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How do you prevent your leftist org from turning into a cult?

Seems to be a frequent occurrence when an org is small and feels itself to be constantly under siege.
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<Societies evolve toward the most adaptive forms in a competitive environment
>Ya, but what about individuals?
It would help if we were talking about the same thing.

Really, Comrade DK, you really need to smoke less weed


yes, society comes down to individuals

just like your mom's dildo comes down to atoms lol


As you undoubtedly know, you can understand how to use a dildo and what it feels like in your butt without understanding that it's made up of atoms


an army of investigative reporters armed with typewriters (or perhaps more modern tools, but typewriters have that vintage charm) ready to take on the capitalist behemoth. They'll expose every capitalist conspiracy, unearth every hidden agenda, and, of course, wear stylish trench coats while doing so.

Now, the idea of strong protections and robust funding mechanisms for independent journalism is positively revolutionary. It's as if you're suggesting we build an impervious wall around truth, a wall so high that even the most agile of spin doctors can't scale it. We'll have fact-checkers armed with red pens and the unyielding resolve to correct any misinformation, regardless of the source.

And the notion of a thousand Wiki-Leaks clones? Oh, what a glorious thought! It's like creating a parallel universe where the truth flows like a never-ending river. But remember, with great leaks come great responsibility. Our news landscape would indeed be akin to the people's intelligence agency, but we must ensure our intelligence is used wisely and not for mere amusement.


your mom's dildo stays the same tho

society changes

to understand this change you need a more detailed model of the dildo

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Thread for the discussion of the united auto workers strike.
Currently the UAW is strike because of the greed of their cooperate overlords. Overlords who have generated millions and millions of dollars off their labor in profits put directly into their own pockets .
The UAW is expecting more and more facilties are going to go on strike in the coming months because the CEOs refuse to capitulate to their demands.
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>First of all retired workers live off money they have saved not investments.
What happens to that savings when the stonk market takes a plunge?


What does the stock market have to do with a savings account? Equities are completely different from a savings. Savings loose value through inflationary environments which the stock market can effect but it's not the end all be all to inflation. That has more to do with the money supply. That is what really effects inflation.


You don't know how a 401k works?


File: 1696751009571.jpg ( 229.81 KB , 1024x1024 , former american presidents….jpg )

the stock market and a savings account are not birds of the same feather. It's rather baffling that anyone would even attempt to compare them. You see, a savings account is a glorified piggy bank where your money sits idly, with interest rates so pitiful that inflation can devour your hard-earned cash. The stock market, on the other hand, is where real investors thrive, seeking opportunities to grow their wealth by putting their money to work in actual businesses.
Speaking of inflation, your assertion that it's primarily tied to the money supply is rather naïve. While the money supply certainly plays a role, it's painfully shortsighted to overlook the stock market's significant impact on inflation. Stock market fluctuations can send shockwaves through the economy, affecting consumer sentiment, business investment, and overall economic stability, all of which can directly impact inflation rates. You might want to peruse a few more economics textbooks before making such bold declarations.
dismissing the stock market's influence on inflation as if it's a mere sideshow is an exercise in financial ignorance. It's not just about the money supply; it's about the entire intricate web of economic interdependencies. When stock prices soar or plummet, it can lead to changes in spending patterns, corporate behavior, and monetary policy decisions, all of which can have profound effects on inflation.


Indeed, it's a bit like watching a high-stakes game of Monopoly, where some players start with Park Place and Boardwalk while others are still trying to scrape together enough cash to pass "Go." And don't even get me started on those Get Out of Jail Free cards—those seem to mysteriously disappear in certain hands!

But, of course, our dear CEOs aren't merely deluded; they're engaged in a complex dance of fiscal responsibility, shareholder value, and, let's be honest, padding their own pockets. It's like a tightrope walk over a pit of rabid sharks, only with golden parachutes as a safety net.

Now, as for paying our hardworking colleagues on the factory floor a little more, well, that's a debate that's been echoing through the halls of labor relations for eons. $20 or $25 an hour might sound like a dream come true to some, but to others, it's the stuff of nightmares—especially if it means the price of their morning latte takes a leap.

File: 1689403220406.png ( 851.89 KB , 1198x766 , cornel west.png )


Isn't it funny that Cornel West runs third party but the best the mainstream parties can do is 2 rapists, a Guantanamo Bay torturer (so probably also a rapist), and a recovering dope fiend?
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And Oprah's therapist = Guantanamo torturer?


