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What are your thoughts on military conscription during peace times?

Conscription impacts many expects of a nation, from its military capability to its politics depending on the degree of consciption. Today few countries continue this practice. Norway, Singapore and Israel are among the few countries which still practice this, in Europe conscription is mostly non existant.

From a military standpoint conscription crates a large pool of units which can be quickly mobilised during war. Manpower which can be used to stem the tide or for offensive actions. Conscription can also limit the political power of the army or at least that's how the French reasoned it prior to ww2. It is also a vital part of national identity which would explain why many nationalist also advocate for conscription. However conscription can be costly as large stockpiles of weapons must be maintained for the conscripts as well as refresher training for conscripts. Futuremore it restricts the "freedom" of people by forcing then into the army for sometime.

I personally believe that conscription is essential for any socialist state, the likelihood of violent retaliation by capitalist nations and reactionary nations is far too high. As such we should be prepared for non nuclear
total war and having a large pool of soilders early on would be favourable.


Depends if the country (and ideas it embodies) are worth dying for or not, tbh.



File: 1631356539792.jpg (227.52 KB, 992x1019, get.jpg)


Why do people think we won the Vietnam war?
Yes, burger's military got wrecked but that doesn't mean they lost. That's just like doing k/d ratio idiocy. In fact what they couldn't achieve militarily (the containment of communism) they obtained other ways when Vietnam severed its ties with China.
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maybe you should read better




A trick to expose the spooks in this board. They identify with imperialism, not with the communists like OP did.


>Vietnam still has a Communist political system
sure, if by communism you mean a cleptocracy that enrich themselves selling their people to global corporations.
in Vietnam they are sentencing people for "spreading disease" truly medieval shit. "communism"


File: 1630061422779.jpeg (72.57 KB, 1024x615, 1_iC0UjKDxFViE3XZuk6MMUw.jpeg)

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So recently here in the UK we had an "incel shooting" (Technically he was ex-Incel) and it has the entire media doing interviews and talks about the Incel "problem". What is triggering me though is that all these attempts to understand "Incels" seem to go actively out of their way to never, ever address any points Incels make or any of the material conditions that have led to the rise of Incels in the past decade. I can understand not wanting to give Incel views any creedence, but at the same time, you can't just ignore all the data which does show Incels do have a point that something in the dating scene has gone very wrong.

In the past decade, sexlessness among men under 30 has risen from 8% to 28% in one US study and 40% in another Australian study. Women's "sexlessness" has barely budged. You also have apps like Tinder which specifically use algorithms to put down young men and make them feel unattractive, unless they buy gold, suddenly with gold their profile is shown to more "compatiable" women thus they start getting matches, Tinder thrives on male misery and 80% of modern dating is done through this single app.
The one piece I've seen in the week since that did address one Incel point, debunked the Incel 80/20 view (80% of young women go for the top 20% of men almost exclusively), by showing all the data we have shows it's only between 60-70/20… I have no idea how this is supposed to be a massive own of Incels but apparently it is. People all over Reddit UK and twitter thought so.

These are real material societal issues, the fact it's leading to radicalisation is the obvious one, but there are many issues linked with not having relationships, being single is almost as bad for your health as smoking and the 20s are an extremely formative time in someones life, if you're going throughout your 20s without a single relationship or sex, how are you going to adjust to one in your 30s or 40s?

I don't have any real solutions to this, I think the only thing I could think of is making an open-source dating app that doesn't have the super manipulative algorithms and focuses more on and values and interests like OKCupid used to do before Tinder, but what is more interesting to me is why is everyone beating around the bush so hard on this topic instead of just addressing the material cause? Online Dating systems mashed with the the social order of dating (men have to approach) has massively weighted dating to the extreme Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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This can be applied to gender reassignment and puberty inhibitors.


