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File: 1635861021215.png (97.99 KB, 542x346, 1635861014182.png)


Hello everyone.

I'm semi back but I need some folks to run the Cytube during the trial. I have unfortunately have returned to work and now work for a state government agency. I can't be fucking off like I was previously was allowed to in a corporate environment. So I need some new care takers.

Bad news sort of related to this:

Bossignostic is gone. I haven't heard from him during our downtime.

I'll be putting up the trial today and I'll be giving some folks mod as a try out.

Cytube link: https://tv.leftypol.org/r/HappeningsviaKlash
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> basketball boogie tweets "man, knock it off!"

Personally I think he deserves like 5 years in jail. He fucked up, but if people keep having armed riots, people are going to get shot. Giving him 20 or 30 years doesn't teach anyone a lesson. It's just needless cruelty. Keeping him in "crime college" for too long only serves the state's agenda.


Reminder this is the piece of shit who got on the phone with Obama and ended the athlete strikes last year.


An hour? Lmfao
What do you call it when a guy travels even further while illegal armed, illegally carrying a firearm, and was there just to look for someone to shoot while pretending to be a certified medic?


When did he fuck up? Before or after he was being attacked and lynched?


File: 1636193977435.jpeg (2.26 MB, 2100x629, https _bucketeer-e05bbc84….jpeg)


Reject the double extremes of liquidationism and hamfisted Burgoid tailism, and become Mexican to achieve the true centrist position.




File: 1636206360961.jpg (180.18 KB, 1170x1109, uploaded.jpg)



Plan of San Diego.

File: 1636818491068.png (1.34 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)


Another UAW executive charged with stealing dues money, as union announces “re-vote” on defeated Deere contract
>Every additional indictment and conviction only confirms what workers already know, that the UAW is organized and run by an apparatus that benefits from workers’ exploitation, takes bribes from the companies and exists for the sole purpose of suppressing the class struggle.

The UAW has become the epitome of corruption and mismanagement in every respect. For this reason the buildup of independent rank and file factory and workplace committees has become a necessary act under these conditions rather then a mere proposition.

File: 1636732537261.png (1.15 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)


The refugee crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border and the danger of war
>EU and NATO countries are mobilizing troops, whipping up far-right hysteria, and effectively threatening Belarus and Russia with war.

"The ruling class is responding with the tried and tested method of diverting social tensions outwards by fomenting nationalism, war propaganda and xenophobia. The brutal mistreatment of refugees at the border, followed by millions of people with shock and horror, serves to intimidate the population, accustom it to death, abolish basic democratic rights and stir up the fascist dregs of society".
Absolutely the ruling classes in Europe and elsewhere know full well that with the rise of all these contradictions back home it would make it extremely challenging for them to rule under the traditional bourgeois democratic means. For this reason they are resorting to more authoritarian tactics while at the same time using refugees as scapegoat for their own shortcomings. As far as they are concerned this is the only way that can help them to navigate this crisis without compromising their power and class privileges. In fact, these set of policies were tested during the run- up of second world war and we all know happened.


poland bad


>the ruling classes in Europe and elsewhere know full well that with the rise of all these contradictions back home it would make it extremely challenging for them to rule under the traditional bourgeois democratic means.
fascism doesn't resolve any of the contradictions, while it can be difficult and time consuming to get a proletarian revolution going to counter fascism, it's always possible to just liquidate the bourgeoisie that strives for fascism even at the last minute and replace them with bourgeois capital that doesn't want fascism, it's not the 1920s anymore, with today's means every assassination attempt against Hitler would have succeeded.

>In fact, these set of policies were tested during the run- up of second world war and we all know happened.

The Soviets went on a field trip to Berlin, playing percussive instruments ?

>Belarus Foreign Minister Vladimir Makeï met with his Russianc ounterpart Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday, after which Lavrov said the two states would reinforce their collaboration “to counter a campaign against Belarus triggered by Washington and its European allies within international organisations.” Russia flew two Tu-22M3 strategic bombers over Belarus Wednesday, one day after a NATO spokesman told the Daily Telegraph that the military alliance “stands ready to further assist our allies and maintain safety and security in the region.”

If they feel threatened enough to do saber rattling with nuclear bombers, there has to be some other reason, isn't the Nordstream2 pipeline about to go into service , maybe that's the reason for all the commotion ?

File: 1628467559036.jpeg (7.02 KB, 194x259, download (2).jpeg)

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>GET OFFLINE! Oh, not me. I got podcasting, twitch, and maybe a gaming channel
>JOIN A UNION! Oh, not me. I'm an "artisan".

There is no difference between the grifters of Matt and Vaush.
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This post in a nutshell.


Lol I’m not obsessed with racism, it’s you “anti-idpoler” that come out of the wood work to gaslight everyone anytime racism comes up with your bullshit fascist talking points and conspiracy theories.


