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It seems that the US is trying too stir up a which-hunt against peace activists

The NyTimes already attacked a number of lefty peace organizations with this peace
It looks like mainstream media switched to China-war-advertisement mode. So one has to assume that their accusations are false, they always lie when they try to sell a war.
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You misunderstand. I shit on China for unrelated reasons. IMO in terms of geopolitics they've been one step ahead of the US for a while now. Probably shouldn't have brought that up now that I think about it.
>So how does the western left un-cuck ?
By creating a political movement that is completely independent from all bourgeois parties and gives no fucks about which wing of capital holds the reigns of power.
As of right now the socialist left is packed with defeatists who willingly cuck themselves to left-liberals. They've fully bought into the lesser of two evils propaganda and put themselves in a completely undialectical mental stasis trap where they perceive independence as ultimately leading to le evil fashist rightoids seizing power and establishing the thousand year Reich. Basically, they've traded letting hawks take power + the potential to dismantle the governing international order, for the mere possibility that (what they perceive as) less hawkish hawks could take power instead.
>Should it respond in kind with a which-hunt against war-hawks ? is that what you are implying ?
Absolutely not. If the western left went on an anti-hawk moral crusade it would backfire tremendously, especially considering how the left is already completely absorbed into the oligarchy and has no positive agenda to speak of. It would be a repeat the 2000's all over again, but this time as a farce.


Fuck, on second thought the word "undialectical" isn't strong enough. The contemporary socialist left is anti-dialectical. They simply cannot accept that sometimes the only winning move is not to play. It's embarrassing and speaks to an unprecedented level of bad theory. They are hopelessly committed to pseudo-activity and constantly hand every opportunity for dissent or popular revolt over to the far-right.


>I shit on China for unrelated reasons.
Considering that they're currently banging the war-drum against China, maybe now is not the best time for that.

>By creating a political movement that is completely independent from all bourgeois parties and gives no fucks about which wing of capital holds the reigns of power. As of right now the socialist left is packed with defeatists who willingly cuck themselves to left-liberals. They've fully bought into the lesser of two evils propaganda

Yeah that's an unfortunate development. Tho how do you craft politics that feed off this phenomenon, so that the more lesser evilism propaganda they make the stronger we get.

>If the western left went on an anti-hawk moral crusade it would backfire tremendously, especially considering how the left is already completely absorbed into the oligarchy and has no positive agenda to speak of. It would be a repeat the 2000's all over again, but this time as a farce.

The 2000s had a lot of war-fatigue and that's why the "anti-hawk moral" resonated, i don't think that anybody on the left really set out to cause anything on purpose. Maybe a which-hunt against war-hawks would be effective, and the actual problem is that our side really doesn't enjoy which-hunting.

Anyway what strategy would you suggest against McCarthyism


Nice digits


Honestly anon, I can't effectively answer your questions. I feel like we're in a situation where it's a lot easier to diagnose the problem than it is to treat it.

File: 1692157484030.jpeg ( 598.15 KB , 1242x2208 , psyop-from-file-27b.JPEG )


For anyone who doesn’t know:

>Psychological operations (PSYOP) are operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their motives and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and large foreign powers.

What do you guys think about the idea that Marxists should conduct psyops on its enemies?


>black sun
this meant to mean ogre mods got a /pol/ack rat?


I think it's irrelevant.
I think that it's weird that they'd do this, but also the thread's gone, so who cares? I have no interest in this. It's dumb.


Make of it what you will. I just think it’s funny mods took down that thread and never directly engaged with me.


The thread got moved to meta you retards


It's here:

File: 1692109731617.jpg ( 1.27 MB , 1050x3964 , cruffatin.jpg )


I wrote all three posts in the pic and much more.
I have been online since 1997.
I have been an anon since 2005. Proof is my YTMND account: https://ytmnd.com/users/anono/sites
I am addicted to learning and have spent the past 23 years of my adult life exploring, creating, and discovering to the maximum of my ability.
I became an anticapitalist and socialist because I love my family, country, species and world.
Beginning around 2010 I began to speculate about a "memetic singularity," an explosion of cultural and social change catalyzed by the internet.
I watched my speculation come alive before my eyes, while I continued to build upon it and develop my theories.
8/01/2023 was The Tipping Point.
There is much more information here: https://old.reddit.com/r/NarrativeDynamics/


You should kill yourself


File: 1692110819104-0.png ( 171.38 KB , 1783x1157 , ultimate_community.png )

File: 1692110819104-1.jpg ( 1.03 MB , 832x2271 , AutoEvolutionarySelfHelp.jpg )

File: 1692110819104-2.png ( 106.05 KB , 970x1344 , Universal_Creativity.png )

Physically impossible as I am learned optimism incarnate.
You should love life. Here is how.