>He still believes in the spectacle


He's a Tom who went out in public and said that his own people should be injected with deadly poison. There's no way he can recover from that.


no that's Rontanamo Bay Desantis


File: 1696740816899.gif ( 196.18 KB , 200x200 , popcorn.gif )

>hire notorious DNC operative responsible for smearing the left in previous elections as campaign manager
>leave Green primary to run as independent with a fraction of the ballot access… after joining the Green primary for their ballot access in the first place
This is one entertaining court jester. Nothing gives me more pleasure than watching people's misplaced respect in PMC "intellectuals" evaporate.

File: 1696459048304.png ( 5.65 MB , 2344x1828 , ClipboardImage.png )


Did this event really happen? Did the Americans actually put several men on the moon or did Stanley Kubrick shoot it on film at a sound stage in New Mexico?
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File: 1696643166544.jpg ( 93.98 KB , 600x800 , cold war lesbians.jpg )

>USA-chan on her way to save USSR-chan from the evil hyper-galactic space aliens.


God, imagine the hatefuck.


File: 1696645411344-0.jpg ( 1.42 MB , 2800x1800 , wallhaven-l3gldl.jpg )

File: 1696645411344-1.jpg ( 871.6 KB , 1920x1080 , Space Girl 88 02.jpg )

File: 1696645411344-2.jpg ( 1.03 MB , 1920x1080 , Space Girl 88 03.jpg )

File: 1696645411344-3.jpg ( 678.53 KB , 1920x1080 , Space Girl 88 06.jpg )

File: 1696645411344-4.jpg ( 4.69 MB , 5787x4093 , wallhaven-exy95l.jpg )

as long as they are hot lesbians in space, they are blessed
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File: 1696649209382.jpg ( 610.78 KB , 1280x901 , commie space octopus.jpg )

>you're not getting away, Earth-chan!
w-what does he want to do to her?


File: 1696689071651-0.jpg ( 2.24 MB , 2800x1800 , why is life so beautiful.jpg )

File: 1696689071651-1.jpg ( 462.69 KB , 1920x1200 , wallhaven-853ppk.jpg )

File: 1696689071651-2.jpg ( 470.09 KB , 1920x1090 , wallhaven-28dmy9.jpg )

File: 1696689071651-3.png ( 2.55 MB , 1306x1834 , wallhaven-8o8mkk.png )

File: 1696689071651-4.jpg ( 1.01 MB , 3840x4436 , wallhaven-6o78kx.jpg )

why is life so beautiful? :')

File: 1695535104199.mp4 ( 7.21 MB , 480x270 , dqXA6O8AqnvBe6_v.mp4 )


Cluster B society and Pathocracy: what are the political implications
>Inb4: dats not real
Shut up fag. This shit perfectly summarizes orgfag mods
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File: 1696207709659.png ( 693.68 KB , 2048x1761 , ClipboardImage.png )



Isn't a foundational belief of Christianity that everyone sins?


Christianity has a concept of original sin. Something along the lines of everybody is born with sin-debt, and they have to redeem them selves during life to pay it back. Not sure if I explained that correctly or whether Christians still uphold it.


That's certainly not how all denominations of Christianity view original sin. Many consider Jesus to have brought about redemption so that people don't have to worry about that.

File: 1694851728947.jpg ( 90.56 KB , 680x510 , 1694503648476.jpg )


Is the dprk making anime REAL?
Knowing the power of anime, to prevent the wae nom imperialist to conquer the world with it, instead to potentially conquer ilbo with it, the worker's party has decided to unleash the aesthetic of anime in the real world.
Some proofs:
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File: 1695126422234.png ( 81.42 KB , 274x208 , otakus.png )



>their cartoons are surprisingly alright.
why surprisingly?


File: 1695834861652.png ( 313.18 KB , 951x448 , shonen.png )



File: 1695834936140.png ( 435.06 KB , 948x457 , shojo.png )



They are known to make furry content using kidnapped animators from the Beastars series.

File: 1695955854567.jpg ( 641.38 KB , 1080x1885 , Screenshot_2023-09-29-09-4….jpg )


>clear example of how pedestrian politics has inverted

Here is a Twitter account, 'Wall Street Apes,' presumably ran by a literal who, posting a video where someone questions CNN 'journalist' about his connections to the CIA.

