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I love you guys lol
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lol based post more anarchist furries, troon


He's clearly an "anarchist" in the sense of "Heckin anarchy arnio is chaosarino! bros!"


don't feel to bad, troons of all stripes make everyone look bad. When we let them into our orgs, they may be dressed like clowns, but we're the real fools.



File: 1702189733253.jpg ( 197.18 KB , 959x640 , Burshtyn Prometheus.jpg )


What kinda style is this? Cubism? Not typical of your boring ass ctrl+c/ctrl+v socrealist mural.
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File: 1702329988281.jpg ( 319.24 KB , 750x500 , msc3.jpg )

Dunno what's going on here.


File: 1702330023992.jpg ( 218.35 KB , 900x900 , benis.jpg )



File: 1702330707259.jpg ( 203.91 KB , 1024x683 , Battle on the Ice.jpg )

Interestingly by the end you could see more blatantly nationalist inspired themes like in Stalin times.


File: 1702341874057.jpg ( 343.91 KB , 1903x801 , CREATION-OF-ADAM-167383431….jpg )

>God is replaced by a w*man
Feminist propaganda.


File: 1703020176511.png ( 216.41 KB , 1280x1096 , The death or art.png )

That's the corporate art of the east.

File: 1608525451907.jpg ( 44.12 KB , 900x509 , zeronet-internet-like-p2p-….jpg )


What do you think about ZeroNet?https://zeronet.io/It's basically P2P web. Have great potential, also there is an imageboard there:
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>>349which is an idea for a raid


>>136It would be trivial to scare all of the boomers who don't understand p2p off of zeronet and its ilk entirely. Alas that might require setting up zeronet, which was a piece of crap two years ago and doesn't seem to have changed a whole lot since.


>>253Zeronet is fucking garbage.Just use tor or i2p


File: 1608525512646.png ( 132.51 KB , 1200x1050 , 1200px-Official_logo_of_th….png )



Tried it once before I knew blockchains were a fedop. It was %100 obvious glowies / bots soying about Q, joos and the transes.
I feel like it stems from a fundamental misunderstanding about what decentalisation means.

File: 1608525515317.jpg ( 45.14 KB , 1280x720 , opm.jpg )


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4WQal7L2Cwwhat does /hobby/ think of comedian Bill Burr's interpretation of "One Punch Man"?
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>>1054Damn that was nice, was not expecting such a nice anti corporate analysis. I was probably the guy who just got fucking high and watched this bald headed dude punch half a crab in the face and watched it explode.


>>1056Bill Burr is basically stereotypical working class burger masculinity. His success in comedy and podcasting has given him some more bourgeois values, but for the most part he does a good job of maintaining a sense of what it's like to be a regular guy, and he's sharp enough to do inject social commentary. Some of his bits are simplistic "wew look at these triggered libs" but that's mostly bait to get drones to watch him when he makes more complicated points.


Wow, I didn't even consider his analysis of the crab or the mosquito lady and I've gone through the show and manga 4 or 5 times. In the case of the blood sucking whore it is pretty obvious in hindsight.


I need to rewatch this show, missed most of what he pointed out but yeah that's an interesting read on it. Also there's an EN dub now, neat.


You need to grow up

File: 1694496616551-0.png ( 152.78 KB , 576x515 , 0987654321123456781.png )

File: 1694496616551-1.png ( 98.8 KB , 482x556 , 0987654321123456783.png )

File: 1694496616551-2.png ( 119.25 KB , 453x506 , 0987654321123456785.png )

File: 1694496616551-3.png ( 483.08 KB , 608x695 , 0987654321123456788.png )

File: 1694496616551-4.png ( 50.66 KB , 185x220 , 09876543211234567813.png )


any source welcome
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File: 1696864674135-0.png ( 562.56 KB , 664x781 , 16965258880690.png )

File: 1696864674135-1.jpg ( 194.02 KB , 1024x1024 , _60c13b03-4312-4cb0-a015-2….jpg )

File: 1696864674135-2.jpg ( 138.05 KB , 1024x1024 , _ba4042e7-6c1c-46bc-a458-f….jpg )

File: 1696864674135-3.jpg ( 156.84 KB , 1024x1024 , murderaid.jpg )

File: 1696864674135-4.jpg ( 72.37 KB , 519x519 , IMG_2234.jpg )





Middle one is great

I lel'd


File: 1697925780706.jpg ( 57.01 KB , 664x781 , happy soviet state lottery….jpg )

The first pic is wholesome, the rest i don't understand.

3 pics about Attacks of the killer-pitchers and 1 pic of a girl wearing a half-sombrero half-cowboy hat while bouncing off a laser-beam from a ufo. Those are incredibly random.