Didn't you make this post already? Was the first thread not good enough for you?


File: 1692114031098.jpg ( 243.29 KB , 696x702 , analogical_backtracing.jpg )



Moved to >>>/posad/491.

File: 1691840179789.jpg ( 323.64 KB , 1034x1058 , Agent_Zero.jpg )


Game theory is the science of strategy.
Memetics is the study of cultural change.
Combine the two and you have a perfect recipe for conjuring the apocalypse.



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Nice narrative based on armchair ideology without any reference to factual reality whatsoever.
"Factual reality is a bourgeois canard!"


>"Factual reality is a bourgeois canard!"
this but unironically


… why'd you post it to Reddit? Can you post it here?


>why'd you post it to Reddit?
Because the format is far superior.
>Can you post it here?
No, if you can't click a link I can't help you.


>Because the format is far superior.

That format is way worse, actually.

>No, I won't explain wtf I'm on about


File: 1691910543850.mp4 ( 3.43 MB , 1080x1920 , Snapinsta.app_video_121419….mp4 )


This is the 'right wing' 'fascist' Italian PM that the reddit'left' is shreeking about.

At what point did you realize everything is a lie?
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That's right comrade. If you don't make vapid moral proclamations while having no skin in the game, you're a fashist


classic fashoid populism


>If you don't make vapid moral proclamations
that's what she does tho


>what is that populism political tactic?
<In September 1911 he participated in a riot, led by socialists, against the Italian war in Libya. He bitterly denounced Italy's "imperialist war", an action that earned him a five-month jail term. After his release, he helped expel Ivanoe Bonomi and Leonida Bissolati from the Socialist Party, as they were two "revisionists" who had supported the war.
Yeah bro, seems like Italy got another aspiring "socialist" as a potential leader. Die Lebt just keeps winning everywhere, what a time to be alive!



It's even funnier because Meloni has never even been a socialist. She has less socialist cred than Mussolini.

File: 1690054986075.jpg ( 98.12 KB , 1084x604 , statecraft.jpg )


Lets make this a pro and contra

Against censorship:
There has been some research done in capitalist countries that suggests that censorship has a tendency to silence poor people.
The Soviets had some censorship (although not to the degree that anti-communist propaganda says) and it did not prevent the revisionism from spreading.
A part of the Soviet information landscape was, that it was very scientifically accurate and virtually devoid of scams, there were no scammers trying to sell you free-energy devices or miracle-cure juice. Pyramid scams did not exist and nobody was pretending to be a medium that could contact your dead relatives. And the effect was that Soviet society had no mental defenses against bullshitters. People got accustomed to sanitized information and after the Soviet dissolution when the sanatisation disappeared they got duped by ALL the bullshit.

For censorship:
I think that censoring might actually have a singular useful application. Censoring News about terror attacks might be reasonable. Terrorism as a political strategy would be completely ineffective if there was no medium to spread the fear.

Some considerations:
My conclusion is that censorship is largely not worth it.

If you want to extinguish scams, you need to hire "white-hat" scam artists that do scam routines but instead of screwing people over they just cause embarrassment. That should be enough to cultivate mental defenses and dry out the pool of gullibility.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>no argument
No anon, what you just posted was not an argument. Shall I restate mine? The overwhelming evidence is that people will construct authority-driven belief systems and behavioral patterns out of anything. The recent response to a global pandemic is another good example. In fact, to move closer to home, observe how dogmatic and myopic people become in their tiny Marxist sects or how state capitalist bureaucrats have imposed a fake Marxist orthodoxy on their populations that cannot be questioned. To pretend this is a behavior exclusive to religion will only result in half-baked solutions.


