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File: 1608525466045.png ( 82.55 KB , 500x500 , n8 just yiff already.png )

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Yep, we back at it again.Thread for n8, furries, furry related stuff, whatup.I was thinking of reading Beastars, I heard it was pretty good.
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>8kun is a broken rotting site with a neglectful admin
no u

>dysfunctional global moderation

only 60% of the time


>good option

>Tthe loli/cub/shota shit is bleh and glows. The site is full of /pol/tards from julay.world and 9chan.tw

>Tthe loli/cub/shota shit is bleh and glows. The site is full of /pol/tards from julay.world and 9chan.tw


>>broken rotting site with a neglectful admin
>no u
what is this, 2020?


no u
ur momo is 2020


>the word normie has lost all meaning at this point
it really has, edgy alt-girls now use that word to refer to other women, I wanted to scream at her, but for better or worse I was quite


for the better, but depending how you went about it could be really based or depressing and disturbing

File: 1608525801905.jpg ( 60.66 KB , 900x577 , 2b62532825e6dab8fa15b4f772….jpg )


Is Naruto liberal or is it reactionary? Its obviously not leftist because they constantly defend a feudal government.
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it's mostly Moopy Path stuff which is hyper based




bump for best show :^)


Are you retarded or did you not see /anime/ ? Yes it's a good fun show, but FFS.
>inb4 link is 404'd
That's because the transfer from Bunkerchan to here was retarded, the old thread for Naruto is still up. Please delete your post and unbump the thread.


Naruto is anime
Go there


File: 1608525608203.jpeg ( 65.32 KB , 640x640 , EObyZDVWoAAL1iB.jpeg )

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Post about drawing and painting and related
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File: 1626908849141-0.gif ( Spoiler Image, 283.61 KB , 700x581 , Street Fighter commission.gif )

Another commission done. Slowly I will save enough money to replace my 10yo laptop, buy a safe box where I could store valuables and start collecting rare coins and medals that I always wanted. My life never looked so bright before. I have had 3 commissions in the queue but unfortunately one of the 3 guys dropped out today, if I were faster I could get his money. It's extremely hard and tiresome to work with +30C temperature at home and with no air conditioner to cool you, though I am proud that I have more commissions than free time.


The thread hit bumplimit. Shall I create new one?


doit baby


>in this case who cares.
me or anyone that doesn't wants to see the cp you made
you could've at least aged her up, but you were dumbass to do so

>per global booru.org rules.

yet back in 2016 that wasn't the case

this, and will do nothing about it like the /get/lover they are

>og VN

as a side note: it not surprise since the MC is 17 years old in a ero-vn.
>most of girls are 18 but they still fucked up


>me or anyone that doesn't wants to see the cp you made
>you could've at least aged her up, but you were dumbass to do so
Could you go back and read the whole reply chain to see that I wasn't the one who drew Ulyana? Also way to miss the point of my post. It's not like this single dude practicing his drawing skills by taking a request, which happens to be of an underage character, is going to result in the booru being flooded with loli crap because like I already said, you can't post that shit on there due to a loli/shota rule from global booru.org staff. It's different now from back then, and everyone knows this because leftybooru was about to be deleted last year until the admin deleted all the loli shit which some people complained about. Look, I also hate that crap but this is nothing to be mad about, I also doubt that guy is from /GET/.

I'm happy that things are going well for you now anon.

File: 1608526605610.jpg ( 78.86 KB , 328x280 , 20201009_230010 (1).jpg )

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ITT we discuss business strategy and help other anons escape wage slavery, build a business that subverts capitalism from within, and become ethical petty booj with a lefty perspective in mind.

This is for serious discussion only, keep focused on the topic and don't derail the thread.
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Who here has experience with dropshipping? I want to hear what you've learned


probably works well since they are both stupid and tend to be high earners


It's a hard hustle. There are many ways to do it. The US market is highly saturated. Other markets aren't as much. You can also do shit like arbitrage, where you sell shit on ebay and just buy it on amazon to your buyer's home.

Beware of people selling you shit related to dropshipping. It is mostly all scam.

It takes a while to understand what the fuck you are doing and not fuck it up. You should expect to lose some money right out the door.


If I just made $100k doing business, does that mean I'm porky now?

really trying to square away that's it's okay to make money for revolutionary groups…


>If I just made $100k doing business, does that mean I'm porky now?
Yes. We're not liberals here, we are critical of the capitalist system, not necessarily individual capitalists. Most capitalists are trash, but we like some, such as Engels.

If you have a successful business, could you turn it into a cooperative?

