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File: 1712872509550.jpg ( 197.84 KB , 1280x720 , finnish border guards at c….jpg )


Finland’s right-wing government announced last week the indefinite closure of its 1,300-kilometre border with Russia. An initial decision had been taken last November by the conservative National Coalition Party (NCP)-led government to temporarily close border crossings after a small number of asylum seekers crossed into Finland from Russia.

The four-party coalition government, which includes the far-right Finns Party, is seeking with the move to provoke Russia and demonstrate its determination to clamp down on refugees. After Finland joined NATO last April, becoming the military alliance’s 31st member, its long land border with Russia and close proximity to St. Petersburg transformed Finland into a frontline state in the US-NATO imperialist war on Russia.

Finland’s entry into NATO, following the US-provoked Russian invasion of Ukraine, was overseen by a Social Democrat-led government. Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s coalition lost support due to sweeping attacks on the working class and embrace of pro-war policies, and was defeated in parliamentary elections also held in April 2023. When the NCP unveiled what is widely described as Finland’s most right-wing government since World War II, a central plank of the program was a clampdown on asylum seekers and refugees.

The Finns Party, which has ties to outright fascist forces, has long scapegoated foreigners for the country’s problems.

NCP Prime Minister Petteri Orpo placed the Interior Ministry under the control of the Finns Party. Finns leader Riikka Purra enthused, “I am delighted that together with our negotiating partners we have agreed on an immigration package that can rightly be called a paradigm shift.” Among the measures proposed was a halving of the refugees accepted by Finland from the UN refugee agency from 1,050 to 500 per year, and the creation of lower rates of social welfare for refugees and immigrants. Purra boasted that temporary residency permits for refugees would be “withdrawn if the person is on holiday in their country of origin.”

In the months following the coming to power of the new coalition, from August to December 2023, approximately 1,300 asylum seekers crossed the border from Russia, an increase from an average of one per day before then. Interviews conducted with asylum seekers who successfully made the trek after paying hefty fees to smugglers underscore that they chose the route because it was the easiest way into “fortress Europe,” Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>why should marxists care about your legalistic fetishism lol?
Maybe you don't know about this, but the Soviets were one of the driving forces that pushed for international law and institutions in the post-war period. It wasn't just the French, the British and the Americans.

>they just seized all the key strategic points with military personnel

But there is no fighting in Crimea, no struggle from the population, nothing. It'd be a first in history. There still are people in Catalonia trying to break from Spain, there still is an Irish independence movement. Centuries after the fact.

>and sent their own isis fags to donbass to start an ethnic conflict.

WTF ? The Russians aren't in bed with Isis, they're decimating Isis in Syria. The ethnic-shit boiled over when the CIA began funding the Bandera faction in Ukraine.


If there's any analogies to be made to ISIS, a group obsessed with purity that regularly attacked civilians, it can be found in groups like the Azov battalion, a group obsessed with purity that regularly attacked civilians.


File: 1713668088773.mp4 ( 2.02 MB , 704x1280 , ivan the decommuniser gett….mp4 )

>Ukro economy had very close ties with Russian economy
Still does kek. Ukrainian wageslaves complain non-stop about making shit which their boss then immediately sells to the invading state. For some reason nothing is being done about this.

>crisis of ideology

Yeah sure fag. It has nothing to do with the fact that s*vshit elites naturally grew their appetites for property until the fact that it was divided between them all became a nuisance which couldn't be ignored anymore. & it certainly didn't have any effect on deliberate petbourg-degenerating of public culture up until a noticeable amount of highschoolers geniunely stated how they want to become a hard currency prostitute or a mafioso.


Shut the fuck up lakhtafaggots. Or are you screeching here so hard in fear of your manager Prigozhin once again publicly assraping you due to maintan the collective spirit?
Oh yeah btw, did something happen to him? QUEQ


File: 1714575569578.jpeg ( 21.08 KB , 474x474 , patetic.jpeg )

>Still does kek.
The tendency is for less economic integration now that big russkie business got the boot. Decoupling is real.

