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Here is a interesting video with Jodi Dean
there are a few rambling bits in the first 10 mins but after that it gets concise and worth while

<One of the reasons why Marx's analysis is so powerful, is that the proletariat are strong, they aren't a bunch of victims, they are the producing class, they have the power to overturn the system. But now, in the northern economies, the majority of workers are a bunch of servants, while they still have the strength to bring the system to a halt, it doesn't seem like we are creating a power full future.

<What happens is a declining rate of profit, the capitalists laws of motion turn into their opposite, and the Capitalists as a class turn to politically motivated upward redistribution of wealth, taking not making.

She brings up an interesting point about changes in the economic system. That many see as having certain similarities to feudalism.

<Capitalists are becoming a kind of mediator, all these gig-work platforms are not the employers they are middle men that break the relations of production between workers and employers, that's different, that's not like industrialists owning a factory and hiring labor. This logic of separation has a Neo-feudal quality.

Is she right about this ? are these mediator separation layers, and the breaking of processes into little pieces the harbinger of a feudalization tendency.
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You’re just a charlatan who think they found a new political position because you picked something to be a contrarian about


>IN CAPITAL IS DEAD, McKenzie Wark asks: What if we’re not in capitalism anymore but something worse? The question is provocative, sacrilegious, unsettling as it forces anti-capitalists to confront an unacknowledged attachment to capitalism. Communism was supposed to come after capitalism and it’s not here, so doesn’t that mean we are still in capitalism? Left unquestioned, this assumption hinders political analysis. If we’ve rejected strict historical determinism, we should be able to consider the possibility that capitalism has mutated into something qualitatively different. Wark’s question invites a thought experiment: what tendencies in the present indicate that capitalism is transforming itself into something worse?
>Over the past decade, “neofeudalism” has emerged to name tendencies associated with extreme inequality, generalized precarity, monopoly power, and changes at the level of the state. Drawing from libertarian economist Tyler Cowen’s emphasis on the permanence of extreme inequality in the global, automated economy, the conservative geographer Joel Kotkin envisions the US future as mass serfdom. A property-less underclass will survive by servicing the needs of high earners as personal assistants, trainers, child-minders, cooks, cleaners, et cetera. The only way to avoid this neofeudal nightmare is by subsidizing and deregulating the high-employment industries that make the American lifestyle of suburban home ownership and the open road possible — construction and real estate; oil, gas, and automobiles; and corporate agribusiness. Unlike the specter of serfdom haunting Friedrich Hayek’s attack on socialism, Kotkin locates the adversary within capitalism. High tech, finance, and globalization are creating “a new social order that in some ways more closely resembles feudal structure — with its often unassailable barriers to mobility — than the chaotic emergence of industrial capitalism.” In this libertarian/conservative imaginary, feudalism occupies the place of the enemy formerly held by communism. The threat of centralization and the threat to private property are the ideological elements that remain the same.
>A number of technology commentators share the libertarian/conservative critique of technology’s role in contemporary feudalization even as they don’t embrace fossil fuels and suburbia. Already in 2010, in his influential book, You Are Not a GadgetPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Super duper intelligent and r-r-r-radical


Personally I'd define neofuedalism in more simple terms
>An economic system in which an increasing and fundamental proportion of economic surplus is directed toward expanding the means of social control, in which the reproduction of social relations increasingly occurs directly, politically, and for its own sake, and in which profitization through rent, subscription, fees, and similar arrangements take precedent throughout much of the economy.
Don't listen to the mouthbreathing unoriginal dogmoids who have never accomplished anything politically significant in their lives. They are just latching onto something to give themselves with a sense of certainty and significance


>My response to info I don't like is ignoring said info and replying with ad hominems and snarky gotchaposts

File: 1682973050507-0.jpg ( 53.63 KB , 474x315 , may 1.jpg )

File: 1682973050507-1.jpg ( 151.63 KB , 962x641 , may 1 b.jpg )


Poem by an Unknown Proletarian
<We have fed you all, for a thousand years
<And you hail us still unfed,
<Though there’s never a dime of all your wealth
<But marks the worker’s dead.
<We have yielded our best to give you rest
<And you lie on crimson wool.
<Then if blood be the price of all your wealth,
<Good God! We have paid it in full.

happy may day fuckers


Happy mayday frien.


I felt that

File: 1682909519933.jpg ( 103.92 KB , 1024x576 , fishtank.jpg )


Belfast trade union rally: Plea for politicians to return to government
Members of trade unions in Northern Ireland marched from Writer's Square to City Hall in a call for better workers rights, pay and conditions. Mick Lynch, the general secretary of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT), spoke at the event. He said Northern Ireland's politicians need to get back into government.

