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File: 1628564255191.jpeg ( 592.52 KB , 1920x1080 , 1628521120696.jpeg )


Bros, I'm a bit confused.

On the one hand, I want a socialist society that provides for the needs of the people, makes investments into the nation, and guides the commanding heights of the economy in a planned way. A society where the collective is more important than the individual, where people strive for something higher than self-indulgence and money.

But on the other hand, I absolutely despise contemporary art, architecture, and all of the ugliness of our modern world. Every Western city is full of litter, graffiti, shit, and filth. Every new building is hideous, and nothing beautiful is ever made. Everyone lives materialist, hedonistic, selfish lives and the cult of individualism has consumed everything.

Material conditions and 40 years of neoliberalism aside, I think one of the reasons for the West's apparent decline stems from our loss of tradition. In every aspect of society, whether religion or social relations, tradition has completely broken down. Shared traditions are what binds a people together, and almost every single one has been shattered either deliberately - often by the left, or as a byproduct of capitalism.

So am I even a communist, or am I just a left-wing fascist?

In either case, the working classes seem to prefer patriotism, religion, and national traditions in some form to the Avant-garde intellectualism of the left.
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If that is true why are a majority of the working class staunch dems?


>Your brain on a constant stream of MSNBC and reddit leftism


My ass. Even presidential elections can only get about 60% of Americans to vote. The "None of the Above" party has the plurality, and if you count mid-terms it almost has a full majority.



The majority of the working class are non-voters or noncommital.

File: 1628895039181.jpg ( 32.52 KB , 443x474 , 1627849344320.jpg )


I figured out where africans post about politics and why they're almost never active on any western imageboard find something on there bring something back
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Damn I actually want to take a deep dive on this, I know so little about Africa and it's interesting to see actual Africans discussing these things


Wait im confused what is this? I'm at work.




African countries are basically in the 90s digitally-wise, low internet penetration and only nerds and some porkies bother with it


You mean that they are living before the Endless Summer? Holy shit, I need a ticket to Lagos right now.

File: 1668476258222.jpg ( 871.84 KB , 1424x1899 , PencilNotBeingUsed.jpg )


I've made a quick sum-up of the political notes that I've collected over the last couple of months, for critique and building upon by other comrades. Feedback is highly appreciated, as while I feel I did pretty well at addressing most liberal centrist arguments, there were some I just didn't have great answers for.
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You can easily copy paste it as a text
You know we got fancy fonts, yeah?
So just ctrl+r those paragraph declarations and post it here


Imagine being such a fag that you find it hard to post better content, so instead you just cry about other threads


You're right, I just haven't taken the time to look through the formatting yet. I'll do that now.



### September 23, 2022

I had a rather enjoyable discussion with an comrade in which we discussed the place
of a strong Communist party in a time when most if not all of the younger generation
hold some anti-capitalist sentiment. Among their most interesting points, I save the following quotes:
(I will refer to this comrade as L)

> Me: Along with that, this also involves austerity on subjugated nations, such as how the US forced Puerto Rico to privatize its utilities recently after they started to suffer from mass debt. 
> Me: I once posted an article discussing this, but that's just a sidenote for now.
> L: that's another very relevant point whenever comparing capitalists to other nations
> L: a lot of the worst actions of the capitalists occurs outside of their own nations, as they exploit other nations to accumulate power
> L: unlike the communists, who solidify power by removing opposition, or the fascists, who gain it by absorbing other groups (countries, companies, etc)

> L: on the one hand, corporations are a bigger threat than the right (at least IMO, they can do much more if we don't answer them), but we can't let an attack on them give the right power

> (In reference to TheEconomist quoting Lenin's former critique of them)...it was smart, as it increases their relevance among capitalist circles, while those who would critique them can't really be swayed any further

Note that these quotes are not in chronological order, so they do not follow the argument exactly.

