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File: 1679597769492.jpg ( 100.15 KB , 787x590 , necon.jpg )


I'm asking my self whether or not the neocons are nothing but blood-dripping salesmen for the arms-industry, and all their ideological stuff is foolishness.

I'm not looking for cheap shots, like proving they never achieve their stated goals like "winning the war on terror". Just assume it's part of their strategy to lie about their true goals.

I used to think that they were both effective at generating profits for the arms industry and also furthering US imperial power. But I don't think that anymore.

For example the wars in the middle east caused something like a war-chaos-belt that separated Europe from Asia and prevented the formation of "Ꭼurꭺsian" (loaded term) economic integration that could potentially become an economic block that would be many times more powerful than the US. So in that sense you could look at the failed wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and so on as somewhat effective at maintaining US hegemonic power.

But it turns out that it wasn't the case. The conclusion that most analysts are drawing now is that the US wasted a bunch of time and effort fucking up the Arabs. And was nothing but a distraction that allowed China to grow into an economic powerhouse that is now more or less untouchable for the foreseeable future.

The Ukraine crisis again follows a similar structure, it seemed like a viable way to separate Russian-German economic cooperation by creating a trade-disrupting war-zone and political-capital for economic separation, so that economic integration may not lead to a Russo-European economic block that would have been more powerful than the US.

But it turns out that this wasn't the case either. The result of the Ukraine crisis is:

Sino-Russian economic integration. Which might lead to the formation of a much more powerful economic block than the Russo-European one. But the consequences don't stop at undoing the Sino-Soviet split. It also has killed the economic power of Europe which means that a potential Trꭺnsatlꭿntiꮸ (loaded term) economic block is much weaker now.
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>The rulers have always acted in their base material interests first, religion was simply a vehicle for manufacturing consent from their underclass. You'd be very hard-pressed to find a genuinely pious ruler

I would say mostly true, but some rulers probably had self-serving piousness. Like "God wants me to have power"


The few rulers who really believed in religion understood it was a vehicle for worldly power, and most of the truths they cared about were esoteric. Christianity is a very violent and vicious religion when you see what it really is.

Even then, most rulers are fickle and venal creatures who default to an essentially Satanic view of the world. They don't appreciate how religion is really effective and leave that to their priests and advisors. Because such rulers allowed the Church to maintain its privilege and position, the Church had every reason to encourage the nobility's Satanic and predatory world-view and facilitate excuses for it. Priests are really cynical bastards and a lot of them are the few who really would be atheists in that society, not counting the multitude who only paid lip service and endured life with whatever bitter comfort they could find outside of polite society.

Religion was never about mollifying the masses with ideology in that way. Most of the time, religion was what counted as social services, charity, and so on that dealt with the homeless and the lowest class. Religious leaders really had little interest in moral probity, at times encouraging the vice of parishoners so long as it conformed to the overall goals they intended for society. The religions are all nasty and disgusting, working overtime to strip out the decency humans might have possessed in a better world, and replacing it with dogmas that make them more effective killers and plunderers. The working classes were ruled primarily by fear rather than faith, and the bourgeois were long contemptuous of religion and didn't like having to pay tithes for charity. The bourgeois hated the homeless and wanted to whip them for failure to work, and so the Poor Laws happened and Christianity was slowly dismantled.

Really, religion only had appeal to priests who saw it correctly as a vehicle to command peoples' minds and souls. They'll tell you outright you're not actually supposed to believe it literally, and interpret the metaphors correctly to figure out it's a system of mental cheating.