Ministers set to impose NHS pay deal on staff despite opposition of unions
Both the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and the Unite unions continue to oppose the deal offered to NHS workers, after protracted negotiations that have led to strikes and hampered attempts to shorten waiting lists. All 12 unions involved in the talks will gather on Tuesday to vote on whether to accept an improved deal covering the last two years.

Greenpeace Activists Scale Belgian LNG Terminal to Demand End to US Imports
Expressing solidarity with people in frontline communities where the fossil fuel industry has for decades polluted the air and water and exposed millions of people to public safety risks, nearly two dozen campaigners with Greenpeace Belgium on Saturday entered the liquefied natural gas terminal of energy infrastructure company Fluxys in Zeebrugge, to demand an end to European imports of LNG from the United States.

German police union boss calls for crackdown on growing climate protests
Police representatives, members of the judiciary and politicians in Germany are calling for harsher penalties for climate activists, including preventive detention and longer prison terms, in an effort to halt their disruptive protests. This week has seen the most intense protests yet by the campaign group Letzte Generation (Last Generation), with hundreds of its members blocking scPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1682932000261.jpg ( 118.42 KB , 1024x683 , pedestrian rail overbridge.jpg )

>Pedestrians trying to cut through trains have been disfigured, dismembered and killed
Why don't they build a few of these pedestrian bridges, the wooden ones are relatively cheap.


There isn't a capable contractor in the area who donated to the right person's election campaign


Wow what a clunky convoluted system. People used to complain about bureaucracy making it hard to do stuff, but this seems way more complicated.


>Greenpeace Activists Scale Belgian LNG Terminal to Demand … to demand an end to European imports of LNG from the United States.

hmm interesting, green activists that are not co-opted, it seems.

File: 1682078897584.jpg ( 45.34 KB , 1000x453 , onions.jpg )


This one's wild, and I'm a bit embarrassed I hadn't heard of it at all 'til now - I guess I don't follow the news much anymore. This happened in 2021, but without checking I'm guessing the case is ongoing:

24 charged with forcing migrants into 'modern-day slavery'

"For years, migrant workers who paid for help entering the U.S. ended up forced to perform farm labor for little to no pay, federal authorities say, cowing to threats of deportation and violence by armed overseers while they lived in dirty, cramped trailers with little food or clean water.

Some who had been promised up to $12 an hour to work on farms in rural South Georgia were instead ordered to dig up onions with their bare hands and got paid only 20 cents per filled bucket as men with guns kept them in check, according to court records. At least two of them died, and another was raped repeatedly.

In a case federal prosecutors bluntly likened to modern slavery, a grand jury indicted 24 people in U.S. District Court on dozens of criminal counts including forced labor, mail fraud, witness tampering and conspiracy to commit money laundering. Arraignments in the case have been scheduled for Dec. 21 and Jan. 6 at the federal courthouse in Waycross, near the Georgia-Florida state line.

Authorities said an investigation that began three years ago broke up a criminal enterprise that earned $200 million by exploiting the H-2A work visa program to bring workers from Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras into the U.S.

The laborers were forced to pay illegal fees for transportation, food and housing, according to the indictment, while their travel and identification documents were withheld, preventing them from leaving and seeking help.

U.S. Attorney David Estes of the Southern District of Georgia said in a statement the case had freed "more than 100 individuals from the shackles of modern-day slavery and will hold accountable those who put them in chains."
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Some US states are also trying to bring back child-labor
<Lawmakers in Iowa and Minnesota have introduced legislation in the last month proposing exceptions to child labor regulations in their respective states

Capitalism is degenerating



A labor shortage? But why don't they just raise the wages?


>A labor shortage?
Yeah as long as there are unemployed people, it's impossible to have a labor shortage, since capitalism never does full employment, capitalism can never claim to have a labor shortage.
> But why don't they just raise the wages?
exactly, we should call it a wage shortage



<"We're engage in creating slavery, We're trafficking slaves to this country ?"

>"Absolutely !"

This is referencing some 85000 children by the way.

File: 1682610472658.jpg ( 55.82 KB , 700x588 , vivek.jpg )



Vivek has a good critique of intellectual left-liberal pseudo radicals, i recommend watching his stuff for that.

He also has a theory of self-stabilizing class-rule, i disagree with that.

