace20210714083437.png )


GQ:Are there political or social ills that that you think might benefit from the sort of entropy that psychedelics can introduce into our consciousness?

Pollan:I do and I don't. I do in the sense that the experience addresses what I see as two of the biggest problems we face as a society. One is an environmental crisis, born of our sense of distance from nature: our willingness to objectify nature and see it merely as a resource. The other is tribalism: our inability to see the other as like us, and the egotistical zero-sum game with other people, whether it's other countries, other races, other religions.

Along comes these medicines that actually change consciousness in those two domains, very specifically, by making us feel really connected to nature, that we sense the subjectivity of other species. Which should lead to treating them with more respect and care, and feeling a deep implication that you're part of nature, not just a spectator. And then, on the tribalism side, [it] makes you feel deeply connected to all different kinds of other people. So you could argue that this is exactly the drug we need right now.

But then you need to stand back and say, “Wait, is it possible to prescribe a drug for an entire country?” How many people do you have to give this experience before you change the culture? And that was something Timothy Leary spent a lot of time on, he had these predictions of how many people he'd have to trip before the world changed. There's no model for prescribing treatment to a culture. That takes you into a really terra incognita of social change. I think, for that stuff, we still need politics.

Is he right? Will Psychedelics help with archieving the lower stages of communism, or are they to advanced, so that only in a well developed democratic dictatorship of the proletariat they can help transition further into full gay luxury psychedelic space communism?
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File: 1626963341176.png ( 654.81 KB , 488x516 , nofunallowed.png )

Eat mushrooms, have a good time and learn a bit.


File: 1626975756020.jpg ( 293.5 KB , 567x317 , mark-e4ed2cc663ba2aea77da8….jpg )

So what do we think of him (and acid communism)?


File: 1626976175592.jpg ( 66.41 KB , 539x960 , 162615365118.jpg )

I mean, I mostly agree with this. I use LSD and Mushrooms and the like as a pressure relief valve to help me unwind after a year or so of pressure under capitalism and every day life. I do think I understand and have become more comfortable with death and my personal mortality after doing psychedelic drugs. When you experience full ego dissolution it kinda humbles you; it's a little death, in a way.


I've managed to turn two people into communists while under the influence of LSD (or LSD+cocaine). Even after their trips they started reading leftist literature. Im not saying drug use is good or enlightening, but I do genuinely believe the use of psychedelic drugs can tear down mental barriers/biases built up by bourgeois culture,



File: 1626486207121.png ( 229.12 KB , 500x500 , ClipboardImage.png )


I need a creative hobby but don't feel any inspiration towards anything. I have some physical activities and I like to read that's pretty much all I do. Anyone want to throw out some random ideas?
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Try out different things, OP. If you like something stick with it. Here are some ideas:
>art (whatever medium)
>playing music


Also lemme suggest drawing on paper, doing pixel art, painting, painting murals, designing posters in Photoshop, sculpting (wood or clay), making music videos, playing the accordion, making desserts/pastries, repairing furniture


Literally watercolors. To paint with watercolors you'll end up thinking about how water interacts with paper, which is a relatively novel thing to model that most people aren't used to considering. Paint the world outside your front door (sunsets are fun), or make a shitty sketch of a robot or a unicorn in pencil and then color it in. Also, they're cheaper than acrylics.


Shitposting on /b/ is a creative hobby.


Write. Whatever it's in your mind

File: 1608525922762.jpg ( 1001.82 KB , 1254x1080 , ascension-chakra[1].jpg )



Does anyone have any experience with meditation or mindfulness?
Ive been seeing it again and again and it *supposedly, i havent checked myself** studies show it can help you focus better and reduce overstimulation from the outside world.
As someone who has struggled my entire life being overstimulated by everything, and who has felt my anxiety increase and my ability to focus drop over the past few years, I wonder if i should try meditating. Leaving aside all of the spiritual aspects, and leaving aside all of the stemlord objections, are there tangible benefits? Did anyone try?
How do i properly do it? For how long?
Thank you.
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Just to offer a counterpoint: I'm this >>13608 anon, and I have tried doing zazen without a teacher a couple years before, and it ended up being a complete and utter waste of time for me. I'm sure it would be better with a teacher, but for self-study I would personally not recommend a tradition that has a bee in their bonnet about speaking clearly and explaining theory. Of course, to each their own, maybe some people handle this style of teaching better.


>just take happy pills bro
The absolute state of fuck yeah science redditors.


> ASMR Anti-Capitalist Guided Meditation


Is that from /fringe/ ? I recall seeing a big thread on unusual meditation methods and was never able to recover it after the fall of 8chan but it seemed the board went down before then.