File: 1698196468209-0.jpg ( 161.43 KB , 1024x1024 , 1697272946860047 _8871a35d….jpg )

File: 1698196468209-1.jpg ( 175.05 KB , 1024x1024 , 1697273362024134 _064c4004….jpg )

File: 1698196468209-2.jpg ( 138.98 KB , 1024x1024 , 1697288743047930 _11c7afbc….jpg )

File: 1698196468209-3.jpg ( 189.37 KB , 1024x1024 , 1697290040563516 _28ddca3d….jpg )

File: 1698196468209-4.jpg ( 164.28 KB , 1024x1024 , 1697290176354492 _c76f59cd….jpg )

fuck wholesome, drip shit
go get ran over by a train
dumb bitch


Chris Chan sings Hurt by Johnny Cash (AI Song Cover)




File: 1695857797299-1.jpg ( 108.1 KB , 1280x720 , cover.jpg )



just doesn't quite work. the core voice is there but the Chris inflection isn't. maybe in three more years it will be there

File: 1616876696039.png ( 18.01 KB , 223x218 , 1603039876689.png )


How do I force myself to enjoy DND? I've come to realise I don't enjoy it. I jsut like doing social stuff with my friends.
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Fuck you too 🖕


never played DnD, is it like 2D MMORPG?


You probably don't enjoy DnD because it's set in a fantasy setting, which tend to be unchanging and all the struggles are just perpetually ongoing. Find something that has a progression to it and you'll probably like it more


Don't. Just play another type of game. Have you ever heard of Twilight 2000?


File: 1694577071343.jpg ( 192.53 KB , 2304x1536 , RPG-7_detached.jpg )

Why not try better RPGs?


Only post bops.
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RIP ;_;









File: 1608526501082.jpg ( 36.35 KB , 500x542 , 1b938bd9128a62f24c72040209….jpg )


Share your knowledge, beliefs and opinions on the occult.
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yes it spawned the most occult franchise in existence


<The court heard that following Hussein's arrest, police found he had been communicating with others about demons and love potions.
in other words
<he had been talking to wankers on the internet

Two people killed, his own life down the pan, and no lottery win.
When did this Satanic human sacrifice crap start?
Probably with the ONA (Order of Nine Angles.)
But it's based on a misinterpretation of ancient ritual. There was, for an example, a "substitute king" ritual in Mesopotamia. Instead of sacrificing a king in the event of crops failing, disaster, to appease the gods a substitute king would be found. A prole would be ritually made into a king, reign for a year or so, then killed. (There was one instance of a lucky gardener being made into the king, by freak change everything then improved and he was left to reign not killed. )
But this isn't really a Satanic pact. More like ritual scapegoating.

The old adage still holds.
Read a book.
It's nice to chat on the internet sometimes but take it with a pinch of salt. Do your own research.


it said he had been referred to prevent for far right extremism in the past, he was probably a ONA fag


Want to really delve into Christianity and the hidden secrets of the bible. Start looking at the Sacrum or Christos secrets.

You can find the same information hidden in other religions like islam etc.

The Sacred Secret - "It Happens to Your Pineal Gland Every 29 ½ Days" (Eye Opening!)


File: 1693104832077.jpg ( 399.73 KB , 1200x628 , Small-Camping-Trailers-Bat….jpg )


Does someone want to show some class solidarity by linking plans to an ultra ultra light (under 1000 lbs) tear drop like trailer for one person? All I have is a toyota camry like compact car and it can't tow more than that. I was thinking the interior would be like a capsule from a japanese capsule hotel except with a cassette toilet, sink, and some sort of propane powered mini fridge, stove, and mini oven. I would also like to hook up electricity from an rv park

I am poor but live with my parents so I can afford to spend a little bit of money. I make 35k. I was looking at completely open utility trailers yard workers use and thinking i could build it on that, if that sounds reasonable. i dont expect anything more than a 4x5' space i could cozy up in in some sort of state park for electricity so I could remote work and still stay afloat.


Why don't you sell your car and buy a van, using the money to convert that instead? There's a bunch of videos of people doing this on tiktok and YouTube if you search for something like 'van life'.



the thing is that the car is very reliable. i dont want to take my chances with a van. it is the most reliable car i have ever had and I do not want to get rid of it. I was thinking if I used foam and fiberglass to make the body I could save a ton of weight. That way I can add weight in other ways. this thing has never had an accident, never had a break down because i actively get it maintained and it has always been maintained. I dont want to lose it for a van that breaks down constantly


i would also use a wood frame


File: 1693105858240.jpeg ( 796.47 KB , 1895x1420 , En14oaV.jpeg )

Fair enough, Toyotas are great cars tbh.
I have just had a look online and this is the closest I could find to a community for what you're looking for:

Judging by the OP you could be looking for something bigger than this though. Someone posted picrel on that subreddit and I can see the appeal.


tanks m8 i r8 8/8

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