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File: 1664908598332.jpg ( 154.17 KB , 500x700 , Lenin-in-Soviet-Palekh-195….jpg )


Fascism, in the Leninist sense, isn't an ideological constellation, as liberals of all stripes seem to believe, but is rather qualified by the actual relation to class structure and oligarchy.

In that vein, it is apologists and cheerleaders of today's oligarchal power, not Trump supporters, who are the true fascists.

This of course, begs they question, what/who are the oligarchs and what institutions do they rule through. If we are honest, this shouldn't be a hard question to answer. They are, naturally the ruling institutions which dominate the current social and political sphere on the national and international level as a front to their economic rule.

It is one's relationship to preserving these institutions which determines if they are a 'fascist.'
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Also imagine thinking good and evil is a thing means you must necessarily believe in God
Is this how retarded people who want to commit mass murder and execute children truly are?
Do you think the vast majority of atheists are moral relativists that don’t believe in ethics?

Do you think you should be proud that you can justify mutilating a child?


>Russia is fighting a defensive preemptive war
Russia is fighting on the defense in relation to NATO, but it's not preemptive at all they waited for 8 years to launch their attack.

>doing a wholesome peaceful

Of course there are no peaceful military operations, we are not going to turn words into their opposites, but you can't really deny that Russia made a reasonable offer for peace. They asked for administrative autonomy for eastern Ukraine, that would have ended ethnic discrimination laws and it would have created a Ukrainian political block that would have vetoed NATO integration. The other thing they asked for was ending the civil war. Ukraine would only have lost Crimea. If i remember correctly that deal even allowed for Ukraine joining the European Union with some legal and military caveats. All things considered that was a pretty good deal.


>If only Ukraine allowed Russia’s annexation of its territory, if only the country accepted being carved up!
It’s funny how you actively refuse to apply this same logic with the communist movement in Syria

Tankies are worthless nationalist shitters masquerading as communists


I don't know what you are talking about ?
Didn't Assad give the Syrian Kurds a semi autonomous region, just as long as they uphold the political formality that they are part of Syria.


The Syrian government and the DFNS are indeed cooperating fairly well at the moment.

File: 1664658879601-0.png ( 153.73 KB , 474x316 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1664658879601-1.png ( 496.53 KB , 474x637 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1664658879601-2.png ( 259.25 KB , 474x674 , ClipboardImage.png )


Wtf was this wave of New World populism? I can find many parallels between Huey Long, Perón and Getulio Vargas. They were all anti-communist but progressive and pro-social reform. People either loved or hated them and no one can agree on what they stood for.

Suffice to say they were influenced by the changes going on in Europe at the time (fascism and stalinism) with the difference they didn't have an existential communist threat so I think that played a role.

Were they Fourth Position or some shit?
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>Your wording is a bit confusing to read, so I won't pretend to understand what you meant to say.
take it slow, read it multiple times
they teach this in the school for special needs, you should know it

>bureaucratic/technocratic led society

a bunch of vague meaningless buzzwords

>This state form atop a mixed economic mode of production

>mode of production
I don't think this term means what you think it means lol

protip: it's just capitalist mode of production

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You sound unhinged


and you sound like no arguments


I simply have nothing to gain from arguing with a terminally online 'tribune of the people,' like yourself


But Im on the toilet rn, so I guess I will shit on you.

>take it slow, read it multiple times

they teach this in the school for special needs, you should know it

Substanceless ad hominem

>a bunch of vague meaningless buzzwords


If you say so

>I don't think this term means what you think it means lol. protip: it's just capitalist mode of production

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File: 1664551166711.mp4 ( 30.95 MB , 854x480 , pkthoq.mp4 )


Discuss the invasion of Ukraine by Russia in this thread. Including tangential topics like the Nordstream 2 explosion.


God, what absolute fucking retards lol
no checkpoints on the road they just shoot random cars passing by
while getting recorded lol

no wonder this shit failed
well I guess one positive in all this is that OMON and Rosgvardia got their asses handed to them lol
I guess they got too used to fighting unarmed civilians at home lol


File: 1664560105137.mp4 ( 25.58 MB , 720x1280 , 4_5839055975041994493.MP4 )

Kiev had the Azov battalion systematically execute refugees fleeing Mariupol (picrel), but I'm sure you didn't gaf about that. Surprisingly, soldiers do fucked up shit to civies during war. You should really stop being such a sheltered moralfag.


