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File: 1693901624104.png ( 791.4 KB , 488x788 , ClipboardImage.png )


I keep running into a particularly insidious type of revisionism. The "Think of the Children!" revisionism. It is stated repeatedly by disguised fascists, royalists, and liberals larping as communists on our board and misusing the concept of empathy that ruling class children can be reeducated, and, failing that, sent to a labor camp. Let me be perfectly clear. The brats of the petit bourgeoisie, of the bourgeoisie, and of the aristocracy cannot be "rehabilitated" or "reeducated" under any circumstances. They must all be liquidated alongside their inbred pedophile worker-hating parents. It is not the duty of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat to waste precious and limited resources attempting to coddle and reeducate children who in 99.9…% of circumstances will grow up to be precisely like their parents, to secretly harbor counter-revolutionary opinions, and collaborate amongst themselves to foment bourgeois counter-revolution. I don't care if they're in diapers. You put a bullet in their fucking head. Morality is not real. It is a theistic bourgeois construct regarding property relations. It does not matter if this is "good" or "bad." You put the bullet in the bourgeois baby's brain or he will grow up to kill you and everyone you love and destroy everything you fought for. Do you understand? If not, you are a liberal, a fascist, a royalist, and you ought to be hung by your genitals from the nearest lamp post. You are not a comrade, you are a coward, and vermin, to be exterminated alongside the ruling class, their children, their pets, and their lickspittle servants. This isn't a question of "nurture vs nature" either. This is a question of risk mitigation and victory maximization. I am not "weird" or a "freak" or "hate children" for understanding this. Take heed this quote from Mark Twain (Who, despite being a feckless bourgeois 19th century liberal, was perfectly capable of understanding the need for Revolutionary Terror):

>“THERE were two “Reigns of Terror,” if we would but remember it and consider it; the one wrought murder in hot passion, the other in heartless cold blood; the one lasted mere months, the other had lasted a thousand years; the one inflicted death upon ten thousand persons, the other upon a hundred millions; but our shudders are all for the “horrors” of the minor Terror, the momentary Terror, so to speak; whereas, what is the horror of swift death by the axe, compared with lifelong death from hunger, cold
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The bolsheviks gunned down the children of Tsar Nik2 because there was a risk they could have gone into exile and become the beginning of a royalist counter revolution which would have been put down with yet more bloodshed. The bolsheviks can't really be blamed for the logic of feudal political power. Designing the feudal political form so that the only way to end it was for everybody in the thrown-succession to be dead, was always going to be a death-sentence for the last generation of royals. Everything ends, it's better to design political systems with a graceful failure-mode. Monarchs who didn't cede political power to democratic institutions are to blame for the slaughter that their structure created. The bolsheviks would have chosen to unelect the monarchical order if that was a possibility. The bourgeoisie in France did the same thing as the bolsheviks when they abolished obstinate feudalism. In some places feudal rulers dismantled their power willingly and transitioned into democracy and avoided becoming a bloodstain in the footnotes of history.

All that said the people who complain about this don't care about children at all, because they never morn any of the millions of peasant born children that died because of Tsarist rule. The correct thing to do is turn "Think of the Children!" back on them, child mortality plummeted under Soviet rule. That means these people are demanding the sacrifice of all those peasant children to safe the children of the Tsar.

The rest of your post isn't very logical. Political convictions and bourgeois sentiment isn't hereditary. All the past methods of dealing with counter revolutions was predicated on a false premise. The false premise that counter revolutions could be prevented. The correct analysis is that counter revolutions will happen and the task of the revolution is to make it fail. So we're going to organize the counter revolution our self and we'll choreograph it to make it fail. We don't have to invent something new, we can appropriate the kabuki theater they invented. If you have to deal with royalists, you build a fake castle with a fake thrown and a feudalism larp. If you have to deal with counter revolutionary neo-liberals you make a fake stock-exchange with line go up as larp and so on.

There are 2 factors why political and economic systems get overthrown. The first Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>The bolsheviks would have chosen to unelect the monarchical order if that was a possibility.
I rather doubt it has ever been that simple. Revolutions don't happen when the people being ruled over are content. They happen when their rulers have done something to piss them off enough to overthrow their system, and at that point their rulers can either expect to be killed themselves in vengeance or cling to power as hard as they can to protect their lives. Non-violent revolutions with non-violent transitions of power are rare precisely because violence-breeding destitution and repression is usually a prerequisite for a revolution to occur in the first place.


