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File: 1676735784813-0.jpg ( 72.9 KB , 774x800 , trolloon.jpg )

File: 1676735784813-1.png ( 76.74 KB , 1294x1362 , imperialism wages war agai….png )


So the entire UFO happening was the US military spending big bux to shoot down hobby-balloons.
I feel bad for the people who have that hobby, they probably thought that balloons were so harmless that nobody would ever bother to disturb their happy fun time.

Why did this thing turn into such a big deal ?
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When America's "right" is in power it's all "we are the strongest, haha, look at our might."
When America's "left" is in power it's all "well, we can't let the "right" call us weak, better be exactly as retarded and let them get whatever they want and blame the voters"
It's very disconcerting, or it ought to be!



Idk… I mean all this shit has had computers in it forever. The US seems to want every piece of its own tech to have a double-purpose for surveillance, it's probably something which could be done. It's dumb, but… the whole thing is fucking dumb. The US is paranoid, but also kinda should be… but the American public should be more paranoid about the American state itself.


If the US wants to have surveillance for those cranes, can't they just stick their own surveillance equipment on those cranes ?

>The US is paranoid, but also kinda should be…

In that case I don't get it. From a technical point of view the most secure crane, is the one that uses technical minimalism. If you only implement the technology needed to operate the crane, the attack surface for subverting it's function is the smallest. If you add more features like surveillance, that massively increases the attack surface.

As far as container security goes, i would try to figure out ways to scan their contents for malicious stuff. The scan method has to be fast and economical, so x-ray-ing a bazillion containers is out. However you can scan for particulate emissions to find hazardous materials like toxic chemicals or explosives. You only need an air-pump and a molecular-particle detector to extract a container-gas-sample, which only adds a few seconds to container processing because it only requires sticking in a small suction-tube in one of the many container-drain-holes. That method is neigh impossible to beat because it will detect particles even through many layers of plastic wrap. Inherent Molecular vibration means all containers leak a little. A few molecules will always manage to wiggle through the walls of any container, and even low cost mol-dedectors are ridiculously sensitive.

>the American public should be more paranoid about the American state itself.

Even if you trust your own government, you have to be aware that all technical backdoors are very promiscuous.
In a potential cyber-war between the US and China, the Chinese will have access to all those backdoors as well. Backdoors have become near-infinite-value targets, and any rational actor with the means to pay the price for getting in, will do so. This isn't just my opinion, this is what most technical security researches think.


Apparently the Chinese refused to set up a meeting to talk about the balloon with US delegates.


time stamp 01:08:40



So the US government has now confirmed that the Chinese spy weather balloon was indeed blown off course by accident/weather, and the pentagons examinations of the balloon wreckage concludes that it did not activate its sensors while being over US territory.

File: 1694483021735-0.png ( 68.89 KB , 182x209 , g6d47hs83uj3.png )

File: 1694483021735-1.png ( 73.74 KB , 206x211 , 119876543225.png )

File: 1694483021735-2.png ( 184.59 KB , 333x557 , a93jr1.png )

File: 1694483021735-3.png ( 260.41 KB , 485x555 , a93jr2.png )

File: 1694483021735-4.png ( 209.18 KB , 441x568 , a93jr3.png )


Kermit the frog caused 9/11. In the 2002 TV film "It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie", there's a part where an angel shows Kermit an alternate reality where he was never born. For whatever reason, the editors didn't really think about it, and continued to use footage with the twin towers still standing for this scene, however they aren't there in his original universe. Therefore, something that Kermit did in his life, did in fact cause 9/11 in Muppet lore.
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Or the end of the west for history




File: 1694587567235-0.jpg ( 132.84 KB , 1170x932 , 20230913_134413.jpg )

File: 1694587567235-1.jpg ( 97.1 KB , 1170x679 , 20230913_134417.jpg )

File: 1694587567235-2.jpg ( 88.63 KB , 1170x738 , 20230913_134419.jpg )



File: 1694744593903.jpg ( 386.45 KB , 1152x2048 , 1694513865051774.jpg )

History never ended to begin with. History does not end. History always moves forward. The idea of the "end of history" was the ideology embedded in the United States due to being under the omnipresent eye of their capitalist overlords during the fall of the Soviet union. The United States deluded itself into believing that history was over what 9/11 was was an awakening from this phantasmagoria. 9/11 was the tipping point for the United States, imo from the heights of the 90s consumer culture to where we are today.