99% of discussion about Russia/Ukraine is just moralfaggotry.


What is your source saying that this was Azov shooting civilians?

File: 1664170922103.jpg ( 137.75 KB , 1200x1200 , 3628.jpg )


After headlines poured in about the 'far right' victory in Italy, I decided to do some digging.

Given that the media lies so much, I decided I shouldn't trust the 'far right' label thrown around by the walking SSRI addicted biomass globs known as journalists. Instead, I decided to try and figure what the Brothers of Italy's policies are. Here's where they stand on various issues according to:


I've judged each stance as based or cringe based on my own subjective opinion. Feel free to do the same yourself.

(These are all described by the aforementioned website as being the positions of the party's support base. It's very hard to find any media outlet to cite the party's platform on many issue. they're more concerned with repeating buzzwords like 'far right' ad nauseam while patting themselves on the backs for being 'serious journalists.')

Require employers to pay men and women the same for the same job - support (based)

Increasing environmental regulations to cut CO2 emissions - support (based)

State endorsed euthanasia - oppose (based)
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Yeah, I feel like these journos skipped the whole march on Rome part of Mussolini's rise to power…


>Omg, i heard a thing


File: 1664218378350.png ( 352.21 KB , 611x632 , 1664217103931232.png )

Um, based department is calling


File: 1664255718030.jpg ( 88.81 KB , 1024x865 , 1664229848415809m.jpg )

>Oh no, eurobros. She's naming the [checks notes] financial speculators.


Because according to liberals, social democracy + social conservatism = fascism.
There's a kernel of truth there of course.

File: 1631562689039.png ( 151.85 KB , 1200x1445 , KPRF_Logo.svg.png )

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Here is the party programme of the KPRF

>Stop the extinction of the country, restore benefits for large families, reconstruct the network of public kindergartens and provide housing for young families.

>Ban on abortion and contraception for ethnic Russians.
>Recognise ethnic Russians as founders of the state
>Nationalise natural resources in Russia and the strategic sectors of the economy; revenues in these industries are to be used in the interests of all citizens.
>Return to Russia from foreign banks the state financial reserves and use them for economic and social development.
>Break the system of total fraud in the elections.
>Create a truly independent judiciary.
>Carry out an immediate package of measures to combat poverty and introduce price controls on essential goods.
>Not raise the retirement age.
>Restore government responsibility for housing and utilities, establish fees for municipal services in an amount not more than 10% of family income, stop the eviction of people to the streets and expand public housing.
>Increase funding for science and scientists to provide decent wages and all the necessary research.
>Restore the highest standards of universal and free secondary and higher education that existed during the Soviet era.
>Ensure the availability and quality of health care.
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File: 1664286702291.jpg ( 31.62 KB , 480x270 , MJ-popcorn.jpg )



>This is why people fucking despise you by the way, and why you deserve it. Because despite all your bullshit pretensions, faux morality, and rehearsed “love” for the working class; at the end of the day you view workers as pawns, see yourselves as the one truly worthy of controlling “leading” them, and are perfectly willing to throw away their lives as if they are worth nothing.
Are there any tankies online who are not like this? Surely just by the law of averages there must. But I have never met one.


>"ashes" implies that it has no value, that it have burned to the ground
The "ashes" I was referring to were the destroyed relations to the means of production that Soviet citizens no longer had to even a dysfunctional command economy.


>It’s funny how the fault never falls with the alienation of the masses from the state/party machinery but rather just the intellectual rot of cloistered intelligentsia who were the ones entrusted with and empowered over the fates of millions
Like holy shit how can you still not see the problem?
This should be tattooed onto the forehead of every tankei.


>Are there any tankies that are not like this

No. Also, fix'd

File: 1664203821749.jpg ( 22.55 KB , 220x299 , 220px-Zhouenlai1912.jpg )


What do you guys think of elite over production theory?

If you've never heard of it, it goes a bit like this:

Social unrest occurs during a period of economic stagnation following a period of economic growth. In this juncture, a coming-of-age generation achieved an education and expected to join the ranks of the elite or upper middle class. When reality hits them in the face, they encounter economic hardship, and their hopes fail to materialize, they turn to radical left wing politics. But, in effect, they seek to take out the old elite in order to make room for themselves.

