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File: 1643489216318.png (13.25 KB, 162x312, ClipboardImage.png)


How should public security organizations like armies, surveillance teams, police etc be structured within your typical socialist state to ensure NATO can’t force its imperialist influence nor abolish a socialist government by force in any instance.


File: 1643490989162.png (100.54 KB, 371x160, cf16042ef6ad115d5d26b8e56c….png)

I always figured they would be centralized bodies at the behest of the federal government.


Police and intelligence functions will all be done at the local level.
Military can be setup in a Federalist model. What will keep NATO out if effectively decentralizing state power to the proles as much as possible. An empowered worker is a worker that cannot be subverted. This is something Stalinists cannot understand.

File: 1643250090379.jpeg (217.33 KB, 1079x601, 920E7659-1935-4CA3-8F39-1….jpeg)


We really gotta keep he-she’s from positions of power. Transgender drama ruined CHOP/CHAZ as well.
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I'm enjoying the memes that are coming from this disaster.


File: 1643402522345.png (55.76 KB, 1601x720, 1643400826537.png)

Forgot pic


File: 1643406348293.jpg (150.04 KB, 1022x1024, 1604982733294m.jpg)

transhumanists so rent free in your head you'd rather talk about them then actually taking action or talking about something productive. This IDPOL kills movments.


people never "organized" on r/antiwork, it was only used as a platform for pushing various kinds of propaganda. it'll survive as hashtags, fb groups, etc


I wouldn’t be so obsessed if you weren’t ruining worker movements and yelling at people to accept your delusions.

File: 1643139127823.png (1.08 MB, 1188x1736, leftybrain.png)


Having been raised in America, the American Leftist is influenced by Judeo-Christian morals. Most Judeo-Christian flavors of religion were historically an enslaved underclass, and as a coping mechanism developed a Slave Morality that values victimhood and suffering as holy. The American Leftist is influenced by this Slave Morality, and identifies with the lower classes, so exalts weakness and fragility as desirable and respectable traits. This is out of a subconscious desire to reject the perceived ruling-class values of might and discipline.

In practice, this creates a degenerate behavior of sabotaging any Leftist organization that approaches authority. In the mind of the Slave-Morality Leftist, a Leftist that approaches authority is similar to the ruling class, which is imagined to be a betrayal of Leftist morals. This ultimately results in purity spirals of attacking anyone who is achieving any degree of conventional authority, instead putting at the forefront those who are the most outraged, the most offended, the most fragile, and the least capable of asserting their will onto society at large.

We have seen this happen at Democratic Socialists of America party meetings, where the attendees endlessly raise personal grievances to grind all activity to a halt, narcissistically making themselves the center of attention. The leadership of the DSA hesitates to reject these people, because they fear alienating the downtrodden underclass. The most egregious are those that are offended on another’s behalf, as they use others as pawns in their attention-seeking.

Formalized leftist organizations, like the DSA party, are not the only victims of the Slave-Morality Leftist. In less formal groups that have no explicit command structure, the Slave-Morality Leftist demands hyperfixation on the most loudly offended, and the most aggressively complainant. Meetings and discussions seize as people compete to be the most victimized, demanding hyperfixation on the endless tiny details of grievance upon grievance. Whether this is from a sincere desire to make the most harmed the most heard, or a manipulation tactic by attention-seeking narcissists, the result is the same: The complete halt of operations and inevitable death of the organization.

As should be apparent, a movement or organization that rewards incapability and suppresses the direct ability to assert one’s will, cannot influence society to a meaningful and lasting dePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Some of the dumbest shit I've ever read. You lack self awareness.


"Slave morality" as you understand it is a far more recent invention - as in, it was basically invented by Nietzsche so he can whine about his usual kraut faggotry. It's entirely a conceit of eugenicists, who aggressively assert that only their program allows for healthy existence, and all other moralities are therefore sick and 100% evil.
Ask a Christian what they actually think about morality, virtue, and what makes a person good, and it doesn't conform to "slaves are inherently good". The slave or the Christian has no difficulty acknowledging that their fellows are often morally repugnant, and that their slave condition degrades them. Today's "slave morality" is very much manufactured, a state of affairs the rulers give to their subjects to convince them that slavery itself is a just system. Even if you look at the moral justifications for slavery in the mid-19th century, no one was convinced that slavery was good for the slave, or extermination is good for the conquered race. It is a particular morality of an aggressor who seeks to disallow the slightest inspection of history or truth. People like Nietzsche promote the real slave morality.