It must be remembered that for a long time, the working class were left to their own devices, and never had that much faith in religion. Most people only attended churches because it was obligatory, and without any concept of free speech or assembly, anyone who proclaimed it was bullshit was punished. Privately, workers and peasants disdained all of it, often returning to folk religion or stories they told themselves for generations. The inroad to invade their lives was not possible beyond threats, and because religion presented some social stability and typically counted as whatever education they were going to get, the religion could be abided. Priests, like any aristocracy, hold their flock in utter contempt, and this is especially pronounced in Christianity. It wasn't released until the Reformation that the priests believed the whole time their flock were damned to hell and deserved to suffer. How Christianity survived the Reformation, I don't know, and in a lot of ways it didn't. The Protestants were almost eager to either become outright Satanists or took on the interests of the bourgeois and eventually technology. A lot of people who really weren't Christian could go through the motions, and eventually secularization. It was a religion with a very flimsy foundation, seeing how Christianity is structurally a death cult that got really big and could conquer the world.


Have you taken your meds recently? Now would be a good time.


Here is a massive article going into great depth of the geopolitical ramification of the neocon's recent foreign policy, highly recommended

From Strategic Dilemma to Strategic Disaster, Part 1

<Western officials and analysts are fond of noting that ‘Putin’s war on Ukraine’ has damaged rather than strengthened Russia’s strategic position. Rather than neutralizing the threat NATO poses, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has increased that threat, so the analysis goes. Putting aside the obvious contradiction with most of these observers’ position that neither NATO nor its expansion presented a security threat to Russia, one needs to look at the reverse side of all this. Have Western security, NATO countries’ security, American national security been enhanced by NATO expansion, the refusal to negotiate with Moscow a new security architecture for Europe, and the NATO-Russia Ukrainian War and its ongoing escalations? The fact is that the Russo-Western relationship proper as a security dilemma is now virtually a zero-sum game; when one side undertakes a measure to ensure its security vis-à-vis the other, the other responds with measures at least as deleterious to the former as the former’s were for the latter. This has proceeded now for decades, beginning with the first round of post-Cold War NATO expansion, though Russia originally was slow on the uptake in response to this challenge as a result of her temporary weakness.

<In this mutual security dilemma’s most recent episode – the NATO-Russia Ukrainian war – the West’ security position also has been weakened, given the bolstering of the Russian military through increases in numbers, budget resources, battle experience, and mobilization of the Russia’s military-industrial complex. Far from being ‘isolated internationally’, Russia has been able in tandem with China to forge a new pole of power in the international system’s structure, dealing a perhaps deadly blow to Western, in particular American global hegemony. It is doubtful that enhances Western and American security, particularly as much of the alternative pole-formation is taking on an increasingly anti-American tone as opposed to one of creating a more or less neutral, simple alternative pole or center of global power. Moreover, NATO’s newest ally, prospective member, and bulwark against ‘Russian expansionism’ – Maidan Ukraine – is at high risk of being
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File: 1694890967737.jpg ( 115.37 KB , 1200x675 , petty-bourgeoisie2.jpg )


>Is literally becoming petty bourgeois based?
>What about PMC?

It sucks working for other people, mostly because it's monotonous, you lack autonomy and anybsense that youre building something (alienation). Therefore, is it based to start a small business, do some sort of start up, or become a 'soloprenure.' Insofar, as revolution isn't on the table this week, is it a suitable and morally permissible personal alternative in the meantime.

What about something like PMC? Is it ok to become a social worker, teacher, marketer, graphic designer, security guard, or direct manager? It doesn't provide the same level of autonomy or freedom, but maybe that way I can make a difference and actually use my liberal arts degree and not be a barista my whole life.

How do these two options compare on different levels
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This is a reactionary take, leading people down the rabbit-hole of failure through hyper-individualism, you can not hope to deal with capitalism on a individual basis, seek strength in numbers. Organize the proletariat, do not spread this ideological co-optation crap.

You can attempt to do harm reduction via ethical capitalism, doing stuff similar to fair trade coffee, or starting a cooperative. If you understand finance stuff create a bank that invests in coops.

>What about something like PMC?

Avoid the corporate sector and especially the managerial strata, it's filled with psychotic corporate-ladder-climbers. Go for old school firms that, aren't publicly traded and do not have stuff like an HR department, and instead have an instructor-apprentice model.