>Revolutions don't happen when the people being ruled over are content. They happen when their rulers have done something to piss them off enough to overthrow their system
The masses make revolution when they think it will make their lives better, collective revenge probably isn't a thing. Masses of people don't get organized just for payback, all that effort that goes into pulling off a revolution, that's motivated by gain. Revenge killings during revolutions do happen of course but they are acts of individuals, and they're usually frowned upon because the after-revolution politics has to recover from the disruption of normality and order.

>at that point their rulers can either expect to be killed themselves in vengeance or cling to power as hard as they can to protect their lives.

Not really, the rulers that give up tend to live while those that cling to power usually don't. Clinging to power means using brutal methods and making them selves into monsters. In the end that's what gets them wrecked. And this isn't because of vengeance. It's people having gone through rough times, thinking about all those good people that didn't make it. And then not being able to answer why these horrible monsters should be allowed to survive when the good people didn't. I have read a lot of testimony from the post ww2 period, people complaining about the wrong people surviving is a prominent theme. That sentiment ended a fuck-ton of Nazi collaborators in the last stages of the war.

The N°1 reason why terrible rulers get killed off is because they clung to power too much. Even the most horrible politicians almost never get killed because their hold on power is limited. And getting rid of them usually isn't terribly hard. So if the effort of getting rid of terrible rulers was low enough it's not worth killing them, but if it took a tremendous amount of struggle, people feel that they want to make sure that it's "permanent". Democracies have so little political violence because political power tends to be more ephemeral.

By the way the bolsheviks initially didn't intent to kill the Tsars. After being deposed they were put under house arrest for a long time. The firing squat order was given because there was a risk that they might get released from captivity by opposing comPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1715464255171.webm ( 11.97 MB , 360x360 , leninhat_speech.webm )

>my satire of leninhat from /leftypol/ got posted to leftychan
oh my


Fucking exactly. I am here for the complete extermination of the ruling class, not fantasy worldbuilding.

File: 1714570474355.png ( 17.44 KB , 371x300 , regime collaborator hotlin….png )


An article on NC that is chronicling the new methods of repression for the purpose of silencing criticism.
Give it a read if you can stomach some more existential dread and can forgive mild anti-soviet rhetoric.

<The governments across the West are increasingly turning to systems in efforts to silence criticism of the ruling class policies – from unpopular wars and climate change inaction to plunder and eugenic public health policies.

<A few quick notes before the rundown of the new laws and reporting systems. A neat trick by making it appear as if these laws are anti-hate is that opposition to them can be dismissed as pro-hate. In reality, the issue really has nothing to do with hate, but is more a question of free speech.
<The problem is that the definition of bias or hate is incredibly slippery and is often just any speech that the powers that be don’t want to hear. It can range from an “offensive” joke to criticism of Israeli policy. We now have concrete examples of exactly how it could be abused as Canada works to enact a precrime law that would punish individuals accused of hate incidents before they (in theory) commit a hate crime.
<What to make of all this?
<One possibility is that Western governments are aware that the moment of their relative decline is here, and they plan to revert to more overt forms of colonialism wherever possible around the world. At the same time, the Western ruling class plans to double down on its plunder at home. In both cases, more authoritarian measures will be necessary to silence critics.

Where the article falls short is a material analysis. I get the impression that this is some kind of end-stage imperialism. And the mad dash towards implementing all those draconian anti democratic population bully mechanisms, is the upper echelons of the imperial bourgeoisie trying to convert western societies into a blunt instrument to hold on to their imperial super-profits that benefit them first and foremost.

For context Ben Norton has made a video where he describes the effects of De-Dollarisation.
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To the ruling system, a revolt or crisis can be gamed so that the ruling ideas do not fundamentally change. Those who came close learn the hard way that humans really can't change by any amount of struggle, without resorting to such a sweeping change of society that it would require centuries and complete enclosure. All aristocracy had to do is create its own religion which pre-empted that and set such a change of humanity as a goal - to create humanity in its image and make the world nothing but a monument to them. This in some way is what aristocracy always was, but they had doubt in their own ranks that such a thing was possible or would actually be a good thing compared to basically anything else humanity could have been.


>Except, the histories of antiquity acknowledge men of low birth
Maybe you read better history than I.