The reason why capitalism remained stable is because of imperialism, when the workers in the imperial core went on strike, the imperial bourgeoisie could weather the strike by using imperial surplus to keep their power apparatus afloat. And when the workers in the periphery struggled for independence the imperial bourgeoisie used the imperial force apparatus to crush their independence struggle. Workers divided by things like geo-graphic distance and language barriers, never managed to sync up their struggles to knock out both pillars of imperial rule at the same time.

At the moment we are seeing a revival of the periphery succeeding more often in loosening the imperial grip and sometimes even freeing it self from it. These periphery struggles are mixed some of them are socialist in direction but many also are bourgeois independence struggles. If this continues the imperial bourgeoisie will loose enough power that workers in the imperial core will once again become able to strike for concessions. Once the imperial power-structure is weakened enough it will become possible for some countries to go full socialism.

I still recommend Vivek even-though i disagree with him on that one point where he thinks class-rule has self-stabilizing properties, because everything else he says is spot on.


Literally who?


Literally what?


File: 1682616991713.webm ( 4.56 MB , 320x240 , redefiningradical.webm )

i think this guy was posted on the old 8chan leftypol alot, especially this webm


No he wasn't.

File: 1682210880420-0.jpg ( 55.83 KB , 762x538 , nuclear and renewables com….jpg )

File: 1682210880420-1.jpg ( 93.2 KB , 1016x800 , energy density.jpg )


Climate change is creating a need for energy generation that emits very small quantities of carbon dioxide gas.

A few types of renewable energy exist but they are limited in various ways:
-Water-power is very powerful but is limited to the terrain that has flowing water.
-Wind and Solar are not limited by terrain, but they are intermittent and require a vast mass of machines that collect low density energy in the environment.

The obvious technology to substitute renewable energy is of course nuclear power, because the extra ordinary high energy density of nuclear energy complements the low energy density of renewables. It is very safe and mature tech, extremely cost efficient, highly scalable and can produce absolutely stunning quantities of energy. All the serious scientists are in favor of expanding the use of this technology, to cover about 40-60% of energy needs.

However the fossil fuel industry is trying to politically kill nuclear-power and for that they deploy scientifically illiterate useful idiots in the environmentalist movement to attack nuclear power with religious fervor in order to socially discredit nuclear power. The fossil fuel industry is aware of the limitations of renewables and they would like THEIR product to be the substitute for renewables instead of nuclear. They instruct their pseudo-green shills to trick people into pursuing a renewable-only strategy that is destined to fail, in the hopes of creating future societies with inadequate energy-supply desperate enough to re-embrace fossil fuels.

They do all the usual manipulative tricks like using misleading statistics, and planting lies into popular media but their favorite narrative trick is:
Making it seem as if nuclear-power and renewable-power were in competition rather than complementary. They seek to distract people from asking the question: "Would it not be easier to just replace fossil fuel with nuclear and add renewables on top, so we can have a nice environment without getting poor ?"

You can try to enlighten people with factual data about objective reality, which to some degree works and convinces a number of people , but it's not as effective as the "dark-arts of psychological magic" that the other side uses. They even managed to put a wrinkle into the brains of some environmentalists that makes them support restarting coal-fired power-plants under the banner of a green-energy-transition. How does that trick work anPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Climate boogaloo isn't real, but energy policy is never dictated by the people or their wants. It is the exact opposite - energy monopolies were the birth of post-slavery capitalism, and were contingent on ensuring that the masses were as far removed from the benefits of electricity and technology as possible. Every decision of the state after 1870 was designed to eliminate the masses' comprehension of science and technology, so that people were ruled by the machine, completely alienated from it. It started with the type of education allowed for them in public or private schools, which emphasized slavish devotion to pedagogy and philosophies of rule, or emphasized avarice and a love of backstabbing and called it "business sense". It goes without saying that eugenics was at the center of this entire project.

If you did want to reduce the dreaded carbon emissions - which was always a bullshit excuse to invade peoples' lives and not anything real - you would begin by not making planned obsolescence the norm, and institute some fucking quality control over the entire chain of industry. It would be trivial to reduce energy requirements for many things, but this is not done because it was always an excuse to attack living standards. The rulers did not want to hear anything about technology being more efficient or better, and when it became too difficult to suppress new technology or changes in peoples' habits, the climate boogaloo was invented to justify a further invasion and begin fully stripping away people from technology. Not just the reduction of fuel use, but the elimination of private transport, the war against the countryside, and the shittifcation of everything were deliberate and the entire point. Ultimately it has nothing to do with any substantive use of energy, but seeding the idea that too many people is the problem, and using the control of energy technology as the vehicle to impose this from on high. That is one lever the oligarchs hold over the people, since energy is a natural monopoly. He who controls the oil controls the planet, and that is something they don't give up. Same with uranium or fusion power plants, or the infrastructure to even maintain electricity which is necessarily expensive. The only way this could be stopped is if people exert what leverage they possess and there is a force commandeering this infrastructure that will fight eugenics. That's why you can't bank on this idea of a peoples' revolution from nothing - thePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Climate change is real hurry durrr

