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Last one is full and the worst thread on leftychan must be contained.

In recent news: Ukies done a successful counteroffensive in Izium, Z gang now in shambles. Biden promises even more money for Ukraine. Putin meets Xi, Erdogan, Modi and others at the SCO summit.

Pro-Russia sources:

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>I do wonder what people in Ukraine and the rest of the world are going to write about this later.
History books are first written by the victors. In time history books get rewritten to fit the political sensibilities of the societies that follow. Eventually all political dimensions are lost and it becomes epochal descriptions, like we describe the stone age or the iron age. What's left will be something like:
<People used metal vehicles with projectile accelerators to kill each other..
To be fair it's gotten a lot easier to keep records, so maybe more historic information of our time will survive and future historians will have it easier to piece together a more objective view of the events of our time.

>Will anyone be able to learn from this history?

Oh yes many lessons will be learned, mind you, that also includes the wrong lessons.
The neocons will draw the conclusion that they did nothing wrong and they simply lacked enough weapons.
The Ukrainian nationalists will draw the conclusion that they need a higher birth-rate to generate more canon-fodder.
Other countries that watched the fate of Ukraine might learn to avoid having that done to them. Some US neocons very publicly floated the idea of applying the "Ukraine model" to Taiwan, and the Taiwanese reacted very negatively to that.
The Russians will likely conclude that the west is a beast with 3 heads. There is a racist head that wants to kill them, there is a trickster-head that wants to fool them and there is a consumption-head that wants to buy their industrial commodities. And their conclusion will be to wall off from the west and only seek contact when the consumption-head is in the ascendant.
The people that want to start WW3 will conclude that proxy-wars are insufficient kindling to set the world on fire.
The western weapons producers will draw the conclusion that their weapons need a user-interface that is easier/faster learned, otherwise their weapons will look bad if hastily assembled sacrificial conscripts are to use them.

I draw the conclusion that we need a UN that is more neutral/independent and less impotent. I'm thinking that it should be funded by a peace-tax. Every country whose population is currently not suffering combat dePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>It wasn't "rational" to start this conflict to begin with, but here we are.
Yeah this is endlessly frustusing (frustrating & confusing).

>For some of the people driving this, it's personal. The Kagan family is deeply invested in this conflict and have been since they helped pen Project For A New American Century. Their ngo Institute for the Study of War is basically entirely devoted to managing this war with Russia. Iirc, Victoria Nuland who is married to one of the Kagan brothers, I believe she's descended from Ukrainian Nazis that fled to the West after the war, so for her in particular this anti-Russian crusade is a personal vendetta.

>But aside from them, you've also got the Biden and Clinton families that also have a lot riding on this conflict and have invested significant capital in it.
This would be a dynamic similar to what happened in clan societies. How is that still happening, shouldn't the bourgeoisie have created a state bureaucracy that frustrates clan shenanigans ?
I'm not saying your wrong, you're obviously right about this, but how ?

>More generally though, the entire "rules based order" is riding on this. This will be the first time since the fall of the Soviet Union that another country has not only told the US "no," but also acted to physically stop it, and by all apparent evidence is succeeding.

I tend to agree but is this really the first time since the post Soviet era that they got blocked. The US did like 250-ish "military interventions" since the 90s. It wasn't all a victory lap, they lost a bunch of those.

>For the Atlanticist bourgeoisie, losing this war is a catastrophic outcome because it means their monopoly on violence is over and now there is a real alternative to their dictatorship.

It must seem like a catastrophe, loosing all that power. But is it really ? Consider that China spends about 10 times less to get the same amount of influence compared to the US. When the Chinese set up shop in some country, they build roads/rails, string up communication/power-lines, construct air/naval-ports and so on, and they get so much more bang for their buck compared to the US setting up military bases. I guess you catch moPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Mainly this: http://www.en.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/67828

Lenin criticised this plan and suggested making concessions to the nationalists, whom he called “independents” at that time. Lenin’s ideas of what amounted in essence to a confederative state arrangement and a slogan about the right of nations to self-determination, up to secession, were laid in the foundation of Soviet statehood. Initially they were confirmed in the Declaration on the Formation of the USSR in 1922, and later on, after Lenin’s death, were enshrined in the 1924 Soviet Constitution.

This immediately raises many questions. The first is really the main one: why was it necessary to appease the nationalists, to satisfy the ceaselessly growing nationalist ambitions on the outskirts of the former empire? What was the point of transferring to the newly, often arbitrarily formed administrative units – the union republics – vast territories that had nothing to do with them? Let me repeat that these territories were transferred along with the population of what was historically Russia.