Even with a long history of slavery, it took very elaborate methods to create the slave morality of the 20th century, like grabbing kids at youth and forcing them into state-run indoctrination centers. If you tried to convince people of the current slave morality without that apparatus, they would revolt and put your head on a spike. As it was, merely telling the poor of Paris that they weren't going to get subsidized bread was enough for shit to get real in the French Revolution. Nietzsche wants to make it a slave mentality to demand basic things like being able to afford food, which the emerging free trade system was not allowing people to do for very obvious reasons. Nietzsche has to indulge in reactionary magical thinking faggotry to even pretend there was a time when the poor weren't struggling for existence, and that's the reactionary go-to. Today's reactionary is the most enthusiastic cuckold, debasing himself in submission to the lord and being proud of his depravity. It's always been projection from them.


>It is a particular morality of an aggressor who seeks to disallow the slightest inspection of history or truth.
Are you and OP agreeing about who is the subject of discussion ?
The people that OP is describing tend to be really aggressive too, so I'm not sure how to interpret this.


> It's entirely a conceit of eugenicists
Someone hurt you, huh?

File: 1642625687094.png (38.3 KB, 294x246, alunya.png)


Just a dumb thread idea I had. I was trying to imagine a teenager asking me, "so I think I'm a lefty, now what?"

0. Find local lefties. Be a good friend for your comrades.
1. Join a union. Become active in it! Pushing for a fairer workplace is honestly a more meaningful fight than trying to change local laws. It'll also help develop the leftist position in your neighborhood.
2. Exercise often and learn to cook. The amount of $$ that NPCs waste on eating crap food is really pretty mindboggling. You can watch a little less TV or do a little less shitposting online to find the time to cook yourself a good, wholesome meal now and then. Invest in a weight set or punching bag; at least do some body-weight exercises.
3. Put up wheatpastes! At best, you may be able to make new friends and spark some kind of discussion. At the least, you may be able to trigger some wrongthink NPCs into flipping out. Good activity to do with friends, and is decent enough exercise.
4. Meditate, research, absorb theory. Learn to articulate what you see as being problems in our society and how to resolve them. Discipline your mind and learn to regulate your feelings.
5. Find ways to apply your skills to the cause, whether it's writing, educating, sharing resources, pushing messages, countering narratives, etc. If your town is absolutely dry, you can resort to online projects, but try to remember that online ultimately doesn't matter or challenge any meaningful threats to the status quo.
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Yeah, pretty much. At least yellow unions like the AFL-CIO and its subsidiaries. I say this from personal experience. There's always the IWW or party politics but the IWW is small and Our communist parties are splintered into a million different groups. So, I dunno. I think growing the IWW is the best bet personally.


read bordiga and paul cockshott, thats le it


IWW is great. No reason why you can't join it or try to pump some life in. They have an IRC channel on Libera with a Matrix bridge iirc btw. Subreddit is a bit active; we should really make a Lemmy somewhere eh?


Do they seriously? What is the room name?


Even IWW?

File: 1643019353062-0.png (41.29 KB, 497x831, gaddafi.png)

File: 1643019353062-1.png (114.88 KB, 768x768, ClipboardImage.png)


What did he really get wrong? This seems like a pretty reasonable way of organizing things. Perhaps some similarities to the Rojava organization style.


Did he kill a gorrillion people?


>What did he really get wrong?
Not having a nuclear deterrent.

File: 1642253131447.webm (1.49 MB, 300x214, They Dont Know.webm)


The greatest problems halting the left from progress in this moment are anarchists, lifestylists, and perfectionists. Anarchists because they are anathema to achieving the power necessary to assert our will; Lifestylists because of their cliquey self-destructive purity spirals and unhalting destructive criticism of other leftists; Perfectionists because they oppose and undermine any kind of incremental progress or minor achievements. Anarchists generally manifest the other two, while the other two are present independently among all subtypes of Leftist.