### September 28, 2022

Something that I find interesting to keep in mind is that the gap between skilled and unskilled labor gets
**smaller** as the countries becomes more economically developed, not greater, and as such Lenin's concept of
the labor aristocracy has flaws. This does not change the fact that the proletariat in these first world 
countries can and will start to become class conscious if their way of life is threatened, as has been seen
after the great recession and quite recently with a surge of union activity that hasn't been seen in decades.

### October 5, 2022
To be a Puerto Rican is one of the most soul-crushing experiences in the US' jurisdiction. A [poverty rate of 40.5%](https://archive.ph/p2n7O)
as of 2021, more than double that of the poorest US states. An econ
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Literally anything that sparks an actual discussion is better content than an OP that amounts to "here, download my file, bye".

File: 1668672408374.jpg ( 120.29 KB , 506x612 , gettyimages-526963324-612x….jpg )


Is there any good marxist book on the french revolution that was written after the 1950s?
Seems strange to me the lack of attention to such a fundamental event that so heavily influenced all the leftist thought for the remainder of pre world war timeline. All I can really find is a Kropotkin book that was written ages ago.
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File: 1668791234002-0.pdf ( 3.01 MB , 67x118 , Albert Soboul - A Short Hi….pdf )

File: 1668791234002-1.pdf ( 60.34 MB , 191x300 , Albert Soboul - The French….pdf )

File: 1668791234002-2.pdf ( 4.57 MB , 232x300 , Neil Davidson - How Revolu….pdf )

Suck a dick OP



can I PLEASE get a book recommendation on the subject matter, ie the French Revolution?
If I wanted to read cockshott or a bunch of marxist philosophical crap - I would've done it without asking

I need a good histmat book on this subject. Kropotkin is an anarchoid from the 19th century, with all that comes with it.
A Socialist History of the French Revolution is from the beginning of the 20th century, abridged in english from 6 volumes to 200 pages.
Other books are some selected essays bullshit.


<do you dogmoids read ANYTHING other than the same 19th century books or 20th century retellings of those same books?
do you read ANYTHING other than what Lening scribbled at the edge of his newspaper while sitting on a toilet that then was compiled into yet another volume of his collected works by the new party elite that needed new ideological canon to reinforce their position as a dominant group in a society?


ok, that short history book looks actually interesting
pity that it's a "short history"

and that second book is still loading

comatoast for fuck's sake, you have 1.5 anons here and your site is still shitting itself like if you were under a chinese ddos


ok, good books, exactly what I needed
thanks anon

File: 1628822184861.webm ( 2.4 MB , 960x540 , 1628814772326.webm )


How big of a threat is India really to china in their long term future? They are sitting right on the border and look ready to fight, have nukes but they are kinda poor
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cringe bait


Countries don't actually go to war anymore. It never happens. All there is is saber rattling. Wars are fought financially in the modern era.


Neither side can hurt the other because of the giant mountain that's in the way




File: 1668179648522.jpg ( 194.2 KB , 628x362 , WorkersStrikeBack-ys99h5.jpg )


Why do so many minorities look up to this man? He operated on nothing but idpol and his divisive politics continue to divide America today.
Porky even gave him an entire holiday to celebrate idpol.
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I mean the FBI statement and the additude of these individuals are two different things.


File: 1668493582453.jpg ( 373.3 KB , 1058x1604 , IMG_20221115_132417.jpg )

Yes, we all know how common it is for conservatives to block, try to cancel people on social media, or avoid those they disagree with. Lol

Do tell, which surviving socialist country didn't embrace nationalism?


>US is polarized because of what one guy said half a century ago
Lmao. Nice materialism there friend!

>Y-you can't allow these coons (who live in the same country as me) into *MY* middle class labour market because… because you just can't okay?!? It will break *MY* solidarity!
Literally nazi logic of putting your people first no matter what even if you fuck others over. Also lmao at the schizoid fantasy where the organized working class died because of muh uyghs. If anything, full emancipation wpuld have lowered the wages and made US market more attractive for porkies. But what happened? They all fled to China, along with porkies from Europe (where the working class also died despite there being no blacks added into the workforce), all because the Dengist traitors to the internatonal working class opened their labour market to the capitalists.