Moreover, these administrative units were de facto given the status and form of national state entities. That raises another question: why was it necessary to make such generous gifts, beyond the wildest dreams of the most zealous nationalists and, on top of all that, give the republics the right to secede from the unified state without any conditions?

At first glance, this looks absolutely incomprehensible, even crazy. But only at first glance. There is an explanation. After the revolution, the Bolsheviks’ main goal was to stay in power at all costs, absolutely at all costs. They did everything for this purpose: accepted the humiliating Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, although the military and economic situation in Kaiser Germany and its allies was dramatic and the outcome of the First World War was a foregone conclusion, and satisfied any demands and wishes of the nationalists within the country.

When it comes to the historical destiny of Russia and its peoples, Lenin’s principles of state development were not just a mistake; they were worse than a mistake, as the saying goes. This became patently clear after the dissolutioPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Okay? But that's not the same thing as explicitly saying "the territory of Ukraine is ours and we don't recognize anything else". Putin chooses his words very careful, should the time come when he actually means to say something like that, he will say it. You might have more luck quote mining Medvedev for stuff like this.


File: 1718390709826.mp4 ( 54.64 MB , 576x1024 , d2252cb384c4e14099944911fe….mp4 )

This reminded me just how brutal the wests exploitation is of women and children specifically and it made me fucking depressed.

File: 1713548887317.jpg ( 350.26 KB , 1400x1400 , C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppD….jpg )


I have been banned from leftypol.org for saying, that you can be a leftist and also oppose trans-ideology. This is not a fringe position, since Sahra Wagenknecht openly voiced her opposition against trans-ideology in the german parliament live on TV. And yes, she calls it that way.
I'm interested, how this site here will react to left-conservative opinions.
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The Arabs/Muslims were never part of the "Israeli" project and have no reason to ever want to be part of such a beast. Political purges imply that standing members of the party are beholden to the party. You can't fight City Hall as a subject.

The Palestinians have always refused to be subjects, and only regard the Entity so far as they must abide something monstrously evil to get the Zionist to go away. "Purge" implies that there was any friendship of the political sort between them. You would not speak of purging society except by institutions which can claim the minds and souls of everyone against their will. That would be religion, except the participants here follow very different religions that are diametrically opposed and know this. So there is one way for purging to work - schools, and mind control efforts.


The challenges of purges are that political officers see a purge as something they must prevent to save themselves, and purges are only possible with loyal officers. Stalin cannot personally purge 50 gorillion Russians with his bare hands - that's not how it went down, and purges are never led by imperious will. They are led by factions within a party, against rival factions and through institutions that were under the command of political officers. Every general in an army knows who their bosses are, and the dangers of becoming their own boss if they think about history for five minutes.


>The Nazi MO is that only members of their club were "real".
The internal loyalty in Fascist political formations wasn't that great, they did a lot of back-stabbing.
>The point of the Nazis was to maximize the thrill of torture
From the perspective of the sadistic assholes they enlisted perhaps, but from a historic perspective fascism would appear to be national suicide on behalf of the most powerful capitalists. In WW2 you could see Germany being sacrificed to damage the Soviet Union. Japan in a way was sacrificed too, they could have surrendered to China or the Soviets, which would have spared them a lot of US Areal bombardment with fire bombs and of course the 2 nukes.

>when dealing with actual enemies, the Nazis were lazy and ineffectual

There is a history of fascists choosing bad strategy, so i'll give you ineffectual, but lazy ? I don't think so.

>The people the Nazis purged were poor people who did nothing to them except look unsightly and fail to fit into their race-faggotry.

Interesting thought, however the top figures in the Nazi movements were not attractive or "well put together". The Nazi movie villains tend to have a particular fashion style, but if you look at actual historic pictures, not so much.

>as long as they had someone to kick down, they were safe - until they were not.

Yeah it does look like Fascism creates these sacrificial hierarchies.


>For our personal political affairs, purging the Satanic is simple - we simply do not allow them inroads into life ever again, and destroy any insinuation the moment it starts. This would require a social engineering strategy working against the dominant one. That is - we would be declaring war against this society.

Declaring war against society seems like bad advice tho. For successful mass politics you have to divert most of your efforts towards elevating the beneficial things, obviously some effort has to be diverted to prevent wreckers from derailing the political goals, but that can not be the priority.