I mean I generally agree but the real question is "What is to be done?" How do we handle the lifestylist meanance.


what exactly do you mean "lifestylist"
The only people I see using this term are Bookchinites and other crypto Zionists ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Not sure how anarchists are such a problem either. When is the last time some anarchists stopped you from organizing your workplace or doxxing some fascists? Develop your ideas a bit more OP


File: 1642283048459.jpg (188.84 KB, 960x1280, 1640489880902-1.jpg)

The issue I find with anarchists is that they are very quick to use terrorism and destruction of property as a tool. This is obviously not an inherently bad thing, but, you have to realize that this is very alienating to the general population and that is why it's lifestylism. It's bad over all for the left anon. I used to be an anarchist like you….


you're never going to have "good optics" about a revolution. remember that the winners write the history. overton window is a trap for midwits . don't ask for consent from the ruling class for what we'll do



He's not talking about approval of the ruling class, you mindless smashy, he's talking about your peers.

File: 1642390891926.mp4 (1.61 MB, 1280x720, Preface to the First Germa….mp4)


The work, the first volume of which I now submit to the public, forms the continuation of my Zur Kritik der Politischen Oekonomie (A Contribution to the Criticism of Political Economy) published in 1859. The long pause between the first part and the continuation is due to an illness of many years’ duration that again and again interrupted my work.

The substance of that earlier work is summarised in the first three chapters of this volume. This is done not merely for the sake of connexion and completeness. The presentation of the subject matter is improved. As far as circumstances in any way permit, many points only hinted at in the earlier book are here worked out more fully, whilst, conversely, points worked out fully there are only touched upon in this volume. The sections on the history of the theories of value and of money are now, of course, left out altogether. The reader of the earlier work will find, however, in the notes to the first chapter additional sources of reference relative to the history of those theories.

Every beginning is difficult, holds in all sciences. To understand the first chapter, especially the section that contains the analysis of commodities, will, therefore, present the greatest difficulty. That which concerns more especially the analysis of the substance of value and the magnitude of value, I have, as much as it was possible, popularised. The value-form, whose fully developed shape is the money-form, is very elementary and simple. Nevertheless, the human mind has for more than 2,000 years sought in vain to get to the bottom of it all, whilst on the other hand, to the successful analysis of much more composite and complex forms, there has been at least an approximation. Why? Because the body, as an organic whole, is more easy of study than are the cells of that body. In the analysis of economic forms, moreover, neither microscopes nor chemical reagents are of use. The force of abstraction must replace both. But in bourgeois society, the commodity-form of the product of labour — or value-form of the commodity — is the economic cell-form. To the superficial observer, the analysis of these forms seems to turn upon minutiae. It does in fact deal with minutiae, but they are of the same order as those dealt with in microscopic anatomy.

With the exception of the section on value-form, therefore, this volume cannot stand accused on the score of difficulty. I presuppose, of course, a reader who is willing tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1642074554109.jpg (188.27 KB, 800x440, artemisiaannua.jpg)


There's an actual proven certified communist remedy to """"covid""". It's called Artemisia Annua.
If you hide it and defend anything like the darpa death sentence injection, muzzling people, destroying society, terminating patients with ventilators and so on and so on you are an anticommunist and a nazi piece of shit and you deserve to die and will die painfully when we will catch you. But it will actually be the best for you, since under your master you wil suffer even more.
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File: 1642082249738.jpg (74.03 KB, 720x518, barbara.jpg)



t. your resident pharma bots




Take your meds skitzo


take meds

File: 1633248574009.jpg (117.04 KB, 432x560, IMG3988.jpg)