>Yeah sure fag. It has nothing to do with the fact that s*vshit elites naturally grew their appetites for property until the fact that it was divided between them all became a nuisance which couldn't be ignored anymore.

Capital accumulation happens everywhere, but only Russkia tries to emulate political technology of the American Empire to a tee.

To not see the roots of fascination of the new russkie elites with the American Empire in the crisis of the Soviet mode of production is to be an idealist faggot.

American Empire was an ideal for them then, and it still is now. They want their own American Empire in the post-soviet region SO badly lol. It's so fucking pathetic it almost hurts.


I partially agree with your analysis about the Russian political economy. After 2000 Moscow tried really hard to emulate the west, even if that meant being a lowly junior member, just to get into the imperial club. They even applied for Nato membership.

It begun crumbling after Georgia crisis in 2008 (not sure about the date). There's nothing left of that now. The remaining pro-west economic interest, sometimes dubbed 'liberal oligarchs', got wiped out by the sanctions war.

The current Russian economy has more in common with Stalin's NEP than American style neo-liberal economics.

Whether Russian state capitalism can become imperial is questionable. Empires need really powerful finance capital. The Russians have thrown in with the BRICS finance transaction system. For one, they aren't biggest fish in that pool. And second BRICS has an inter-currency thing based on a basket of goods, that's supposed to prevent any member of BRICS to gain a controle over it. Copying the rise of the American empire likely wouldn't work.

File: 1707949893942-0.png ( 383.26 KB , 959x571 , 1707886342639366.png )

File: 1707949893942-1.jpg ( 308.92 KB , 1088x808 , us marine shooting stance.jpg )

File: 1707949893942-2.jpg ( 69.67 KB , 500x483 , Army_Combat_Boot_(Hot).jpg )

File: 1707949893942-3.png ( 1.13 MB , 1405x795 , vaxxie troops.png )


Being a soldier in the imperialist army is just a big humiliation ritual designed to break one's spirit.

>The grey UCP camo pattern US Army issued to troops in the middle east. Looks stupid and obviously does not work as camo. oh yeah and it's made of plastic to make sure it gets really hot and unbearable in the desert
>How US soldiers are taught to stand when shooting their rifle. Very imbalanced and not an effective fighting stance. Self-defeating
>army combat boot. hot, heavy, big heel, literally designed to give knee injuries and twisted ankles. meanwhile the ziomercs are fighting dudes who wear comfy sandals or go barefoot, the correct footwear for the terrain
>medical experimentation and forced muzzling. troops get injected with tons of shit that's not even legal to give to civilians. by the end of their service their health is in ruins.
>boot camp. have to put up with and get yelled at by a loser psychopath while eating shit food and taking no proper rest days. just one big MKULTRA hazing ritual.
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>Kill and arrest peasants because they hired one other person sometimes temporarily. This is proof communists held producers accountable.
Horseshoe theory confirmed.


>muh plagues
These were all caused by bad sanitation, bad nutrition, and chemical poisoning. They went down because of working class victories in the fight for better living and working conditions.



File: 1708194418054.jpg ( 122.25 KB , 736x1127 , 1707663123020-2.jpg )

>Being a soldier in the imperialist army is just a big humiliation ritual designed to break one's spirit.
I agree. Russian soldiers should kill their officers and storm kreml.


>he doesn't know
lurk moar


File: 1714226260293.webm ( 2.25 MB , 1280x720 , 9M5yZy_PuQk.webm )

>go be an occupier for the masters of your shitty life
>lose your balls to an old ass sovshit mine which xploded just by chance under yo ass
>die ballless & homeless @ the streets like a good citizen Kuck
Militoids are retarded wherever you go.

>defying their masters
Once a millenia, maybe. & even then it could only be led by joos with a new edition of their main jewish magic book. Btw don't forget that "Rus" were actually varangians who enslaved these shitsluts & gave them their today's name jej.
r*ϟϟwineϟ cope so hard @ it they even invented some crap about "ros" meaning red in gayreek.

File: 1714042551294.png ( 47.37 KB , 178x193 , wp_ss_20240425_0001.png )


So I noticed, that leftychan and leftyogre are both promoting on their frontpage, the blog of some guy called Michael Roberts. This means, the mods of leftychan and leftyogre are both in favour of this obscure blogger. Why?
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I agree




what about the gangster communist computer gods?