>The challenges of purges are that political officers see a purge as something they must prevent to save themselves, and purges are only possible with loyal officers. Stalin cannot personally purge 50 gorillion Russians
Reasonably unbiased historians estimated that Stalin's purges affected between 1800 and 3000 people during his roughly 30 year in political office. I'm not going to judge the morality of that, because those were a very different times and i don't know how to weigh things like facing an existential struggle in the world wars, nearly a century removed from that.

I'm only looking at this from the point of view of political strategy. Take for example a few years ago that situation in Venezuela, where that CIA-guido tried to usurp the Maduro government. Maduro could have cracked down hard, because of attempted sedition and treason, but he did no such thing, eventually the wrecker just faded into obscurity. That's what we want.

File: 1716797730328.jpeg ( 28.95 KB , 500x500 , ADC poll Arab American vo….jpeg )


Who are you voting for, anon?

So far, the top candidates are:
Jill Stein (Green)
Cornel West (Independent)
Claudia De la Cruz (Party for Socialism and Liberation)
Joseph Kishore (Socialist Equality Party)
and now "Based Chase" Oliver (Libertarian)

and then there are some unserious candidates nobody likes.
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File: 1718246737333.jpg ( 23.01 KB , 430x293 , deal with it Revolution bu….jpg )

I'll voting for a socialist.


This is by far the biggest endorsement for Jill Stein and the US greens yet. Hope they can capitalize on it, there is a lot of potential to use this to get catapulted into public consciousness.

You are doing this wrong. You are appealing to the wrong sentiment. People won't vote for Stein to gain your approval. The US Greens could gain a lot of new voters that are motivated to vote for her specifically because they are trying to take away the choice to vote for her.
You have to appeal to
<fuck you, don't tell me what I can't do.
You have to frame it as
<they are attacking your freedom to choose


Every two years the Democrats do this bullshit. They've been filing frivolous lawsuits to waste the Greens' time and resources, challenging every single signature in ballot access initiatives, ever since Nader ran in 2000.


>You are doing this wrong. You are appealing to the wrong sentiment. People won't vote for Stein to gain your approval. The US Greens could gain a lot of new voters that are motivated to vote for her specifically because they are trying to take away the choice to vote for her.
Reading comprehension?? Are you an LLM? Stein is a US presidential candidate, so why would I imply I want people to vote for that wrinkly bitch by saying:
>If you vote for any of the US presidential candidates, you should kill yourself


>frivolous lawsuits to waste the Greens' time and resources
How come the judicial system plays along with that ? Don't they get annoyed because it wastes their time as well ?
>Reading comprehension??
I assumed you made a typo and meant to say
<If you vote for any of the other US presidential candidates …
as a display of solidarity with the Greens.
>Are you an LLM?
Why would i be a lunar landing module ? Sorry couldn't resist, btw I'm not a bot
>that wrinkly bitch
Well at least she doesn't have early stage dementia.

File: 1717608672459.png ( 1.87 KB , 257x294 , hexaman.png )


For some reason many people are very reluctant to get vaccines as a means to boost their immune response to hazardous microbes.

There is another solution if we made people with DNA from 6 parents instead of only 2, humans would get a rate of genetic adaptation that should be beyond the maximum rate of adaptation through mutation for viral, fungal and bacterial infections.

This would involve artificial fertilization with 2 normal parents + 4 random DNA donors. For best effect we'd draw DNA donor-samples from the entire planet. As bonus various genetic diseases like mitochondrial dysfunction would get wiped out as well (that's already being treated through tri-parent DNA) , the common cold would probably become a rare occurrence affecting only a very small number of people. Metabolically people would have to expend less energy on immunological function and we'd get a boost in brain-power, muscles and endurance.

It would probably annoy the Eugenics crowd if we did that. To be clear eugenics never had a basis in real biology, so this does not make any material difference, it's just surplus enjoyment of an ideological middle finger.

Practically speaking if you wanted a Hexa-child. You and the other parent would have to give your DNA to the big DNA-lottery and then you get 4 random DNA samples in return.

By the way the medical tech already exists, so for this to become a thing, it only requires organization.

I'm curious if there's any takers ?
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>He's been watching too much Farscape. Photosynthesis doesn't produce enough energy to facilitate mammal metabolism.
>Im well aware that photosynthesis isnt enough for mammalian consumption on its own but its worth a shot.