A much more detailed summary can be found here:


To me, it seems plausible. Interestingly, it also comports with the theory of the causal factors of revolution laid out by John Foran in 'Taking Power' (which you should read if you don't want to be a psued all your life).

<Tldr: a bunch of reasonably smart and creative people develop their minds but have no outlet through which to socially/economically succeed with it. As a response, they turn to leftist politics and hope to 'overthrown heaven,' to make use of a Chinese term.

Pic related is Chou En Lai
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File: 1663567172871.jpg ( 31.8 KB , 512x274 , pink-capitalism1.jpg )


Saying that capitalism is unstable is a cope. If anything, it's proven itself to be especially adaptive to social pressure, able to coopt and leverage social movements against socialism. It won the cold war and forced AES to concede in one way or another. Part of this, I presume, has to do with the financialize of the economy. Production, in essence, has taken a back seat of circulation. This has put workers on the backfoot when it comes to organizing. A recent article by Compact Magazine does a good job of laying out the case for the stability of capitalism. However, I also have misgivings about this line of thought, which I'll detail later in the comments:

>for the first half century or so after Marx’s death in 1883, the emphasis on instability seemed to be amply borne out. From the 1890s to the 1930s, not only did the system seem to be teetering on collapse, but the very contours of social conflict appeared to amply vindicate Marx’s expectations—it was the emerging industrial proletariat that was at the helm of the revolutionary outbreaks across the capitalist world…

>Classical Marxists and the postwar left were both wrong in their belief that capitalism was stabilized by something outside the class structure. The real source of social order in capitalism—of its stable reproduction over time—isn’t culture or ideology; it is the class structure itself. The structure ensures that individuals within the working class choose individualized forms of resistance over collective ones. They do so not because they fail to recognize their interests, as theories of false consciousness or cultural hegemony would have it. Both of these approaches insisted that workers in some way failed to understand their immediate material interests. Actually, it is because workers accurately perceive the risks and costs associated with collective action. Hence, they typically opt for individualized forms of advancement over collective ones. But to opt for an individualized strategy is nothing other than to accept the dominant position of the employer—and of capitalists as a class. It leaves unchallenged the employer’s structural power over the worker and seeks simply to maximize the worker’s welfare within the latter’s parameters. It is a tacit acceptance of the rules of the game, rather than an effort to transform or even challenge them…

>Institutions enabli
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Op here

The main critique I have of the article is a) it assumes that the only alternative to capitalism is so sort of revolutionary socialism instead of something much worse, and b) assumes we're still living under a predominantly capitalist system rather than something much worse.

I'd argue that were are, in fact, heading toward a sort of techno neo feudalism as a natural outgrowth of fully developed capitalism. The distinguishing feature of neo fuedalism is that economic surplus, rather than reinvested simply into the development of the means of production, is increasingly reinvested into ancillary and circulatory processes and, more importantly, the development of the means of control. Power is always the goal. For a (relatively short) period, ownership of the means of production was the primarily means to acquire and maintain power. Increasingly, I'd argue, the MoP are collectively owned (through financialization schemes, including common stock ownership) yet defacto *controlled* by an administrative elite. This is not only the case in the west, but also in places like China.

Inb4: but market relations still exist.

Ya, so do basic fuedal ones, such as landlord-tenants. That doesn't mean fuedalism is the dominant MoP


File: 1663651616821.gif ( 137.76 KB , 270x271 , fry chewing.gif )

… Advanced Encryption Standard?


I think most people with a brain understand we are heading to neo feudalism. Especially with the break down in relations between labor and capital that has occurred with in the last 100 years.


>I think most people with a brain understand we are heading to neo feudalism.

This explains why no one in the idpol or cultural left is talking about it


>It depends on how you mean. If you can't see things from varying frame works you are retarded.
Sure but there is a default framework that is applied if you don't specify it.
And the default framework is that the purpose of the economy is to reproduce society.
Capitalism is not efficient at that.

If you specify that you are talking about profits in particular, maybe capitalism is efficient.
It's still kind of ideologically warped because the workers don't make profits in capitalism, in fact most people never make profits in capitalism, so how efficient could it really be. It's like saying that Feudalism was efficient at building stone castles, until you realize that the peasants never got a castle.