File: 1695471833715.jpg ( 71.83 KB , 750x754 , 911.jpg )

File: 1695281858851.jpg ( 23.99 KB , 330x438 , bookmanhead.jpg )


Azerbaijani forces strike Armenian-controlled Karabakh, raising risk of new Caucasus war
Azerbaijan sent troops backed by artillery strikes into Armenian-controlled Nagorno-Karabakh on Tuesday in an attempt to bring the breakaway region to heel by force, raising the threat of a new war with its neighbour Armenia. Karabakh is internationally recognised as Azerbaijani territory but part of it is run by separatist Armenian authorities who say the area is their ancestral homeland. The South Caucasus region has been at the centre of two wars - the latest in 2020 - since the 1991 fall of the Soviet Union.

Communications cut to flood-hit Libya city after protests
Communications were severed Tuesday to the flood-hit Libyan city of Derna and journalists were asked to leave, a day after hundreds protested against authorities they blamed for the thousands of deaths. A tsunami-sized flash flood broke through two ageing river dams upstream from the city on the night of September 10 and razed entire neighbourhoods, sweeping untold thousands into the Mediterranean Sea.

Tunisian authorities evict hundreds of undocumented sub-Saharan migrants
TUNISIAN authorities carried out a mass eviction on Monday of hundreds of undocumented sub-Saharan African immigrants from the improvised camps they occupied in the south of the country. The evictions from the camps in the city of Sfax continues what observers have called a campaign of repression by Tunisian authorities against the migrants. Authorities dispersed the migrants into small groups and forced them to seek shelter in small rural towns, according to statements by local activists. Tunisia has been the scene of a rising number of racist attacks on migrants since last February when President Kais Saied accused undocumented immigrants of causing a wave of crime and of wanting to change the Arab ethnic identity of Tunisia.
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Yes ofc you're right. They are still a thing and do still exist but to the degree that they have sway over the economic conditions of our time is questionable. This is noticable in the sheer powerlessness held by the working class in many first world countries. Before industry was shipped over seas huge powerful strikes were pretty common place but now even to their credit unions are largely organized around service industry jobs and the thing about service is it's the bottom of the economic hierarchy. The nature of the work itself makes the labor easily replaceable and expendable. Walmart has the power to simply close up shop at the meter threat of Union activity. This is largely due to the fact that production is the most powerful element of the economy and that has been eroded over time and replaced with service and finance which are easily replaceable.


>There's millions of bullshit jobs
ok if a job is bullshit it might not be possible to calculate a SNLT, but then you have to ask why one wouldn't give people jobs where they perform useful tasks instead.

>when prices were really high on our products they expected us to produce more and faster

>you can increase or decrease the amount of time it takes to make product.
you average out all the fluctuations for SNLT calculations.



It's down mostly to union busting and neoliberal policies. In an economy where a certain amount of unemployment was not portrayed as desirable, and where keeping domestic production up was seen as more valuable than lowering costs of production (with lower labor foreign standards), service workers would not be so easy to replace - in fact, we're slowly seeing it change so that service workers in some regions have a little bit more leverage because it is becoming more difficult to find people to fill those positions for such low pay. Decisions were made at the political level to limit worker power and remove checks on corporate power.


No I disagree with thism this is an idealistic take. First and foremost the mechanism of capitalism will always trend towards the maximization of profits. This is why capitalists lobbies the government for the last70 years in order to ship jobs over seas and bust unions in the first place. That is why labor has been sent over seas and automated in the first place. And sure service workers can deff be organized and increase the value of their labor through collective bargaining but at the end of the day it doesn't take any real skill to put boxes on a shelf. Fast for work I can agree is slightly more skilled but even still. At the end of the day there's billions of hungry wanting people waiting to take your place. The service Industry is and will always be the weakest rung of the economy and they know this this is why they have gutted agriculture through technology and decimated industry through exporting it over seas.


I'm sorry I'm typing like a fucking retard too.
I'm at work still so I can only use my fuckin phone.

File: 1670777914155.webm ( 15.11 MB , 500x280 , Chinese_century_arab.webm )

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This is a general thread for all China-related news.

Gusano fuckers can die. Westoid """maoists""" can sudoku.