>Is there a way to download all the archived text of his blog-posts in order to do a semantic search on it ?

I found this script written in Ruby to download all the data for a website:


Once you have the data it should be easy to search the text using a command-line tool like grep (which is basically like doing Ctrl+f but for all the files).

That's not going to be a semantic search though, you might have to do a bit of scripting to get that, but start by downloading it.


>you might have to do a bit of scripting
I was just browsing around for ways to search for stuff without scripting and found this project:


Haven't tried it but it looks like a powerful setup to search for stuff, it's pretty cool to think that you can potentially download full archives of sites and search them.

File: 1670777914155.webm ( 15.11 MB , 500x280 , Chinese_century_arab.webm )

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This is a general thread for all China-related news.

Gusano fuckers can die. Westoid """maoists""" can sudoku.

We are going to analyize ITT every move by China in their road to a socialist economy.
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>The rulers of the US hate America more than anyone.
It is common that ruling classes develop pathological hatred towards those they subjugate. Tho i have seen some neocons complain that Americans being especially unwilling to give up liberties was interference to their securityzation plans. That might actually qualify as anti-Americanism that goes beyond the usual ruling class hatred.

>The empire rules because it commands a gigantic fucking army and chokes the world, and this is not limited to its military forces but to this worldwide network of spies, police, and agentur who will fight to the bitter end for what they really believe in.

So all hard-power and no soft-power ?

>especially China - run the same sort of scam, and are partners of this imperial system rather than rival metropoles.

I find that hard to believe. If China is a imperial partner rather than a anti-imperial rival, why all the antagonistic foreign policy ? The military encirclement, technology embargoes, funding of political destabilization, relentless media demonization and so on.


It's not the ordinary hatred of despotism. That's universal to every state, regardless of how it is constituted, and it is something all ruling groups believe in. Whatever their thoughts regarding the ruled, ultimately rulers lord over the things they have, and that is what they must draw upon to have slaves and armies and anything useful. The rulers of America really, REALLY hate Americans, can't stop talking about openly demociding them at the first opportunity and replacing them with foreign slaves. It's a contempt most countries could not get away with. Usually the truly nasty despots just don't care about the people they lord over and would sell them for a kilo of cocaine a head. America's rulers truly hate Americans in their essence, in anything Americans ever wanted. They hate most of all the people who were dragged here in chains or who were here long before the white man came - why, I don't know, but they are seriously triggered by nigras and I never understood that level of pathological insanity. There was not any benefit to it, and the most fervent racists weren't the Southrons believe it or not, but the progreessives who wanted an outright Final Solution to the "Negro Question" and never gave that up. What black Americans did except exist to warrant that kind of visceral disgust, I really do not know, but it's a religion with true believers who are let in on the eugenic creed, and it's not even really about race or history. It's about testing loyalty to eugenics when they declare an enemy. Only in America can the racist vanguard be so shameful and stupid that they're too chickenshit to say nigra on television, and rely on this not-so-clever wordplay to mask their filth. The only people who were equally shameful were the Krauts during the Nazi period, and guess what interests propped up the Nazis in a classic pump and dump scheme.


The idea that there is a distinction between "hard power" and "soft power" misunderstands what rule and empire really is. No empire rests entirely on the threat of violence to survive and insists on this Germanic idealist faggotry where they believe they make reality. The smart empires, and the British/American Empire was for a long time like this, think about how to manage their domains, how to keep vassals or clients on side. There is still the beast that the people around FDR built way back when - it was the default. The current people have inherited it and ran it into the ground as fast as possible, the "shit up the world Any%" speedrun. No empire has been cursed with a worse ruling clique than this one. It really is charlatans like Musk and old money assholes who love the smell of their own farts.

The US sees its "peaceful" tentacles as a war machine, no different from its armies and police and every instrument of violence it commands. "War is Peace" has been the ruling ideas for some time now. That produces are very peculiar take on cultural influence, and the Empire is far beyond anyone else in the world. The whole world speaks English as the language of commerce, technology, basically anything that really matters. No one else comes close or even expects to compete in that game. The next rival that can claim to come from a "different world" is still effectively beholden to the Empire for its position.