File: 1617088183844.png ( 268.3 KB , 500x500 , SATeo.png )


Kie estas mia genigruloj? Ĉu iuj parolas la sennacian lingvon ĉi tie?
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Mi multe pensis pri tio. Mi ofte masturbadas min sed al mi neniam okazis iu ajn simila. Eble ĝi plej ofte okazas al kacoj kiuj estis cirkumciditaj.


mi estas cirkumcidita kaj tio neniam okazis al mi. Tio nur povus okazi se vi iel tirus vian penison kiel ĝi estas ŝnuro de gazonfalĉilo (mi devis serĉi tiun vorton rete)


File: 1626849343397.gif ( 557.78 KB , 364x200 , 200.gif )



File: 1627166603844-0.png ( 346.24 KB , 1280x925 , ratoEksperimento.png )

File: 1627166603844-1.png ( 533.7 KB , 1243x1280 , jaws.png )

iom komikoj


La fantomo hantas en Eûropo — la fantomo de komunismo.
Çiuj potencoj de la malnova Eûropo alianci¸is por sankta çaskampanjo kontraû tiu fantomo: la Papo kaj la Caro, Metternich kaj Guizot, francaj radikaluloj kaj germanaj
Kie estas tiu opozicia partio, kiu de siaj regantaj kontraûu-loj ne estas misfamigita kiel komunista? Kie estas la opozicia partio, kiu ne estis reîetinta la stigmatizan riproçon de komunismo kaj al la pli progresintaj opoziciuloj kaj al siaj reakciaj
Du aferoj sekvas el tiu fakto.
La komunismo jam estas agnoskita mem kiel potenco de çiuj eûropaj potencoj.

File: 1618491962647.jpg ( 7.38 KB , 282x179 , download (1).jpg )


Sorry if repost but this a discussion of the Star Wars Franchise which started in 1977
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File: 1626750978376.gif ( 2 MB , 540x304 , a bagel.gif )



File: 1627654289006-0.png ( 313.61 KB , 291x661 , unknown.png )

File: 1627654289006-1.mp4 ( 25.37 MB , 1920x1080 , Imperial_Commando_Detour.mp4 )

scorch from republic commando showed up in the latest episode


File: 1627654312298.mp4 ( 18.58 MB , 1920x1080 , Imperial_Commando_Encounte….mp4 )

also this was a pretty good gag


they really channeling that slave hunter energy for the Empire


I like that we’re seeing a transition not only in armor but I’m the training of stormtroopers. I also like the reasoning: they are cheaper easier to train and there’s a lot more of them.

File: 1608526968053.jpg ( 39.73 KB , 600x597 , 910033eb8a2cd6dea72fba3570….jpg )


Maybe we don't have enough power to have a great influence over politics but we have the power to have a great influence over people if we mobilize and take action by creating a new subculture to atract people's interest and take them out from that ignorance that leaves our enemies and traitors to win, a subculture with good aesthetic and it's own type of mentality will work the best to have a great change into society or just make things more fun a plan for this is SovCore.
>What is SovCore?
SovCore is a Soviet nostalgic subgenre of punk which incorporates several during or post Warsaw Pact aesthetics into one mixed with some alternative ones, it is a way to revolt against this Capitalist system and also promote a strong patriotic sentient.

>Mentality of a SovCorist

Basic Soviet mentality like Brotherhood/Sisterhood like minded, promotes gun, fitness or car cultures, helpful to community, feminist, aggressive, fanatical patriotic, AntiGlobalist, AntiFascist, AntiCapitalist, Antinationalist, racial separatist, continental unionism ex Asian Union, equalitarian, opposed to Capitalist rooten fruits such as sexual revolution stuff or mainstream pop culture


Basic alternative fashion combined with East European aesthetics such as military surplus or thug styles, the goal is your style to give an East bloc vibe, piercings are welcome in a small number and tattoos the best are the minimalist ones or based of Soviet prison tattoos ones


WitchHouse, Harbass, Post Punk, New/Dark wave, Chanson, Alternative rap the goal is to sound as gloomy, angry or Sovietic as possible

pic related a potential example for a SovCore style for women and excuse мой anglish
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I like the general idea but this sounds shit

I both agree and disagree. There has been attempts to create subcultures and it got people to hate them because it was too obvious example being Romo. However if it's not too blatantly obvious and if you get enough people involved people can mistake a manifactured subculture for a spontaneously occuring subculture and start following it if it actually appeals to them enough.


