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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1667204355042.png (4.02 MB, 1600x1080, noggen.png)


I believe Kanye West should become a drag queen and Candance Owenes should become a drag king, and they should prance about on the White House Lawn like a troupe of 1890s sideshow minstrels. Now I'd vote for that. I don't wanna vote for any more of this white boy shit. I know Byedon's a Catholic. I never met any nyuqqah who was loyal to the Pope. With a whitey Catholic boy, you can never trust. Be a Protestant and a drag queen, and you've got my vote.


schizo gang gang

File: 1628652943644.jpg (248.18 KB, 1600x1067, Dome-of-the-Rock-Temple-Mo….jpg)


Can a leftist visit Jerusalem on holiday with being occupied and all that? And if not what is an alternative city that is equally as historic and interesting? Some place like Amman, Jordan or Beirut Lebanon?
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That's pretty hot to be honest.




All white women fuck dogs anon


Why are they so awesome?


Girls not in the cultleft are hot

File: 1664976195923.jpg (194.88 KB, 947x1280, IMG_20221005_201932_141.jpg)


In my estimation, western imperialism in an advanced stage of internal decay. It will soon collapse entirely. However, without an actual liberatory alternative, this won't be a good thing.
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File: 1666623220119.jpg (86.28 KB, 1040x1076, IMG_20221024_215245.jpg)



File: 1666863402908.jpg (80.54 KB, 640x784, IMG_20221027_163348.jpg)



Imperialism collapsed in 1945. Too bad it wasn't really the last stage.


Based and managerial pilled


The U.S. Army has fallen below its recruiting goals every year for decades. A big reason for that is that the Air Force and Navy recruiters are right across the hall from the Army and Marines recruiters. It turns out that not getting shot at is a huge selling point for prespective servicemen. Who would have thought? Seriously, if kids wanted to get shot at, have their bodies broken, and suffer from PTSD for the rest of their lives, they could just stay in the hood.

File: 1666201153044.webm (2.41 MB, 1920x1080, Russia.1985-1999.TraumaZo….webm)


“What It Felt Like to Live Through The Collapse of Communism and Democracy”

Has anyone from /leftypol/ seen this new documentary series by Adam Curtis? Thoughts?


I didn't know this dude made a new documentary. I love this dude's shit. I'll check this out when I get off for the weekend and have time.


stopped watching right there


He had some stuff about Putin in Hypernormalization that made me feel like I wasn't getting the whole story. I hope this isn't a continuation of that.


Adam Curtis docs are pure kino, and I say that as someone who disagrees with a lot of his politics and despises the BBC.

File: 1666361534947.jpg (93.41 KB, 768x517, img_20180227_001752.jpg)



>Williams obtained a charter from the National Rifle Association and set up a rifle club to defend Black people in Monroe from Ku Klux Klan or other attackers. The local chapter of the NAACP supported Freedom Riders who traveled to Monroe in the summer of 1961 in a test of integrating interstate buses. In August 1961 he and his wife left the United States for several years to avoid kidnapping charges after a white couple got lost in the black part of town in Monroe. The local police and the FBI allegedly convinced the couple to say Williams had kidnapped them, and the FBI put out a warrant for his arrest, causing him to flee to Cuba, and, later, the People's Republic of China. These charges were dropped by the state when his trial opened in 1975 following his return in 1970.


File: 1665813491715.jpg (33.47 KB, 500x514, c53f5ed9c62fd38d99e6234d96….jpg)

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Notice how these magacommunism types call leftists "out of touch" and "losers" for not piggy backing a fucking capitalist political movement. Yet they never rebuke any criticism and they always turn out to be the weakest trolls, it's cause they know magacommunism cannot be defended by leftists. MAGA and Trump is deeply anti-leftist in every way, do these people really think they are in the right or even they represent the future of leftism and anti-capitalism? MAGA is fundamentally capitalist and anti-working class, Trump voters cheer on the billionaires the exploiters and our overlords. These aren't people you can preach like a religious nut to, they don't care, socialism and communism is there boogeyman. That's not even to mention Trump is a racist, aggressively anti-immigrant, and misogynistic asshole, and he doesn't even have the support of the most downtrodden working class person. That is what magacommunism is for, they encourage these people and try and preach to them, they want to be led by capitalists. IF you think leftists need to be suck up to MAGA to try and spread leftist thought in America, you are the real defeatist, the real fed.
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I think it's possible for socialism to be compatible with it. Like emphasise what it has to offer working class people rather than blue hair problematic types or le poor starving foreigners who, lets be frank are a low priority to people trying to fend for themselves.


