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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1640456961172.jpg (68.99 KB, 624x781, FB_IMG_1640444283909.jpg)



Has any one else read this? They are drumming up a lot of hysteria about it over on Twitter but I don't really know what to think. The actual source itself doesn't appear to prove anything. Maybe I am misinterpreting the data can some one help me figure this out? What does leftychan thing?
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who gives a fuck about breadtube ? attention whores and grifters but good for at least pulling NPCs a bit further left

if you meet a breadtard being retarded, treat them just like if you met a lib or anarkiddy or "not political" person or even a comrade being retarded


I would give a shit about them considering they are the ones converting people into radlibs transhumanists.


Tldr theyre using philosophytube to shift public opinion in favor of lockdowns.

Also i guess i just found out the philosophytube guy is did a mtf. why do they all end up like this


Even fucking thought slime did an mft. I'm genuinely curious why this happens too. Is it clout? Are the hons just faking it?


File: 1641323606460.jpg (53.35 KB, 507x380, 10549-295_super.jpg)

Who are some of the content creators implicated?

File: 1638931103065.jpg (232.32 KB, 1242x1080, jwi6c8tv2zj51.jpg)


I know I always tell a tall tale about this but if you don't do what I want then we're all going to concentration camps to get dinkledomped. Adolf Doofler is going to come back and karaka your head on a platter. Is that what you want? You WILL remember the 20th century, anon. I'm very serious about this.
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Communism evil




>You WILL remember the 20th century
I remember Joey karakaing Doofler


who tf is this? lmao


File: 1641258649059.jpg (55.75 KB, 976x549, _113905778_20thcenturyfoxl….jpg)

It's the 20th century.

File: 1640997315216.jpg (39.89 KB, 800x450, 2021-YEAR-IN-REVIEW.jpg)


Hello Comrades,

Another year down. I'm hosting a watch party where I gathered some videos to watch and willingly to take suggestions for the night to add more videos. I plan staying up as late as possible and hanging out with you all until I can't stay awake.

I will be starting it up 7pm CST.



We have started


We still up.

File: 1640811573472.jpg (43.04 KB, 828x1015, antiwork-r161vy.jpg)


Maybe you all should have a cylical news thread. Anyway I just wanted to draw attention to this because the right always acts like violence from them are one off flukes.


Not a bad idea actually. I'll bring it to a vote in the matrix.


That's right, triggered settler?


Landback is retarded.

File: 1628983469855.jpg (125.01 KB, 1024x1024, DyEKaYE5OVI.jpg)


To begin with, let's define the concepts.
1. Strasserism (or Strasser's ideological position), judging by the program document "14 theses of the German Revolution", was an attempt by Strasser to combine nationalism, anti-Semitism, moderate social democracy and geopolitics. This attempt was half-hearted, Strasserism was in principle adjacent to Hitler's Nazism and was suppressed by Nazism, which simply rejected the social-democratic ideas of Strasserism as a screen. Strasserism was a form of moderate centrist nationalism, inconsistent and tending to right-wing ideas (German geopolitics of "living space", racism, anti-Semitism)

2. National Bolshevism (Ustryalov) is a "post-revolutionary" ideological trend among the Russian emigration, which recognized the socialist principle, but at the same time defended the idea of Russian national statehood and denied universal communism as a utopia. It is distinguished from Strasserism by great consistency and restraint. Within the framework of National Bolshevism as a synthesis of the ideas of Russian historical statism and the ideas of Marxism, there is less eclecticism. National Bolshevism itself is a mirror of Soviet state-building (Ustryalov recognized both industrialization, collectivization and the unity of the party). Initially, National Bolshevism advocated combining the ideas of NEP and cooperation with the ideas of a strong state. Then there was a turn to the recognition of the Stalinist USSR.

3. Left-wing nationalism is a set of ideological-theoretical and practical-political phenomena, which are usually united by the following things:
1) the presence of a left (anarcho-communist, populist, Marxist) ideology,
2) recognition of the right of peoples to self-determination and denial of capitalist imperialism,
3) statism or the idea of a strong, based on the original development of the nation and national culture. In this sense, left-wing nationalism can be attributed to Smenovehovism, National Bolshevism (Limonov), Gandhism (the teachings of Gandhi in India), Titoism (the teachings of Tito, who combined the ideas of Trotsky and the ideas of left-wing nationalism), early Maoism and, of course, Juche (the official ideology of the DPRK).

Strasserism is not left-wing nationalism, because it included the ideas of "living space","war as fate", anti-semitism and "purity of the nation" - purely right-wing ideas and was therefore not viable (since the combination of left and Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Nazbol is incomprehensible.
You can't really pin it down to a party.
It is mystical.
You can't catch it.
It is not national
It is not rational
It is not irrational
the only way it is real
The only way it works
It manifests itself in the worlds
As a dogwhistle
For down to the heart communists.