We are going to analyize ITT every move by China in their road to a socialist economy.
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oh. ok


File: 1693972200999.jpg ( 28.56 KB , 600x600 , mate60.jpg )

So China released it's first smartphone where all the silicon is homegrown. Apparently they're now able to do 7nm mass-production. People consider it a competitive offering.

Anyway the anti-tech sanctions against China seem to have made China more technology independent.

I wonder if China can make it's own high-tech now, whether that means that the IP/patent shit will become less profitable, which would lower the influence on politics and make the laws less suffocating for tech development.


Can't wait for a serious OpenRISC chip from China to finally tell Intel and AMD to fuck off forever.


Open cpu architectures will be great. I think that when stuff like OpenRisk and RiskV take off that Intel and Amd will also release chips in that category, probably hybrid designs that also contain their powerfull x86 cores.

But you are right a Chinese competitor will break into the big chip duopoly. I wonder what a Chinese desktop class cpu will look like. Assuming it gets derived from smartphones SOCs it might have a pretty radical design.

I think the memory interface is due for a shake up. Processors are getting powerfull integrated graphics and machine-learning accelerator units. With that it makes sense to put a few gigs of really fast d-ram into the processor package, and optimize the normal system memory towards size. The bleeding edge of RAM is scratching at the limitations of signal pulses in wires. So either RAM will split up into onchip fast-ram plus on-mainboard bulk-ram, like i said above, or it's time to upgrade to fiber-optic data-lanes.

It will certainly be interesting to see how this plays out, if China enters the race as well, things might start moving. Also there's hoping that free and open hardware gets a boost out of this as well.


File: 1695408760216-0.jpg ( 36.35 KB , 1088x217 , blackrock has to study xi ….jpg )

File: 1695408760216-1.jpg ( 19.23 KB , 423x320 , xi jinping chad grin.jpg )

So BackRock executives in China now have to study Xi Jinping thought. They have to dedicate a 3rd of their work-time to it.

I think this is funny, because usually the big porkies fund a bunch of think-tanks who try to do ideological indoctrination of the hole population. And now they're getting a taste of their own medicine.

But i still would like to know what Blackrock execs did to invoke this reaction.

File: 1694872656705.jpg ( 44.27 KB , 1024x492 , theory-vs-practice-50.jpg )


How do you apply Marxist theory? Is it even feasible or possible in today's climate?

And if it isn't practicable, isn't theory without application shit (Mao's words, not mine)?
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Painting fascism in red is still fascism.




cringe poster

hm i didn't know there was overlap with leftcom-theory and neoliberal ideology.


This is why “leftism” is such a stupid deviation. Even Marxist “critical” of leftist tendencies fall into this pit of ideology,aesthetics and general politics. ironically if Marx and Engels were alive today they would think leftists are annoying and lame while they would exchange emails about some random fucking conservative economist or something who happens to have a material grasp on economic


Marx even thought the leftists of his time were lame and annoying.

File: 1695156359673.jpg ( 40.1 KB , 655x700 , face-filter.jpg )


During the covid happening, wearing a particle-filter-mask was turned into a politically polarizing symbol of conformity. Most of the wearable particle-filter-gear was of the surgical-mask type which are also unpleasant to wear. These also only were 70% effective because they lack a proper air-seal for the skin-contact areas. Many people also didn't like that faces were partially obscured.

This has seriously degraded the perception of wearable filter-gear.

All the technical short-commings can be fixed, there are comfortable face-filters, that being transparent, do not mask parts of people's faces and have decent air-seals that make them very effective. If 80% of the population could be convinced to willingly wear those during flu-season, it might be possible to diminish the common-flue enough that most people wouldn't suffer any symptoms.

Can face filters be rehabilitated ?
Can people see these as particle filters that might free them from getting the sniffles and sneezies, instead of a political symbol ?
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File: 1695164697847.jpg ( 1.56 MB , 2883x2150 , rebreather.jpg )

>That ought to be a fixable flaw.
Well yeah, here's your fix.


A modified re-breather loop is actually not a bad idea.
You would not need CO2 scrubber material or an oxygen supply. You only need to make the loop out of a suitable gas-permeable materiel, that will equalize CO2 and oxygen concentrations with the outside air, via molecular exchange through the gas-permeable barrier. It's basically a filter that needs zero air-flow, because it can exploit Dalton’s Law.

