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File: 1671778627405.png (227.89 KB, 642x648, 1671770642848113.png)


Why are white people so embarrassingly dopey and low t?

Pic is only marginally related, but is illustrative of the way in which whites look like literal clowns/mental invalids (rest in piss, fag). Where does the meme about white people being heartless Aryan conquerors come from? If anything, whites are a race of overweight fags and cucks with nasally voices and effeminate mannerisms. Seriously, was every other race just that weak 300 years ago, or did white degenerate into their present condition?
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show me a late capitalist nation that isn't a bunch of effeminates?

whites have only had the upper hand due to technology rather than a person's 'warrior spirit' whatever than means. Other civilizations were more advanced at certain points and others also developed feudalism but they would remain trapped within superstition, the philosophical tradition bequeathed by the greeks would provide the ideological justification for the development of capitalism which wouldn't be possible without the precedent of rationalism. Base determines superstructure in the final analysis but only if it has an ideology it can latch onto. So whites have always been faggot navel gazers, not because they're inherently so but that was their fate given to them by history, random or not.


File: 1671992041579.gif (62.44 KB, 312x312, spooky scary skeleton.gif)

>capitalism was impossible without the right ideology


I think an analogy of saying that our amount of vocabulary limits our range of speech but the organ itself sets a hard limit is apt. Superstition would pre-exist in primitive communism which is essentially thought-systems that would later provide a metaphysic of class society that would be gradually refined. For example enlightenment rationalism would first be conceived formally then be brought about through the bourgeois revolutions materially throughout europe since any religious doctrine would put constraints upon it, likewise socialism would be conceived and then be currently underway. But this isn't utopianism since it's not by ahistorical mutual agreement of ideas through good will but by what is possible to actualise within any given material condition.


I hope more follow


You're putting the cart before the horse. The people in the west are all mentally ill and obese because of deteriorating conditions. We lead increasingly sedentary lives, are sold garbage foods, and are almost entirely atomized. It's not like everyone just got fat and depressed overnight, this is the reality of living under neoliberalism.


Post everything related to the ongoing collapse. Also, if you have predictions about how long the Empire will survive, feel free to tell us about it.
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>And they also said that about making advances in Kherson and Kharkiv. Look how that turned out.
No, I'm afraid the commander of the Ukrainian military did not say that. You delusional moron.


Yes, dipshit. He also said that about the previous offensives. He said they did not have the ability to carry out large counteroffensives without hundreds of tanks. You haven't been paying attention.


Present a source. Here's the source for
Zaluzhny's recent statements:


I know about his recent statement.
This article is authored by Zaluzhny and Zabrodskyi.
>Preparation of an offensive campaign demands that Ukraine sets up one or more operational (operational-strategic) groupings of forces consisting of 10 to 20 combined arms brigades, depending on the intent and ambitions of the Ukrainian Command. In the current situation, the above could be done exclusively by replacing the main types of armament available to the already existing brigades with modern ones, provided by Ukraine's partners. Separately, a need should be highlighted to obtain more missiles and ammunition, artillery systems, missile launchers, EW assets, etc. All of this will require consolidated efforts of all partner countries, while taking up a significant amount of time and financial resources.
This article was written in September, before the Kherson retreat. The man has always said he needs more and that it will be critical to end this war with Ukrainian territory remaining part of Ukraine. You're stupid and don't pay attention because you only read Russian blogs and propaganda sources and think this is some kind of gotcha or admission of loss. Nobody ever said fighting Russia would be easy for the poorest nation in Europe, yet here we are, almost a year into this so-called "special military operation," with no end in sight and vatniks coping a few words said as if that changes the situation on the ground. Here's a hint, dipshit: Russia is going to lose this war and lose badly. This is why Putin is now screeching about how he just wants to negotiate, not realizing that the only negotiations the Ukrainians want to see is how much reparations Russia is going to have to pay and who will be tried at the Hague.


File: 1672182090308.gif (1.3 MB, 352x270, laughing bros.gif)

>Russia is going to lose this war and lose badly.

File: 1671863913549.jpg (100.28 KB, 1200x900, gaspipeline.jpg)


LlI live here and we just had days with -12°F (-24°C) and Wind Chills as low as -40°F (-40°C) or lower. Shitty outdated fossil fuel infrastructure failure and now they asking the largest population of the state on the Christmas Weekend to lower temperatures after doing hikes on energy bills. It's a fucking mess. Feel free to ask me anything.

Read below. I'll answer questions because I am now living through a potential natural gas outage event in the US.


We Energies asks customers to lower thermostats to 60°F.

<Company officials blamed the unprecedented request on an equipment failure at one of its suppliers out of state.