Doing photosynthesis could potentially bypass some chemical conversions, and that likely would mean slower metabolic aging, especially if you can manage direct ATP molecule production. But it doesn't mean independence from food.

>Notice how I said ACTUAL ciminals.
Ok this is your intention. Lets set that aside for a moment.
I think your methods don't work and will not create the change you seek.

If you do a sterilization on a population, the only variable that matters is that the people who can evade the sterilizations are the ones that have offspring. What your intentions are is completely irrelevant. Traits like deception and aggression are likely useful for getting past the "sterilization filter". Do you understand, you are not the one that chooses which traits are being selected for. You create an evolutionary obstacle and natural selection will choose every single trait that gets organisms past the obstacle. Natural selection is a heartless bitch and will smack you with unintended consequences.


The only animals that derive significant energy from photosymbioses are ones that barely move at all, namely sponges and corals. The only photosymbiosis found in a vertebrate to date is in the yellow spotted salamander, where green algae inhabit the cells of embryos. The function isn't necessarily energy though, it's to provide extra oxygen for eggs commonly laid in oxygen-poor ponds.


>The only animals that derive significant energy from photosymbioses are ones that barely move at all, namely sponges and corals.
That's not how you would make humans able to gain energy from photosynthesis. Our immune system wouldn't allow for that kind of symbioses.
However human skin pigmentation cells are already half way there and already can do certain types of photo-chemistry, it would be a minor modification on that system to get the effect.
You are correct that we wouldn't get enough energy from this to power any kind of locomotion, but you probably would get a boost for generating homeostasis at rest. If a person were do a type of meditation that brings down the metabolic rate to deep sleep levels, it would likely help people to survive famine for much, much longer. In normal conditions, the energy you get from photo-chemistry would remove metabolic strain from the rest of the organism. You probably get a small longevity boost from this. Also all the light you convert into energy won't burn your skin and you'd get better protection from sunburn, as a result your skin would age slower.

If you adjust your expectation to realism levels, instead of science fantasy transhumanism of bio engineering the homo-deus. Something like this could be considered a medical procedure that brings enough health benefits that makes it worth it.


The biological machinery involved in photosynthesis is a big complicated system involving many things, including systems to protect against the damaging reactive oxygen species produced in the process. It would make much more sense to initiate an endosymbiotic event with cyanobacteria or some kind of algae via immune tinkering than attempt to re-invent the wheel with a panoply of new genes.


This is an interesting choice.

You are right making the cellular machinery to get all the biochemistry worked out will require some doing. However people use oxygen too. If you can get it into O² form, you can just dump it into a blood-vessel and it's attach to a red blood cell. It'll get metabolized.

While algae require none of that, herding cyanobacteria and making sure accidental mutation do not result in detriments to the host isn't without it's challenges either.

File: 1714623608413.jpeg ( 47.13 KB , 474x469 , don'tdoit.jpeg )


What are we to do with the ever-increasing agespan of adolescence?
This is a serious problem in the first and second world.
Why is it normalised to waste away your teens and twenties (AND THIRTIES!!!) in quiet despair and zero technical skills?

Generation X and Millennials have normalised mediocrity in youth.
They even say worldly exposure/attributes in youth are elitist.
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I understand that the capitalists did universal education because they needed more educated workers, and a place to store the children while parents wage-slaved. But that doesn't make it a bad thing, the Soviets and all the other socialist projects did the same thing, they also send children to school.

However I'm willing to hear you out on what you think Marx wanted and how it differs from what capitalism did.


Marx said children should start working st age nine and be given moderate hours


In the 18 hundreds children often began working in the fields or factories when they were six years old and often had to work long shifts.

I can't be bother to check if your assertion is true.
So if Marx suggested to raise the work-force entry-age to 9 years as well as reducing the hours to "moderate" , that would make him somebody who sought to reduce child-labor, relative to the usual praxis of his time.


regardless I think kids should be involved in theprocess of industriaility.

Adults accuse kids of being lazy leeches but ban kids from the real world.

Also, academic skills dont mean shit in the real world.


I think this needs to be discussed more.
People complain about ableism amd ageism but then talks about "brain development" as an excuse to disqualify young people from worldly affairs.

File: 1714244599336.mp4 ( 12.42 MB , 480x360 , 167530993304153697.mp4 )


I wouldnt, If would, Describe reasons.

The goverment and healthcare system keeps letting me down, Why should i?