Kill yourself Eugene.
You will never be an intellectual.


people that believe climate hooga booga: "i fricking love science!" "achtually men have periods"
people that don't believe climate hooga booga: "i love jesus and lenin" *build mach 15 long range cruise missiles*


>planned obsolescence
>attack living standards
Those points are true, there is a fuckton of green hypocrisy and green-austerity-wealth-inequality-extremism in the ruling ideology.

Consider that climate change can be true and at the same time the ruling class also tries to bend every narrative towards their agenda.

It's actually pretty easy to cast the ruling class as climate sinners, their live styles are extremely wasteful, and they are casting stones in a glass house.


File: 1682339328935.gif ( 928.13 KB , 360x270 , dancekidrussia.gif )


Sudan ‘resistance’ activists mobilise as crisis escalates
The efforts came from Sudan’s “resistance committees”, neighbourhood groups that have spearheaded Sudan’s pro-democracy movement since 2019. “Every coordination committee did a scan of working hospitals. Even the hospitals that were not working before the war, we made them operate by bringing doctors, fuel and [getting them] electricity,” said Ahmed Ismat, the spokesperson for one of the groups from south Khartoum, the capital.

Foreign states start evacuations from Sudan as battle rages
The army said early on Saturday it would provide safe pathways to evacuate nationals from the United States, Britain, France and China, while Saudi Arabia and Jordan were already evacuating via Port Sudan on the Red Sea. It said airports in Khartoum and Darfur's biggest city Nyala were problematic.

Iranian women taunt hardline police chief over latest attempt at hijab enforcement
Those who are caught for the first time are sent a "warning text message as to the consequences" of their actions. On the second offence, their vehicles would be confiscated and they would face a lawsuit. However, with an economic crisis still gripping the country, and with more women refusing to wear headscarves in public since 2022's anti-government protests, many in Iran find the government's concern with women's clothing infuriating. Morteza, a taxi driver in his mid-30s, told Middle East Eye that he stood squarely opposed to the dress code enforcement in Iran. "I have received a warning message from the police too. But I won't listen to such bullshit," he said.
https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/iranian-women-police-hijab-enforcement-Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>what makes Ukraine as 'an example of what a country should avoid' different from 2003 Iraq?
Iraq was the enemy of the US empire, and it got destroyed. The story where the big powerful empire crushes a puny foe, shocked nobody.

Ukraine was a different story, because Ukraine was the ally of the big powerful empire, and as such the expectation was that the power of the empire would grant Ukraine a swift and triumphant victory without suffering much damage. Ukraine now lying in shambles despite being on team empire, that is the big shocker.

Of course the outcome was predicted across the political spectrum of realists, but that's another story.


>Ukraine was a different story, because Ukraine was the ally of the big powerful empire, and as such the expectation was that the power of the empire would grant Ukraine a swift and triumphant victory without suffering much damage

Did anyone actually believe that? Barring a direct intervention (which wasn't going to happen - Russia is a nuclear power & Ukraine isn't in NATO), most in America expected Ukraine would have lost by now.


Wait a minute, i might have misread that, you might have been talking about deterrence. As in the US destroying Iraq should have deterred more countries from opposing the US.

I have to admit i don't know how to quantify how many countries complied with the US empire because of fear from getting the Iraq treatment. I don't know if objectively the Ukraine-shock-effect is more powerful than the Iraq-avoidance-effect, but superficially it kinda does appear like it is.

Fear is only a short term motivator and people who are effective at reaching positions of power usually have a much lower fear response. So you'd expect that the people who end up the leaders of countries are less likely to act out of fear.

Also it's possible to draw the conclusion that because Ukraine got destroyed despite complying with the empire, that is worse because it being Submission + Defeat, while those that were defeated in defiance to empire did not loose their dignity.

I think that broken expectations also do play a role.

>Did anyone actually believe that? Barring a direct intervention (which wasn't going to happen - Russia is a nuclear power & Ukraine isn't in NATO), most in America expected Ukraine would have lost by now.
It's hard to know what people really think, but it does appear that the Neo-liberals really believe their own superiority myths. If i had to guess what the neocons think: They can't make mistakes, they can only be failed by others.