I once tried reading up on the history between the end of the Roman empire and the beginning of the industrial revolution. It just had dates, names of bluebloods, names of places, names of battles, etc in it. Giving the impression that all of medieval Europe was inhabited by about 1500 people who attended lots of ceremonies, and spend most of their time scheming and backstabbing while traveling in horse carriages that broke down a lot. The masses that make up society got reduced to a technical terrain feature like soil quality. Along the lines of: "If the serf density in your soil is too low the crops have problems planting and harvesting them selves"


That tends to be political history. They didn't go in for material analysis because politics was decided by the nobility. There was no mass politics or an attempt to suggest that such a thing existed. That was the last thing any of the nobility wanted, and the people by and large do not want "politics". The industrial "revolution" entailed dragging labor into political life so it can be enslaved and exploited to the maximum.

The people of antiquity make their position on the lower classes clear - they hate the lower classes and want to crush them. There was no pretense that it would be any other way. If you look at the early modern republicans, it was the same thing. Most of them outright despised democracy and wanted to destroy it, and the most favorable only wanted "democracy" on the terms of certain bourgeois interests. Democracy was associated with the slave power until the slave power wanted to enslave the free and had to if it was to survive.

You are stuck on Whig history concepts of technological progress by a monopoly that totally wants to "do the right thing". It's always that. The whole thing requires someone to abolish what history really meant, in favor of pure narratives. Once people have those brain worms, they refuse to see anything meaningful, because they've been trained since childhood to "believe The Science" - trained to be bullbaited into oblivion. It's disgusting.


But, in ancient times, the writers were perfectly aware of the lower classes, how they lived, and that the lower classes were their basis if they wanted any new soldiers, slaves, and members that could promote into their own class. So, Agrippa's father is a nobody, and his grandfather is a freedman, and he rises to be something like Augustus' right hand man in war and administration.


There is a need of the eugenists to believe their ideological faggotry is universal and imposed on history, just as they invade every institution and every facet of reality and replace it with eugenics.

File: 1711006649389.jpg ( 384.88 KB , 1600x1066 , trade unionists block GE a….jpg )

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Continued from >>477700

Updates since the start of the last thread:
The (largely civilian) Palestinian death toll has now passed 31,000.

The US Senate, with Biden's support, passed a bill to authorize more than $14,000,000,000 in military aid to Israel.

The International Court of Justice made an interim ruling in South Africa's favor in their case accusing Israel of genocidal acts in Gaza, deeming it plausible, Nicaragua signed on to the case.

Houthi rebels in Yemen have attacked cargo ships in the Red Sea in an attempt to disrupt the supply line of Israel's ongoing carpet bombing campaign against Gaza, resulting in the sinking of the Rubymar. The Biden admin has responded to the Houthis with a retaliatory bombing campaign, killing multiple fighters and at least one civilian. An attack on the True Confidence in March then yielded the first 3 civilian casualties of Houthi attacks.

Trade unionists in Scotland and England have blockaded major UK arms factories.

Canada, Australia, and the EU have started to resume funding to UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestinian refugee aid. Members of the agency have stated that Israel employed torture when interrogating them.

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>The proposed legislation calls for revoking the visas of international students
<who showed solidarity with Palestine
The US as the center of the biggest empire of the world has the privilege of being able to recruit brains from all over the world. This was enabled by wealth, but also intellectual liberties. Trashing that valuable brain-magnet because Zionists are seething about protests seems short sighted.


>Across Europe, similar sit-ins have taken place at universities in the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, Finland, Denmark and Germany, as young people join their United States peers who are facing a violent police response. In Amsterdam, police arrested about 125 activists as they broke up a pro-Palestinian camp at the University of Amsterdam on Tuesday.

>But in Spain, a country that historically supports the Palestinian cause, police have so far not been involved in trying to break up the protests.

What makes Spain different ?
How'd they manage to keep Zionists from screwing with political rights ?


File: 1715233565218.jpg ( 116.48 KB , 770x513 , may 8th 2024 israel protes….jpg )

Hezbollah says it carried out 12 attacks against Israel

The Lebanese armed group says it targeted various Israeli positions across the border, including buildings housing Israeli troops in the towns of Manara, Metula and Shlomi.

Hezbollah said it also deployed suicide drones to target spying equipment on the eastern side of the border.

For its part, Israel said it hit Hezbollah-linked targets in south Lebanon. We reported earlier that Hezbollah announced the killing of two of its fighters as Palestinian Islamic Jihad said three of its fighters were also killed in Lebanon.

