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File: 1608526782840.jpg ( 59.53 KB , 760x507 , dr-communist-revolution-p0….jpg )


Lets have a thread dedicated to the most ridiculous and most intimidating piece of headwear ever conceptualised
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File: 1608526829513-1.jpg ( 422.23 KB , 800x1107 , 800px-Stamp_of_USSR_2252.jpg )

File: 1608526829513-2.jpg ( 160.16 KB , 800x1095 , Finish_propaganda7.jpg )



File: 1608526829724-0.jpg ( 102.38 KB , 800x580 , 6766952baed85bac31cc514283….jpg )

File: 1608526829724-1.jpg ( 65.17 KB , 521x708 , 2657352.jpg )





What was this inspired by? In some pics looks like a medieval helmet

File: 1608525994837.png ( 646.02 KB , 2400x1200 , Flag Map of the World.png )


Post your own or others maps in this thread. Statistical and imaginary maps are welcome.
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File: 1608526760919.png ( 67.73 KB , 718x349 , Screenshot_2020-11-02 List….png )

List of operators of the Mig-29, most advanced soviet fighter plane produced. Blue is current operators, red former operators.


>1st pic
I've heard about those Pornhub statistic maps, but never saw it myself. Could you link the most recent one? Kinda curious about what is my country fapping to.




File: 1608526768108-0.jpg ( 771.51 KB , 1223x1309 , Arda_in_First_Age.jpg )

File: 1608526768108-1.jpg ( 508.19 KB , 1539x1636 , Arda_in_Second_Age.jpg )

File: 1608526768108-2.jpg ( 444.25 KB , 1539x1636 , Arda_in_Third_Age.jpg )

You never specified Earth.
Thank god for pornhub for helping us map out the degenerates.


Some retardness in Europe

File: 1608525453493.jpg ( 32.53 KB , 474x308 , tools.jpg )


Do It YourselfITT: Everything DIY>Handymanship/Making™>Transferable skills in revolution/collapse>Sustainability and Self-Sufficiency>Guides and Blueprints>Home Improvement/Maintenance if you're bougie enough to own your homeDon't post shit that will get you or the site v&.
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File: 1608526078540-1.jpg ( 13.11 KB , 480x360 , Legend.jpg )

In case you ever get trapped Down Under.


Thanks Crocodile Dundee


It's a jury-rigged system, not actual smithery


Usually I don't like those homebuilding or home renovation shows, but I discovered a series of channels on Youtube of hippies creating amazingly unique houses with very little money in remote places. Like this fellow who created a cheap and cozy domed house in the redwoods with no outside help.




File: 1610963375240.jpg ( 10.97 KB , 369x136 , download.jpg )


Anybody here like to collect fossils? I'm planning on getting some nice Ammonite, Trilobite, Leaf, and Fish fossils. I plan on getting a Mammoth molar in the future
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File: 1615298802743.jpg ( 5.29 MB , 3000x4000 , IMG_20210309_145902.jpg )

Largee meg and bivalve from Antwerp




Had no clue that there were meg teeth in Belgium. Also, that's insane that you found a shark vert there, were they with the teeth? Also, that horse molar is really nice. Possibly a Hipparion?


There's actually lots of meg teeth in the Berchem formation in Belgium. The way I find them is by sifting through soil, ex situ, so there's no way of telling if the vert and teeth belonged together. I think the molar is Equus caballus.



File: 1608525931560.jpg ( 74.15 KB , 828x947 , EX13t6-XgAEqIOn (1).jpg )


I'm interested in what sort of consumer goods were there in the USSR, Maoist China, etc.
Like what kind of toys, games, books, snacks, clothes, drinks, etc. they had?
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I still remember fruit kefir that my mom bought me when i was a kid. The taste was just the best, nothing that sells now can beat it.


File: 1608526568823.jpg ( 314.95 KB , 650x472 , soviet guitar.jpg )

USSR couldn't build instruments worth shit. Look at this unholy abomination. Thinking about adjusting intonation on that bridge makes me wince.


Looks normal to me.


That wolf looks fashionable as fuck


You know they followed Western designs for things like these right

File: 1608526546268-0.jpg ( 12.53 KB , 195x258 , images (2).jpg )

File: 1608526546268-1.jpg ( 10.52 KB , 197x255 , images (3).jpg )

File: 1608526546268-2.jpg ( 637.46 KB , 1811x2048 , 5c300eaeea36ff91f897d73a3b….jpg )


Any good military parades,books,
Doctrines,weapon designs by any socialist country if its army related post it here


There is already a thread on that go see /leftypol/ if you want quike answers


Leftypol's thread is poor and full of "muh military anti-communist" faggotry. Besides its more of hobby topic than a political topic.



File: 1608525805057.jpg ( 125.7 KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )


Saw this cool video of a rapier vs a longsword. It looks like the rapier was a better weapon. So much more range and speed.
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I don't get it when people say "real sword fighting wouldn't look good". I don't think anyone's advocating for 100% realism. I'm sure boxing in movies and irl look different too. Perhaps it's different for the uninformed, but historical swordplay looks better every way. Hell, some exchanges in sparring can be as theatrical as cinema all while being technically sound.

Since exaggerating or slowing bladework even with good technique for safety and the viewers' benefit is already a given, the next best aim would be to give "masters" or "experts" good and distinct forms when moving and fighting. Body language is part of acting, no?