<The Pressure of a Mixture of Gases: Dalton’s Law

<Unless they chemically react with each other, the individual gases in a mixture of gases do not affect each other’s pressure. Each individual gas in a mixture exerts the same pressure that it would exert if it was present alone in the container. The pressure exerted by each individual gas in a mixture is called its partial pressure .

Basically the air you breath out into the re-breather-loop only has around 16% oxygen left in it. The partial pressure for oxygen inside the re-breather-loop would be much lower than the outside air. Pressure equalization would draw in lots of oxygen-gas through the gas-permeable material. The same would happen for CO2 but in the other direction. Gas-permeability only needs holes large enough for molecules to fit through, viruses are huge compared to molecules.



As a non-science guy, why should I trust that instead of this?

>We resolve conflicting results regarding mask wearing against COVID-19. Most previous work focused on mask mandates; we study the effect of mask wearing directly. We find that population mask wearing notably reduced SARS-CoV-2 transmission (mean mask-wearing levels corresponding to a 19% decrease in R). We use the largest wearing survey (n = 20 million) and obtain our estimates from regions across six continents. >We account for nonpharmaceutical interventions and time spent in public, and quantify our uncertainty. Factors additional to mask mandates influenced the worldwide early uptake of mask wearing. Our analysis goes further than past work in the quality of wearing data–100 times the size with random sampling–geographical scope, a semimechanistic infection model, and the validation of our results.


Because the Cochraine review is a meta study of multiple randomized controlled trials, while that PNAS paper is an observational study based on self-reported data without any experimental design. Carefully controlled experimental design is more reliable at removing confounding variables than observational data.


I'm reading an article rn in which a guy claims that the Cochrane review included studies in which N95s were used "intermittently."
>“The Conchrane review combined studies that were dissimilar — they were in different settings (healthcare and community) and measuring different outcomes (continuous use ofN95 vs intermittent),” she said.

If it was broad enough that mask use wasn't even required to be consistent, that seems like it might be too broad.

It also looks like Cochrane themselves have acknowledged the limits of their review:
>The review authors are clear on the limitations in the abstract: 'The high risk of bias in the trials, variation in outcome measurement, and relatively low adherence with the interventions during the studies hampers drawing firm conclusions.' Adherence in this context refers to the number of people who actually wore the provided masks when encouraged to do so as part of the intervention. For example, in the most heavily-weighted trial of interventions to promote community mask wearing, 42.3% of people in the intervention arm wore masks compared to 13.3% of those in the control arm.

This seems in line with the flaws the Australian critic pointed to…

File: 1691850943253.png ( 1.53 MB , 1240x827 , Hawaii fires 2023 200 year….png )

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Maui fires raise questions over warnings, death toll hits 80

"MAALAEA, Hawaii, Aug 11 (Reuters) - The death toll from the Maui wildfires rose to 80 on Friday as search teams combed through the smoldering ruins of Lahaina, and Hawaiian officials sought to determine how the inferno spread so rapidly through the historic resort town with little warning.

The fires became the deadliest natural disaster in the state's history, surpassing that of a tsunami that killed 61 people on the Big Island of Hawaii in 1960, a year after Hawaii joined the United States.

Officials have warned that search teams with cadaver dogs could still find more dead from the fire that torched 1,000 buildings and left thousands homeless, likely requiring many years and billions of dollars to rebuild.

"Nobody has entered any of these structures that have burned down and that's where we unfortunately anticipate that the death toll will rise significantly," U.S. Senator Brian Schatz of Hawaii told MSNBC.

In a late evening statement, Maui County said that the death toll had risen to 80.

The Lahaina fire that spread from the brush to town was still burning but 85% contained, the county said earlier. Two other wildfires on the island were 80% and 50% contained.

Three days after the disaster, it remained unclear whether some residents had received any warning before the fire engulfed their homes.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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That's really sad, anon. I wish you more luck and prosperity in the future.


>It's just temporary, prole!
I mean you're not wrong, there's a risk that they end up stuck in the tempcontainers.

I wonder how one would organize something like this to remove the risk of people getting left behind.


>there's a risk that they end up stuck in the tempcontainers.
While that is true, the alternative is to provide these people nothing to appease schizos. Again, the gentrification of NO was a far more serious issue than fucking FEMA camps. It's a conversation designed to distract from the real issue, which is the transfer of wealth and property from the poor to the very rich.