Not sure what to make of this.
You might be trying to blur the lines between state and religion and undermine separation of state and church. Which would also apply to a new type of religion that has no supernatural believes.

>observe how dogmatic and myopic people become in their tiny Marxist sects

>how state capitalist bureaucrats have imposed a fake Marxist orthodoxy on their populations that cannot be questioned.
Right now the threat against freedom of thought comes from neoliberal aligned stuff, like the coalescing "woke" secular religion. Small groups of Marxists or potential but non-existing Marxist state-capitalism, are no threat to anybody. It makes you seem very disingenuous if you try to shift the focus from an actual threat to an hypothetical one.

>To pretend this is a behavior exclusive to religion will only result in half-baked solutions.

Fair enough, we could broaden the scope of what counts as religion.


>Small groups of Marxists or potential but non-existing Marxist state-capitalism, are no threat to anybody.
And that's a bad thing.


>And that's a bad thing.
Sure. I think that the problem is how to overcome imperialism. If you look at Latin America for example there are plenty of successful socialist revolutions as well as also successful social democrat reformers overcoming capitalism locally. So the old question of re-form vs revolution is moot, both work. But when ever somebody does one of these, outside imperial capitalism begins attacking those projects and even if they can survive, they'll get stuck in lower stage socialism because they have to deal with siege conditions.

The other question about attacks on intellectual freedom remain as well. Why did neo-liberalism bring about those secular theocratic tendencies ?


File: 1691885059633.jpg ( 54.61 KB , 498x640 , Portrait_of_Niccolò_Machia….jpg )

I am against censorship because I want to know what my enemies are thinking and whether or not my subjects will oppose my rule.

File: 1691187958173.jpg ( 371.42 KB , 1260x842 , nigerians.jpg )


Nigeriens being Based at the moment. From what I gather they have a military junta going on atm, and told the French and Americans to go fuck themselves. sounds like leftychan that one time amirite

I hope they get to keep their uranium
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>Russia came in to stabilize the government
which R*shia has invested too fucking much into to let it loose. Gotta love that bitch boy ASSad who's privatizing & selling everything he can just like mr. pooteen does for all of his presidency.
Fuck R*shian Empire 2.0: Nuclear Boogaloo.
All my homies hate R*shian Empire 2.0: Nuclear Boogaloo.


>Gotta love that bitch boy ASSad who's privatizing & selling everything he can just like mr. pooteen does for all of his presidency.


I'm not that anon, but there is indeed a story about the Syrian government shrinking because they have trouble paying decent salaries to public-sector employees. Tho it's not a verified story.

If this story checks out, I think it would be very dishonest to construe this as Assad doing privatization for ideological reasons. People allegedly quit the public sector because it doesn't pay enough to live. Syria is having economic trouble because it's under economic-war sanctions.

I think the original plan was the Belt and Road project was supposed to get connected to Syria and that would help get them back on their feet. Not sure what the hold up is. The US still has a military presence in Syria maybe that's the cause.


<Within a few years, Assad did make reforms — the kind that warmed the cockles of international bankers’ hearts. He “liberalized” the economy by selling off some state enterprises. He allowed businessmen to start up corporations such as cell phone companies that would have been state-owned in the past. Assad cleverly raised the hopes of Western powers that their businesspeople might benefit from the privatization. US and European officials deferred their criticisms of Syria. But it soon became clear that the privatization mainly benefitted Assad family cronies.
<Rami Makhlouf, an Assad cousin, is reportedly the richest man in Syria, worth an estimated $5 billion. He owns a variety of businesses, including tourist hotels, duty-free shops, and luxury department stores.[23] He became infamous for his role as owner of cell phone giant Syriatel. The company grew to control 55 percent of the Syrian market. In the early months of the 2011 uprising, regime opponents accused Makhlouf of financing pro-Assad demonstrations. They later learned that Syriatel was cooperating with the regime to tap activists’ phones. Demonstrators burned Syriatel posters and stomped on SIM cards in protest.[24]
<Some Syrians benefited from the crony capitalism as wealth trickled down to ordinary people. They could buy cell phones and later got connected to the Internet, albeit with close government monitoring of social media. But trickle-down wasn't enough. Most Syrians were angry at the poor state of the economy.