Have a gander at Robert and his opponents:

And if you want fancy shit, the masters have it too: https://youtu.be/0dnGNJvoNeQ

Or you can be fancy in a sensible way:


Rapiers are almost useless against fully armoured opponents whereas with a sword you can halfsword against an fully armoured opponent hence rapiers only became popular after the the introduction of firearms caused the decline of full plate armour

Hollywood is actually not interested in History, but only a semblance of Historical accurary hence why there are so many inaccuracies in films. They just dont give a f*ck

Heres an anecdote



File: 1608525873066-0.jpg ( 99.22 KB , 800x563 , sword combat 3.jpg )

File: 1608525873066-1.jpg ( 160.64 KB , 1200x844 , sword combat 2.jpg )

File: 1608525873066-2.jpg ( 171.55 KB , 1200x844 , sword combat 1.jpg )

Reposting some contributions


>Rapiers are almost useless against fully armoured opponents
Most opponents do not have full plate armor with chainmail underarmor. Even then, a rapier has the precision to strike through something like a visor hole.



File: 1608526135062.jpg ( 131.62 KB , 1200x675 , ted.jpg )


Stop consuming bourgeois food. Junk food, sodas, sweets, etc. are a bourgeois invention of the capitalist epoch made for addiction and profit that your body doesn't need. You must eat organic food, drink water and if you can, grow and hunt your own food.
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> early corona lockdowns
LOL imagine actually using this as an argument
>who will handle nuclear reactors
&ltstate management and robotics don't exist
absolute brainlet


just buy inexpensive items and get the expensive ones at a five finger discount ;)


I used the wrong word, I was mostly thinking of whole foods


Fair enough, I mostly agree then


>hunt your own food
I hate this type of individualist thinking

File: 1608525513457.jpeg ( 282.3 KB , 1500x1480 , knitting.jpeg )


Yo, I wanna knit some shit. I already have the sticks and the yarn. Hook me up with some basic patterns and tutorials. I want to do a scarf first, something straight and simple.
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Good beginner tutorial for making a scarf. She talks a lot in some parts but everything is explained clearly.

That said, I started and stopped about 3-4 times. It's not easy pulling the same amount of yarn every single loop to make it even. I wasn't even paying attention to that in the beginning and it came out looking uneven.

This shit is not as easy as it looks.


File: 1608525719609-0.jpg ( 1.56 MB , 1944x2592 , IMG_20170208_171320.jpg )

File: 1608525719609-1.jpg ( 1.63 MB , 1944x2592 , IMG_20170208_171304.jpg )

>It's not easy pulling the same amount of yarn every single loop to make it even.

Yeah, that can be difficult at first. I made a similar scarf when I first started learning (though I used a much thinner yarn and needle size) and the loops were very uneven, especially in the beginning (there's also a big hole because I dropped the needles while I was knitting and I didn't know how to put the loops back on). By the end I got used to it and it looked a little better.

So don't worry if it doesn't look as nice as the one in the video, it's you first scarf after all. When you want to make a nicer looking project you can correct your mistakes as you go, but now you just need to get the hang of knitting. You can reuse the yarn later, so you could remake it once you get comfortable, don't worry about wasting yarn.

>This shit is not as easy as it looks.

At first yeah, but it gets much easier. As you do it more often you're gonna be able to knit while watching a movie or something, you won't even really need to look at it.

One more thing though, I don't think the style of knitting she's using is very good. There are two main types of knitting you'll see: English knitting (the one she's using) and continental or speed knitting. English knitting (I hope I'm not using the wrong name) is when you put the needle through a loop, wrap the yarn with your right hand and then pull it through the loop like you see in the video. Continental is a bit more complicated, but I think it's much more useful. I learned how to do it from these videos (and from grandma)


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Wow, thanks for that.
>Have you finished any projects?
I'm >>3256 and >>1729. I was trying to get it right the first time, but your post encouraged me just to knit. You're right, the first one shouldn't matter. I hope I'll have something significant to show in the next few days.

Gonna check out continental knitting as well.


After you learn how to knit and purl you should spend some time to learn about the different types of fabrics you can make by combining knitting and purling. This video shows how to make the most basic stitches.


It's important that you learn them because you'll use a combination of two or more in most projects. But don't worry they're not difficult (except for the seed stitch maybe). Other than that, have fun! (and be patient)



File: 1608525628474-0.jpg ( 1.14 MB , 1110x1208 , 20200219_011609.jpg )

File: 1608525628474-1.jpg ( 276.53 KB , 1600x1200 , img_4103-1.jpg )

File: 1608525628474-2.jpg ( 295.16 KB , 795x1024 , 9a-flame-lily-gloriosa-sup….jpg )


You planting flowers this spring, if so tell me about it!
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I'd like to do this but I don't even know what plants are native to my area.


Some flowering plants are edible (fruits come from flowers), and lots of flowers will attract pollinators for any fruiting plants you have.


File: 1608525703322.png ( 535.12 KB , 511x2475 , Rapunzel.png )

Does anyone know the "language" of flowers and flower arrangements? I don't remember much about it, but it sounds intriguing.

Also if I remember correctly certain flowers are used for different kinds of medical toxins/poisons used by people in the past (such as Belladona).

Pic related


Depending on where you are you may have a government department that catalogs that information.


Plastic flowers in like offices and what not are the most soulless things in existence

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