Hezbollah and Israel have been exchanging fire since October 8, sparking fears of an all-out war.

The Lebanese group says it will stop its attacks after a lasting ceasefire is reached in Gaza, but Israel has pledged to push Hezbollah off its border.

Tunisia calls on ‘free world’ to unite against genocide in Gaza

The Tunisian Foreign Ministry reaffirmed what it called its “unconditional support” for Palestinians and urged the international community to uphold international humanitarian law against Israel as it carries out its assault on Rafah.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Owen Jones - Biden PANICS Over Israel's Genocide

Iran says it will build a nuclear bomb if its existence is threatened

An adviser to Iran’s supreme leader has said the country will have to change its military stance against building a nuclear weapon if the country faces existential threats.

“We have no decision to build a nuclear bomb, but should Iran’s existence be threatened, there will be no choice but to change our military doctrine,” Iran’s Student News Network reported Kamal Kharrazi as saying on Thursday.

In the early 2000s, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei issued a fatwa banning the development of nuclear weapons, saying it is “haram”, or forbidden in Islam.

But in 2021, Iran’s then-intelligence minister said Western pressure could push the Islamic republic to seek nuclear weapons.

Syria says ‘some material losses’ suffered in Israeli missile attack

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reports that air defence forces shot down Israeli missiles launched from the occupied Golan Heights in northern Israel that were targeting a building on the outskirts of Damascus.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1715242168169.jpg ( 197.84 KB , 1092x728 , congressman andy oogles.jpg )

Are you implying that representative Oogie doesn't know what he's doing?

Idk. A few European countries seem to have done better on this… I get why Ireland has solidarity with Palestine, but I'm not precisely sure why Spain does. Maybe it has something to do with the memory of Franco or something like that, I have no idea.

File: 1713548887317.jpg ( 350.26 KB , 1400x1400 , C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppD….jpg )


I have been banned from leftypol.org for saying, that you can be a leftist and also oppose trans-ideology. This is not a fringe position, since Sahra Wagenknecht openly voiced her opposition against trans-ideology in the german parliament live on TV. And yes, she calls it that way.
I'm interested, how this site here will react to left-conservative opinions.
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leftypol is run by deranged transsexuals, and unfortunately a lot of leftist orgs are similarly infested with idpol and liberalism. Even TKP/ML has a video on their website where armed guerillas talk about how one of their "main goals" is to get more trans and lgbt fighters in leadership positions.

>It is a religion, it is an ideology.
For a lot of transsexuals, pro trans doctors, and the supportive parents of trans children they can never accept being wrong about gender ideology.
Because then they would have to admit to themselves that they irreversibly harmed their own body, the bodies of their patients, or the bodies of their own children.


>let's import more people from places that hate us!
>but transhumanists suck amirite


you say immigrant bad
but what if the conditions that cause immigration changed?
trans is serious decision


migrants arent even cheap labour anymore because half of them don't even work


That died with bunkerchan, newfriend.

>Because then they would have to admit to themselves that they irreversibly harmed their own body, the bodies of their patients, or the bodies of their own children.
It's not so much the harm as the shame that's difficult to come to terms with. "How could I be so foolish to have thought such things; to have openly and vocally declared them to those I love the most.". The reminders of that shame are etched into the physiology of the affected and the hurt they represent.

File: 1714244599336.mp4 ( 12.42 MB , 480x360 , 167530993304153697.mp4 )


I wouldnt, If would, Describe reasons.

The goverment and healthcare system keeps letting me down, Why should i?

As a pussyfree man myself, Id betray my whole nation like it betrayed me just to have a chance to get a girlfriend, What has it ever done for me? Get bullied here, Ridiculed, Abandoned by the healthcare system, Denied XRAY, Denied this, Denied that, Denied meeting the right doctor. I dont even celebrate national day, This country is shit anyway, Is it even my country if i dont get pussy in it? Nah its not!

Is it even your country if your countrymen dont stand up for you to prevent you from being bullied? Is it even your countrymen if they keep belittling you and making fun of you?

Is it even your country if you get no say in what you want to do in said country? Is it even your country if you have to pay taxes to get nothing in return not even an XRAY at the doctors office if it was needed?

Heck idgaf about nationalism for the shithole i live in, Wait a whole month to meet a doctor so i can be rejected for the help im needed, nah this isnt my country, Fuck this country, The russians can just go ahead and invade it, Idgaf anymore.
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>China maybe but after all of this time, they still don't really "get" America
I think you misunderstand, the Chinese really aren't interested about what happens outside of China unless it can have an effect on what happens inside of China. It's a culture with an inwards focus.