File: 1662273522474.png ( 1.5 KB , 1920x1280 , UPA Flag.png )

 No.456704[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Last Ukraine thread is full. Why don't we have a new one to stay out of other threads?

At the time of posting this, Ukraine's "methodical counteroffensive" in the Kherson Oblast has started. Where do you think this is headed, anon?

Let the debates begin!
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Where does it say he doesn't think Ukraine shouldn't be independent?


Htat is the implication to anyone that isn't illiterate. His actions said as such when he tried to invade the whole of Ukraine, and not just put troops in Donbabwe and Luganda.


>Htat is the implication to anyone
ok schizo
>His actions said as such when he tried to invade the whole of Ukraine
if he tried to invade a bit of Ukraine, would that have meant he was committed to the independence of Ukraine?


The Serb Sperg is back!


>it's a Shqiptar doesn't know any other Yugoslavian republic except Serbia episode
I bet you celebrate US bases in Albania and Kosovo, imperialist cuck.

File: 1653426879778.jpg ( 144.08 KB , 618x597 , 1619719105198.jpg )


>The "tax" for keeping the Second Amendment just increased by 14 kids and 1 adult.
>But, hey, it wasn't anyone you knew so what difference does it make, amirite?

Are we ready to ban the guns yet? Go ahead… I'm ready for the "thoughts and prayers" guntard playbook.
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File: 1660990066790.png ( 48.03 KB , 894x773 , 5715.png )

>just give resources to plebs, that will liberate them



Good to see some sanity.

OP may not be gay, but zir sure is a fag


>Are we ready to ban the guns yet?
Nah, come back when all the kids are dead, then I'll think about it.


Leftists don't want to ban guns. Bad idea.


File: 1663363302668.jpg ( 122.18 KB , 828x662 , 1663267858074906.jpg )

File: 1661033092849-0.jpg ( 42.78 KB , 1267x654 , 927829171729.jpg )

File: 1661033092849-1.jpg ( 94.89 KB , 964x1675 , 625282827191.jpg )

File: 1661033092849-2.jpg ( 166.92 KB , 720x1280 , 72628187219.jpg )

File: 1661033092849-3.jpg ( 67.91 KB , 980x984 , 8262819171999.jpg )

File: 1661033092849-4.mp4 ( 8.98 MB , 640x352 , Ec3eisOyZUhjNnho.mp4 )

 No.456195[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

It's now been confirmed that Darya Dugina, daughter of Russian political philosopher Alexander Dugin, has been assassinated in a car bombing in Moscow Oblast. Her father was supposed to be in the car, indicating that he was the target of the attack.

This has literally just happened and I will try to post updated news when I see it.
Link to the RWA twitter thread:
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We don't even have to do that, US killed way more. By the way, when are you leaving whatever western democracy you live in now in order to go to your preferred alternative like China, Russia, or yes, even Afghanistan? Clearly, you must be working something out to get the fuck out of whatever American-controlled shithole you live in today.


Only rich people can ever dream of leaving their countries of origin.

Legally anwyays


Nah. I did it, and I had almost nothing. In fact, I'm pretty sure you can get help if you volunteer your time to your new government. Many of these will be happy to pay your ticket to get there and work for them. What's stopping you?


>I'm glad you agree that life would be better under the US-style liberalism than under the Taliban.
You're presenting it disingenuously. The question is: would you rather live under US-style liberalism in the midst of a decades-long war OR under the Taliban in peace time? That is the choice Afghan people were faced, they chose peace. You think they're dumb because you've never been anywhere near a war, for you Americans war is something that happens far away, in third world countries.


>You're presenting it disingenuously. The question is: would you rather live under US-style liberalism in the midst of a decades-long war OR under the Taliban in peace time?
Well, the Afghans weren't starving under US occupation, nor is it actually peacetime. Afghanistan just switched to a slow-burn insurgency/civil war. What you think the killing stopped just because the US left? I'm sure a lot of women in Afghanistan wish the US had stayed.
>That is the choice Afghan people were faced, they chose peace.
No. The people didn't get a vote. They had a government they had voted into power, which the Biden administration basically sabotaged (though it was a Trump plan).
>You think they're dumb because you've never been anywhere near a war
I've been in two, one willingly and one unwillingly.
>for you Americans war is something that happens far away, in third world countries.
Well, I wasn't born in America, and my home country is still at war. Now, what idpol are you going to pull out next?

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