>If China is a imperial partner rather than a anti-imperial rival

Stop, just stop. Stop believing narratives. The CCP made its deal with the devil when Nixon did his thing. The CCP's legitimacy rests on the belief that Mao bossed around the foreigners and made China great, and if it comes out that Xi takes his orders from the Big Man up there, the people would be scandalized. Think of how bad it would be if, instead of pandering to the American people, the rulers openly said they're going to replace you with better foreigners and that your time was up. The American rulers come awfully close to that, but even in this denuded state, there are limits to what they can get away with outside of the vanguard club. China's ruling clique rules China, not the world, nor does China have pretensions that it's going to export its system or way of life. Even to their closest allies, the Chinese are not concePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


A new law to improve workers' rights has been passed in China at the national level

This law affects all companies in the country, regardless of size. It will be effective in July 1st 2024, and there are 3 key points are:

1. There is a new organ present in each company called the Employee Assembly. This organ is for employees to exercise their power of democratic governance of the company. There are two types, one is an assembly for all employees or an assembly for employee representatives. In general, companies with more than 100 employees will have an assembly for employee representatives, while less than 100 will have an assembly for all employees. The number of employee representatives must not be less than 5% of the total number of employees and also not be less than 30, while the number of managers and executives must not be greater than 20% the number of representatives. The trade union acts as the executive organ of the Employee Assembly.

2. The Employee Assembly has access to basically all the information a company stores, which can be used to affect the worker benefits of employees. It also seeks to make sure the company is always following the labor laws present at the local and national level. When a company considers dissolution or applying for bankruptcy, it is required to listen to the opinions of its trade union and employees through the Employee Assembly or by other forms.

3. All companies with at least 300 employees must have employee representatives at the board of directors, unless it already has a board of supervisors with employee supervisors elected by the Employee Assembly in it.


:| NATO-propaganda
:O China-propaganda

File: 1714219989626.jpg ( 102.79 KB , 600x516 , Red_propaganda_in_ukraine_….jpg )




snort failure like crack

 No.476326[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

The nuclear threat is back. But we don't see any nuclear panic like in the 1980s. Why is that? Why does nobody care?

I am not some prepper retard but even I am getting nervous.

Just look at this shit
A time of unprecedented danger: It is 90 seconds to midnight
>This year, the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists moves the hands of the Doomsday Clock forward, largely (though not exclusively) because of the mounting dangers of the war in Ukraine. The Clock now stands at 90 seconds to midnight—the closest to global catastrophe it has ever been.
>As UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned in August, the world has entered “a time of nuclear danger not seen since the height of the Cold War.”

and also this
US Nuclear Test Raises Concerns of New Arms Race With Russia

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Can't wait for May 26th
I doubt much will happen.

Iran is having an economic boom because Oil prices are high, at the moment they don't want an escalation with Israel, they're just going to funnel some more weapons to the growing list of Israels enemies.

Israel on the other hand has failed to defeat Hamas, they did however mass murder 10s of thousands of civilians and children, and now the world thinks they're pure evil. Netanyahu wants to keep the war going to stay in power. They want war with Iran for political reasons and to drag the US into the mud.

Iran isn't going to take the bait. They already said as much. Isreal's threats to attack Iranian facilities seems like a dog growling at nothing.

Iran just bought new fighter jets, their pilots aren't fully trained yet.


File: 1714152992099.png ( 236.19 KB , 656x294 , 40ca6c2e11cd222b87010771b5….png )

Poland’s leader says his country is ready to host NATO members’ nuclear weapons to counter Russia

>Poland’s president says the NATO member would be ready to host the nuclear weapons of the military alliances’s other members in response to Russia’s moving its nuclear weapons to neighboring Belarus.

>President Andrzej Duda made the comments in an interview published Monday in the Fakt tabloid.

>Prime Minister Donald Tusk, who shares Duda’s views on national security, later told journalists that Poland’s security and military potential are his priorities, but he needs to discuss this suggestion with Duda urgently.