Death to every nationalism simp


they dont exist


Communism or rather socialism is already innately patriotic. Centering around patriotism or Nationalism is redundant. Nationalism usually serves for bourgeois entities and can sometimes distract from class struggle likewise with identity politics distracting from class struggle as well.


Bolshevism is nationalist. Nazbol is a misnomer.

File: 1640370762654.jpeg (330.32 KB, 2000x995, 1640370757704.jpeg)


Hello everyone,

I'm gonna go watch the Trump interview involving Candace Owens at :45 after.

If you wanna come watch. Come here:


We also may watch a few other things and then yeah.

Hope to see y'all there.




I'd come join but I'm out of data mayn

File: 1640135558636.webm (3.75 MB, 320x180, 1640132039247.webm)


What is out future as a community? Will we die out with a whimper and bang or will we see a surge in popularity among the community as a whole?

What about the left in general? What does the future look like for us? Are we fucked?
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Isn't there a fediverse type imageboard floating around? Tf happened to that shit?


biden won. funding for leftists has been pulled by doj / state department


File: 1640221634198.jpg (33.05 KB, 621x611, 1639851760686.jpg)

But I thought we would get communism.


fucking ludicrous.
leftypol is just a nest of shills. you're alreadyd ead.


I posted a direct link anon you should have just went to the link, lol. But I do agree it was a bad name choice

File: 1639574053209.jpg (43.25 KB, 262x394, chengguang.jpg)


The Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau, commonly shortened to Chengguan (Chinese: 城管; pinyin: Chéngguǎn), is a local government agency that has been established in every city in Mainland China.[1]

The agency is usually part of a city or municipality's Urban Management Bureau (Chinese: 城市管理局; pinyin: Chéngshì Guǎnlǐ Jú).[2] The agency is in charge with enforcement of urban management of the city. This includes local bylaws, city appearance bylaws, environment, sanitation, work safety, pollution control, health, and can involve enforcement in planning, greening, industry and commerce, environment protection, municipal affairs and water in large cities.[2]

The agents of the bureau are civil servants that do not have the power of the police.

The bureau is sometimes translated in English as Urban Administrative Enforcement Bureau or Urban Management Enforcement Bureau.

The Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau was established in 2001/2002 for all major cities in mainland China to improve municipal governance as cities become more crowded and urban issues became more complex.[3]

The bureaus' officials are responsible for cracking down on unlicensed street vendors. According to the BBC, "Ever since the agency came into existence 10 years ago, there have been repeated criticism of them using excessive force. This para-police force, equipped with steel helmets and stab-proof vests, is often used by local officials as trouble shooters".[4]

In general the Chengguan serve as an official agency employed by cities across China "to tackle low-level crime." However, the agency is widely disliked by the Chinese due to their abuses of power.[4]

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1640166684735.png (13.83 KB, 443x523, 1640143693325.png)

>>muh out of poverty


File: 1640168179281.png (11.78 KB, 265x158, gz.png)

The Grayzone has excellent journalism


Yeah, the few times they actually report on anything instead of spouting cringey tankie conspiracy theories.


File: 1640259768848.webm (3.44 MB, 640x480, Conspiracy Theory - Micha….webm)

>tankie conspiracy theories.
political gate keeping does not make a valid argument


Yes but also no. I mean as Marxists we have to look at things from a materialist lense and a historical perspective not just at an individual level. Do some capitalists have psychological intent behind their actions? Yes. But most do not.

File: 1640183889219.gif (1.82 MB, 424x239, history.gif)


Is it idealistic to think that knowledge of real history is critically important for staging a revolt? How can you expect people to succeed when they've been robbed of their history?


File: 1640188979678.jpg (5.67 KB, 251x251, 155901989184.jpg)

As long as your conclusion to this fact is based in material reality of the age no. The United States empire has a very specific perspective of it's history that it teaches to it's general population through the education system. Keep in mind that uncovering the true narrative is the role of Marxist and dialectical thinks in our current epoch of history.

So yes, with out teaching people "the truth" they will remain blind to your message.

File: 1639873065050-0.png (144.52 KB, 2000x1250, cssna.png)

File: 1639873065050-1.pdf (843.17 KB, 212x300, towards independence.pdf)


What are our thoughts on the most advanced political ideology yet, /leftypol/? Shay wrote a book about american balkanization and the creation of a new nation in the southern united states, based on sun yat-sen's three principles of the people and mlm thought. Shay also proposes replacing the presidency with a council and the formation of a cooperative mercenary organization combined with unions, syndicates and parties to form a super-organization with dual-power to demand independence, all while ranking revolutionary action based on a 3-tier tier system to represent action in an everyday form vs more radical and revolutionary acts.


I finished the first chapter and I think it's a pretty good read, tbh. I think she is very articulate and I am excited to read this. I love how she is blending the zeitgeist of revolution with the concept of marxism. Very interesting.


File: 1639963553480.jpg (957.04 KB, 1456x1430, 20211219_183823.jpg)

POV: you are commissar cletus and you are getting dressed for a long day of removing landed gentry and yankee imperialists from the alabama countryside


that's a nice hat

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