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File: 1698523273425.png ( 33.12 KB , 860x484 , uk online anti-PrivacySpee….png )


A new dictate that tries to institutionalize mass crimes against privacy and free speech was approved by the anti-democratic neo-con regime that is currently occupying the UK
You can read about the gory details here:
mildly interesting discussion about it happened here

Lets look at the contradictions

On the political side the main proponent of waging war against privacy are the big bourgeois right wing (who call their political out-let "Tori" ). The contradiction is that they relentlessly lobby for assaults on privacy, while they them selves are notorious tax-dodgers, and eventually all that surveillance is going to get used against their tax-dodging.

The UK occupying ruling class is also trying to remove all the voices they don't like from the internet, they hope that will make it easier to commit international crimes like for example all the illegal wars the UK neocons have waged. The contradiction is that by removing all the critical voices they will completely detach from reality. It will cause a total mental divergence between the population and rulers, bricking political stability.

Spy agencies are also lobbying for crimes against privacy. The contradiction is that they are basically killing off their ability to recruit new spy-agents. All their "foreign adversaries" will obviously gain access to that privacy-violation-data the UK collects of their citizens/spy-recruitment-pool, and use it to statistically unmask potential spies. That is likely what already happened during the failed Hong-Kong color-revolution where China probably exfiltrated western domestic surveillance data to zero in on western spy-networks in Hong-Kong and shut them down. Obviously China has the same problem with surveillance eroding their potential pool of spy-agents, but they have a large population and they'll be the last man standing, and the last to run out of people that have both spy-talent and no surveillance-foot-print. The contradiction here is the imperial bourgeoisie is undermining their imperial spy-capabilities.

Going full retard with this kind of law-Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I haven't been to Amerikwa in a while.

Did they really make it so that mobile carriers are allowed to offer bundled packages with 'free' data for shit like Facebook/whatapp?

They do that in some countries, and it's ghey af.

>No, I don't care about being able to use zoomerbrain Snapchat for 'free.' Please just provide reasonable flat rate data plans that treat all sites equally.


AFAIK, no, they didn't do that yet. I forget how they broke it, it might have just been a legal thing. They do that in Colombia though.


>They do that in Colombia though.
The current president of Colombia is Gustavo Petro, which is a leftist and former Guerilla fighter. Why aren't they fixing that ?


The simple answer is that most of leftism is performative moral grandstanding which primary serves to stroke the ego of those who profess it, and once leftists gain power, they rarely make societies better (and instead focus more on holding onto power).


File: 1698897676899.jpg ( 34.04 KB , 888x744 , G-Petro-lazereyes.jpg )

But he's done lots of based things, like doing land-reform that gave land to the rural poor. He reversed health-care privatization with a political crowbar. He called the Zionists "Nazis" , compared Gaza to a Holocaust extermination camp and cut off diplomatic relations with Israel.

Hoes mad at the economist:

<The president got off to a good start, forming a moderate coalition government filled with seasoned ministers. They sailed through a tax reform in record time. They negotiated with ranchers to redistribute land to the rural poor

<But that was not enough for Mr Petro. In April, when centrist ministers opposed a health-care reform, which would have handed control of health-care funding from private providers to the state, he dissolved the coalition and fired a third of his cabinet. He then turned dogmatic and packed the new cabinet with left-wingers.

<Earlier this month Mr Petro shattered Colombia’s policy on Israel-Palestine, too. After Israel retaliated against Hamas by bombing Gaza, the president let loose on social media. He accused Israel’s government of “Nazism” and compared the Palestinian territory to Auschwitz.


File: 1698695825613.png ( 58.4 KB , 1075x1077 , cia cocain import agency.png )


So there was a story about the FBI having pulled a big sting operation where they posed as "secure smartphone vendor" to spy on a bunch of drug dealers. Somebody made a video about it in case you care about the details

What i realized is that many people seem to think the mafia operates in a manor that is invisible to the state. The obstacle the police protagonist has to overcome is discovering the mafia. When they do find them, the mafiosi get busted. And in this story this struggle was overcome via this one new honey-pot surveillance tool.

The mafia may indeed be mostly invisible to average people, but that has nothing to do with evading the state. The Mafia operates with bribes and blackmail, not stealth. A mafia operation will usually corrupt people in policing organizations like the FBI to interfere with investigations on their behalf. That can be police officers getting bribed/blackmail to make evidence disappear. One mafia org will some time rat out another, which reduces competition between mafias and quells suspicions about police corruption.

