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Please come back Rusanon Comrades! Save us from the polyp and lolbert raids.

Я вас категорически приветствую.

- A westoid who misses you.
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Do you guys remember the girl who interrupted TV news on Pervy kanal with anti-war poster? She was praised even by Zelensky himself.
Well, she's now "russian propagandist" according to ukrainian media. Why? Because she said that the Putin's regime is guilty in the war but not the russian people (or something like that). And ukrainian activists are trying to get her fired from her job in Die Zeit (where they gave her a job after she was fired from Pervy kanal.)

Ukronazis really aren't different from american radlibs lmfao


Ofc anyone who believes in democracy under liberalism is fooling themselves. Powerful elites manufacturer consent of the population through financial power and the education system, media, etc etc.

Ukraine is just getting a bit desperate it appears. Interesting that painting your opposition as Nazis is going to be a propoganda tactic going forward though. Leftists need to do a better job codifying and understand Nazis and fascism in the first place because this is kind of our fault over all for letting Nazism get turned into "anyone who does violence"


File: 1650199150802.jpg (510.37 KB, 1132x1472, vc0AyfGgTHU.jpg)



>Leftists need to do a better job codifying and understand Nazis and fascism in the first place because this is kind of our fault over all for letting Nazism get turned into "anyone who does violence"
What's wrong with the Marxist codification which goes: Fascism is mask-off, turbo-reactionary imperial finance capitalism ?
<the open terrorist dictatorship of the most reactionary, most chauvinistic and most imperialist elements of finance capital.

The liberal media was releasing articles about Ukraine having a problem with fascism, showing pictures of them wearing swastikas and other Nazi symbols, until recently. The liberals don't have a coherent definition of fascism, but they were still able to recognize these ones, especially since they basically copied the Nazi aesthetic. What got in the way was their opportunism.


There's nothing wrong with that analysis the issue is that leftists don't understand that.


DOOMERS BTFO! Climate Change has been averted
Expect mass suicides by the /r/collapse crowd


File: 1650061465117.jpg (32.86 KB, 380x347, 1649532152082.jpg)

It hasn't been averted, Not even close. Millions and millions of people ar estill going to be effected by this in the coming 60 years, but, signs are good and we are managing to, hopefully, avoid the worst of it. Make no mistake though people on the coast are still fucked beyond belief.


Nice. At least the air will be more fresh and breathable and cities will go more green so I can toke cannabis and enjoy nature as my cope for being a lifelong perma-virgin


Did you even read >>455102
That's hardly the case.


No mention of the ecological collapse that is certain to happen. Their agumet relies on some deus-ex "improved technology" and saying it's certain that everyone will switch to electric or renewable and that will stop climate change. It's not guaranteed that every country will do this, and It will take decades for the switch to electric/renewable and that's if nothing bad happens in these countries which is not guaranteed. Africa is projected to have the largest population increase of the continents, these hundreds of millions of people are not going to be driving electric.

File: 1649108787695.png (419.59 KB, 720x840, ClipboardImage.png)


Pic related is how tankies use the same logic as European colonizers.
I believe that soviet occupation of eastern Europe is exactly the same as European colonialism of places like Africa and India. This is because countries like Estonia and Lithuania are quite distinct from Russia. Even western and central Ukraine has a healthy reason to stand aside from Soviet or Russian claims.
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>If I call it liberation then it is.
USSR was using the Warsaw Pact as client states. They got some benefits from it but they mostly paid fealty to Stalinland. Which is why almost all the Soviet satellites faired better after it collapsed than the USSR did, save Cuba and NK which were practically graphed to onto the USSR.


>All of the republics of the USSR saw significant economic development and increases in quality of life.
Except it would have been pretty hard to make economy and quality of life worse after two consecutive world wars. The real metric should be how slowly did economy rise in soviet countries compared to capitalist ones? The answer is, they are still trying to catch up 30 years later…

>The comparison is nonsensical for that reason.