As a pussyfree man myself, Id betray my whole nation like it betrayed me just to have a chance to get a girlfriend, What has it ever done for me? Get bullied here, Ridiculed, Abandoned by the healthcare system, Denied XRAY, Denied this, Denied that, Denied meeting the right doctor. I dont even celebrate national day, This country is shit anyway, Is it even my country if i dont get pussy in it? Nah its not!

Is it even your country if your countrymen dont stand up for you to prevent you from being bullied? Is it even your countrymen if they keep belittling you and making fun of you?

Is it even your country if you get no say in what you want to do in said country? Is it even your country if you have to pay taxes to get nothing in return not even an XRAY at the doctors office if it was needed?

Heck idgaf about nationalism for the shithole i live in, Wait a whole month to meet a doctor so i can be rejected for the help im needed, nah this isnt my country, Fuck this country, The russians can just go ahead and invade it, Idgaf anymore.
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File: 1714956382727.png ( 124 KB , 526x328 , 1714644666151229.png )

>imperialist states.


File: 1715038087511.png ( 382.82 KB , 1280x720 , 167530993304153460.png )

End military Coercion


I think that if they keep edging towards ww3, the dominant political trend will become radical assertive pacifism. Where people reject the concept of war as ideological extremism in the service of a conspiracy to commit mass murder. Everybody will have to earn their right to life via dedication to diplomacy.

Not gonna lie, this will be rough and I'm not looking forward to this, but if the alternative is nuclear annihilation by ww3… Maybe we should just skip all the madness and focus all the energy on building a world that is a pleasant place where everybody can have a long and prosperous life.


The masses around the world overwhelming oppose any geopolitical game. Their local interests are the area close to them, not the demarcated borders of kings and states. If you asked working class people around the world about other nations, after the perfunctory bigotry of local preference, they will admit freely they really have nothing to do with someone on the other side of the world and that suits them just fine - or, they recognize that all around the world the working class, if such a thing can exist, shares the same enemies who always collaborate with each other. Groups of the working class is set against each other by powers which are not of of either group, but who have made it inadmissible to suggest that those powers can change - hence the invocation of "human nature" and other such faggotry.

The empire isn't going anywhere. The worse the conditions of its people, the stronger the hold of the empire. The last thing an empire ever wants to do is let its people live free. If that happens, they will see the empire as a gigantic ripoff and a waste of their money.


The American working class is not invested in the "idea of America" or the "idea of Europe" or any other place. A territory is a place. The genuine interest of the nation - if you can speak of the Americans and Europeans as nations - is to get rid of these intriguers who foment wars where no war had to be made. The idea of Europe was proven to be a false idea by 1914, and there is no relitigating that. Whether some Europeans want to accept that or fetishize their gaudy state flags, they know that the only reason their countries are set apart is because rich people play the people off each other with a free hand.

What people want is precisely what they are denied - space to call their own, without some asshole insinuating that this is actually the king's forest, the king's city, the king's farmland, the king's mountain… you get the idea. Some other person who is in the same situation as you would not be a reasonable cause when it is very clearly the king, or the king's people and the class supporting the king, that created the enclosure. If someone from another part of the world specifically came to your village and acted like an ass and did so entirely for their own purposes, that is a different thing. So far as there is a collective awareness within a nation, it only is the common knowledge base that its members are connected to, rather than something inextriably linked to a "national mind" or a corporate body calling itself the nation.

File: 1717662212643.png ( 23.21 KB , 225x225 , statueofliberty_pepe.png )


I am a Liberal
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In actual fact, the USSR ended the routine famines that characterized most of east European history.


File: 1717979156348.png ( 77.34 KB , 1299x798 , Russian_male_and_female_li….PNG )

not true Russia was completely fucked on every metric. capitalism benefitted very few and continues to be a hindrance to Russian production.


File: 1717979487679.png ( 31.05 KB , 967x570 , 26-1.png )

>muh gdp
what's that from the late soviet union after perestroika? russian fed has just barely recovered from the disaster of capitalism


yeah? and where do you live that you enjoy all of these?


liberal and retarded

File: 1708028965284.jpg ( 63.65 KB , 1200x672 , 1200-879956178.jpg )