The reason why the smartphone surveillance trap was effective indicates that the mafia hasn't fully adapted to new realities, and they have yet to insert "fixers" into the FBI's IT divisions. It's not because better surveillance changed the game. The police was always able to find mafia orgs, mafia's are anything but subtle. Reminder that from the outside it's impossible to tell if this very successful operation facilitated a deeper goal of purging mafia competitors.

Lets not forget that the biggest drug trafficking mafias are spy agencies that use it to create untraceable funding for their secret spy stuff and it turns out sometimes the state is the mafia.


Y-you too.


File: 1698704036550.png ( 53.74 KB , 550x315 , huh.png )

File: 1698163760262.jpg ( 152.97 KB , 331x346 , 20231024_090546.jpg )

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>BREAKING: Donald Trump's sinister plans for a second presidential term if he wins the White House in 2024 are leaked — and they include a stunning gift to America's enemies around the world.

>According to new reporting from Rolling Stone, sources close to Trump have revealed that he is threatening to withdraw the United States from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

>NATO, and specifically the U.S.'s central role in it, has been one of the primary reasons why Ukraine has been able to resist Russia's brutal and genocidal invasion. The alliance is stronger than ever.

>Trump has long hated the alliance for unclear reasons. He is suggesting that he will pull out if the other member countries refuse to ramp up their military spending — which is utterly nonsensical.

>If Trump's problem is that NATO needs more funding to be more effective, withdrawing America from it would obviously have the opposite effect. It's almost as if he hates NATO because Putin hates it…

>Sources have told Rolling Stone that Trump is considering an idiotic "NATO on standby" policy and that he wants to do away with its collective defense measure that dictates an attack on one member be treated as an attack on all.

>Fundamentally, Donald Trump doesn't understand geopolitics, doesn't understand alliances or strategies, and he can't be allowed anywhere near such decisions.

>Please retweet and ❤️ if you refuse to vote for Donald Trump — and consider joining the growing exodus to Tribel, a “woke” new Twitter competitor that is exploding in popularity because it banned Trump for life and because Elon Musk banned Tribel’s Twitter account — but he forgot to ban this link to download the new Tribel app: tribel.app.link/okwPIHYCIqb

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Lets contrast this imperfect Chinese damn project with the US oversized military machine
You could try that, but it would be a poor comparison. Let's instead contrast it with the widespread damming across the United States, which has been devastating to migratory fishes. There are species of salmon and trout in the US now that would not exist at all without human intervention from hatching to spawning. A major point of difference to consider, however, is that for various reasons North American drainage systems historically had substantially less (i.e., orders of magnitude) vertebrate biodiversity than Asian drainage systems. So massive damming projects haven't been as impactful in the US as they are in China simply because the rivers didn't have as many different types of migratory animals vulnerable to isolation. One other aspect to consider is the devastating, transformative effect that the beaver trade had on riparian ecosystems. We could also compare the eradication of the passenger pigeon and the near eradication of bison to China's Four Pests program.


File: 1698442256073.jpg ( 49.44 KB , 720x480 , fish-ladder.jpg )

>You could try that, but it would be a poor comparison.
that was the point, never mind.

>migratory river animals

how about adding fish-ladders, won't that fix it ?


The effectiveness of things like fish ladders is often on a case-by-case basis. Some migratory fish like them, others don't care for them and won't try to use them. But direct blockage of aquatic organization migration is only one impact of damming. Dams have other disruptive effects on the flow of rivers, nutrient cycling, and sedimentation.


Oh and I should say, dams also negatively affect non-migratory aquatic organisms by simply creating new habitat fragmentation which restricts gene flow.


It's possible to get the kinetic energy from the flowing water without dams. Using lots of free-standing in-river turbines and piped river-bypasses. That will not segment the river and should fix all the problems you mentioned. However dams do not simply extract energy from rivers they also store energy, that can be released when needed. That means we need additional stuff to store energy to replicate this feature in some other way, to fully replace dams. Given the mindbogglingly huge peak-power capacities of dams… Yeah i got no clue.