If you are one of those people that are a force of nature, screw over the big capitalists, and use it to fund a revolution. You know like Stalin and the Bolsheviks robbing banks to fund the October-revolution (Not sure if that story is true).


The first essay in Mao's collected works is 'an analysis of classes in Chinese Society.' It's detailed an nuanced. He never says, 'lol, theyre just working class.'

Try again


>There's no such thing as a PMC.
We know that the managerial strata and the technical intelligentsia is a real thing. When the Soviet system was getting dissolved these people did not side with the proletariat.


>someone in transportation like a trucker or forklift driver wouldn't ally with the broader working class just because they don't produce surplus?
Are you sure they don't produce economic surplus ?
The production of a commodity tends to be spread over many factories that have transport in-between.


Exactly. This is literally the universal petty bourg experience


File: 1694325678741.jpg ( 35.67 KB , 310x475 , influence-the-psychology-o….jpg )


What can the left learn from 'compliance and behavior experts' (salesmen, marketers, recruiters, advertisers, etc)?
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How has that worked out for you?


In marketing they see the consumer as the "enemy" they want to "wage information war-fare" against, and their goal is manipulating consumers to buy overpriced products with consumer-hostile features , like subscription scams that attack personal property, privacy-violating anti-features, non-standard-compliant design, modification/repair-hostile design , planned obsolescence, etc.

On the classical left we don't see the masses as the enemy. What are we supposed to do with those "emotion-manipulation-weapons"
Are we supposed to try to screw over the capitalist class, should we all turn into con-men that sell investor scams ?

Is your revolutionary strategy to trick the capitalists into abolishing their class-privilege ?
Can you explain how that's supposed to work in praxis ?

Usually socialists want a organized proletariat that gains the power to remake society to serve it's interests. How would we get from scamming capitalist to that ?


File: 1694942883599.jpg ( 2.13 MB , 2256x4000 , IMG_20230917_162534.jpg )

Lol. Far leftists are too dim witted to use info like pic related to their benefit. They'd rather pat themselves on the back for being above it all while constantly losing.


>during the COVID-19 outbreak of 2020

What's the next page say?


Basically, the most effective message to ensure cucks wear a cuckmask is showing them other cucks wearing a cuckmask.

This is probably why …they… are always trying to censor and cancel dissenting voices and opinions. Gotta keep up the appearance of social proof.

File: 1694569443116.png ( 2.84 KB , 733x768 , chinaspy.png )


It appears that the UK has arrested a parliamentary researcher and accused him of being a Chinese spy in order to manufacture consent for pressuring the current UK government to be more hostile towards China.

<The spying claims, first disclosed in The Sunday Times, are putting pressure on Sunak's government to toughen its policy on China as it seeks greater engagement with the Asian superpower.

I'm assuming Chinese spies are indeed trying to infiltrate the UK government and the reverse is also likely. That's to be expected from inter-state competition. But i don't believe that UK counter intelligence would make a public fuzz about uncovering a spy. If you catch a spy, you try to exploit the situation to feed you're opponent bogus information.

I wonder if that researcher was just some unlucky rando who got sacrificed for a political stunt, or whether they're purging that guy for political reasons. Like was he promoting a insufficiently hostile china stance or something ?

Any anons knowledgeable about the UK, or care to speculate about the spy biz.


It's probably just MI5 trying to justify their ludicrous budget by arresting some innocent chink.

File: 1694712949581.jpg ( 698.33 KB , 1500x1416 , worlds-happiest-countries-….jpg )


Random Thoughts on Happiness and Unhappiness

>quick aside about pic related

why do …they… try to gaslight westerners into believing that they are so happy. it's obvious that's not the case. Opioid and antidepressant use has been on the rise. along with suicides, homelessness, etc.

Is it part of a larger fake and ghey Truman Show-esque programming - one which goes in all sort of directions (Trump tried to become fashist dictator blah blah, look, aliens!, etc).

<what makes America such a spiritual shithole and terrible place to live, especially if you're in a city?