Meanwhile, supposed leftists spend their time reehing about the coof and transgender rights (to creep in children in the bathroom).

If it isn't obvious, much of the so called left is psyoped beyond belief while much of the so called right are challenging the narratives presented by the actually existing ruling class

How did this come to be? Materialist explanation?
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>Empires collapse when they decay from within.
First of all we have to clarify that not all empires are the same. The roman empire was a slave society and that was a different type of empire than what you find in the imperial stage of capitalism. Also while it's true that empires have internal decay, that's not really the cause for imperial decline or collapse. The internal decay is probably more of a symptom that ends up contributing to the downfall of empire.

Take for a moment the US empire. It is declining because it has managed to capture all the parts of earth that it possibly can. And that means any additional investment into further imperial expansion is likely going to end up being a bad investment that doesn't bring enough returns to be profitable. This imperial-deficit is what's killing the US empire. The US also has internal decay and this is also contributing to it's decline. The US imperial managers are not as cunning as they used to be. For example the people like Henry Kissinger were a lot more competent strategists, compared to people like Victory Nuland that are currently running the show.

>They're never overthrown by the periphery.

Sure empires rarely get over-powered by the periphery. However if the periphery can free it self from imperial subjugation, for capitalism that means, in the imperial core the imperial bourgeoisie looses economic and political power. A lot of the proto-fascistic political stuff that is degrading the west at present, that is basically when the logic of imperial subjugation comes home. If the imperial bourgeoisie looses power, because they loose their grip on the periphery they'll also loose the ability to apply imperial logic at home.


what will happen with the eu ? is it really part of america ? the uk is already disjoined


>what will happen with the eu ?
After WW2 Europe got pulled into the US's orbit because US industrial power could help rebuild Europe.

Hard to say what will exert the greatest pull next. For the moment it looks like a source of cheap energy is on top of the list.

>the uk

Certainly is deeper in the US's orbit than the rest of Europe.


Trump derangement syndrome. Essentially the left fell for the media hysterics surrounding the nothingburger of controlled opposition that is Trump. The underlying logic is a strange sort of lesser-evilism where the liberal, globalist, capitalist hegemony is seen as protecting us from some imminent fascist takeover.


This is the most accurate thing ever posted on Leftychan



Klaus Schwab, some moderately influential figurehead of a rich-people club that calls it self "world economic forum" gave an interview where he attacks not only the right to privacy but the right to person-hood all-together.

He's attacked the privacy for thoughts. Brain-privacy is the basis for people to become individuals.

I think violations of brain privacy is a crime that is so heinous that it requires punishment by death penalty. The stakes are so high that this is a reasonable measure. Lets put it this way brain privacy is the reason why humans and most animals evolved the capacity for conscious experience and a sense of self, yes even insects with only a few 100k brain-cells probably have it in a very limited capacity. On the species level it's a evolutionary adaptation of dealing with the separation of thoughts residing in distinct brain boxes. If you remove this separation by making brains loose their opacity, people's brains will most likely become unconscious neural clusters. It will probably be accompanied by severe mental atrophy, because all the brain muscles that used to be exercised for conscious thought would wither away.

You wouldn't make this up for a fictional villain because it's too comically evil, and yet here we are.

I don't know. maybe privacy has to be defined as informational opacity of people and their personal lives. Given that the anti-privacy-crime-cartel knows no bounds and wants to do away with privacy for your skull. We have to conclude that privacy can have no exceptions and may never be violated for any reason.


>Finally, a decent post here that's not from me. Keep it up anon

That shifting definition of 'transparency' from citizens knowing what the government is up to towards the government knowing everything about citizens personal lives and inner world is by far the greatest psyop of the 21sy century.


>That shifting definition of 'transparency' from citizens knowing what the government is up to towards the government knowing everything about citizens personal lives and inner world is by far the greatest psyop of the 21sy century.

Is this a language battle ?

Do we have to specify opaque citizens and transparent institution specifically ?


I watched the video and kind of don't get what he's saying


When the ruling elite tell you for over a century that they plan to exterminate you and take everything over and over, in every propaganda outlet they own, and beat you until you accept it, you should take them at their word.

Schwab is just declaring victory. They won, so they will proceed. You will indeed own nothing, and you WILL be happy. There is no choice and there is no will. I have yet to see a convincing argument that this won't succeed, save one - that no one has any reason to go along with this. Yet, they are doing so, and have no concept that it could be anything different.