File: 1697729544390.jpg ( 56.39 KB , 860x964 , US Tech Sanctions.jpg )


So the US recently has banned the exports of Nvidia's dedicated AI chips towards China, as part of an expanding US tech-blockade. The official rationale is that this will prevent China from having "advanced ai capabilities" or something. With the subtext being that the US is the arbiter of what kind of technology China is allowed to have.

In reality this cuts off Nvidia from the Chinese AI-chip market. With some delay Nvidia products will be replaced by domestically developed and produced Chinese Ai-chips. Effectively inverted-protectionism. Nvidia is currently overpoweringly dominant in the Ai-accelerator space. If normal capitalist market relations had continued, no Chinese competitor would have been able to establish it self as a serious contender against NVIDIA in this decade. The Sanctions will only prevent Nvidia from selling products in China it will not prevent the Chinese from doing industrial espionage.

China is a huge market 3-4 times larger than the US market. So this artificially created AI-chip vacuum will be filled by another Chinese tech-giant that will explosively grow in the next few years. We can compare this story with the Huawei tech giant (that makes networking infrastructure and cellphones). They could only grow through state subsidies, and it meant having to overcome market monopoly tendencies. This developmental-friction from the market-monopolization tendency has now been removed. The end result will be a Chinese AI-chip-giant becoming a global competitor that will to a significant extend eat Nvidia's lunch.

It used to be the case that in the imperial stage of capitalism, the imperial center would use it's power to impose monopoly exports onto the periphery at the behest of monopoly capitalists to crush potential competitors from the periphery. This tendency now seems to be inverting, and i don't understand why ?

I don't think this is caused by racial spooks of Chinese people lacking inventiveness, that's just a "un-creative ant-people yellow-peril" propaganda-narrative. Not all racists are dumb, there are quite a lot of intelligent ones that only believe their own lies to the extend that it benefits their interests. So what is motivating this ? They must know that what they are doing will slow down China's tech-sector in the present at the expense of tremendously speeding it up in the near future. That seems like a bad trade-off unless the short-term advantage in the here and now has a huge traPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I fail to see what makes one of these different than any other processor.


It has circuits that lets them do certain operations involved in AI much faster. In general hardware is often built to speed-up specific software, like video cards are created in response to games and rendering becoming a thing.

I guess the difference between video cards and AI processors is that you can buy a video card and AI accelerators are either chips developed internally by companies like Google and aren't for sale, or they are super expensive like the nvidia chips. So it's kind of hard to play with this technology at home.


>I fail to see what makes one of these different than any other processor.
special purpose coprocessors are older than your boomer ass

operations implemented in hardware are always more efficient than operations implemented in software


I guess you don't believe in GPUs either?


Well lets give that anon the benefit of doubt.

AMD's APUs i.e. processors with really powerful integrated GPUS might eventually get good enough to kill dedicated GPUs
Computers used to have dedicated sound cards and network-adapter cards for decades, you know.

Maybe that anon means that the dedicated machine-learning accelerator hardware in AI-Chips gets added to processors and that just becomes another part of general purpose processors.

File: 1698092722816.png ( 76.25 KB , 800x567 , pedofinder-general.png )


The infamous chatcontrole-law internet apocalypse in the EU has been postponed. It seems dead for now but these things tend to become like zombies rising from the grave.

Now lets discuss how to actually fix the pedo-problem.

The pedo-problem is a meat-space problem that is bleeding into the virtual world. So lasting solutions can only be found in meat-space.

We have to analyze the politics at play. I doubt the neo-liberal system allows for genuine collective well-being politics. So doing something that benefits all children will not be possible. All the available politics are zero-sum games, improving the lot of some children at the expense of others. This can be overcome by creating civil-society parent lobby groups, enabled to act on the part that benefits the child-interests they represent while blocking the detrimental actions towards other child-interests by locking that into a perpetual battle against each other to neutralize the "negative energy".