>the alternative is to provide these people nothing to appease schizos
>We built these concentration camps out of the kindness of our hearts!
>The displaced couldn't possibly be allowed to live in houses or apartments


Temporary housing isn't a concentration camp. Nobody is required to go there. Nice try, though, schizo.

File: 1694851728947.jpg ( 90.56 KB , 680x510 , 1694503648476.jpg )


Is the dprk making anime REAL?
Knowing the power of anime, to prevent the wae nom imperialist to conquer the world with it, instead to potentially conquer ilbo with it, the worker's party has decided to unleash the aesthetic of anime in the real world.
Some proofs:
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File: 1694951504486.png ( 1.01 MB , 900x600 , tenkosei.png )

transferred student


File: 1695033538347.jpg ( 89.78 KB , 822x535 , cgdct.jpg )

cute girls doing cute things


File: 1695033703774.jpg ( 1.19 MB , 4096x2726 , bijutsubu.jpg )

the art club


File: 1695126422234.png ( 81.42 KB , 274x208 , otakus.png )



>their cartoons are surprisingly alright.
why surprisingly?

File: 1695114859549.jpg ( 35.71 KB , 319x500 , law.jpg )


Hello, I hate leftoids.

Can someone explain to me why there are no marxists books on constitutionalism and the system of law in general? Countless books have been written about some irrelevant philosophycel wankings, but the only book that deals with the system of law, this fundamental concept of bourgeois society, is by Pashukanis, and by modern russkie constitutionalists, who analyze the soviet practice of law from their own positions, and who unironically vindicate Pashukanis's position that there could be no such thing as a "proletarian law", because the system of law in the Soviet Union was a fiction, a hollow imitation of the bourgeois institutions.


>the system of law in the Soviet Union was a fiction, a hollow imitation of the bourgeois institutions.
this also poses an interesting question from a histmat perspective of WHY there was an objective need to imitate those institutions? WHY the need for a decorative, formal, constitution? WHY the need for a complex hierarchy of legal norms completely removed from reality?


you're a faggot

File: 1679597769492.jpg ( 100.15 KB , 787x590 , necon.jpg )


I'm asking my self whether or not the neocons are nothing but blood-dripping salesmen for the arms-industry, and all their ideological stuff is foolishness.

I'm not looking for cheap shots, like proving they never achieve their stated goals like "winning the war on terror". Just assume it's part of their strategy to lie about their true goals.

I used to think that they were both effective at generating profits for the arms industry and also furthering US imperial power. But I don't think that anymore.

For example the wars in the middle east caused something like a war-chaos-belt that separated Europe from Asia and prevented the formation of "Ꭼurꭺsian" (loaded term) economic integration that could potentially become an economic block that would be many times more powerful than the US. So in that sense you could look at the failed wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and so on as somewhat effective at maintaining US hegemonic power.

But it turns out that it wasn't the case. The conclusion that most analysts are drawing now is that the US wasted a bunch of time and effort fucking up the Arabs. And was nothing but a distraction that allowed China to grow into an economic powerhouse that is now more or less untouchable for the foreseeable future.

The Ukraine crisis again follows a similar structure, it seemed like a viable way to separate Russian-German economic cooperation by creating a trade-disrupting war-zone and political-capital for economic separation, so that economic integration may not lead to a Russo-European economic block that would have been more powerful than the US.

But it turns out that this wasn't the case either. The result of the Ukraine crisis is:

Sino-Russian economic integration. Which might lead to the formation of a much more powerful economic block than the Russo-European one. But the consequences don't stop at undoing the Sino-Soviet split. It also has killed the economic power of Europe which means that a potential Trꭺnsatlꭿntiꮸ (loaded term) economic block is much weaker now.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>The rulers have always acted in their base material interests first, religion was simply a vehicle for manufacturing consent from their underclass. You'd be very hard-pressed to find a genuinely pious ruler

I would say mostly true, but some rulers probably had self-serving piousness. Like "God wants me to have power"


The few rulers who really believed in religion understood it was a vehicle for worldly power, and most of the truths they cared about were esoteric. Christianity is a very violent and vicious religion when you see what it really is.