1) not just capitalism

The midwits will say something about capitalism in general. This dull and unoriginal belief ignores the obvious fact that every country is capitalist, and capitalism is fairly old with respect to conditions today

They then point to fake and ghey stats similar to pic related, citing countries like Norway and New Zealand. They mention social programs. These same countries are also pointed to by white supremacists as examples of countries where ethnically homogeneous white states have better outcomes for individuals. Ironically (?), Israel - a social imperialist settler state - also ranks high on expertly supplied stats comparing happiness globally.
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>why cling to spiritualism?
I don't think anybody uses that in the original sense of the word, as being inhabited by spirits. It's more of a generic phrase that references brain states. There aren't any materialist terms yet. Neurology hasn't progressed that far.


To expand, it’s literally the exact same notion as Christian nations portraying themselves as enlightened and “civilized” despite the barbaric and backwards conditions of feudalism, namely tsarist Russia. Nations who did not engage in Christianity were deemed savage or “in development”. It is exactly the same case with psychology today. Any nation that does not base itself on the theories of western psychology is considered not progressive enough or just flat out totalitarian.institutions for social peace have always existed I feel like, and sorel was right that the state has refined it into something that directly benefits the classes, when prior to the state it was more integral to maintaining a reality. I feel like this needs to be a huge aspect that needs to be added in Marxism.


who ?




File: 1694892008088.jpg ( 758 KB , 1080x2049 , Screenshot_2023-09-17-02-1….jpg )

Based reply

File: 1689706552667-0.jpg ( 19.44 KB , 633x123 , U.S. soldier facing discip….jpg )

File: 1689706552667-1.jpg ( 30.52 KB , 707x136 , this man gives out a loud ….jpg )

File: 1689706552667-2.jpg ( 14.42 KB , 707x48 , thought it was a bad joke ….jpg )


U.S. soldier facing disciplinary action flees into North Korea

It said a person who said they witnessed the event and was part of the same tour group told CBS News they had just visited one of the buildings at the site when "this man gives out a loud 'ha ha ha,' and just runs in between some buildings."

CBS cited the witness as saying that military personnel reacted within seconds to the man's actions, but initially, there was confusion.

"I thought it was a bad joke at first, but when he didn't come back, I realized it wasn't a joke, and then everybody reacted and things got crazy," it quoted the witness as saying.

Recent news happening. Is he a real uygha?
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Honestly I would do the same and try to get sent to china and live the rest of my life there


Mein gott


File: 1694478452162-0.webm ( 703.64 KB , 576x1024 , 1692784491454280.webm )

File: 1694478452162-1.webm ( 806.92 KB , 576x1024 , 1692784668884483.webm )



File: 1694503648476.jpg ( 90.56 KB , 680x510 , 491.jpg )



>one wonders what they're put into that discipline
he dindu nuffin

File: 1689113130086.jpg ( 1.58 MB , 3690x2481 , students-marching-on-the-s….jpg )


What happened to the anti war movent?
The anti war movent was extremely vocal in 2001 - 2010 it seems. Vocal against the war in Afghanistan and iraq. In Vietnam people literally put their bodies on the line destroying arms facilities. So why have we done such a radical 180 when it comes to the war in Ukraine? What happened?

There is such over whelming deep throated support for the war in Ukraine. Overtly on the side of Ukraine and NATO but the "antithesis" to this on the left is to turn to supporting Russia. What happened? Anyone with half a brain understand Russia is not only not leftist, but, they are no even close to the left they are right wingers and the Russian government is overtly reactionary and the same is true of the US and Ukraine, but, the mask has fallen it appears with most vocal supporters of the war in Ukraine (meaning they are no longer identifying themselves on 'the left' but just out right as liberals) So what happened?

What happened to the anti-war left? CIA? Memory Hol'd? What happened?
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>Omg you don't want America to send Ukraine billions of dollar which then gets recycled into Raytheon. You aren't are real leftist (tm)
Get fucked


>"Nooo, stop giving aid to that homeless group. Can't you see Nestle is making a profit?"
Kill yourself.