>if China were smart, they'd pick
I doubt anybody can make China pick sides

>US and EU are more hostile towards each other.
Diverging interests of the respective ruling classes.
The Euro-masses and US-masses largely have compatible interests. Other than perhaps that both compete for overlapping natural gas resources. That was artificially imposed by the Neocons blowing up that European gas-pipeline, which makes it a temporary condition.

>something to run into the ground.

The US is being run into the ground by the imperial factions draining the homeland to hold on to a declining empire. But it's also harming the US's allies, Europe, Canada, Australia etc are suffering enormous economic damage on account of US big power competition.


>UK has been a shithole for centuries.
That's hilarious


In the sense they dont pander to individualist entitlement, then yes they could do a betterjob running America.

But China and Russia are also imperialist states.


File: 1714956382727.png ( 124 KB , 526x328 , 1714644666151229.png )

>imperialist states.


File: 1715038087511.png ( 382.82 KB , 1280x720 , 167530993304153460.png )

End military Coercion

File: 1714198017282.png ( 33.28 KB , 117x113 , 17530993304153651.png )


Mass shootings are passè. Self-immolation is vogue. Just stop being a retard. people like to watch stuff burn
6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


>But he's dead now
beyond fucked


>We need the good guys to live to build a better world.
This. Suicide is selfish nihilism.


I rememeber my ninth grade homeroom teacher saying somthing along those lines.

Rememeber the self-immolation act back in 2011 when someone was protesting some international affair?

That incodent sparked more indignation against the oppressors than terrorist acts.



<suicide is selfish nihilism

>has never been through serious crisis before


File: 1714955998246.png ( 3.15 KB , 202x154 , 1714617039278518.png )

>Rememeber the self-immolation act back in 2011 when someone was protesting some international affair?

File: 1714473041876.png ( 155.36 KB , 1733x818 , ClipboardImage.png )


It's so crazy how there has been such a paradigm shift to where the GOP is anti-imperialist.
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File: 1714756723976.jpg ( 44.71 KB , 458x550 , gal_gadot_indig.jpg )

>everyone: I hAtE ZiONisTs
>Actual Zionists:


who took your dick skin?


<a show for indigenous people

that totally makes up for bombing Gaza to rubble and mass murdering it's population.


Reminder this whore helped protect a rapist when one of her modeling colleagues was raped in Italy.


Blackpilled again

File: 1714644241554.png ( 15.5 KB , 500x800 , jab-girl.png )


I have a conspiracy hypothesis.

There are a lot of junkies that have a substance addiction, unable to kick the habit.

Most addictive drugs are complex molecules, that makes them distinct enough that they could be cleared out of the bloodstream via the body's immune function. Something similar to a vaccine would teach the immune system how to do this.

These junkies would get a temporary immunity to a particular drug, that lasts long enough to break the addiction cycle. It wouldn't work on everything, Alcohol for example is addictive but not a complex molecule, and can't safely be immunologicaly targeted. But most Junkies could just be cured by getting a single anti-drug-jab.

I suspect that this direction isn't being vigorously pursued because it would also work against many pill addictions that are making the pharmaceutical industry a lot of money.

What do u think ? Am i on to something ?


It's been done with opiods

Don't do this, are you stupid?


The immune system regulates cells, not molecules directly. Cells are about a dozen orders of magnitude larger than molecules. Organs like the kidneys and liver focus on molecules.


>It's been done with opiods
I see we're reading the same science news

>Don't do this, are you stupid?

Don't worry i don't intent to. I don't have a drug addiction, besides perhaps caffeine, which is harmless enough.

I did complain that this field of study isn't being pursued vigorously enough, i thought that would imply that it's not something anybody could use atm.

I know, i wasn't going to attempt to explain the extra steps with attaching marker-proteins and so on.

File: 1711719325189.jpg ( 1.12 MB , 1920x1080 , somewhere in albania.jpg )


What made old /leftypol/ good?

Pull examples from the archives, the booru, wherever and whatever. Hell, even just tell a story.