Puberty doesn't onset at the same rate.


not meaningless, again, i gave it meaning. also see? you got banned. this is what publicly fantasizing about violence does

>The loss in Afghanistan is an unmitigated strategic disaster for the US

i dont think fucking a specific subset of women is what the taliban stand for

why do they want to normalize pedophillia? how does that relate to profit motive?


every incel wishes they didnt miss out on puppy love, but its not that great. Now I get to watch my highschool sweetheart get a PhD, get married, and completely forget about me. Still, all thee years later, I will think about her, and my boner dies. It isnt worth it bros.


>Incels are counterrevolutionary
There is no revolution you fucking autist
What does this even mean?
Just admit they have beliefs u no like

File: 1631145025572.jpeg (54.95 KB, 385x500, wolff-senpai.jpeg)


It is time once again:

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>if I can't have instant gratification then it isn't worth anything.
Lurk more.





Its too long


Ur mom


Eh, not a lot to talk about this month besides the usual US declining-China rising statistics.

File: 1631147867287.jpg (72.96 KB, 900x500, EGwCqNRXYAAFAow.jpg)


so I read this article and it seems like the pkk is losing, what's the next step of their master plan, is there anyway they can turn the tide, especially if the US leaving syria?


how could they have a chance at winning? get rid of maoism


>how could they have a chance at winning? get rid of maoism

<Chiang Kai-shek circa the Chinese Civil War

File: 1631287972956.png (433.93 KB, 640x360, ClipboardImage.png)


The role of the trade unions: Biden’s fairy tale vs. reality at Dana
>On Wednesday afternoon, President Joe Biden gave a Labor Day speech that presented a fairy tale version of the role of the trade unions. The brutal reality is playing out across more than 15 Dana auto parts plants as the UAW and USW attempt to force through concessions contracts that workers overwhelmingly voted down.

Biden's "we'd be in trouble" if there was a strike movement today speaks volumes as to what is the real power of the working class.

The ruling class is running scared. So much so that a section under Biden have turned to the Unions 'precisely' to nobble it.

Workers must not fall into the trap of subjective pessimism. They must grasp a more examined understanding of 'the reality' of who they are in capitalist society. That they have immense power at their fingertips.

The significance of the world capitalist debt crisis means that capitalism is hanging on to life by a mere thread, to which it knows if the working class merely flexes a collective muscle it will collapse like a pack of cards.

The stock market at "ever greater heights" is an illusion of strength. A desperate gamble and attempt to deceive the working class as to the "supremacy of the capitalist system".

In truth it is a giant Ponzi. Stock valuations that are nothing but "the Emperor's new clothes".
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Can't wait for every other post to be wsws spammer.


what do you think opportunists do?


Who's the opportunist?


The WSWS is the only publication reporting the truth about these workers struggles and the treacherous role of the unions. There is a blackout in the mainstream media. I think most Americans have a basic sense of fairness and decency, and if they knew the real story at Dana, Volvo, and other workplaces, and the industrial slavery which prevails in these plants, their sympathies would be for the workers.


Sure, but then they push the Trump = fascism line, essentially spooking people into voting democrats, so fuck 'em to death.

File: 1631120550043.png (46.64 KB, 1350x803, graph fictional vs real pr….png)


Michael Robert's:

150 years ago John Mills wrote that
>“panics do not destroy capital, they merely reveal the extent to which it has been previously destroyed by its betrayal into hopelessly unproductive works.”
These are perceptive points about financial speculation and its eventual demise: from leverage of debt to deleveraging; from boom to crash, brought down by investment in ‘unproductive sectors’. As Marx put it:
>“since property here exists in the form of stock, its movement and transfer become purely a result of gambling on the stock exchange, where the little fish are swallowed by the sharks and the lambs by the stock-exchange wolves.”

But what causes money to be increasingly invested ‘unproductively’?