The main political energy that genuinely seeks to clean the internet from pedo-material is however, people trying to hide the problem, they don't care about children at all, they care about the appearance of a just society. They see their affluence threatened if the injustice of child-abuse is too visible. They are perhaps the worst bunch. Bending this political energy into a positive outcome is very hard. We might be able to turn this into a general child-privacy scheme. We could make an AI-filter that gets trained to recognize and blur all children. This filter system could be made entirely transparent including the entire source-training-database since regular pictures of children aren't crimes, making it harder to abuse and also minimally invasive by selectively blurring out only children, without censoring the entire material. AI filters are quite good at detecting age and the silhouette of people, and this scheme does not require AI to understand context, reducing false positives. It need not be made mandatory, because it's an easy non-threatening way to prevent having to deal with pedo-material. I feel confident that most websites would use this to make moderation easier. It uses very little compute resources, and the child-abuse is out of sight (which realistically is all that can be done on the computer side of things). On the ethical side we get better online child-privacy without needing heavy handed governmental top-down interference.

The next problePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


People's inherent rights take precedence to everything else including your "protect muh children!" Rehtoric. You can never stop all of it. It's sad but it's true you can just meditate it and you mediate it criminally and mentally via forcing them into therapy and psychology. But it's naive and stupid to think you can ever get rid of it completely.


>People's inherent rights take precedence
I agree with that wholeheartedly. But i fear that this isn't how political mechanisms actually work.

I think they'll keep using the pedo-crap as pretext to try and fuck with the internet, as long as that pedo-crap persists.

We could probably lessen the threat against the internet, if we could find a offline mechanism that would allow them to capture pedos. This is why i'm proposing to create psychological abuse-diagnostics in schools and pedo bounty hunters. I reckon that unlike fucking with the internet, this would actually work, at least enough to reduce the problem below the threshold where it can become a political hot-potato.

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Voosh may be a cringe dumbfuck himself (lets be fair: what leftoid isn't?), but he's right, you know.

I'm gonna steal that one - marxism-dumbfuckism has a nice ring to it lol.
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>I'm trying to manufacture excuses for Kiev/iyv letting the Ukro-faascists shell the Donbass with the intent of causing ethnic-displacement.
talking to yourself again? lol

>when bourgeois countries abolish bourgeois democracy, like banning lots of parties and doing away with elections , that's called going open dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, that's what Marxist theorists usually consider the beginning of hard fascism.

you're libpilled lol

plenty of """bourgeois democracies""" throughout history banned parties lol

>CIA regime change color revolutions, are covert invasions, not minor procedural violations of political process.

minor or major, who the fuck cares lib?

does major violation of parliamentarism gives you the right to start an ethnic conflict?

>What i care about is that there are political witch-hunts against leftists.

Maupoid is not leftist.


>Maupoid is not leftist.
at least no more leftist than Mussolini was


>So why didn't they leave NATO then?
I think that during the Ukraine war major fissures have formed in Nato and it looks like Turkey could potentially splitt off.

>Why did Scandinavians joined NATO then recently

They didn't ratify NATO entry with a referendum, that means they believe that the population does not support it. Polling of young men showed overwhelming opposition. So don't expect to be able to mobilize these countries for a NATO war.

>Sometimes you just can't be neutral

Lets compare what happened to different powers in the Ukraine conflict.

India went the neutral route, they got weapons from the Americans, cheap oil/gas from the Russians, and a sweet-heart deal on consumer-goods-imports from the Chinese.

Europe went the route of taking sides, they got energy shortages from absent Russian trade, a knife in the back from the Americans, and a loss of diplomatic prestige from the Chinese.

The facts are clear, taking side = punishment, staying neutral = rewards. So neutrality is in fact the only viable option.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Not the dishonest charlatan you're arguing with, but I don't like this kind of democracy-is-measures language because it falls right into the etymological trap created by the anti-democrats from the late 18th century. A dictatorship is a dictatorship and an oligarchy is an oligarchy. Neither are democracy, and choosing your rulers is inherently not people's self-rule. Many empires and kingdoms throughout history have elected their rulers; that doesn't make their form of governance any more democratic than primogeniture.
I understand your objection and agree with it to a significant extend, however I'm contrasting bourgeois democracy, with open bourgeois dictatorship i.e. Fascism. Those are materially different, especially when it comes to the rate of people dying of non-natural causes.


>I think that during the Ukraine war major fissures have formed in Nato and it looks like Turkey could potentially splitt off.
What is the point of talking about "ifs" when Turkey is still a NATO member?

Answer: only to cope lol.

>They didn't ratify NATO entry with a referendum, that means they believe that the population does not support it.