Was it the PDFs? Was it the artists making memes? Was it people's willingness to repost them? Was it the raids and antics? Was it the people who brought esoteric niche history and theory to light? Was it the crazy Trump election drama and racial uprisings in the US? Was it the proximity to all kinds of communities, with all of 8ch coming in to give their shit opinions and getting dogpilled into submission?
8 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



liberal faggot


File: 1714578242299.png ( 273.9 KB , 669x373 , Thermodynamics.png )

>What made old /leftypol/ good?
not being an anal echo-chamber where unaccountable leftoid jannoid cliques run amok

being a part of the wider 8chan community, having a higher authority at least with some pretense of neutrality, that could reign jannoids in in case they go nuclear

userbase won by pitting leftoid jannoids against 8chan administartion, by them constantly being at each others throats

the moment jannoid bitches conspired (as they always do) to forcefully move the userbase to their controlled echo-chamber, I saw the writing on the wall

I saw everything in that moment, all the shit jannoid drama, all the cringe, all the splits

I predicted EXACTLY what would happen

I wish 8chan was still alive. 8chan was what made leftypol so great. If 8chan didn't go down, jannoids would've failed, and bunkerchan would've remained a barren wasteland that nobody cares about.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


fucking vanguardoid conspiratoid bitch

first as tragedy (Soviet Union), then as farce (leftypol)


You're a fucking retard bro


nah, I'm actually very smart

File: 1714153987110.png ( 100.31 KB , 320x188 , wp_ss_20240426_0001.png )


So I noticed another topic which is forbidden to discuss on leftyogre. Recently it was revealed that the far-right party AfD in Germany is infiltrated with chinese glowies. Jian Guo is an actual spy of the chinese ministry of state security. Another interesting fact is, that Alice Weidel, a top member of the AfD has lived in China and speaks mandarin. Well guess what, it is forbidden to talk about this on leftyogre. Just mentioning this, will get you banned immediately and the mods will delete your posts.
26 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1714558793944.jpg ( 94.26 KB , 941x937 , muh poor wilhelm xinping.jpg )

Because .ogre is, once again, a fucking propaganda bot farm for imperoid underdogs who bought up the libshit modocrats & exploit that pile of crap to the fullest since then. Just check up what nazoid cringe do they pour on booru all the time.
So ofc they would immediately shut down ANYTHING that goes against their semi-official narrative, their modocrat cocksuckers would be eager to do that for another month batch of anti-imperialist neetbux.


>pooteen und zee
Here's another one.


>peepull chooooooooooz chynah you gweilo!1
No Zhao, I don't believe your shit. You gotta woerk harder for the 50 United States' cents they pay you you lazy cunt. Ask Ivan for help or something, if he's not being mandatorily assraped again, that is.

This entire thread is already being derailed by faggots who just cannot shut the fuck up about rooshia rooshia muhrooshia rushiagayte chynah.
Thanks for pumping up op's credibility you automatised faggots! No need to check anything kek


Org is too censorious indeed.

But you're behavior sucks too. You are trying to use social censorship by which-hunting people in this threat, simply for not believing the official story.

People are just trying to humanize Russia an China because they want diplomatic solutions to conflicts. The other side has to be considered human in order to enable diplomacy.

You're appear to be towing the official line of the neocons which is
<Any body that disagrees with neocon foreign policy is "foreign-bot"
Does that make you a propaganda shill ?

BTW Russia-gate was a massive conspiracy theory lie, used as political weapon to violate democratic discourse. The democratic decorum requires you debate the merits of policy proposals not engage in which-hunting.


>Russia-gate was a massive conspiracy theory lie

How should one know the truth about this? Russian glowies deny it, american glowies say it's real. So who is right?


Because every assertion behind the overall narrative has completely failed to stand up to scrutiny over the course of eight years now.


Ok lets talk glowies.
The Soviet KGB had the strategy of confusing people, they give people kaleidoscope information that would leave them wondering. If the Russian glowies still operate in this way, they will not have committed to a definitive story.

The US glowies have the strategy of manipulating people by changing their basic assumptions of reality. Basically they want that you think their bias is just how the world works.

In conclusion it's usually pointless to listen to glowies.

The primary reason to think Russia gate was a conspiracy hoax is because they never proved it. And many of the claims the Russia gaters made got debunked.
The secondary reasons are:
The corporate media just repeated it endlessly, in their usual consent manufacturing style.
It's patently absurd to think the Russians could install a puppet president in the White house but have otherwise zero influence on the US state machine. Nobody installs a head of state unless they compromised like half the government already.
It was used to smear political opposition that advocated for peace and diplomacy, that's always a red flag.

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