>In an unprecedented move late Friday, We Energies asked customers to reduce natural gas use by lowering thermostats to 60-62 degrees.

>"This request comes after one of the interstate pipeline suppliers who provides natural gas to We Energies experienced a significant equipment failure — reducing the amount of fuel they normally send by 30%," a statement posted to the company's website and social media accounts said.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1671867990209-0.jpg (355.17 KB, 1080x1795, IMG_20221224_013927.jpg)

File: 1671867990209-1.jpg (447.75 KB, 1080x1855, IMG_20221224_013825.jpg)

File: 1671867990209-2.jpg (359.32 KB, 1080x1937, IMG_20221224_013750.jpg)

File: 1671867990209-3.jpg (381.41 KB, 1080x1766, IMG_20221224_013722.jpg)

People on Twitter were calling out WE Energies for trying to save money by forcing people to lower their energy usage instead of actually providing other means of providing the necessary energy usage needed for our current Winter Storm and getting through the holidays.

It's nice to see people calling out corporations on their bullshit.

It's why we got this update.

From WE Energies twitter:

>Thanks to the efforts we took and our customers’ response to our broad public appeal to turn down their thermostats, the system has stabilized. However, we are still asking customers to keep their thermostats lowered overnight. We will provide an update Saturday morning.

>We made this unprecedented request after one of the interstate pipeline suppliers who provides natural gas to We Energies experienced a significant equipment failure — reducing the amount of fuel they normally send by 30%.

>The impacted pipeline is one of multiple sources we use to receive natural gas. On a typical day, an issue like this would not require customers to reduce their usage.

>However, with extreme cold setting in over much of the United States, we are unable to receive additional natural gas from other pipeline suppliers.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1671902559254.jpg (832.25 KB, 2560x1440, FrostpunkArt.jpg)

>LlI live here and we just had days with -12°F (-24°C) and Wind Chills as low as -40°F (-40°C) or lower.
The Upper Midwest during Winter is pretty much just the game Frostpunk.


The imperial bourgeoisie ordered the pipeline sabotage, it's very unlikely that one of these people are freezing because of this.


Jesus christ what a fucking joke and the government just lets it happen.


>be me 2022
>Ukraine will be fucked by winter
>mild winter in Ukraine
>completely fucked winter in imperial core
Finebyme. Jpeg

File: 1628033290548.jpeg (51.24 KB, 480x320, earstuds.jpeg)


How do you spot wreckers? And when you spot them, how do you stop them from destroying your org?
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Okay, ultra


File: 1629519290106.jpg (10.55 KB, 350x200, Lenin and Martov.jpg)

Wrecker detected, IDpol detected.

>'Focus on IDpol over economics' = AOC and Sanders are bad mmkay

>Proceeds to focus on IDpol over economics.

<Except when I do it intensifies.

1. Describe the sealed train.
2. Describe the Kerensky Government's rise to power and fall.
3. How could Lenin side with Martov and the Mensheviks to overthrow the Tsar, that's so right wing of him.
4. In b4 he worked with the Jewish Bund, no he displaced the Jewish Bund. For 8 fricking pages.
5. How could Lenin work with the Arch Conservative Kaiser, he's just a reactionary plant. #notmycomrade #bluecheckUltraleftist

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.






File: 1671861784090.jpg (12.27 KB, 161x161, sad kirby.jpg)

But you didn't add anything to the discussion.

File: 1671642165348.png (528.27 KB, 604x577, beb4d94afeb7ff443ba6838a5d….png)


We should appropriate these phrases from the fringes of the altright. They all critically identify features of the current system.


globalized homogenity
the tendency for the lowest classes to run amok and flout laws while working/middle class people are subject to ever more restrictions/policing over their daily lives.
people whose lives increasingly resemble that of the social insect, who belong to a hive and thus live in largely undifferentiated prefab mediocrity, often separated from literal production of commodities and instead employed within various layers of tertiary activity necessary for the perpetuation of not necessarily commodity production but the hive itself in its particular form.
<PMC - Pantsuit bosswoman class
Professional managerial class. That class engaged in activities of social conditioning rather than direct commodity production. Naturally the greatest defenders of the extant social relations. often both an indirect economic and direct ideological parasite upon the actual working class.
Not a phrase persay, but rather a sort of objective of socialism and communism rather than muhequality. It's the notion that the economy ought not serve either bare individuated self-interest in the form of private properity nor teleological principle of muhequality, which is always fake and ghey. Rather, it should be geared to expanding the capability of individuals and society at large. A fine but important distinction which runs counter to the lame sjw nonsense which usually passes for left.