The fucking CPUSA collapsed do this shit, the fuck is going on?


CPUSA collapsed because people were talking to righties?


Mostly DNC, now it' restarting under a new face.


I don't understand anon. Care to elaborate a bit further about what you mean?

File: 1666122732784.jpg (18.1 KB, 253x400, s-l400.jpg)


From wiki:

Djilas was widely regarded as Tito's possible successor and in 1953 he was about to be chosen as President of Yugoslavia. He became President of the Federal People's Assembly of Yugoslavia, but he only held office from 25 December 1953 to 16 January 1954. Between October 1953 and January 1954, he wrote 19 articles (only 18 were published) for Borba, the official newspaper of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia, wherein, encouraged by Tito, he developed the Yugoslav critique of over-bureaucratic Stalinism in the Soviet Union, in favour of a shift away from central planning towards more economic autonomy.

His advocacy of greater democratic input into decision-making led him eventually to argue against the one-party state itself, suggesting a relaxation of party discipline, and the retirement of the state officials he saw as profiteering from their position and blocking the road to further reform.[21] At that point, Tito and other leading Yugoslav communists saw Djilas' arguments as a threat to their leadership.[22] In January 1954. Djilas was expelled from the Central Committee of the party, of which he had been a member since 1937, and dismissed from all political functions for his criticism.

From chapter 3:

>Everything happened differently in the U.S.S.R. and other Communist countries from what the leaders–even such prominent ones as Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, and Bukharin–anticipated. They expected that the state would rapidly wither away, that democracy would be strengthened. The reverse happened. They expected a rapid improvement in the standard of living–there has been scarcely any change in this respect and, in the subjugated East European countries, the standard has even declined. In every instances, the standard of living has failed to rise in proportion to the rate of industrialization, which was much more rapid. It was believed that the differences between cities and villages, between intellectual and physical labor, would slowly disappear; instead these differences have increased…

>The once live, compact party, full of initiative, is disappearing to become transformed into the traditional oligarchy of the new class, irresistibly drawing into its ranks those who aspire to join the new class and repressing those who have any ideals.
>Discrepancies between the pay of workers and party functionaries are extreme…Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1666020470640.jpg (96.37 KB, 1280x721, Strong-Password-Generator.jpg)


Given the importance of computer technology in the modern, how can we better reach out to techbros, since gaining control of the technological infrastructure of the modern economy will obviously be important in any modern revolution.
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Yeah but malthusian governments can also use this to spy on their citizens. There's a movie about this you know, lol.


Total Recall?


I was thinking of the one where that botnet thing watches and knows everything people are doing and gonna do before they do it


techbros are just cogs in the machine
they will do as they are told


>since gaining control of the technological infrastructure of the modern economy will obviously be important in any modern revolution
I don't know what you mean with the tech infra but without a strong tech sector (it's practically impossible to be 100% independent from other foreign countries, china uses european machinery in their factories), you can't survive in a cold ware era world when the FMI wants to destroy your economy.
With an already good datacenter service with all the modern services (mostly communication based) being managed by locals is already an utopia for most countries in the world right now.

File: 1665951223027.jpg (136.49 KB, 1000x747, beb152ec_9861_47c6_ab42_32….jpg)


>Purity spiraling

Purity spiraling involves creating a moral hierarchy in one's mind and placing oneself at the top. It becomes a problem when 'one's opinion' is thought to be the defining quality that supercedes all others. It's miserable and ghey and brings out the most toxic manipulators who nonetheless honestly believe their own bullshit. R/communism and leftypol are clear examples of this.

By arguing with eachother over who's the better person because of (checks notes) opinions about (checks notes) 30+ year old history and far away conflicts [or more comically, calling virtually all of the left 'outright fascists'], we'll stay in a purity spiral and never impact history.

>Long live leftychan


This is a major issue with the whole left tbf


This started a while ago but it’s on YouTube. Jackson Hinkle has already talked and a bunch of other e-celebs including Haz and one of the guys who recently heckled noted hitlerite AOC.

A guy from the DKP (German Communist Party) which is ran by a guy who was friends with the last leader of the GDR will also be speaking.
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Damn, really laying the mainstream media talking points on thick today.

What's 'the narrative' this week?


Oh and you're not just shilling RT talking points yourself?


Aww, the old 'russian disinformation' line.

That one is so versatile


The Ukranian state honors Bandera as a hero and incorporates openly nazi military units into its army, what the fuck am I supposed to think their army is? This makes it a fascist army.


>Accuse someone of being a Western shill.
>Get accused of being a Russian shill.
>H-h-h-hey you can't do that.
Why do Vatniks have the memory of goldfish?

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