The people in the west who expected Russia to curb-stomp Ukraine in 3 weeks, thought that Ukraine would take the first peace-deal the Russians would offer. I think the Russians might have had similar illusions. The other thing was that Russia didn't use heavy weapons in the first half of the war, they didn't destroy anything that would impact the civilian population. For a very long time they operated with damage minimization as a priority. Virtually everybody in the west expected Russia to go in like the Americans "shock and aw" massive fire-power unleashed. Nobody expected Russian legalism to be so influential, they declared it a "special military operation" and that really did put many constrains on what the Russian military coulPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>The people in the west who expected Russia to curb-stomp Ukraine in 3 weeks, thought that Ukraine would take the first peace-deal the Russians would offer.

I thought the former but didn't think the latter…
Yeah, Russia might have been under that impression, though.


Most people who were paying attention to the Donbass civil war, had that impression. The expectation was that Ukraine would rather grant the Donetsk and Lugansk People's republic some concession over fighting the Russians.

File: 1682334334870.png ( 241.63 KB , 382x380 , soviet_union_PNG19.png )


>be half mongol slavs
>tyrannical violent chauvinistic regime
>rules by terror
>free tortures and all kind of atrocities
>insanely corrupt
>controlled by jews
>oppress' minorities
>persecutes the church
>kills all dissenters
>eliminates ukrainians
>cannot live without war
>relies on gibs from western allies
>unlimited manpower
>shoots whoever try to surrender or retreat
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.




no clue what OP tries to say


There's a creativity sweet spot to drugs. You've veered too far, I'm afraid.
Now you're just incomprehensible.

File: 1681654531294.jpg ( 30.64 KB , 450x450 , 61EG71hD2gL._SX450_.jpg )


Cockshott is probably the best Socialist theorist of our age, he's completely BTFO'ed all arguments against Marx's Law of Value, he's empirically proven that Economic Planning is 100% possible with current data sets and modern computation, he's shown that current economic theory is based on complete woo that doesn't hold up to basic mathematical scrutiny or even basic logic.
The thing is, because all his online content is extremely complex, technical post-grad level university lectures, it's hard to get his idea's out there. Which I think why as Socialists, we should try present his arguments, theories and evidence in a far more presentable, digestable, ELI5 fashion for Normies.
What made classic Leftypol good is that we were able to present Socialist content for normies that would be shared by Zoomers and such. So I think a good project for us on this board, would be to work How the World Works (https://libgen.rocks/ads.php?md5=0f775aef8cbe24a8978e115669bfcdfb) into a decent Youtube series that explains how we can build a new economic order in the not too distant future.
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He literally has like 10 minute vids that are pretty simple lol


all his shit repeats what he says several times in papers just Google scholar him and you'll get the same stuff. How the world works also covers a shit ton of his vids but even has a section that just sentence for sentence paraphrases sections from one of his earlier works: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/257982894_Value_markets_and_socialism


i forgot to mention the blog too there's no excuse you're just not looking


Ah, I stand corrected then. Knew about his blog but hadn't thought to use Google scholar.


> Refuses to publish most of his stuff in text

uhhh wot?

File: 1681970098745.png ( 171.4 KB , 474x315 , ClipboardImage.png )


This is just a undeniable fact. The amount of dogma and fanaticism in MLism is unparalleled compare to any other ideology. It truly is like a religion.

They have religious leaders which have done absolutely nothing wrong and every time you point out anything bad about them or the actions of ML states, even when it is many times self admittently true, they will find any excuse they can get to protect their deities.

Here are some examples of real conversations I have had with Leninists:

"Why did Mao do these stupid economic decisions which lead to tens of millions dying?"

ML: "Well that was because he was tricked by a evil pseudoscientist. Also the CIA faked the numbers!"

"Why do you worship Stalin so much when the prophet Lenin himself before his death wrote about how bad he was and how he should be removed as general secretary?"

ML: "Lenin didn't really know how good Stalin actually was at everything. Also the letter is probably fake and written by the CIA (founded in 1947) in collaboration with the traitor Trotsky to destabilize Stalin's regime."
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Okay fag


OP the sooner you realize that retards living in the past will never move on to achieve anything of note the btter off you will be.


It certainly makes for easier praxis if you start from the belief that it's all already worked out for you, and all you've got to do is follow the roadmap. Because then you inevitably do fuck all, just like the rest of us.


anchored for low effort


go back to wikipedia and kill your self

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