Leaning harder into the direction of 'wah amerikkka' rhetoric is tired and spent. Why not adopt some of the above phrases, which are infused with power.
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Glowuyghur started as a right wing meme though


That's one way to look at it sure but the spread of online leftism can largely be attributed to memes in the last 8 years.


pretty sure it's primary due to economic conditions than some memes lol
as well as spread of rightism is not due to pepes lol


Yes people just magically know things with out any medium or form of communication. This is commonly agreed upon in leftists circles that all the meme pages played a large role in spreading leftist ideology on Facebook and Twitter and the like. Not to mention all fags on YouTube.


LOL. Yeah, it's "magical" when you figure out how bullshit private ownership is when you get evicted for not being able to afford your landlord's rent increase. It's "magical" when you discover that your pay is actually being cut when it fails to grow with inflation and the cost of living. It's "magical" when family members have to move in together to pool resources, because they can't afford to live on their own anymore. It's "magical" when forming a union starts to make sense after your bosses dictate that you have to stay after work unpaid to get patted down at a security checkpoint.

No, leftist thought is being spread by reality, not fedverse memes. Facebook, Twitter an YouTube can fuck off.

File: 1671365149172.png (686.1 KB, 1550x934, 1.png)


Wiki says that Stalin killed 150-350k Polish citizens and that he wanted to destroy Polish culture as a whole. How do they arrive at these figures and conclusions? The latter claim (muh culture) is obviously false – just take into account the fact that Poland became communist after the war and (what a shock!) they didn't erase their culture. But what about the 150-350k figure? Did the soviets do some kind of "mini cheka" while they occupied Eastern Poland? The figures would seem excessive for such a short period of time. Or are Western historians counting the Poles sent by the Nazis to attack Ukraine as casualties of soviet occupation?
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Sorry sweety, Wikipedia and buzzfeed are /ourmedia/💅


File: 1671377865817.jpg (139.48 KB, 753x753, 1668934487545.jpg)

I love how both the soviets and the Nazis invaded poland but poles only ever bitch about communists. Telling. Almost as bad as fucking Isreali's who compare criticism to hating jews and anti-semitism;


File: 1671480207485.mp4 (24.87 MB, 640x360, M-13.mp4)

God, fuck pooland

imagine having rabid anti-communism as your foundational myth lol
imagine boasting proudly how you """defended""" eurup from communist hordes when bolsheviks tried to break through to save the revolution in germany
imagine then getting steamrolled by the same German nationalists that you protected against the communists kek
imagine charging on horses at tanks lmao

It's a real pity that polish cucks didn't resist the soviet army as hard as some other nationalists - I would love to see a reenactment of the battle of Warsaw but in 45

the image of Warsaw getting razed to the fucking ground.. engulfed in flames.. with corpses of nationalists littering the streets…

Fuckers got away just too easy, Stalin should've relocated them to the Far East to dig the tunnel to Sakhalin or something.


File: 1671533786698-0.png (14.73 KB, 819x528, Poland popuulation Pooland.png)

File: 1671533786698-1.png (437.41 KB, 942x894, polish blowjob americans g….png)

>God, fuck pooland
I'm so glad someone finally called out Poland and the Poolish. the greatest set of faggots on the planet.

I can bitterly hate the imperialists that control the US/UK etc but at least they act in their own interest of becoming globalist cosmopolitan parasites with a rentier economy.

The Poo-lish cuckservatives have the exact same mentality as the interwar Poo-lish - they attack the communists (Soviets) and align with Britain then Britain shrugs when they get rofl stomped. The nationalists that run Poland are effectively eliminating the Polish nation so they can be plumbers in UK/Germany (making the "nationalists" not even nationalists but imperialist cosmopolitan bootlickers who sold out the Polish nation for a chance at an immigration visa and to partake in imperialist parastism and hyper exploitation of the globe)

They are literally repeating interwar period politics of sucking anglo cocks in the hopes that Anglos will come to their aid.
What's even worse is that THEY KNOW THEY ARE DOING IT

<"The Polish-American alliance is not worth anything. It's even damaging, because it creates a false sense of security in Poland," Sikorski says on an excerpt of a longer conversation set to be published Monday morning in the magazine Wprost, which is reportedly between Sikorski and former finance minister Jacek Rostowski. It's unclear who recorded the conversation said to be from this spring, and why, though speculation has focused on Russian intelligence, which is believed to have leaked a similarly embarrassing conversation between American officials.

<After his interlocutor asks why he's skeptical of the alliance, Sikorski continues that it is "bullshit."