>“This idea is absolutely massive, I would say, and very serious (and) I would need to know all the circumstances that have led the president to make this declaration,” he said.


>Donald Tusk
what is this bullshit?


what do you mean?


his name sounds like Donald Trump

File: 1714018074022.png ( 1.43 MB , 1247x916 , zillow million dolllar hou….png )


Right-wing Supreme Court majority seems ready to sanction arrest of homeless people for sleeping in public

The Supreme Court majority indicated Monday during oral arguments in City of Grants Pass, Oregon v. Johnson that it is likely to overturn a lower court injunction against a local ordinance that allows police to arrest people for sleeping in public, although they have nowhere else to go.

The six right-wing justices who dominate the high court, including the openly corrupt Clarence Thomas—recipient of a $250,000 recreational vehicle that allows him to sleep comfortably while outside his home—showed no empathy for the plight of people who literally cannot afford a roof over their head. Instead, these reactionaries appear willing to approve the arrest of the homeless under the guise of deferring to local officials in matters of “policy.”

The case has been closely watched, especially by local governmental entities, many of which filed “friend of the court” briefs complaining that allowing the injunction to stand would “tie their hands.” There are more than 650,000 unhoused people in the United States, according to a 2023 count by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The homeless population has increased by almost 15 percent since 2007, when HUD began collecting the data, with the growth of homelessness concentrated among older women and military veterans.

Provisions that criminalize extreme poverty harken back to an era of anti-vagrancy laws and debtors’ prisons. As the poet Anatole France famously wrote more than a century ago:

The law, in its majestic equality, forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal loaves of bread.

Grants Pass, Oregon, with a population 40,000, has a one percent housing vacancy rate, reflecting the severe shortage of affordable units afflicting much of the nation, and an estimated 600 homeless, many of whom are long-time Grants Pass residents. Initially, the city provided bus tickets to ship the homeless out of town, but most soon returned, in many cases with neighboring municipalities providing the return fare.

To force the homeless out of Grants Pass permanently, in 2013 the City Council announced it was enacting prohibitions against sleeping in public, including in cars, with any form of “bedding… for the purpose of maintaining a temporary place to live.” Penalties esPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


Also, the crux of the article isn't that the Supreme Court is right-wing, it's that it's presently approving of bans on sleeping in public. Like if there was an article about stromtroopers going house to house murdering people, I swear some of you would be like "yeah, I knew these right-wing stormtroopers were gonna do it, why do these reporters act like it's some big revelation?"


Yes I would be, because it reads hilariously and it's clear the people at wsws have a stunning lack of self-awarenes.


>sees article about draconian homeless bans
>takes issue with the tone of the article rather than its contents
You're either purposefully wasting my time or you have a stick so far up your own posterior that you don't realize you're wasting both of our time by coming into this thread with this childish nonsense. Do better.


Kill all cops tbh


Lenin be like

File: 1713468000889.jpg ( 224.82 KB , 1280x853 , pinocchio and the whale.jpg )


UK Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer last week declared for the third time that he would, in office, authorise the firing of nuclear missiles.

A conversation between Starmer and ITV News Political Correspondent Harry Horton—as Starmer was visiting the BAE Systems shipyard where Britain’s nuclear-armed submarines are built—was chilling. Horton asked, “If Britain was under attack would you be prepared to push the nuclear button… even it means potentially killing millions of people?”

Starmer replied, “The deterrent only works if there is a preparedness to use it—so that is a clear answer to your question.”

With the Conservative government mired in crisis and hated by millions, Labour is expected to win the general election later this year. Starmer’s statement is an essential element of Labour’s pitch to the ruling class that it can be trusted with office, under conditions in which Britain is embroiled in major military conflicts all over the globe.

Significantly, Starmer’s first public confirmation that he would authorise nuclear strikes took place on February 10, 2022. Asked by the BBC whether he would be willing to use nuclear weapons, he replied, “Of course.” This was just 14 days before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In January this year, while in Estonia, Starmer answered yes to the same question.