Even then, most rulers are fickle and venal creatures who default to an essentially Satanic view of the world. They don't appreciate how religion is really effective and leave that to their priests and advisors. Because such rulers allowed the Church to maintain its privilege and position, the Church had every reason to encourage the nobility's Satanic and predatory world-view and facilitate excuses for it. Priests are really cynical bastards and a lot of them are the few who really would be atheists in that society, not counting the multitude who only paid lip service and endured life with whatever bitter comfort they could find outside of polite society.

Religion was never about mollifying the masses with ideology in that way. Most of the time, religion was what counted as social services, charity, and so on that dealt with the homeless and the lowest class. Religious leaders really had little interest in moral probity, at times encouraging the vice of parishoners so long as it conformed to the overall goals they intended for society. The religions are all nasty and disgusting, working overtime to strip out the decency humans might have possessed in a better world, and replacing it with dogmas that make them more effective killers and plunderers. The working classes were ruled primarily by fear rather than faith, and the bourgeois were long contemptuous of religion and didn't like having to pay tithes for charity. The bourgeois hated the homeless and wanted to whip them for failure to work, and so the Poor Laws happened and Christianity was slowly dismantled.

Really, religion only had appeal to priests who saw it correctly as a vehicle to command peoples' minds and souls. They'll tell you outright you're not actually supposed to believe it literally, and interpret the metaphors correctly to figure out it's a system of mental cheating.


It must be remembered that for a long time, the working class were left to their own devices, and never had that much faith in religion. Most people only attended churches because it was obligatory, and without any concept of free speech or assembly, anyone who proclaimed it was bullshit was punished. Privately, workers and peasants disdained all of it, often returning to folk religion or stories they told themselves for generations. The inroad to invade their lives was not possible beyond threats, and because religion presented some social stability and typically counted as whatever education they were going to get, the religion could be abided. Priests, like any aristocracy, hold their flock in utter contempt, and this is especially pronounced in Christianity. It wasn't released until the Reformation that the priests believed the whole time their flock were damned to hell and deserved to suffer. How Christianity survived the Reformation, I don't know, and in a lot of ways it didn't. The Protestants were almost eager to either become outright Satanists or took on the interests of the bourgeois and eventually technology. A lot of people who really weren't Christian could go through the motions, and eventually secularization. It was a religion with a very flimsy foundation, seeing how Christianity is structurally a death cult that got really big and could conquer the world.


Have you taken your meds recently? Now would be a good time.


Here is a massive article going into great depth of the geopolitical ramification of the neocon's recent foreign policy, highly recommended

From Strategic Dilemma to Strategic Disaster, Part 1

<Western officials and analysts are fond of noting that ‘Putin’s war on Ukraine’ has damaged rather than strengthened Russia’s strategic position. Rather than neutralizing the threat NATO poses, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has increased that threat, so the analysis goes. Putting aside the obvious contradiction with most of these observers’ position that neither NATO nor its expansion presented a security threat to Russia, one needs to look at the reverse side of all this. Have Western security, NATO countries’ security, American national security been enhanced by NATO expansion, the refusal to negotiate with Moscow a new security architecture for Europe, and the NATO-Russia Ukrainian War and its ongoing escalations? The fact is that the Russo-Western relationship proper as a security dilemma is now virtually a zero-sum game; when one side undertakes a measure to ensure its security vis-à-vis the other, the other responds with measures at least as deleterious to the former as the former’s were for the latter. This has proceeded now for decades, beginning with the first round of post-Cold War NATO expansion, though Russia originally was slow on the uptake in response to this challenge as a result of her temporary weakness.

<In this mutual security dilemma’s most recent episode – the NATO-Russia Ukrainian war – the West’ security position also has been weakened, given the bolstering of the Russian military through increases in numbers, budget resources, battle experience, and mobilization of the Russia’s military-industrial complex. Far from being ‘isolated internationally’, Russia has been able in tandem with China to forge a new pole of power in the international system’s structure, dealing a perhaps deadly blow to Western, in particular American global hegemony. It is doubtful that enhances Western and American security, particularly as much of the alternative pole-formation is taking on an increasingly anti-American tone as opposed to one of creating a more or less neutral, simple alternative pole or center of global power. Moreover, NATO’s newest ally, prospective member, and bulwark against ‘Russian expansionism’ – Maidan Ukraine – is at high risk of being
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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