File: 1620723010313.png ( 567.88 KB , 500x731 , ClipboardImage.png )


so, does anyone have weird/autistic hobbies? I like collecting insects, arachnids, small animals and etc putting them in jars and observing them. I don't just chuck them in either, I make sure they have a decent home so I always insert grass/leaves/sand/whatever else they like. I used to have a miniature zoo at home but medical university makes it hard for me to keep a large collection unfortunately. I've been doing this since I was 4 years old, at least thats the earliest time I can remember doing this kind of thing.
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I make liqueurs from stuff I pick up on my hikes. Tbh it's a way to hide my alcoholism behind a hobby.


Is world building considered autistic? I’ve been interested in it for a while but I only read on them and make random maps. Since I have nowhere near the artistic capacity to actually draw.


I consider it artistic.


I like to retranslate songs and some dialogue from a children's cartoon. That's my weird hobby.
When I move on to another series or movie I'l probably do the same.


Not really, though when it becomes AltHistory stuff some autism is guaranteed

File: 1620949309269.jpg ( 1.68 MB , 2577x2134 , 1620895071673.jpg )


What is /leftypol/'s opinion on domesticating animals and keeping/training pets?
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That's a ridiculous urbanite idiocy. It's good for cats to explore and hunt. My cat wants to be outside and goes exploring the neighborhood. He's already nearing 20 years but still active.


>It's good for cats to explore and hunt.

It certainly isn't good for your local ecosystem, typical ruralite narcissism.


leftover from a time where they actually served a purpose in human labor, they're now emotional slaves for egoistic cunts who mostly dont take good care of them despite what they think, and use them to have a social relation where they have a clear and uncontested domination with minimum moral repercussions.
Should be forbidden in cities


File: 1621782314512.png ( 715.27 KB , 667x1000 , 17526276272231.png )

I want to be domesticated by a mature woman.


>It certainly isn't good for your local ecosystem
Literally how

File: 1608526139653-0.jpg ( 228.26 KB , 1024x683 , permaculture1.jpg )

File: 1608526139653-1.jpg ( 286.24 KB , 1024x973 , pclt-1024x973.jpg )

 No.7136[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

The practice and principles of Permaculture are one of the most important tools for not only creating a sustainable socialism, but also for repairing the damage done to the global ecosystem by capitalism, and lessening your individual reliance on the current capitalist system.Permacultural practice and socialism are two very powerful allies, and learning about permaculture should be necessity for modern socialists and communists.
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Thanks m8

>It's not good enough and it degrades the land
Like I said, depends on your method. If you just till the land and nothing else, no shit it'll fuck things up, which is why you make sure to not leave it to be dispersed
> Soil is not a substance, like water. It's an ecosystem with structure and the more you disrupt that structure the more you destabilize it.
Soil is dug up and churned by nature all the time, it also gets washed away all the time, the reason meadows don't wash away near streams is because the grass is tightly holding the soil and the meadows tend to have trees retaining moisture and keeping out Dry Winds


Very interesting, thank you anon.


File: 1611788595507.jpg ( 11.88 KB , 332x443 , classic.jpg )

>most of the garden hoses have lead in them or other toxic chemicals that leach into the water
How big of a thing is this actually??





File: 1612029245342-1.jpg ( 110.29 KB , 750x410 , AMI-5-15.jpg )

File: 1612029245342-2.jpg ( 211.3 KB , 1208x815 , 2063758.jpg )


Do you like planes?
Good. Post pictures of planes. Post interesting stuff about planes. Discuss Post Soviet planes. Post Post Soviet Planes, discuss American, British, Chinese, Brazillian, Canadian, Spanish, Japanese, Indonesian, Australian or anywhere else that makes planes planes. Post military planes, post civilian planes, WW2 planes, 60s planes, contemporary planes. Post air battles, post trip reports, If you are feeling daring, even go so far as to post helicopters. Post cockpits, post passenger cabins, post timetables, post airports, post liveries, post about airlines that exist and that no longer exist. If it's plane related, I want to see it.

And most importantly:
Post your favorite plane.
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For 50 large I would spend a night on top of one of those hanging up there. Would do it for much less too.


File: 1621701062160.jpg ( 249.62 KB , 1024x790 , 43239667391_b5839fc737_b.jpg )

I want to build a kitplane but don't have the time or money right now. I think building your own plane is a very anti-capitalist thing to do.


File: 1621705496315-0.jpg ( 496.22 KB , 1153x1397 , East German Airline Histor….jpg )

File: 1621705496315-1.jpg ( 303 KB , 1280x960 , Il-14_Interflug_Cabin.JPG )

In the old days in both east and west you just had to buy a ticket then board. Your plane also would have far more leg room.

Jet engines do provide better scaling then piston engines if anything the issue is not building high speed rail handle to better handle travellers.


The nearest aviation museum to me has some super sonic jets including a black bird and the concord, and has a space shuttle also, so definitely.


9/11 fucked everything up

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