Krauts, my friends. Not even once.

Anyway, you never had a "right to privacy" or a right to believe your brain was made of sacred matter that must be protected. When you stripped away the soul or any idea, these are the consequences. Some of us tried to warn you. Even then, the question isn't about a right to privacy that never existed. It was about simple security, which was always understood to be the basis for any genuinely free society - not Kraut "freedom", but freedom in the sense we vaguely still held when I was growing up. No one is going to give you security out of gratitude. The only way this stopped would be to not allow such a concentration of technology to enter private hands. Once it starts, there is no going back. Ever.


The best you could hope for is to reclaim some part of your brain and force a settlement where this overbearing managerial hell-state is subverted. Only way I could see that happening is to stop believing tech can be controlled, and to work through it. So, the biological transformation will be understood, and you would welcome contact with the brain - give up your private thoughts and secrets, or at least the sort of privacy we once accepted. You're going to have to accept that this is a slave society now, and make of that what you will.

Basically the only way this ends is mass refusal to ever comply with institutions ever again. Most of the slaves will die. There is no other way. That was always the plan for us. Now it's too late to stop it.

I plan to keep going for however long this lasts, since compliance is not an option for me. They don't want my compliance, or even to kill me. They enjoy seeing me suffer too much, and I'm too stubborn to off myself. I don't feel like giving them the satisfaction of finding my corpse, and I suspect the worst is already done. I don't know what new torture they could make. All they could do is make my life more deprived and empty and take away the few nice things I hold onto.

File: 1695707217520.png ( 375.27 KB , 600x619 , 1695677962324.png )


Russia is only winning cause stupid nazoid vatniks are cheating bastards!!

If those ruZZians played fair, Ukraine would have won by now.
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I doubt any Russians post here, if you see Cyrillic letters it's probably somebody using a translation program.


Ukraine might be going text-book fascism, open bourgeois dictatorship.
And they might be calling it a "Postponed democracy"

<Zelensky hints at postponing elections

>Ukraine will not hold any elections while martial law remains in force in the country, President Vladimir Zelensky said in an interview to the Washington Post published on Sunday. The country is scheduled to hold elections for parliament in October and for president early next year.

>However, no voting will take place while martial law is in place amid the ongoing hostilities with Russia, Zelensky told reporters, implying that the elections will not actually take place on time.

>“If we have martial law, we cannot have elections. The constitution prohibits any elections during martial law. If there is no martial law, then there will be [elections],” Zelensky stated.


If you consider this in the context of them having already banned all 11 major opposition parties. It looks rather ominous.


Reddit spacing. Reddit posts.


>Reddit spacing. Reddit posts.
Reddit spacing is when somebody leaves a space between the quote and their response because otherwise reddit would treat the whole paragraph as part of the quote.

Leaving spaces between your paragraphs to make your post more readable is called not being a retard.


> all 11 major opposition parties
More lies by someone who doesn't know anything about Ukraine. There's 349 parties in Ukraine, you fucking idiot. Furthermore no one was taken off his seat for membership in any of those parties. Literally just dissolution of an organized. You do not know anything about Ukraine.

File: 1695544916047.jpg ( 164.71 KB , 1200x879 , McDonalds-1.jpg )


<If you eat this shit, you are subhuman and shouldn't be able to vote.

Honestly, people who eat pic related can't even make a rational decision regarding their own health. Why should they be trusted to make decisions for all of society?

Inb4: limp wristed emotional argument
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☑ insult the guy
☐ counter his arguments with reason

you ticked the wrong box


1) This is pol tier China bashing
>Lol look at those dumb chinks and their shoddy infastructure blah blah blah

2) it's thoroughly unmarxist in that it sees the world as a static things and not in a state of development and change, unable to pick up on the shifting winds on history

In all honesty though, I hope you're right. A world with China as the leading influence wouldn't be better than a world with the US as a leading influence


>being a delusional desperate Marxist

Another pathetic example of modern Communism.


That's literally what I said, if you would bother to read the thread I said "Even by his metrics" Meaning GDP which is not an accurate measure of economic stability; even by GDP the united states is trillions of dollars ahead of china.


Can you at least try reading the first 3 chapters of capital and then posting here? Please dude, it's embarrassing.

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