Marx offers an answer based of the law of the tendency of the rate of profit to fall. Falling average profitability leads eventually to a slowing in the growth of total profits from value-producing capital, which even a switch into speculative sectors cannot reverse indefinitely. Eventually overall profits can fall absolutely. Marx called this point an ‘absolute over-accumulation of capital’. A slump in investment, production and financial asset prices then ensues. Credit is necessary in a capitalist economy to extend economic growth and productive investment, but it cannot sustain that expansion because that is dependent on the creation of real value, not fiction. If new value does not grow to match more credit, credit will turn into unpayable debt.

Financial crashes occur in sectors or even across the board, but they are not always accompanied by a collapse in investment and production ie a slump. But a slump in production always engenders a financial crash as credit drains away and debt defaults emerge. This suggests that what is going on in the ‘real economy’ is what decides a financial crash, not vice versa. Indeed, that’s the evidence from the post-war slumps has shown (see graph): when profits in productive sectors fall, so do financial (fictitious) profits.

from https://thenextrecession.wordpress.com/2021/09/07/booms-and-bezzles/

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>porky can crush away the contradictions of capitalism
No that's not possible, you'd have to be above the laws of nature for that. Porky can't change reality.
>Way to change things is revolution, not waiting for the squiggly line to fall.
Nobody is denying this, just that there is no future where the capitalists come out ahead. Either we move to a higher stage of production (towards socialist planning), or it will turn into the common ruin of all the contending classes.


>it will turn into the common ruin of all the contending classes.
I agree. I'm just commenting on Marxists who have an automatically optimistic reading of it. They kinda expect people will just get their shit together all of a sudden and institute communism. What I mean by crush the reaction is that they'll go full fascism that will extend capitalism's life until capital gets so built up it all ends in a civilisation-ending war and ruin.


Fascism will not extend the life of capitalism in any way. The neo-liberals have already used up what made fascism extend the life of capitalism, they have done the militarism as well as the money printing. (Big world wars aren't viable anymore because of nukes). The recent increase of repression in capitalism has not helped, it made capitalism weaker, because it damaged the host.

I don't think it's wrong to have an optimistic reading for humanity, capitalism is going to pass into history without ending civilization, and a socialist mode of production will become the dominant economic form. But the in between time will probably be very uncomfortable.


please do give it a go.


File: 1631345519116.gif (45.92 KB, 250x216, poof.gif)

This has become a lot harder and more complicated than it looks, because money has to circulate to count as money. Value is realized in the market. Profit emerges from money circulation. Governments have minted a lot of additional money, and some of that was spend for activity in the real economy, this money circulated, value was realized and profits were made. But a chunk of the printed money was just added to the financial balance sheets, no money circulation occurred, no value was realized and no profits emerged. However the neolibs are running a scheme, they mislabel the changed balance sheets as profits, it's a huge investor scam because there is no wealth creation to back up the numbers. So to calculate the profitability of different sectors you have to account and correct for this, you have to do financial analysis of every company to differentiate between profits and fake accounting, this can be done but you have to aggregate and sift through all that data. If you go through all that trouble you can basically use it to create an investment fund for all the companies that aren't artificially overvalued. My guess is that the stock market lost about 2/3rds of it's actual exchange value during the last 1.5 years, there usually is a delay until the fictitious accounting goes poof, because it has diverged from the real economy and it takes a while for that information to propagate through the system. So if you don't own mega wealth that is tied up in the stockerinos you don't have to crunch all the data, because knowing in advance doesn't benefit you, you can just wait for the poof to fix the numbers and then continuing these graphs is low effort.

File: 1631207668629.png (1.7 MB, 1280x853, ClipboardImage.png)


Bolsonaro’s coup plots in Brazil, under the shadow of January 6
>The Brazilian and international media’s recognition of the imminent threat of a coup is unprecedented in the 35 years since the fall of the US-backed military regime.

Bolsonaro’s turn to outright fascism and authoritarian rule under these conditions should be a wake up call to the working class population. His policies are almost identical to Donald Trump in every respect.


I hope it happens, sick and tired of faggot neoliberals, I want war.