>I can't read theory.
Well Duh.
Russia is not in the imperialist stage of capitalism. It's not an imperialist country by Marxist standards

>Tankies is the word

the pseudo-left uses to attack anti-imperialists.


i think the ruling ideology tendency to conflate socialists with the bourgeois-right has to be seen as the same type of democracy-hostile proto-fascistic political extremism as antisemitism.

>used by leftists

You're not on the left if you shill for imperialism, like sending weapons to fascist collaborator regimes like the one in Ukraine that bans political parties and attacks critical media that dissents against the mainstream narrative. The left position is returning to detente politics about prioritizing the use of diplomacy over firepower.

File: 1692922431258.jpg ( 270.03 KB , 846x868 , 1692921065655261.jpg )

 No.472619[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

What are the political implications of the world's first presidential mugshot? What will happen if he's convicted?
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File: 1694501799296-0.png ( 102.35 KB , 572x485 , 01.png )

File: 1694501799296-1.png ( 93.99 KB , 507x564 , 02.png )

File: 1694501799296-2.png ( 90.31 KB , 207x196 , 03.png )

File: 1694501799296-3.png ( 156.3 KB , 594x530 , 04.png )

File: 1694501799296-4.png ( 107.73 KB , 453x177 , 05.png )



did you really just post Communist Drive Trump


>Muh magatards
>I'm not psyoped, you're psyoped x 10
What a faggot


File: 1694505476743.jpg ( 1.24 MB , 1280x1280 , donald-trump-and-karl-marx….jpg )



File: 1694553296165.mp4 ( 878.07 KB , 320x568 , bAyP3tUNhoZhPhdA.mp4 )



Norman Finkelstein gave a pretty decent interview where he succinctly summed up the woke left.

File: 1694253392872.png ( 70 KB , 260x320 , ClipboardImage.png )


No discussion, no criticism. The marginal struggle of a stratum of the first world proletariat is to be at the forefront of the entire movement. There is nothing here than empty phrases. Individual proletarians have taken up the most difficult task of them all – to subvert billions of their comrades. They have taken up arms, guns, spears against the African poor, the Chinese industrial worker, the Indian farmer. They have accepted the nazifascistic semi-colonial Western holdings in the Far East, Eastern Europe and elsewhere and gladly march besides them. These do not endanger their purely individualistic need to satisfy the immediate want of changing themselves, however superficially, when the entire world is yearning to be changed. The western working class should walk arm in arm with the entire proletariat, be the vanguard that teaches the proletariat and is taught by them - yet this does not happen. The discourse is always preemptively silenced, the opposition is purged and only one thing remains - the identity, the Holy Ego, the Creative Nothing, the Unique. A nihilistic, petty-bourgeois ideology has wrapped the minds of our European comrades and it is our duty to get them back into the movement like the father accepted his lost son.

Sloganeering is the sign of a defeated mind, someone who wants to symbolically pay respect to the liberatory struggle of the entire proletariat by giving their dues to the most oppressed, most excluded, most ostracized stratum of the working class. It is wholly Christian in nature and it is utmost a reactionary practice. The footsoldiers of capital are no longer Freikorps or Junkers, but those unable to separate their personalities from the actual movement of history; comrades, which have fallen into the miasma of individualism and liberalism thusly justifying imperialism as long the ruling class gives them more concessions, violently taken from the Third World.

Our comrades don't want to accept that a non-European, non-Christian dictatorship of the proletariat is possible. They use any and all pseudo-Christian rhetoric, sometimes going as far as eschatology or Messianic complexes, to justify their reactionary and pseudo-bourgeois, pseudo-fascistic worldviews. They do not care about dismantling imperialism, they care only that they don't get the short end of the stick. The Western proletariat is a dead man walking and only total decolonization, denazification, demonetization and the end of western imperPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Cry harder


You aren't wrong about your criticism of pro-imperialist voices, however the western proletariat doesn't benefit from imperialism anymore. Imperialism is now having direct negative consequences for the western proletariat.

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