>So don't expect to be able to mobilize these countries for a NATO war.
Wait, you think something wouldn't happen in class society if the lower classes don't want it to happen kek?

You are literally libpilled beyond belief kek. What do you think a state is dumbfuck?

>Europe went the route of taking sides, they got energy shortages from absent Russian trade, a knife in the back from the Americans, and a loss of diplomatic prestige from the Chinese.

EU is a fucking major imperialist player dumbfuck. It has interests all over the fucking globe and obviously it thinks it can better protect them while being in NATO.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1696998260170.jpg ( 55.09 KB , 900x642 , milgram-experiment-man.jpg )


Hey leftychoods

Let's play a game. I list a topic, you write a very short explanation of your line on that issue.

>Milgram's Obedience Experiment

>Green New Deal

>Bukarin's Confession



>People waiting in line for the new iPhone

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
9 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Confessions obtained under duress are inadmissible in civilized courts.




>I never understood the excitement for consooming.
<leftists don't understand basic human nature
That's what makes you so easy to exploit.

>doesn't allow a command-line interface

What do you think ADB is. It sounds like you wouldn't even know what to do with a commandline anyway.

>Sounds like a (you) problem.
I think his point is why does it exist and why does it appear to be so popular.

You have to remember money is not real. The 1% are the 1% because they have a license from the government to print their own dollars and then "invest" in whatever they want. Since the money printers don't care about profit what they invest in is social causes. That's why things like social media, hollywood and legacy news media refuse to die despite hemorrhaging money. They are essentially propaganda platforms propped up by the 1%.

Large parts of the mainstream porn industry are probably in the same boat. If you think about it then it's not a big leap to assume "degenerate" porn is being funded by the billionaire class to affect some kind of social agenda too.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>If you think about it then it's not a big leap to assume "degenerate" porn is being funded by the billionaire class to affect some kind of social agenda too.
Then why did big advertisers, presumably of multi-million or billion dollar corporations, almost totally kill 4chan, OnlyFans and Tumblr for hosting porn? And in the latter 2 cases triggered a big uproar on social media from OnlyFans creators, their subscribers + a lot of the general public on social media? And did succeed in killing Tumblr's Golden Age of popularity when it allowed Tumblr blogs to post and re-post porn gif's? Seems more like a lot of people want porn on their social media and the big corporates want it driven away or underground because it's not advertiser-friendly.
>If you're watching videos of men having sex with girls you like then you are training yourself to be a literal cuck.
<If you're watching videos of POV mom/milf-son porn then you are training yourself to literally fuck your mom
This is "violent video games cause violence" tier. Come on now.


>Then why did big advertisers almost totally kill OnlyFans and Tumblr for hosting porn?
Because advertisers are actually concerned with making money. The point was more about the way PornHub's algorithm pushes specific things to the front page is probably part of a social engineering agenda.

><If you're watching videos of POV mom/milf-son porn then you are training yourself to literally fuck your mom

In that case you're training yourself to be turned on by post-menopausal women who can't have babies which I'd argue is also probably part of the malthusian agenda.

>This is "violent video games cause violence" tier. Come on now.

The sensory inputs you experience during orgasm feed back into your sexuality. Your brain basically learns what things are likely to lead to sex and then prods you in that direction again. In the age of infinite internet porn this creates dangerous feedback loops where you fap to videos of girls you like getting fucked by someone else and pretty soon the mere idea of it turns you on.

File: 1697681358814.png ( 1.84 KB , 643x391 , 11.png )


In which onion forum can secret intelligence exchanges be seen?

War always hurts civilians, fuck wars.


>secret intelligence exchanges
care to explain what that means ?
Is this about spies and top secret documents ?

>be seen

isn't secrecy about not being seen, why'd you expect that anything would be visible to outsiders like us.

>War always hurts civilians, fuck wars.



You're looking for the War Thunder forums.


DHS sama, you're talking to MI6 kun rn


#Thug_Shaker_Central @ fbi.gov

Now fuck off, faggot.