The survey is a first-of-its-kind look at the views of the American Elite – defined as people having at least one post-graduate degree, earning at least $150,000 annually, and living in high-population density areas (more than 10,000 people per square mile in their zip code) – and compares them to what the average American thinks. The Elites represent 1% of the U.S. population but have an outsized voice on public policy in the United States, with their views seeming somehow to dominate the national conversation. This may be because it is the Elites themselves who determine what that conversation will be about on campus, in the legacy media, and corporate board rooms. Not surprisingly, these people talk about politics far more than most Americans. The data show that nearly a third of them (30%) talk about politics daily or almost every day. Just 9% of the voting public do. It is worth noting that members of the Elites who talk about politics daily have views that are even further removed from the opinions of the voting public. This is true even when the Elites self-identify as Republicans. They typically may be more conservative than Elite Democrats but they still have attitudes and opinions that are far removed from those of the typical American voter. The Elite class – regardless of party – is an exclusive club that sees and experiences America through a different lens than ordinary Americans.

These results confirm what people have long suspected: today, there are two Americas. One is wealthier, more highly educated, and attended the best schools. They put much more trust in big government “to do the right thing” and, by their own admission, benefit from more expansive government policies. They have also been hurt far less by the high inflation of the Biden presidency than those who live from paycheck to paycheck and are in the lower and middle classes.

This Grand Canyon-sized chasm between where every day Americans stand on the state of the country, expanding government power, draconian climate change solutions, and Joe Biden’s job performance may partly explain the Donald Trump phenomenon and his high approval ratings among working-class voters,Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


stay in your own thread schizo


ffs upload .pdf
Not hard


It's a pretty accurate take, if you don't or can't read just ignore it.


>necrobumping to defend schizospammer


>seethe so hard you forget about sage

File: 1696775077047.jpg ( 502.71 KB , 2560x1751 , Cassidy-Biden-Month.jpg )

 No.475365[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Be honest…

Has your life gotten materially better or worse since this faggot supposedly got elected.?
160 posts and 52 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1717572339001.png ( 95.83 KB , 1323x609 , ClipboardImage.png )

he is actually right. Real corporate profits have shot through the roof thanks to Bidlernomics. The economy IS booming!


File: 1717685856698.png ( 774.7 KB , 785x769 , 1602716750635.png )

Both fuck you in the ass, but one make the hell of a show of it and the other is so boring even he fall asleep.


>The economy IS booming!
The curve says so.
Look, nobody said you were going to have a share of the cake. You got what you voted for.


People can't vote who owns capital, so no. You can't just declare the economy to be booming with a graph. Also the economy includes everybody, unless everybody gets a piece of the boom there isn't one.


"Real corporate profits" are not "the economy."

This statistic is just an artifact of two things:
- Inflation (CPI adjustment does not account for all inflation because CPI is rigged)
- Reducing the wage share (wage share goes down, profits go up)

Neither of these things are an improvement of "the economy" for the masses, they're a degradation.

File: 1717403578757.jpg ( 214.82 KB , 1280x720 , Collapse of Atlanta water ….jpg )


Kevin Reed

The collapse of the water infrastructure in Atlanta, Georgia, that began on Friday and left a large section of the city without any water expanded on Sunday with two more ruptures being investigated by water department officials.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported Sunday that the water department warned residents and businesses near Euclid and North Avenues northeast of downtown and near 1190 Atlantic Drive NW north of downtown. It said that they will likely “experience the kinds of disruptions that have plagued Atlanta since the first water main break was discovered Friday.”

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens declared a state of emergency in the city at a press conference on Saturday night after the massive disruption of water service resulted in a boil water advisory from the City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management. Dickens said the city was “working around the clock to bring us safe drinking water in the city of Atlanta.”

The water main collapse that shut down water service in all of downtown Atlanta began after corroded 48-inch and 36-inch pipes burst sometime on Friday at an intersection of three primary water lines in the city. The City of Atlanta released a map showing a large area across the city that has been impacted by the collapse.

Hours went by before the city made any announcements about what was happening or when the water would be restored. The city’s Water Service Interruptions Map identifies the locations where the breaks occurred and simply says, “Crews are investigating a potential water main break …” with no further information.

The water main failure impacted Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Fulton County and Atlanta government facilities and the Mercedes-Benz Stadium and the State Farm Arena. High-rise apartment buildings were also left with no water pressure.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


True! But spending a bunch on basic infrastructure maintenance and expansion is, like, expensive!


Waterlines and sewers is the type of infrastructure that works nearly flawlessly in non-failed states. The US is supremely rich, it's a faulty priority problem, not one of expense.




its made for phones so the paragraphs are small


Atlanta water seems to be back on after 5 days. We'll see.

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