>US is polarized because of what one guy said half a century ago
>>Lmao. Nice materialism there friend!
His idpol was codified into law, Jesus Christ your stupid.


>You're not posting any history to contradict me, this is an admission of defeat.

File: 1628947154879.png ( 738.64 KB , 750x543 , biden.png )


what do you see happening in the near future and how do you think it'll happen ? do you think we'll be falling into reaction or are we headed to a new era one of socialism and liberation ?
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Capitalism has already been outmoded by neo tributaryism


Happening where? Well, okay, let's go everyhwere
>Russia and Ukraine settle a ceasefire that sees Ukraine take back most of pre-war territories. Russia manages to spin this into a W because LNR/DPR remain Russian, but 100k losses can't just be memory holed. I predict either Putin getting castle'd into another apparachik rook, or a nationalist soft-coup occuring.
>For US, GOP is fucked. I predict 51/49 senate against them and 1 seat majority house. They'll eat each other alive. It will be a repeat of pre-2016 with Trump standing against the establishment reps, but with way less support. And whoever wins the powerstruggle, they'll be disadvantaged for 2024. Optimistic hope is that if GOP starts imploding, it will open new horizons for new parties.
>EU will likely fully align with NATO, however also strengthen economic ties to China to make up for Russia. I don't see Eurosceptics succeeding, instead I see all parties drifting towards a now-centrist position of European eco-fascism, aka a policy of "prosperity for me, but not for thee", where EU increasingly becomes isolationist from all migrants.
>China. I lack the knowladge to talk about it. If I had to spitball, I'd predict them encountering a crisis of mixed economy not too far into the future, but that's about it. Also I think Xi might accidentally brainfuck the CCP into becoming a Soviet/French assembly-esque apparachik machine via his focus of cementing his own power base.
>Latin America will likely get another pink wave, but I doubt it will ever turn more red, at least for now. It will, however, let those countries finally start developing normal economies, like how AMLO is doing in Mexico.
>Africa - I don't fucking know.


NATO will loose the proxy war in Ukraine.
15% chance for a diplomatic settlement, that will let the west safe face and pretend to have won, but in reality make heavy concessions to the Russians. Ukrainian rump state remains. The western media will decouple from reality entirely and declare that all of Ukraine was liberated. Western Social media will become mostly bots, stuff like facebook and twitter will become a ghost-town where inactive user accounts will be taken over by bots as well.
80% Chance diplomacy remains cock-blocked, and Russia will completely grind down what remains of the Ukrainian military and state. Ukraine as a country seizes to exist, except in name only.
5% Chance for escalation to full scale world war with nukes and mega-death. Space communists will exit subspace in earth orbit and uplift dolphins to full sapience and our dolphin-comrades will teach what's left of humanity how to communism

90% chance the US will try to kick off war in Taiwan, copying the "Ukraine-model"
98% chance the Chinese manage to snuff that out with a naval and air blockade around Taiwan. 50% chance the US will try to impose it's own naval blockade on China but it fails because it's loosing to many ships against Chinese boat-ramming tactics. 80% chance the US navy will respond to ramming with opening fire and promptly loose more ships to Chinese anti-ship missile mayhem. A defeated US navy returns home and during that phase revolutionary potential becomes very high because the US forces question the US ruling class's ability to lead. 3% chance the disorganized US socialists take advantage and create the USSA, that includes Mexico and Canada.

20% chance India and Pakistan will be forced to end their conflict over Kashmir because food shortages in global markets empower the Kashmir peasant class that manages to gain political power and declare independence, and successfully play India and Pakistan against each other, they will work together with the DPRK and Iran to create their own nuclear deterrent.

60% chance Ireland will gain independence during the comming economic turmoil in the UK.