>Your obsession with racism is obviously showing and you are entrapped in false cult for worship of racism and every single thing is based on the racism, right? Your kind is the most racist humanoid creatures on this beautiful planet.
You’re victim complex is really amazing,


>leftoids still act surprised that nonwhite idpolers latch-on to their movements in order to leech gibs from whitey


None of what she is saying is true.

File: 1636594586245.png (209.56 KB, 632x478, Wolff-kun and the american….png)


It is time once again to learn how capitalism is collapsing around us Chinese capitalism is surpassing American capitalism before our very eyes:


File: 1630944090888.jpg (8.91 KB, 190x281, Check it.jpg)


Who the fuck actually follows Maoism? That shit is a joke like a bad chinese translation of an instruction manual for a turkey deepfryer.
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lmao ok so are going to answer the question or just parrot radlib platitudes


>Billionaires have no political power.
Imagine believing this.


>talking to co-workers, start some sort of chain effect and just make more people around you class concious
a chain reaction of class consciousness sounds based
Nah you have to hand it to the CPC, they are able to prevent billionaires from buying political power, and we ought learn how they do it.


>the billionaires can buy political power, and that does not exist in China
They don't need to buy anything. They already have all the power. Unless one of them step outside the line of the nazi ruling party, in that case bye bye. Like Jack Ma, probably the only "good" billionaire in China, as his business effectively served Chinese producers sell their stuff and created wealth, he didn't steal state enterprises and resources. No wonder the "left" (parasitical scum) is obsessed by him.


>Nah you have to hand it to the CPC, they are able to prevent billionaires from buying political power, and we ought learn how they do it.
That whole country is just one big sweatshop so maybe billionaires in China don't need to buy political power.

File: 1635669019208.jpg (75.91 KB, 800x534, wp-content-1.jpg)


##More than 100,000 people have had their eyes scanned for free cryptocurrency##
>Worldcoin reveals "orb" scanner, aims to distribute cryptocurrency to 1 billion people.
What is fueling all this investment in what's an obvious ponzi scheme.


>A drop in the rate of profit is attended by a rise in the minimum capital required by an individual capitalist for the productive employment of labour; required both for its exploitation generally, and for making the consumed labour-time suffice as the labour-time necessary for the production of the commodities, so that it does not exceed the average social labour-time required for the production of the commodities. Concentration increases simultaneously, because beyond certain limits a large capital with a small rate of profit accumulates faster than a small capital with a large rate of profit. At a certain high point this increasing concentration in its turn causes a new fall in the rate of profit. The mass of small dispersed capitals is thereby driven along the adventurous road of speculation, credit frauds, stock swindles, and crises. The so-called plethora of capital always applies essentially to a plethora of the capital for which the fall in the rate of profit is not compensated through the mass of profit


File: 1635824459871.jpg (85.39 KB, 1080x1080, 94ee17122eafbac1545a871649….jpg)

To answer the question more directly, it is the fall in the rate of profit pushing petty-bourgeois capitals into credit speculation.

This is usually a sign of a crisis, in which the same happens in a mass scale, as overproduction of capital leaves the only way forward a crippling crisis, which sets out to radically devalorize capital, and set everything back to normal


CIA shit. How much do you even get paid for selling your "true" fingerprint? (fingerprints change over time, and are easy to hide…)


can you get free cryptobucks if you let the orb scanner scan fake eyes and fake finger prints ?
Can it be fooled and milked with a smartphone program that generates random eyes and finger profiles ?

File: 1636301171701.jpg (154.54 KB, 800x591, After_the_capture_of_the_W….jpg)


Cheers~ Long live the revolutionary struggle against all tyrants and oppressors. Today is the day we celebrate the take over of Russia by the revolutionary vanguard and the death of the Tzar. Today we celebrate one of the most monumental events in all of history.



File: 1628445678747.png (16.21 MB, 3955x2633, ClipboardImage.png)

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Reports are coming in from Labour list and momentum that there are preparations for a showdown at the 2021 labour conference. With Labour branches putting forward a motion to re-instate Jeremy Corbyn and transferring the ability of removal of MP's to labour members. This is the biggest internal matter Kieth Starmer has faced yet, loosing this vote at confrence threatens to majorly undermine his leadership and demostrate a left majority against his leadership within the party.

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Honestly the being so insecure as to wordfilter the 'enemy' site is very sad all around, let alone the banning someone for mentoring it.




As in repeating the same actions that would have been viable in the past despite being in a different location.


>The left is not electable
>Spend literally every moment of 2015-2019 sabotaging the left in the most obscene ways possible to make sure they don't win an election. Even with the "most vicious media attack dog campaign unparellelled in modern British political history" according to one study on Corbyn leading up to 2017, Labour came within like 2000 votes of winning the election.

Seriously, are Blarities and "Centrists" the single most disingenious fucks in all of politics?


what the fuck is this place, was there another stupid split? I've been away

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