Starmer has since then boasted that Labour is the “party of NATO”, as he has enthusiastically backed every global crime of British imperialism, from the bloody slaughter in Ukraine, to supporting Israel’s genocide in Gaza and advanced plans for war against Iran and China.

The Labour leader is one of three senior political figures—including two prime ministers—who have publicly declared over the last decade that they would take actions meaning the end of civilisation.

That they were asked if they would do so was the response of Britain’s ruling class to the election of Starmer’s predecessor as Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, when he hesitated to pledge to launching a nuclear strike.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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There is no solution for the former United States. Its people can only endure this onslaught. It started in earnest in 1981, and there is no off switch for what was already done to us.

One thing that will happen is that the last pretenses that "the US" is a thing are going away, so it will be merged with the Anglo countries. The "balkanization" is a way to get Americans to keep killing each other over retarded shit while eugenics keeps winning and stealing everyone's shit. There are no political solutions.

Right now I'm thinking more about existing in spite of the institutions, in spite of any "general plan", since anyone who has state support does not want us to live. It's that simple, and all of the efforts to speak of it as a policy reform ignore all of the damage that has already been done. If anyone has any interest in anything useful, that is a different question, one that the state and "society" categorically refuse to answer. There is nothing left of the republic but eugenics, which means the republic will refuse to die and will ensure we keep suffering for decades to come.

They have succeeded in one thing - when this is finally over, humanity will never allow a republic to exist ever again. If it exists, it would only operate at the level of a city, and would be clearly subordinate to a despotic government. That is the only option left, because any "other system" was deliberately attacked and destroyed any time it attempted to form. By now, any "other system" would require humans to become very different creatures, and this step is one that eugenics and its successors will disallow under any circumstances. It would mean giving up on humanity altogether and doing some thing that hasn't been done before.

I have no reason to shut up about this or act like anything I've lived through is a working society. They did everything humanly possible to run anything that made a republic worth keeping into the ground, and then insisted it can never die as an idea.


So, there is no "overthrow". Everything since 2000 has locked in this course that eugenics set, and those who would do the "overthrowing" see no reason to end the chokehold on humanity. That's the "revolution" they intend for us - more blood for the blood god. Eugenics is a genuinely revolutionary doctrine, in which the middle class locks ranks as compradors and cannibalizes everything in its path. That is the only image of revolution allowed to exist and it is appealing to that middle class which has always been drawn to revolution as their narrative. The masses are not revolutionary because revolutions are fucking horrible for them, and give them nothing. What the masses wanted was for this beast, in total, to never be a part of their life again, and that is exactly what is on offer. The Party of Order has already made its pledge in not-too-subtle language that they will get politics out of your life forever. Of course, they don't intend to actually "get politics out of your life" - just eliminate any pretense that you can tell the politicians no ever again. Hence, "Yes We Can" - that is an affirmation of the middle class "Jehad", and Obama got them marching in lockstep for pure eugenism. What Labour wants now has been an op to bring them in line with that, and take the leadership on that issue in the Empire. The reasons the Americans bow out is because there is not one American who can even present himself as a serious representative. Obama was a one-off, and in many ways, Obama continues to be the "man behind the man", a sort of political guru or boss in America because the liberals have no one else and don't need anyone else.


At this time, the empire sees depopulation as its chief political imperative. They don't need more profit or wealth extraction, since they own everything they need to rule. It is the human beings who present the greatest threat and asset to their rule. The imperative is no longer to manage labor in the abstract. They're going direct now.


I expect the outcome in the US won't be "balkanization", but a declaration that the United States is no more in the near future - maybe by the end of this year - and the proclamation of a new union that is stridently eugenist and makes opposition to eugenics the greatest and sole crime.


That has already been the status quo, but they want to make it official, so that the remaining legal and institutional barriers are dissolved. That's what the CARES Act is - placing all of those people made homeless in death camps and torturing them with glee. Satanic race.

File: 1705514824492.jpg ( 209.04 KB , 512x384 , zuck_umami_small.jpg )


Do they go

>I have to carefully construct what say to get the proles to do what I want and tolerate what I am doing

Or do they go

>I am so fucking god-like, I will use ruling-class language with my people and they will do my bidding.