File: 1659856964480.jpg ( 88.33 KB , 954x750 , London slums.jpg )


Was the internet good or bad for radical leftists and pro-revolutionarys? Before the internet you were say either in or out of the local groups, you disagreed with a few things, and you're kicked out, burn the heretic. This either led to people making their own group, conforming, or just abandoning theory all together, to become one of those people who called it just a "phase" now they happily vote liberal. The internet allowed these disgruntled and say vagabond, despised people to spread their books and pamphlets, now everybody interested could read what they had to say and those not possessed by the local mantra could become a follower. Everything said on here, the internet is nothing, it has no value whatsoever, irl groups had more power of course around town, but they're still as powerless as groups on the internet are.
6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


or global telegraph


Evidently no, you don't have any idea how much trouble people have had to go through to obtain information in the past. You've clearly been spoiled by the internet.


human mind is limited and you wont extend it by any means


telegraph was actually as fast as internet if you dont know

it used the same electric signals that are going at the speed of light technical [em wave speed]

just the bandwidth wasn't too big
but all the critical news could be transfered / sent instantly


File: 1697618204588.jpg ( 2.23 MB , 4830x3220 , flame-fire-campfire-bonfir….jpg )

also bonfire signals [that were used] also propagate with the speed of light

if its just smoke same applies b t w because its just 'visual' signal [which is pretty much light anyway]

File: 1697570516442.jpg ( 22.1 KB , 729x486 , dog under the bed.jpg )


So in Brussels (the capital-city of Belgium and the seat of many EU institutions) someone gunned down 2 people and injured a third. It was declared a terror attack, all the people had to go home and all the leisure activities got canceled. Many Politicians had to give speeches and so on.

If the media had more or less ignored this event, the damage would have been 2 dead, 1 injured and a few traumatized witnesses. However that shit got broadcasted everywhere and as a result probably millions of people got terrorized, subjected to fear. They ceased all their activities without a rational reason. Civilization ground to a halt by a small force that should'n've been able to do that.

Terrorism of this style only works because it can spread fear through the media. If the media did not do this, terrorism as a tactic would cease working.

Why is the media sending danger-warnings to people that aren't in any danger ?
Why are officials signalling "be afraid" to people who from a rational point of view don't have any reason to be?
Why isn't this treated like any other violent crime case, something the news mentions as part of a list of local happenings in between the messages about road-congestion and the weather-predictions ?
Why can one gunman interrupt a city of over 2 million people, when it should interrupt at most a city-block of a few hundred to a thousand?

Why isn't the major reaction to this an expression of defiant stoic indifference (even if it's not entirely genuinely felt) where everybody carries on as if nothing had happened. Terror attacks would cease if they can't elicit a reaction of fear and terror.

What would it take to change this ?


Why would the US finance ISIS? States of emergency enable unlimited right of the state and suspension of the rights of the workers. A big problem for the US ruling class is that they don't get unlimited right to do whatever the fuck they want since many armed Americans would mobilize in defense of the constitution. This means that the media must manufacture consent for the relinquishing of arms through the encouragement of school shootings. Dems literally want to turn the US into a UK shithole where you get arrested for being mean to the Queen.


I'll just add, something that people have been sleeping on is the increasing number of blacks who have come out in support for 2a. They argue that police cannot be trusted in black communities. Capitalist police of course, can't be trusted anywhere but it will be interesting to see how this resolves as it places direct pressure on state ideology regarding the type of BLM shit they have been pushing. I think that they will have to put quite a few anti-gun blacks on TV before it will be fixed for them. Corporate media will probably get the memo soon to cover these people like how they cover black Republicans. But for now, retards like vice and nyt still run this shit.


I understand the element of political opportunism that seeks to exploit crisis, but a large part of the state apparatus doesn't gain anything from that, they loose stability and continuity, if sentiments of terror and fear reverberates through society. Why isn't that part of the state trying to counteract and promote something like defiant stoic indifference, do they not realize their interests ?


File: 1697579185154.png ( 217.42 KB , 505x433 , Libyan1.png )

What I want to know is how did he get the assault rifle, or rather who did he get it from. I thought it was near impossible for an arab to get an AK in Europe after Paris 2017.

Also it's Belgium lol who the fuck cares. Brussels probably isn't even a real place.


>What I want to know is how did he get the assault rifle, or rather who did he get it from. I thought it was near impossible for an arab to get an AK in Europe after Paris 2017.
My guess would be that the Ukraine-war flooded Europe with black-market weapons. You know corrupt people in the Ukrainian war-machine selling off weapons for personal gain. That's probably where this AK came from.

Maybe Lord of War can get a sequel

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