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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1674164317474.mp4 (681.77 KB, 482x270, 1_5066612643796615683.mp4)


French pigs beat old people as govt prepares to steal pensions

What are the political implications of Macron being a faggot sub who married a granny that groomed him?
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>look, mom! I posted a false dichotomy!


Idk mate, it seems like most the posts here fall into 3 categories

1)spergy posts about esoteric IT that no one uses
2)fawning over anime girls or ugly real life girls
3)political things that cause fags to screech about fashism or holler that doesn't matter.

Not my fault no one can muster up the motivation (despite the supposedly endless self proclaimed creativity and intelligence of ppl here) to post political things that are acceptable to the oversocialized western left(tm)..


Protests are fine but the french need to organize themselves further and start accomplishing things. What do years of yellow vest protests have to show for it?

Organizing a sustained general strike would be an enormous effort but probably effective. You need to actually have a plan to keep people at minimum fed while they aren't working so any kind of feel-good liberal attempts won't work here. I wonder what organizing an extensive mutual aid network looks like in 2023…


frog pigs are based. fuck old people


french and belgian are cunts

File: 1674131533036.jpg (32.77 KB, 680x889, 507.jpg)


Fair warning to all the comrades. His posting pattern is the following:
>shill NATO narratives in the /ukro/ thread
>shill nazbol shit
>[get banned]
>posts a cp bait thread and post cp in other threads linking to a website that records your IP address
I haven't seen this behavior since the 8ch times, to be honest. And they don't do it on .ogre either (which makes me think the mods there are already compromised). In any case, it's on the record that 8ch had CIA posters. I think the feds are getting clever with their nazbol shilling – it's one of the ways communism can be defanged, idpol being the other, obv.
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Man shut yo cuck ass up.


Is this site actually banned in russia?


OP, link to one of their posts please




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MAGA Communism is the future of American Communist movement because the MAGA movement itself is in many ways proto-communist. It is by far the largest and most powerful anti-establishment movement in the US. Anti-establishment democrats have immediately cucked out when elected (AOC and Bernie Sanders in particular), and while grifters like DeSantis try to appeal to the MAGA movement they cannot inspire the same populist energy that Donald Trump did when he promised to end foreign wars and bring back jobs. "Peace, Land, and Bread" if you will. Regardless of if Trump is a corrupt fuck or not seriously investigating the reasons behind why his movement has basically defined American politics since 2016 should be a priority of Communists.

MAGA Communism is necessary for reaching the masses - even those that don't like communism right now! Rejecting much of the American people for believing in MAGA results in making communism an edgy thought to be consumed by university students and other idiots.

"Out of the movement, into the masses."
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File: 1674229092549.webm (5.35 MB, 1280x720, having sex makes me feel ….webm)

I think Haz might be having sex with the wrong gender.


File: 1674241332849.jpg (165.54 KB, 1080x648, IMG_20230121_020049.jpg)

Chairman Trump has spoken


File: 1674754320621.jpg (55.09 KB, 646x680, 20230126_103109.jpg)



File: 1678208208135.jpg (145.95 KB, 1125x996, 20230307_095636.jpg)



In case you nighas forgot
>Trump is /ourguy/

File: 1673358983065.pdf (3.12 MB, 67x118, 230109_Cancian_FirstBattle….pdf)


The First Battle of the Next War: Wargaming a Chinese Invasion of Taiwan

>CSIS developed a wargame for a Chinese amphibious invasion of Taiwan and ran it 24 times. In most scenarios, the United States/Taiwan/Japan defeated a conventional amphibious invasion by China and maintained an autonomous Taiwan. However, this defense came at high cost. The United States and its allies lost dozens of ships, hundreds of aircraft, and tens of thousands of servicemembers. Taiwan saw its economy devastated. Further, the high losses damaged the U.S. global position for many years. China also lost heavily, and failure to occupy Taiwan might destabilize Chinese Communist Party rule. Victory is therefore not enough. The United States needs to strengthen deterrence immediately.

Details in pdf rel.

Reminder that Rand Institute had a similar docu ~4 years ago where they predicted that unless the USA starts a war against China by 2025, the war will be almost unwinnable.

Reminder of based Cockshott's analysis:
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No, but I do own the CIA outfit. Now tell me about Bane. Why does he wear the mask?


TBF Iraq threw the gulf war by actually believing the US would stick to its cease fire agreement.


Iraq fucked the war by thinking that the Saudis would not allow the coalition to use their territory as a staging point. Well, they were fucked anyway when the F-117 and the B-2 wiped out their air defenses, but they should have lasted longer than a few weeks.


File: 1674219528049.jpg (132.85 KB, 510x755, MV5BMTg3MTEzOTQzNV5BMl5Ban….jpg)

>they should have lasted longer than a few weeks.
Saddam's government was already crumbling before the invasion. There was legitimate (if short sighted) support on the ground for toppling his rule. I think if the Americans have waited a few years more, they could have color "revolutioned" the shit out of the country. But this was in the era right before the burgers shifted to using color "revolutions," and the argument could be made that their shift was a direct result from the blowbacks from Iraq/Afghanistan. The thing is, the USA manufactured/had a casus belli and the establishment wasn't going to spoil such a splendid opportunity.

In any case, I'm recommending picrel movie. Putting aside its "muh democracy" fetish, I think it captures nicely does crucial weeks inside the US gov.