The comparison was one of mentality: European imperialists argue that their colonies were better off by being conquered; Tankies argue that Soviet states were better off by being conquered. You didn't address that at all. Just saying "we are the good guys therefor it's different" is an admission of defeat.

>The Bolsheviks took these territories with the intention of building socialism in these lands.

But if socialism is so great all you need to do is build up your own country and everyone else will follow voluntarily


Most soviet states did a lot worse after the USSR dissolved. Why do you make shit up ?


No one said improving you liberal faggot. Conditions did improve but freeing people from the tyranny of fucking capital is freedom you retard. Stop defending the us


Can you not read, I said they did better than Russia itself after the break up.

File: 1635341085782.jpg (24.36 KB, 500x266, Communists.jpg)


Why do they always start revolutions in industrially backwards shitholes?

Haven't they read Marx?
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Earth really is a backward shithole. Why can't it be a nicer place like the Solar system. Everybody knows the Universe of Time and Space is the forward looking part of the frame of reference.

Nationalism deludes you. Embrace the world in total and refuse the framing error fallacy.


He's not wrong.


He's not wrong.


>Framing error fallacy

The what?


Research the conditions in which a revolution can happen. If the majority is eating bread and has a job they are not going to pick up arms.

File: 1647125128483.jpg (219.28 KB, 588x800, SBandera-colour.jpg)


Let's talk about Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory and his gang.

I mean, Stepan Bandera, OUN-UPA [Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and Ukrainian Insurgent Army] and their relevance in today's Ukraine and its politics.


The Greyzone does excellent reporting on this. There is a Nazi occupied government in Ukraine.


I'm not saying it's necessarily wrong, but, greystone isn't the most objective outlet, lol.


Why do you say this?


Because they have a pretty clear bias imo.

File: 1646873506682.jpg (90.75 KB, 1014x1271, skk.jpg)


What's going on with south korea? The opposition candidate is said to have won off an anti-sjw platform

>He is seen in ROK as an Masculinist & Anti-Feminist, being framed as the "Candidate of Incels", promising to “Abolish the Gender Equality Ministry”, something that could be compared to Trump’s “Build the Wall”, of the Moon's Liberal Government that promoted Radical-Feminist ideologies into 🇰🇷 ROK society

>Yoon blames the later point, the spread of Feminism in South Korean society, for the Low birthrates in ROK, which angered (a lot) the so-called "K-Pop" fans in South Korea
>Yoon has a kind of Laissez-faire Economic policy, which attracted the support from ROK Libertarians
>Yoon, despite having participated in the Gwangju Uprising, expressed favorable views on the Government of the "Far-Right" Military Strongman, General Chun Doo-hwan that ruled ROK from 1980 to 1988 via a military coup
> He is overtly Anti-China, to such extent South Korean liberals call him an "Extreme anti-chinese Racist" & "Xenophobic"
>Yoon has a Belligerent Policy towards DPRK (North Korea), more than any Candidate than the ROK Military Juntas of Cold War
>Yoon is in Explicitly in favor of deploying Tactical Nuclear Weapons in South Korea/ROK to counter the Nuclear weapons of DPRK (North Korea)
>He vowed to get as much as possible THAAD systems from US to counter the "DPRK Threat", something that many South Korean liberals see as "dangerous to the policy of unification of Korea"
>Unlike the South Korean Liberals, Yoon and his faction have a Pro-Japanase stance and shares Japan views on 🇰🇵 DPRK and 🇨🇳 China


time for re-unification


Okay I hope Lee Jay wins


Being anti-sjw only matters if you are also a communist. Otherwise you are just a reactionary dipshit who, also, is into idpol but doesn't realize it cause he's a smooth brain.


Men are tried of feminism. Feminism is literally "The Protocol of Zion" but with Jews replaced with penis havers. Strap yourself in because this is the century of the beta uprising.