<Long before the uprising, on one sultry evening in Damascus, I met Hamad standing with a gaggle of friends in front of a café. Like many Syrians critical of the government, he declined to use his last name. At age twenty-two, he remained in school to avoid military conscription.

<Hamad told me it was “extremely difficult” to find work. “Most of my friends are not working, and those who are working receive a very low salary. The people who have jobs have connections.”[25]
<Hamad's comments were borne out in the economic statistics. InPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>I also just found out about *ssad inviting fucking white supremacists, banned greek fascists & other similar socialists for giving speeches

"other similar socialists" ? Are you trying to conflate fascism with socialism ? usually that kind of ideological BS comes from the Neo-liberal extremism corner.

Anyway, assuming you didn't just make shit up, I wouldn't put much weight on the Syrian governments choices of guest-speakers, they probably had no other criteria besides: invite westerners that speak out against regime-change operations in Syria. It's also very unlikely that Syrians understand western political positions.

>I don't even know if \lebtyboll\ must be considered a petit imperialist propaganda project

Most anti-imperialist leftists lend critical support to Countries like Syria and heads of state like Bashar al-Assad because they don't want to be pseudo-leftist useful idiots for imperialism. There's basically no more political room to criticize the countries that are on the imperial regime-change list. Every criticism of Syria you can make, regardless how justified and correct it is, will be co-opted by the consent manufacturing machine.

Unless you can find away to short circuit the imperial consent manufacturing machine, there is not much use for this. To Syrians you'll never be more than an outsider attempting to meddle in their internal politics. As a westerner you're better off criticizing western governments. I get it this is much harder, because the system always tries to redirect critical voices towards criticizing external stuff. It's ass ineffective for you to criticize the Syrian government, as it is for Syrians to criticize the western governments.

File: 1691416141488.jpg ( 82.94 KB , 896x1224 , george bush so what.jpg )


Four SDF fighters killed in Turkish drone attack in Qamishlo
On Thursday, August 3, at 7:15 pm, a UAV belonging to the Turkish occupation attacked a car carrying six of our commanders and fighters on the way to the village of Harmi Sheikho, Qamishlo city, while they were heading home to spend their monthly vacation, resulting in the martyrdom of four fighters, and two others were wounded,” said the SDF statement on Friday.

Hundreds protest as Lebanon marks 3 years since Beirut blast
Three years on, the probe is virtually at a standstill, leaving survivors still yearning for answers. Protesters, many of them wearing black and carrying photographs of the victims, marched towards the port shouting slogans including: "We will not forget". Some protesters waved a Lebanese flag covered in blood-like red paint while others carried an enormous flag covered in a written pledge to keep fighting for justice.

Two Palestinians killed by Israeli army, settlers in West Bank violence
Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian teenager during one of their daily pre-dawn raids into the occupied West Bank, before another Palestinian teenager was killed in a separate incident by illegal settlers, according to local media and the Palestinian health ministry. The Palestinian health ministry late on Friday announced the death of Qusai Jamal Maatan, 19, saying he was “shot dead by settlers in the village of Burqa”, east of Ramallah.

Ethiopia’s declaring a state of emergency in its Amhara region as local fighters clash with military
Ethiopia’s Council of Ministers is declaring a state of emergency in the countryPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The US south doing what they usually do


File: 1691508138255.png ( 14.92 KB , 1279x831 , grrrr.png )

>Campaigners demand end to persecution of Ukrainian peace activist

>Mr Sheliazhenko issued a statement detailing Thursday’s raid on his home by people describing themselves as members of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). He said that “unknown people started breaking in the door to my apartment” in the early hours. After failing to show proper identification, other than that they were from the SBU, the intruders searched Mr Sheliazhenko and his home, but “nothing even remotely similar to evidence of justification of Russian aggression or any other criminal actions of mine was found,” he said.

Persecuting peace activists
Absolutely egregious.