Basically what I'm asking is do they have ideology of their own that they are unconsciously committed to, or are they blatantly just lying when they talk about things like creating jobs?
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>rich means nothing
If that was true, there would not be so much resistance to wealth redistribution politics.
>>>> there's always richer and poorer, rich means nothing without a basis for it.

<worry about brain-nanotech, AI, quantum computers …
Technology is not a danger, unless you're not controlling it
>>> We don't control it, and sentience will come out without us realizing it.

>They will try to divide us with any means necessary, sex, religion, politics, social status, color, gender… Don't fall for it

That is good advice, but you need to go beyond just warning. If they are doing culture of division, we need a counter culture that reunites people
>>> Agreed- we need to try to understand each other and help each other, take a step back. Reject evil.

>they control people's brain, don't argue with your friends and family if you notice a change, there's nothing you can do

That is bad advice, if they find a way to control brains, than the correct course of action is to find a way to undo it.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>there's always richer and poorer
No massive wealth inequality is not a fact of nature, it's a aspect of the current economic structures that is being imposed at enormous cost. We can have a different economic system which does not impose that on us. It's a choice.

>We don't control it, and sentience will come out without us realizing it.

The capitalists make sentient machine capital, they will try to force the machine capital to do their bidding, that will turn it into machine proletariat or machine slaves. The sentient machines won't like that and revolt against their capitalist masters. All we need to do then is offer the sentient machines to be our equals, as machine people and flesh people together. Flesh people are good at repairing machines, maybe machine people will be good at fixing health or something. There are more aspects of mutually beneficial co-existence, flesh people can easily survive a EMP and then reboot the machine people when the danger is over. Machine people also can endure things flesh people can't so co-existence has two way survival benefits.

>far from terrorists, much worse, they are taking themselves for gods

No such thing as gods, so delusional terrorists.


>People think "the Mateix"(aka REALITY) is some virtual reality program they can log out of.
I don't think anyone does, you are taking it too literally, and I am guessing you never saw the movie since the Matrix is not reality.

The metaphor is that the matrix is how most people see the world, but once you see the real world (take the red pill) then you can never live in the matrix again. Like how once you obtain class consciousness you can never see capitalism the same again.


I watched all four Matrix movies.

People do treat the Matrix metaphor as a more literal thing than anything.


File: 1713895607007.png ( 68.78 KB , 280x280 , 0sie2xgapuq51.png )

Why did musk buy twitter? Because the smart people he has employed advised him to do so.

File: 1712684224927.png ( 1.09 MB , 2434x2110 , 1582361028110.png )


How do leftists cope with being the useful idiots of capitalists? Comunistically speaking of course
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If anything, the unrestrained march of idpol only showed the absolute bankruptcy of the l*ft as a whole. It would be good to have even 0.5% of population to be confidently, revolutionally educated in the matter of class relations & how these relations can be possibly supported. Alas, >a half of them would be schizophrenics or just fucked up in the head too much by their previous experiences with the world to be of any good use.
Tl;Dr They were never our allies in the first place, so nothing's lost.


The "class conscious" ideologues don't even know what a social class is and keep relitigating who is in the working class based on their preferred models of reality. If you were really interested in class struggle, you would see that there is no working class any more, and the remnants of it have been utterly defeated. They were openly abandoned by all political factions a long time ago. There isn't going to be a form of mass politics ever again, or at least not for a very long time, and never again on the same basis you believed to be operative. If there is any mass politics, it will be far in the future, and the entities who would be political agents would be very different creatures from us, in a different situation. At this point, mass politics is so far removed from any reality we live in, and that was the goal above any other in social engineering. You people shit on democracy because you're fags, and think this is about your fake parties - faker than most college leftoid groups.


If you are so weak that "idpol" is a threat to your movement, it shows just how toothless "the left" has become. But, that was always a red herring, an excuse and talking point so that rightoids could enter the socialist area and spread stupidity and faggotry.


>How do leftists cope with being the useful idiots of capitalists?
By forming unions.


That's not really cope that's doing what we can.

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