I fucking hate this dude, man. I hate his constructed "ancient asian uncle" aura.
I hate the vietnamese communists. See how they jumped ship. They are buddy-buddy with the Americans now. They are a sweatshopland now. How is that possible? If the war was so brutal as they told us. Sure, betrayal is a thing, but it's not possible, not this soon. The people that fought in that war are alive, the people that died in that war are alive, that war is alive, it just happened. Yet they don't hate the Americans, they love them. And I came to the conclusion that my perspective was wrong. For the Viet Cong the Americans were never an enemy, they were adversaries in a war of conquest they won, an obstacle. So why not be friends now? And why were you even here anyway? In fact, they never saw themselves as a part of a global force countering colonialism; that was good PR. They must have been really confused by the Chinese, the Koreans, the Soviets and all the people in the world supporting them and rooting for them, they probably made fun of them. Communism was a vessel for national chauvinism, both materially and spiritually. They are fascist, Viet Nam is literally the Strasserite strawman radlibs poke at, and, quite ironically, the Strasserites are always happy to use Ho as a legitimizing authority.
One can even excuse such a backward subjectivity if it brings good results in the objective reality, but you can see now that subjectivity is the objective reality.
The gang of Hanoi sacrificed millions of their people for their petit-grandeure. They brag about it. And they are friends with the Americans. They probably respect them, their boldness. Predators compliment predators. And the real reson why they don't hate them is that they have no reason to do so. I mean, they can't take their boats and go conquer Florida, there's no point then in hating Americans, they are not Khmers.
I read that the Vietnamese accuse Pol Pot of the killing of 500,000 Cham (one must always forget every sense of proportion when dealing with Pol Pot.) The sinister aspect is that if the Vietnamese accuse Pol Pot of haveing killed 500,000 Cham, they themselves probably did it. The Vietnamese killed half a million of Cham; just finishing the job.
But it wasn't a betrayal. It was supposed to go this way. I learned recently that Stalin didn't like Ho (did the man ever missed once?) And it makes sense to me: he was never a communist, but a petty bourg nationalist, he pretty much adPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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the US wasn't there for economic reasons, they were there because Vietnam and Laos share a border and some international waters with China
they only pulled out after they made peace with Mao and had no big geopolitical interest there anymore


It is general education. My wife is a southerner Catholic who learned about Marxism and sang the international in music class etc. Her and her family admire him and are patriotic to the state, unlike what Viets in Houston might tell you.

Also she can disassemble, clean, and reassemble an AK in a couple minutes, all students learn to do that.


I live in Vietnam with family. Bac is one form of Uncle, the elder uncle of the family actually. It's normal in Vietnam to give people such familial pronouns. For instance you'd call someone you REALLY REALLY respected "Ong", which is like elderly grandpa. People don't call him "Ong" and I suspect that if he were forcing people to call him something, it would be that.

Anyway it would make sense that they rejected personality cult stuff, since Uncle Ho have an address personally apologizing for the excesses and mishandling of land reform. He actually wept. Imagine a Stalin or Mao apologizing for their blunders.


>I read that the Vietnamese accuse Pol Pot of the killing of 500,000 Cham (one must always forget every sense of proportion when dealing with Pol Pot.) The sinister aspect is that if the Vietnamese accuse Pol Pot of haveing killed 500,000 Cham, they themselves probably did it. The Vietnamese killed half a million of Cham; just finishing the job

This shows what's really underpinning the thread. The Cambodians have been PISSED about Vietnam stopping their murders of Cham and Viet ethnic minorities (as well as their own, who the Khmer don't seem to actually give a fuck about) ever since it happened. Really they've been seething since they lost the Mekong Delta centuries ago.

Have fun with your puppet gov, cuck, hope your sister doesn't have to work at one of the Chinese pleasure houses or casinos they've been building all over Glorious Angkor lately


these post really show you everything you need to know about vietnamese "comrades"

File: 1641483182955.jpeg (95.19 KB, 458x687, 1641483178122.jpeg)


Rewatching today's speeches from Kamala and Biden.

Then replays of what happened last year on January 6th.

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What's good about incarcerating hundreds of protesters? If anything it's only gonna prevent the establishment from being threatened again


The protestors were the establishment.


That's the point though. To send a message.


File: 1641605750568.jpg (88.92 KB, 1155x649, bombmaker_wide-a822dad3b99….jpg)

>planting bombs at both party headquarters
>breaking into the whitehouse, stealing shit and stopping a bureaucratic procession
>the establishment
ok anon


>Being a lapdog of a sitting president makes you an outsider.
Imagine believing this.

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