File: 1647005976059.jpg (115.88 KB, 442x800, 12.jpg)


to signal your support for world peace and the soviet union, please post your favorite ukrainian and laugh at the genetic mumbo jumbo that gave us NOTHING in 100+ years
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There is no difference between Russians and Ukrainians other than their language, and even the languages are so similar the relation between the two people obvious.


People on the east half of Ukraine are basically considered Russians from what I understand.


One of the most. Resisting nazi vandalism for 8 years and then purging them all while wrecking NATO. I say based.


Yes, but my point is the division between eastern Slavs is borderline fake.


Says who?


the guy in cockshotts new video mentions a post or paper he wrote detailing this plan he has for a parallel socialist society. Anyone been able to find it?

He makes some interesting suggestions with keeping labor inside the community and not paying taxes. Could go far even within an american audience.


What's his name? Search searx.


File: 1647658026403.jpg (93.16 KB, 553x766, photo_2022-03-18_01-00-40.jpg)



This is interesting but it is a bit sparse in the details, for example the tit for tat commune defense needs flashing out. The unmodified tit for tat strategy has a weakness, every tit for tat interaction requires a certain amount of resources and human time, and if two agents that judge each others actions as uncooperative follow that strategy they will both get into a retaliation chain where the one with the most resources wins. In the early stages communes are likely to be in a situation of having limited resources and can't use that strategy.

File: 1646654696066.png (437.27 KB, 768x576, 1645572899432.png)


Think about it; We need to categorize nearly everything.
Plan everything ahead and cross every I and dot every T.
So yeah is communism autistic? Or are communists just generally more autistic than others?
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File: 1646655116600.jpg (24.31 KB, 400x400, sPe325c-_400x400.jpg)

>No no you're not a communist cause I said so

What an utter faggot. What am I fucking wrong about? The whole point is to categorize the needs of workers and plan the economy out lmao. What's not autistic about that? Being autistic isn't necessarily a bad thing you know?


/pol/ is way more autistic


capitalism's autistic too … We should just abolish the economy so society is neurotypical again


>Think about it; We need to categorize nearly everything.
>Plan everything ahead and cross every I and dot every T.
That's not wrong.
>So yeah is communism autistic?
Autism used to mean a mental disability that made it extremely hard to communicate with others. What you mean could as well be called rigorous and detail oriented thinking.


I always thought that was an outdated way to look at it.

File: 1646755907804.jpg (250.1 KB, 1242x1322, 1640061656679.jpg)


If you're on the left and you support anti vaxx and all this other shit: My question is "why?" Why do you support it. Really what is the point? You realize that if you are going to argue it's "freedom" or whatever you are basically arguing, tacitly, that freedom is consumption and that if people could just get back to consooming then things would just be alright again. Like no matter what you think if you think lockdowns are bad it begs the question "why?" And if you think they are bad because they restrict people's freedom (especially under our wonderful capitalist mode of production) then you are basically arguing that the endless consumption of commodities is freedom and that people should just return to that. You're basically no better than libertarians, kek.
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First of all you don't "support" anti-vaxx if you don't trust an experimental injection like the mrna vaccines for covid19. Its on the people that make it to convince me that its safe (which they have failed to demonstrate with pfizer).

Regarding traditional vaccines I'm all for it.


It's so funny you think that this is an argument. It's cute even. Literally 0.01% You're grasping at straws here because the vast majority of deaths are all from non vaccinated people as was what was implied since you have no sense of hyperbole.

I also would totally love to actually see the sources on these deaths and read the data sheets revolving around these people. You have nothing and this is totally cope.


It's not experimental at all the vaccine has been done with clinical trials for 2 years now. There's no real difference in how the vaccines operate anyway at a fundemental level you people just refuse to understand science because you are shills for the capital establishment.


In >>454712 you said nobody who has been vaccinated has died from covid.
In >>454724 you admit even the porky media says that's wrong.
So do you admit defeat or do you update your argument?


"dude wtf are you ding consuming commodities you piece of shit"


There you doubling down. So predictable.

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