>Purdue asks Supreme Court not to block opioid settlement during US appeal
Oxycontin maker Purdue Pharma on Friday asked the U.S. Supreme Court to reject the U.S. Department of Justice's request to delay its multi-billion-dollar bankruptcy settlement resolving thousands of lawsuits against it over the opioid epidemic. The department's bankruptcy watchdog last week asked the Supreme Court to pause the settlement, which would shield the company's Sackler family owners from opioid lawsuits in exchange for a $6 billion contribution to a broader settlement with states, local governments and victims of addiction.

The small drug mafia sells heroin to junkies and tries to bribe cops.

The big drug mafia causes a opioid epidemic and seeks to block an opioid settlement.

Same shit, different words.


Technically they're trying to prevent the settlement from being blocked - the settlement lets them off easy.


Just leaving my thoughts after reading interesting chapter on collaborations in modern supply chains.

Tho it's not like I expect anything from nazoid brainlets and dogmoid philosophycels that populate this board. Keep reading your gayzone, fags.
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File: 1689362615695.jpg ( 159.46 KB , 1600x1185 , Times_Most_Influental_Imag….jpg )

this thread is boring, fuck you faggots


Where are the chairs?


File: 1691646722896.png ( 385.09 KB , 608x395 , ClipboardImage.png )

The Era of Ultracheap Labor Is Under Threat
>Factories in China and Vietnam are struggling to attract young workers, which is bad news for Western businesses accustomed to offshoring jobs at subsistence-level wages.


Meaningless gibberish in which 'collaboration' is some gnostic black box


File: 1691654816088.jpg ( 162.95 KB , 734x1280 , these homos are really sap….jpg )

Same shoyze in CIS cuntrees: youngshitsteroids aint even considering working in factories, like, @ all. Even 2-4* of the usual wage payment doesn't help fucking porkoids in their desperate search for a new mass of profit-slaves.
Dog bless this coomin wageslave crisis will force the local capicucks or their substitute to finally start some kind of automatization of the industries.

File: 1665951223027.jpg ( 136.49 KB , 1000x747 , beb152ec_9861_47c6_ab42_32….jpg )


>Purity spiraling

Purity spiraling involves creating a moral hierarchy in one's mind and placing oneself at the top. It becomes a problem when 'one's opinion' is thought to be the defining quality that supercedes all others. It's miserable and ghey and brings out the most toxic manipulators who nonetheless honestly believe their own bullshit. R/communism and leftypol are clear examples of this.

By arguing with eachother over who's the better person because of (checks notes) opinions about (checks notes) 30+ year old history and far away conflicts [or more comically, calling virtually all of the left 'outright fascists'], we'll stay in a purity spiral and never impact history.

>Long live leftychan


This is a major issue with the whole left tbf


File: 1691484260223.jpg ( 138.17 KB , 1334x750 , 1691369037715702.jpg )

It's because identity politics has usurped the political discourse to the point that material analysis of history and the economy is non existent. Even so called communists not just get caught up in your baser idpol like op is describing, but, even more so Marxists and such even fall into this again as op described by treating conflicts and history as identity politics and holding the "correct" opinion above all else and trying to LARP and relive these historical senarios rather than applying that historical analysis to our current historical epoch and using that as a lesson and a blue print to lead us into the future as communists and as leftists.

It's sad really. It's mostly the doing of CIA coin-tel pro etc etc.


Why are you spamming necrobumping
This has been a problem on the left before the current "idpol" zeitgeist, and in groups who don't focus on identity and outside of the US and west too


File: 1691579278724.jpg ( 1.8 MB , 3040x1484 , antimarxist aktion.jpg )

>By arguing with eachother over who's the better person
*who is wrong & must be physically purged

>or more comically, calling virtually all of the left 'outright fascists'

<If I declare my national-capitalist state & its theoideology as socialist then I'm a leftist!
Yes, virtually all of die lebt are total retards in the likes of the so-called christians who fuse their whole personality with the favourite identity & get a killer group narcissism hatred towards any heretics from the same identity spectrum. Just like faschists, who, should I remind, murder other strains of fascists the same way they murder everybody else from the other identity spectrums.
Well, what is to be expected from people born & raised in a bourg anti-society while simultaneously being dependent on it for their further existence?

>we'll never impact history

Until people will start to annihilate their narcissism & become hardcore critical theorychads who don't have any kind of saint phenomenae they will continue to be subjugated into dead-end sects which exist solely for themselves.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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