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File: 1666372592141.jpg ( 216.59 KB , 1051x1112 , IMG_20221022_001115.jpg )


>China’s bespectacled, studious ideology tsar Wang Huning could rise further after the Communist Party’s five-yearly leadership reshuffle, sources say.
With party chief Xi Jinping set to shake up the top team for his unprecedented third term, Wang, the soft-speaking former academic, is tipped to stay and transition to the new leadership.
>This would make him a rare veteran in Xi’s new core team as the president brings in fresh blood for his rule for the next five years and beyond.
>Wang, the fifth-ranking party official and the first secretary of the secretariat responsible for the day-to-day operation of party affairs, is now tipped to head the National People’s Congress (NPC), China’s legislature.

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Sure the bourgeoisie wants to manifest and extend their classrule through technology.
But it's not going to work, The US is a declining power and this form of abuse is part of the cause that makes it decline. It's a dead end social configuration. It's a Superstructure that is destroying the base it's build upon.


Yes comrade, capitalism hasn't changed at all since 1917


an idiot by default only praised by other idiots. just like this guy


Geezers are not the building blocks of a successful nation-state.
Ideally the core of your political leadership would be in their 40s-50s, with some older and younger individuals attached. Older than that and they're going to be too isolated from modernity to be effective.


He's first in line at the trash can.

File: 1666998677868.jpg ( 160.7 KB , 1000x1556 , NonCredibleDefense-yfq6y9.jpg )

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It's been an open secret that China games it GDP numbers with over valued Real Estate projects so it seems plausible to me.
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>The point was that commercial aircraft have not been following military aviation's lead since before anyone here was born.
Yes agreed, why did you say commercial airliners are derivative of long range bombers then?
>Ah, the DeHavilland Comet
That happened in the 50's and DeHavilland is defunt.
>But don't forget the DC-10 crashes that cost it the competition with the 747.
I concede this point. I think it's important to remember the McDonald Douglas is no longer an airline maker though.
>Also remember the Tu-104
Production was stopped in 1960 because of it's horrid reputation. If anything it's a perfect case study of communist hubris with regards to the airline industry.
>No, they change their names and come right back the way that ValuJet/AirTran did.
Those are not airline makers.
>That doesn't count for shit. Every country has engineers, and every country has books. What matters is financial viability.
No, and this is the downfall of everyone that fucks around in the commercial airliner. You cannot buy a good safety record. You cannot buy your way into this market.
>That stuff is worthless to commercial aviation. What matters in commercial aviation is fuel efficiency.
It's not if it's as efficient, which it theoretically is. Regardless it's just one example.
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I think that this has nothing to do with chips as a strategic commodity, China already has advanced chip manufacturing capacities at home. Their domestic microchip production is just one process-node behind the most advanced fabs in the world.
I think this is about balancing financial leverage, because the German industry is trying to get a "energy bail out" by relocating energy intense production steps to china.


>China already has advanced chip manufacturing capacities at home.
Taiwan is not part of China.


There is a factory in mainland China that makes 7nm Chips that belongs to SMIC.

Unrelated to microchips, Taiwan is part of China. Most of the world (including the US) officially recognizes the one China policy that makes Taiwan an autonomous province of China (only 13 countries out of 195 don't recognize it).

The US is trying to get Taiwan to secede from China, but that will fail, because China can enforce a naval blockade against Taiwan and force them to redirect their entire international trade through ports in mainland China. The US NAVY is not strong enough to compete against the Chinese NAVY in the south China sea and the parts of the pacific Ocean around China and will not be able to break the blockade. If the US manages to get regime change in Taiwan, that will cause a split in Taiwan where parts of the Taiwanese government and military will side with mainland China. The US side of the split will get cut off from US supplies and will be destroyed in a war of attrition. Taiwan will loose it's political, economic and military autonomy and become a regular Chinese province.


>Yes agreed, why did you say commercial airliners are derivative of long range bombers then?
I didn't. What I said was:
<Maybe back when stewardesses wore miniskirts, and fliers all received complementary meals and scotch.
>I think it's important to remember the McDonald Douglas is no longer an airline maker though.
The 737 crushing the DC-9 (despite passenger preference for the latter) had a lot more to do with that than McDonnell-Douglas' safety record, although the DC-10's incidents didn't help. The MD-11 losing out to the 777 and the A340 finally killed it.
>Production was stopped in 1960 because of it's horrid reputation.
Aeroflot flew the Tu-104 until 1979. They only began replacing it when the Tu-134 and the Il-62 were in full production.
>All wrong, the science and engineering are established, all that is stopping wider adoption is the reluctance of market leaders to seriously invest in industrializing it.
No, I am entirely correct, and you are completely wrong. Airliners don't need a bunch of theoretical bullshit. They need to be lighter, more eceonomical, and a cheap, viable alternative to the aging fleets that low-cost carriers are currently flying. These are commodities that need to be sold. That is absolutely all the matters. Even in the Concord's hayday, supersonic aircraft were barely economically viable, and they only ever served a tiny niche of business travelers who were crossing the Atlantic (where else would it be alright to drop sonic booms?).
>It is growing, just not very much.
Slow growth is a slow death for capital.
>That Boeing is more than capable of building a brand new replacement for the Max.
Top kek! Boeing has been trying to pull off a replacement for the 737 since before they settled on just stretching it out into the 700, 800, and 900 series. Furthermore, Boeing hasn't been able to produce jack shit of any value since it tried to break the engineers' union in Everett by fully outsourcing the 787.
>You seem to think the Max is indicative so some kind of declining engineering prowess, it's not.
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File: 1667587447801-0.png ( 121.42 KB , 270x380 , obama-pizzagate-and-hotdog….png )

File: 1667587447801-1.jpg ( 239.75 KB , 1280x960 , wagnercentre.jpg )


So Prigozhin get out from prison in 1990 and start "selling hot dogs". Now he and his guys are among the most powerful people in Russia.
Remember also that rumor about Putin.