>I think it captures nicely does crucial weeks inside the US gov.

also, we have captchas now

File: 1674153350562.jpg (45.47 KB, 404x600, build-hostels-homes.jpg)


Alright well I think leftism is seriously erased from here so it's time to start to get hip! That's right leftist cucks it's over, we all know that National Socialism is coming back on top. So our primary objective here is to infiltrate the jannies' and also make fun of people calling us fascist or something, fucking alarmists!(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


5 bucks says this was some bitter faggot's attempt at satire

File: 1673631672248.jpg (108.5 KB, 580x397, e13-451.jpg)


What are the political implications of practice being the criterion of determining truth?
>Marxists hold that man's social practice alone is the criterion of the truth of his knowledge of the external world. What actually happens is that man's knowledge is verified only when he achieves the anticipated results in the process of social practice (material production, class struggle or scientific experiment). If a man wants to succeed in his work, that is, to achieve the anticipated results, he must bring his ideas into correspondence with the laws of the objective external world; if they do not correspond, he will fail in his practice. After he fails, he draws his lessons, corrects his ideas to make them correspond to the laws of the external world, and can thus turn failure into success; this is what is meant by "failure is the mother of success" and "a fall into the pit, a gain in your wit". The dialectical-materialist theory of knowledge places practice in the primary position, holding that human knowledge can in no way be separated from practice and repudiating all the erroneous theories which deny the importance of practice or separate knowledge from practice. Thus Lenin said, "Practice is higher than (theoretical) knowledge, for it has not only the dignity of universality, but also of immediate actuality."
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File: 1673686201054.jpg (279.36 KB, 1429x2048, notaire de l'obscurantisme….jpg)

I believe the term you're looking for is "terrorists"




File: 1673708152348.jpg (97.54 KB, 660x440, SuicideProofNets.jpg)

God bless good ol' home-grown subjugation to capitalists!


Jeez. Too bad China didn't have someone smart, capable, and morally righteous like you to lead them.


too bad chinese proles are not capable of leading themselves

maybe this will change someday.. or maybe not and they will remain slaves forever and ever


New Global Economic Update dropped, sempai discusses the economics of the Ukraine proxy war this time.

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The level of technology and the level of the development of the means of production outgrows mere competitive and private enterprises and must by managed on either the conglomerate or state - without necessarily and emancipation of the working class.

People here are wrong in thinking neo-liberalism is the dominant trend. Rather, a sort of emergence of the power of a technocratic supra state is the dominant modern emergent feature.


That would imply that nationalist capitalism isn't on the menu then. Neoliberal capitalism is the emergence of a technocratic supra state, how can it coexist in a world where states attempt to wrest national control back over their capitalist classes?


Another case of zoomers using words without understanding their meanings


That countries are showing signs of shifting allegiances to the national bourgeoisie is part of an emerging political strategy in response to multipolarisation. For example, it won't be possible for the United States to both outsource the vast majority of production to China while also fighting them in a war.
Thankfully, as of right now the militaries of the United States and every other great power are pathetic. But it's likely this trend will change. We're already seeing renewed naval and nuclear arms races.


No, he's not. Althuserians are never right about anything. Porky is eating Porky, which is exactly what Marx said would happen.


Mr. Castro, how come you are boarding a Soviet airplane?
>Simply bekoss sovietic are our friends. And hear, you tok away our plants. Hear united states you the authority rob our plants. And the sovietic plan our the plan. That is…
Mr. Castro, are you saying that the American people are not your friends?
>The American people I think is good people. Yes. They are they have not a charge with the guilty of all the lies of publiçity uuuhm… hell to them.
Mr. Castro, can I ask if…
>The people of United State is good people!
Yes, thanks for clarifying, Mr. Castro.
>Havula people is wonderful people.
How do you like the…
>United state people is very good people.
How do you like the American press?
How do you like the American press?
>Ha ha ha. You will report it. Are wonderful. You're the writers. Are wonderful. But you are not the owners. Any newspaper belongs to the monopoly here.
[Sweating hands cut the film here.]
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Absolute legends


Why is this translated so horribly? Spanish is not a very complicated language.


File: 1673464272420.png (2.15 KB, 400x400, 1_xlEI5bWMSj6sZ06aPQsiJg.png)



Is the point to be incomprehensible?

File: 1673219773523.png (382.42 KB, 1015x703, 1.png)


>even though Musk has lost more money than any human in history, he won't be going hungry any time soon – he’s still the world’s second-richest person
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As it turns out, banging an entrepreneur is a pretty smart financial descision.
Didn't finish reading this because it seemed pointless. The woman seems to have the presence of mind to not complain about the situation.
Makes Elon sound even more based - a man who simply assumes he'll get what he wants, and then who gets it. Not like faggy leftist effeminate men who make sarcastic quips to cope over their perpetual poverty and lack.


Poast gfs weight and bodycount



Mr. Right Winger, I'm a non-virgin European individual who also happens to be a Marxist, whose longest romantic relationship went on for 6 years, have a """sex-count""" of above 30+ partners, non-fat, and so on.

I'm just again trying to point out as with >>464026 previously, that your set of premises speak more about your own insecurities (chinlet.jpeg) than of your random opponents online.

Get a life, will you?

Stop licking the boots of individuals of the American bourgeoisie, will you?

cheers, fgt


How's the rapefugees crisis treating you?


Despite being only 13 percent of anons, /pol/acks make up 52% of shitposts.

File: 1672097024357.png (1.77 MB, 1024x1024, DALL·E 2022-12-09 13.25.53….png)


you've lost your "leftypedia" wiki domain twice in 2 years without any good excuses. Literally just put it on a cheap VPS and pay off a few years of the domain
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Recognizing propaganda is a useful skill every leftist should practice. I already said I don't want an echo chamber.


When there is no clear distinction, recognizing propaganda is not a skill. It's just a premonition.


Leftists are typically incompetent losers who somehow, despite all evidence to the contrary, believe they're hyper intellectual savants.


Nighas here are allergic to success

Being 'leftist' is a faggy in-group orientation and has nothing to do with effecting change or building a movement for such.


So do it? Whats the problem?

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