I want Brazil to fun coups in the rest of LatAm and I want a response that turns one country into a socialist republic


Total nothingburger

Bolsonaro is a fag that won't anything due to his lack of support

The "protests" on 7th were a shitty astroturf fiasco that only resulted in him backing down:

A shame none of the retards did anything stupid, i really wanted to see them get killed


>outright fascism and authoritarian rule
>His policies are almost identical to Donald Trump in every respect.
Why does everyone on the left still talk about Trump like he was some kind of second Hitler? He was basically just a pissed-off incoherent boomer.


Wicked Sex Wonder Shit is a literal fucking cult, no better than Bob Avakian's gang, so why are you surprised by this?


No doubt the rotten Biden regime, if not already actively helping organise it, will on the fiat accompli immediately back Bolsonaro's fascist autogolpe in Brazil, on the grounds that they need a "strong partner" (of cannon fodder) to assist with the "humanitarian" invasion of Venezuela, or some other pre-planned filthy imperialist warcrime.

Thus, as they quietly support fascism abroad and daily pave the way for the triumphant return of Trump at home, not least by colluding to hide the reality of Jan 6th, it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate the Democratic Party from the more overt fascists whose backs they continually cover.

File: 1628301436766.png (77.11 KB, 591x599, rent.PNG)


this could be the last fucking straw. If there's any chance for total collapse it'd be this and we need to prepare for it.

how do we get ready for when shit hits the fan?
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what the fuck


File: 1631072616380.jpeg (15.13 KB, 480x640, images - 2021-08-28T22034….jpeg)

Based, gentlemen, this might be the Imperial core struggle that breaks the camel back, I get a feeling this will greatly disrupt class relations in the US, I believe we can see some landlord-tenant violence, and without proper intervention it can escalate into pockets of resistance.

The worst thing that can happen now is, as always, Sozialdemokratische rats getting involved and prolonging the inevitable.

See you in hell or in communism.



The eviction crisis will only result in more homeless and a continuation of the cycle. The masses without jobs or a home are not a threat. Only the working man is a threat.


communal showering exists


File: 1627084300049.jpg (49.91 KB, 960x539, 17rvzk.jpg)


> "Stalin was a mass murderer!"
< "No he wasn't, he was a mass executioner, because murder implies a broken law against killing and all killings under him were absolutely legal under positive law."

Whenever some anti-commie accused us of murder, always remember murder implies law. Revolution is the negation of old law and the creation of new law. Revolutionaries that win (and only revolutionaries that win) are never murderers. They are only killers at most.

And if you believe in natural law, you believe in spooks.
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Posting encyclopedia.com pages is not an "objective critique" anon.


File: 1628324201448.jpg (150.1 KB, 858x1002, a_giant_baby.jpg)

>yours truly,


>Lysenko retardation caused a famine in '32 and '33. His retarded ideas were officially supported by Papa Stalin himself LOL
As stated before, you'd have to be completely brain dead to believe this. Which fucking is it? Did the Soviets steal all the grain and purposefully starve the Ukrainians, or did all the grain from Ukraine to Kazakhstan just die from Lysenko? Lysenko's experiments never even got that far, at no point did his crop experiments see implementation in anywhere close to the majority of the USSR. The famine was largely a result of shitty weather conditions that caused the yield to be lower then usual and messed up Soviet food planning for that year becuase they had perviously estimated that said the yield would match every other year, and so hadn't anticipated a need to make preparations for one. Also, Stalin had his own critiques of Lysenko, and had heavily edited a personal copy of Lysenkos work he had, at one point laughing at Lysenkos claim that any science is class oriented by its very nature though Lysenko does get a bit of an unfair rap regarding his work in epigenetics.
Not facts, just bait.


What the hell was the ban for? We might know if you faggots hadn't been wiping out entire conversation chains every time you ban people for the last couple months.


I’m sure he’ll end up being used as an onahole in prison

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