80% Chance that Syria will regain control over the territories that the US and others are occupying, as attention and resources are redirected to other more pressiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


2% chance OP loses virginity. 1% chance it's to a dude.


you are bi-polar

File: 1667994013821.png ( 918.39 KB , 680x662 , 1655067813755.png )

 No.460241[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Magacommunist haz fags I can understand at least they have a plan. There's debate on the board about who is right in the current moment to vote for (if any) in US politics but I don't understand how people see things through the exact same lense as socialists in the Soviet union. This is the modern world with its own set of historical and economic obstacles. Right now we are facing a left that is basically all but dead. Is voting for Dems or Republicans optimal? Absolutely not but supporting these parties for better or worse is a way to get our m savage to people that might otherwise still believe capitalistic propoganda about communism and socialism.

Being involved in these politics is an important part of building a socialistic base for future generations to grow off of. Stomping your feet on the ground and crying becat the current situation isn't favorable to a developed socialist organization taking the reigns is not only selfish but dare I say ultra lefitst.
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And this is why Marx's adherence to Modernity is retarded.


You can't be this dense.
<"Neoliberalism" is just a philosophical justification for global capitalism. It is not an economic system; the economic system is still just the reality of global capitalism.
Because maodernity makes a person right about economics, politics, and history?


>Because maodernity makes a person right about economics, politics, and history?
Hahahaha you wish!


You wish it wasn't true.


Modernism is retarded, it's been deboonked over and over again. Capitalism should have collapsed about 10 times over by now according to Marx, and yet here we still are.

File: 1668314547716.png ( 584.04 KB , 750x785 , 1668313959481-1.png )


>this is what half the board actually believes in
It's over. Republicans also lost the senate you retarded Trumpists here.
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Great reset already happened. Its called the 70's. If you are paranoid about great reset now it just identifies you as a retarded petty boug fucker who is paranoid about losing his status and becoming one of the Amazon warehouse untouchables wagie.


What the fuck is either of you talking about?


>Omg, you oppose actually existing capitalism and it's developments today instead of being a fart smelling libarts faggot who drones on and on about capitalism in the most abstract sense!


>opposing actually existing capitalism with an older form of capitalism


You Will Never Be A Marxist

File: 1668062259397.jpg ( 58.23 KB , 750x1000 , flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x10….jpg )


<Does he have a point?
I've never read any of his books, but from what I understand, one of his central thesis goes like this:
>People with exceptionally disordered lives, who can't even manage to keep their own personal space tidy and clean, have a 0% chance of reorganizing the world for the better.

This strikes me as true. When I was more into activism, some of the most high and mighty r-r-r-revolutionaries had exceptionally disordered lives. Some of them couldn't even operate a vacuum cleaner (literally comical to watch them try). Or, more commonly, they would leave dirty dishes that their housemates had to clean. Yet, at the same time, they honestly believed that if they had control, they would somehow make a better world. It struck me at the time as rather arrogant and somewhat detestable. This has me wondering, regardless of whatever else Peterson is saying, does he have a point about the unfounded narcissism of some people of the left, especially those who can't even manage their own lives in a semi-self sufficient and positive way. Are we really to believe that those whose own personal space is in shambles would somehow do a better job if only they had more tasks and responsibilities, despite the fact that they fail at minor personal responsibilities?

If so, what are the political implications of this? How does this relate to organizing, the vanguard, etc?
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I'm assuming you're room is a mess, anon


One thing the Freemasons do, when you request to join, is pay a visit to your home to interview you. We do that for more or less the same reasons you express in your OP. If your house looks like a nest for a mentally ill faggot, no way do we want you in our ranks.


Very brilliant and exceptionally influential people who made the world a better place did not care one bit about organizing their stuff. I would say that it's a personal preference, and you should maybe not put too much emphasis on this. After-all society is not the same as a room with stuff in it.

>what are the political implications

If you judge political leadership by how tidy their rooms are, you will get very shitty politicians that trample your interests, while having very nice rooms that are being kept in tip top shape by a horde of maids.

There are no shortcuts, you have to look at the policies and ideology of political leadership to figure out if they are any good.


The road to hell is paved in good intentions, anon


It doesn't relate at all. Peterson is a charlatan, and his philosophy is worthless self-help trash.

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