A thread died for this.

File: 1628522933043.png ( 669.43 KB , 1080x1645 , Screenshot_20210809-112807….png )

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>Tucker Carlson trip to Hungary to promote its populist leader took an awkward turn when a transcript of his interview was censored by the Hungarian government.

>Carlson spent the week filming his Fox News show from Budapest, where he interviewed Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, toured a border fence built to keep out migrants, and spoke at an event funded by the Orban government.

>The Fox News host also touted Hungary, under Orban’s illiberal rule, as a “freer” place than the United States.

>Carlson’s characterization of Hungary and its ruler was put to the test on Friday when all mention of Chinese leader Xi Jinping was scrubbed from a transcript of the Carlson-Orban interview that was sent to reporters.

>During the interview, Carlson lamented to Orban that U.S. President Joe Biden has never referred to Xi as a “totalitarian thug” despite the fact that he has “murdered many of his political opponents.”

>New York Times reporter Benjamin Novak noticed that Carlson’s criticism of Xi was cut from a transcript sent to reporters by Hungarian officials.

>Politico Europe’s Playbook newsletter reported that after Novak’s tweet, officials sent out a full transcript of the interview.

>Orban has pushed Hungary towards closer ties with China, seeking out loans from Beijing for projects including a railway to Belgrade and a campus of a Shanghai university in Budapest. In recent months, Hungary twice blocked an EU statement condemning China’s crackdown on democracy in Hong Kong.

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Lmao good


Dengists and "Anti Imperialists" still believe, that a chinese rule will make the world a better place


Then why are you such a cuck for chinese socialism? It doesn't even benefit you, you just admitted it.


carlson is an intel operative, do you think he was being silly trying to disrupt china-magyar relations?


imagine readong nagle and zizek and calling it "reading"

File: 1667399855047.png ( 154.43 KB , 2000x2177 , 567.png )


I just discovered this guys, isn't it true?

btw This is my greatest theoretical advance,
rate it


>political compass

File: 1667177307938.jpg ( 74.03 KB , 1024x683 , AA13ydho.jpg )


in a stunning turn of events lula has returned from his stent in jail and won the election. What's your thoughts chads? I think Bolsanaro is going to go the same route trump did except we could potentially see an actual coup because, you know, it's fucking Brazil


At any rate, cheers to the Brazil fags.
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File: 1667302909192.jpg ( 42.48 KB , 640x360 , IMG_20221101_171639.jpg )

Liberal corporatism.


What's it like to echo Hillary Clinton?

Like, when you talk, do you use the same shrill voice?


I know counting is hard but please your mom needs you out of her basement as soon as possible.


File: 1667389365824.png ( 823.74 KB , 2932x2008 , 1667330539931325.png )

Nice digits, but, just because some one you don't like says something doesn't make it untrue. Try using your head for once.


You're with her. We get it

File: 1667204355042.png ( 4.02 MB , 1600x1080 , noggen.png )


I believe Kanye West should become a drag queen and Candance Owenes should become a drag king, and they should prance about on the White House Lawn like a troupe of 1890s sideshow minstrels. Now I'd vote for that. I don't wanna vote for any more of this white boy shit. I know Byedon's a Catholic. I never met any nyuqqah who was loyal to the Pope. With a whitey Catholic boy, you can never trust. Be a Protestant and a drag queen, and you've got my vote.


schizo gang gang

File: 1628652943644.jpg ( 248.18 KB , 1600x1067 , Dome-of-the-Rock-Temple-Mo….jpg )


Can a leftist visit Jerusalem on holiday with being occupied and all that? And if not what is an alternative city that is equally as historic and interesting? Some place like Amman, Jordan or Beirut Lebanon?
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That's pretty hot to be honest.




All white women fuck dogs anon


Why are they so awesome?


Girls not in the cultleft are hot

File: 1664976195923.jpg ( 194.88 KB , 947x1280 , IMG_20221005_201932_141.jpg )


In my estimation, western imperialism in an advanced stage of internal decay. It will soon collapse entirely. However, without an actual liberatory alternative, this won't be a good thing.
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File: 1666623220119.jpg ( 86.28 KB , 1040x1076 , IMG_20221024_215245.jpg )



File: 1666863402908.jpg ( 80.54 KB , 640x784 , IMG_20221027_163348.jpg )



Imperialism collapsed in 1945. Too bad it wasn't really the last stage.


Based and managerial pilled


The U.S. Army has fallen below its recruiting goals every year for decades. A big reason for that is that the Air Force and Navy recruiters are right across the hall from the Army and Marines recruiters. It turns out that not getting shot at is a huge selling point for prespective servicemen. Who would have thought? Seriously, if kids wanted to get shot at, have their bodies broken, and suffer from PTSD for the rest of their lives, they could just stay in the hood.

File: 1666201153044.webm ( 2.41 MB , 1920x1080 , Russia.1985-1999.TraumaZo….webm )


“What It Felt Like to Live Through The Collapse of Communism and Democracy”

Has anyone from /leftypol/ seen this new documentary series by Adam Curtis? Thoughts?


I didn't know this dude made a new documentary. I love this dude's shit. I'll check this out when I get off for the weekend and have time.


stopped watching right there


He had some stuff about Putin in Hypernormalization that made me feel like I wasn't getting the whole story. I hope this isn't a continuation of that.


Adam Curtis docs are pure kino, and I say that as someone who disagrees with a lot of his politics and despises the BBC.

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