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1671679646434.mp4 (15.46 MB, 640x360, Operation Danube.mp4)

>The nationalists that run Poland are effectively eliminating the Polish nation

cry me a river nazoid
I hate you fucks with a passion

sweet sweet nazoid tears
just look at those nazoid faces, literal crying soyjaks lol

File: 1669013686607.jpg (304.21 KB, 1600x900, cover10.jpg)


"Billionaires like Elon Musk want to save civilization by having tons of genetically superior kids. Inside the movement to take 'control of human evolution.'"
Does this "pronatalism" thing fucking terrify anyone else? These eugenicists are openly constructing Gattaca and we can only watch. Our planet's natural resources are dwindling to zero and these people want to use science to create unnaturally many genetically engineered offspring who will all themselves be living lavish, wasteful rich person lifestyles, and we will have to bear the ecological cost of their excess.
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File: 1671369710834.jpg (100.82 KB, 770x1024, 1671358746934584m.jpg)



Umm leftybros I don't mean to sound racist, but why is porkie trying to create giga uygha?


Chapo has been shit lately (mildly pro-Ukraine, etc.), but their content on OP is good.


Kek, of all the half-witted attempts that porky has made to try to save cappitalism from itself, this is the stupidest. Capital is getting concentrated into progressively fewer hands? Let's make more capitalists! Of course, they will all be trying to live off the exact same falling profits, which is why there are fewer capitalists in the first place.


It's simple. We, uh, eat the rich.

File: 1671384299738-0.jpg (38.92 KB, 445x243, effects of eating choco.jpg)

File: 1671384299738-1.jpg (382.33 KB, 1887x2442, Friday-NLPPPW-2021-How-Lea….jpg)


Lemme give you a TL;DW: almost all chocolate sold currently have dangerously high levels of lead and cadmium. Decreasing these levels will be very fucking expensive ("maybe we will have GMO tech in the future," constantly cutting out older plants instead of using them further, completely changing harvesting and manufacturing techniques).


>bought a huge bag of semisweet chocolate chips that i've been eating all month
it's over


you'll turn into a softened boned blendie backed Japanese peasant in a day


>Karen's Diner is an Australian chain of theme restaurants. The restaurant advertises a deliberately unpleasant dining experience, and staff are instructed to insult customers throughout their meal. The restaurant's name comes from the internet slang term Karen, used to describe a self-righteous woman who is very rude.

>The chain has opened locations in the United Kingdom, the United States, and New Zealand.[14][15][16][17]

>In August 2022, the restaurant drew controversy after a video allegedly showing a staffmember at a Brisbane location behaving inappropriately went viral on TikTok. In the video, the server makes inappropriate remarks about an underage patron and accuses her father, who was dining with her, of being a pedophile.[18][19] A spokesperson for the chain said that they were "disappointed" by the behavior and that the incident went against their guidelines.[3]

What kind of psychological effect does it have to be employed to act as a horrible person?

Also: anglos are insane.


and if you post ITT, please support my other thread as well, the thread with the cat with tits, okay?


xoxoxo <3


File: 1671381746982.jpg (140.64 KB, 750x1000, 1671361201252972.jpg)

"the rules"


So Capitalism innovates bad customer service.

>What kind of psychological effect does it have to be employed to act as a horrible person?

I don't know, but psychologically detrimental workplaces seem to be new the thing.

During the industrial revolution capitalism wore down the bodies of people, and now capitalism is wearing down the minds of people.


Isn't that just like dining in France?


File: 1671383444386-0.jpg (871.5 KB, 1933x1428, 1671351289495345.jpg)

File: 1671383444386-1.jpg (170.25 KB, 1000x750, 1671358174023712.jpg)

File: 1671383444386-2.jpg (148.08 KB, 1000x750, 1671361731228669.jpg)

>they hire people who enjoy being abusive shit heads
>congratulations, you now work in an environment of toxic people
>breath in the air loudly
>*finally I'm home*

File: 1670875793640.jpg (353.29 KB, 1080x1436, IMG_20221213_030802.jpg)


<what are the political implications of the sissification of males

A lot of the transvestite identity stuff seems like a psyop. Instead of serving to build a common identity in service to struggle against capitalism, it encourages people to individualisticly and immanently struggle against their own sex (and the uncanny valley). People wrapped in creating an identity out of a parody of the opposite gender aren't focused on building a better world. Even more conveniently, men who adopt the behavior and character of young girls aren't going to be the type who can actually have the mental fortitude of carrying out revolution.
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>True or false?
"Thing" or "anti-thing!" Simpleton.


>I didn't get rekt I was trolling all along!
Ok comrade.




Everyone I've ever met in left(ish) organizing who has worn their gender politics on their sleeve has turned out to be some kind of wrecker. Without exception. It's gotten to the point where I almost feel like we need to figure out a way to screen narcissism and other forms of mental illness out of people attempting to join. Their self-centered bullshit has a serious trend toward nuking morale when the slightest thing doesn't go their way.


File: 1671367910228.jpg (85.91 KB, 844x1024, 1671360809904724m.jpg)

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