File: 1626953217767-1.jpg ( 281.81 KB , 1200x1021 , 319588940ad9279b37e3ba0fac….jpg )

File: 1626953217767-2.jpg ( 88.07 KB , 612x749 , E2HSqyFWEAEZ3pF.jpg )

File: 1626953217767-3.jpg ( 372.12 KB , 2046x1401 , 58c1bfc26e20047c008b52f9.jpg )

might i recommend some fits?


File: 1627239543267.png ( 105.03 KB , 299x168 , imagen_2021-07-25_205900.png )

if there is sovcore there should be sovwave too and other subgeneres


OK no offense but why whould any leftists subculture focus on car ownership, see how bikers became in America and Japan post 80s


File: 1627412577425.gif ( 4.13 MB , 150x150 , regalgif.gif )

>Brotherhood/Sisterhood, helpful to community, feminist,

>AntiFascist, AntiCapitalist, Antinationalist

>racial separatist,

File: 1624916164799.jpg ( 30.95 KB , 1024x574 , 1562532437768.jpg )


I don't know where else to ask this but how do I make the best use of my free time?
I was a NEET and stacked up too many hobbies but now I'm going to trade school and soon I'll get a job and the little free time I have is too crammed.
What do I do?
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best thing to do is cry your heart out


Yep. You have to work for some time for experience, this should be seen just as a continuation of studying. Meanwhile if you can find a union, join it. Ask if they plan any action to reduce the work day (same wage!). Support 4 hours/day movement anyhow you can.

May be this will help you: a simple hobby is a capitalist bait, do what you want, consume, here, take this, work more, buy this new thing for you stupid hobby, consume more - this is their bait. Everything is not easy at the beginning. A hobby is not necessary should be easy one at first. So you have a goal, with time, working on the goal, it may become as easy as tooth brushing. The goal within union, to strike, to reduce the workday is a good goal, it is a good sort of hobby. Studying a skill if it is not some meaningless bullshit, is too a good thing and may not be easy at first, but may become a fun "hobby."

May be you understand that, you had other not simple hobbies. But this is your new hobby at this moment.


Post more of course


learn to draw and draw porn to blow off steam


ngl, this is better than most advice I have seen on this is issue.

Most of my hobbies started out with me running into it, having a small interest, and attaching a goal to it (get better at it, meet more friends who enjoy it). It's even better if the goal is internal, something that you cultivate deep inside yourself.

File: 1626588388645.jpg ( 86.28 KB , 1024x768 , dj.jpg )


Stayed up tonight to make a pastebin specifically full of old youtube channels. No i didn't double check anything. Anyway i have a whole youtube account that's basically a time capsule so i might make a pastebin of my liked videos later if i ever feel like it.


File: 1626590571786.pdf ( 350.26 KB , 212x300 , channels.pdf )

document with clickable links


I'd begin by giving some of those channels descriptions to show their significance at least


fuck, old abandoned youtube channels give me such a profound sense of anxiety, they are like deserted commie blocks in digital form.


Found an old channel with a anti-viet war swedish song uploaded back in 2008.

File: 1626590712236.jpg ( 219.5 KB , 1300x839 , 49893795-marx-engels-lenin….jpg )


Discuss motorcycles, dirt bike, atv etc.
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File: 1627035911364-0.png ( 928.55 KB , 1024x683 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1627035911364-1.png ( 968.49 KB , 799x531 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1627035911364-2.png ( 761.16 KB , 1024x683 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1627035911364-3.png ( 1.92 MB , 1200x842 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1627035911364-4.png ( 710.44 KB , 1024x683 , ClipboardImage.png )

You will never be as cool as japanese Bōsōzoku


I didn't know there were also female bosozoku, that's pretty cool
But what do these Japanese gangs do?
>Bōsōzoku first started as groups of returning World War II veterans. Many veterans were having a hard time readjusting to society after the panic of the war, and the most extreme turned to alternative methods to fuel their excitement. Many turned to custom car making and gang-like activities on city streets to gain an adrenaline fix. They gained many inspirations from American greaser culture and imported western films. This would explain the many similarities between old American biker culture and the bōsōzoku characteristics.[3] Many younger individuals began to see this style of life as very appealing, especially marginalized individuals looking for change. Eventually, these youngsters took over the identity, becoming the foundation for the modern bōsōzoku.[4]
>Typical accessories to this uniform are hachimaki, surgical masks, and patches displaying the Japanese Imperial Flag


Are they japanazis?


yeah, in the Midwest we casually call them Ricers


They used to be pretty big but after police smashed them and the fad dying out due to economic issues they tend to be more rare nowadays.
At the start they were heavy into bushido but after a point it bacame an aesthetic and any semblance of ideology got lost, turning into a generic counter culture

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