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Why should i use leftchan instead of leftypol?
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We get it, youre miserable. Now hurry up and make another incel thread as part of your wonderful 'contribution' to the left.


I would trade every idpolled jannoid for 10 leftcels any time of the day


File: 1670793169536.jpg ( 15.3 KB , 400x339 , b5934172cd0fd60b296706b666….jpg )

You tell those chud polyps, comrade!!!




Because you don't get a month-long ban here for critiquing bad moderation.


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In this thread we post the most disgusting internet shit from conservative to liberal aberrations and then we come to the conclusion that communism is best.


Mentally ill . org weirdo is back


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Sex. Have it. Now.

File: 1630006461247.png ( 657.22 KB , 818x811 , stock worker.png )


Since we are throwing out Marxism anyway just to appease liberal sentiments we could go way further.

>fetish work

A subspecies of sex worker specializing in shitting or peeing on their customers. Very endangered worker.

>mafia work

A mafia worker is a proletarian who is exploited by the mafia boss. He is forced by The System to extract out money and/or gold teeth from his victims for protection, but his evil capitalist mafia boss takes almost all of that and pays back the poor mafia worker only a small part.


The proletariat working in the US congress, UK parliament, etc. They produce new laws without which we couldn't live under capitalism. Sadly the politi-worker is not free and is controlled by the evil bourgeoisie.

>NGO work

The section of the proletariat that produces awareness about social injustices. Sadly, they are exploited by George Soros (their boss) who doesn't compensate them properly for all the awareness they created with their hard labor.


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Productive labor in the marxist sense means producing a commodity with a persistent use-value, that is not for big bourgeois luxury consumption, or for war. Prostitution in the Marxist sense is unproductive labor.
Socialism would abolish prostitution but the police would persecute the Johns, not the prostitutes.

A mafia worker is just a lumpen-prole, or informal economy worker or a precariate.

I like the idea that Matter is proletarian.




>Productive labor in the marxist sense means producing a commodity with a persistent use-value
Source? As I understand it, "productive labor" is any labor that was employed in producing commodities and thus surplus-value.


File: 1670204365348.webm ( 1.09 MB , 316x240 , IWW.webm )

>Where are the "communists" that aren't working with Kaiser Wilhelm II?
>Where are the "communists" that aren't working with the Kerensky government.
Cook County Jail


Sex work is just a jewphemism. Another attempt by the ruling class at destroying language so the cattle of America can't think. They had proper names in the past like whores or prostitutes

File: 1670586135108-0.jpg ( 47.35 KB , 275x361 , pic1.jpg )

File: 1670586135108-1.png ( 293.35 KB , 796x861 , pic2.png )

File: 1670586135108-2.jpg ( 709.19 KB , 800x668 , pic3.jpg )

File: 1670586135108-3.jpg ( 235.68 KB , 1600x1130 , pic4.jpg )

File: 1670586135108-4.jpg ( 393.63 KB , 786x1048 , pic5.jpg )


Currently there are two mainstream interpretations among historians regarding Yagoda. The first one comes from Yagoda himself
>he claimed that he was an active revolutionary from the age of 14 when he worked as a compositor on an underground printing press in Nizhny Novgorod, and that at the age of 15 he was a member of a fighting squad in the Sormovo district of Nizhny Novgorod, during the violent suppression of the 1905 revolution. He said he joined the Bolsheviks in Nizhny Novgorod at the age of 16
and the second one comes from former NKVD officer Aleksandr M. Orlov, who claimed that
>Yagoda invented his early revolutionary career and did not join the Bolsheviks until 1917, and that his deputy Mikhail Trilisser was dismissed from service for trying to expose the lie.

The Yagoda Third Pill (TYTP) synthesizes the first two positions (Yagoda said something + Yagoda lied) while adding a third proposition: Yagoda never existed. This way you have to read these three propositions backwards as such: 1) Yagoda was invented; 2) the inventors said Yagoda lied; 3) the invented Yagoda claimed otherwise.

Photographic evidence
First, the ""photographic"" evidence. Picrel1: the most famous """photograph""" of Yagoda is clearly edited using an original source and mirroring one half of the original man (let's call him "pseudo-yagoda") as pic2 proves.

Second, pic3 & pic4 shows the alleged Yagoda arrest card and the real Stalin arrest card under Tsarist Russia. (Disregard the fake yellowish discoloration for a second, that's sepia effect added later.) The forged "Yagoda arrest card" was stylized after Stalin's. Notice the same attire: black shoes, trousers, jacket, hat, white shirt. Also notice how this supposed "Young Yagoda" looks nothing like "Mature Yagoda" in pic 1.

Third, the supposed "Yagoda marches with young Khruschev" pic5. Look at it very closely! Notice something? Look closer. The picture of "them" is clearly added onto another background picture. Also of note. By this time Hitler was a known figure and whoever created the mirage known as "Yagoda" tried to make him look more and more like Hitler.

Anecdotal evidence
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. Arguing with yet another underage idiot about muh totalitarianism is much more important and interesting somehow.


>muh totalitarianism
Bruh tankies still think the Soviet Union was heaven on Earth. Except it was a corrupt and reactionary empire, MLs are not marxists nor are they communists.


>still think the Soviet Union was heaven on Earth.
Oh, THIS shit. "You defending something that means you think it's perfect and infallible, haha!" Seriously, i've seen that shit hundreds of times now, in many contexts, but i still don't have a slightest idea what compels every moron on internet i've ever met to spew this bullshit. THE HELL IS THIS, AND WHAT IN THIS THRICE CURSED WORLD MAKE YOU THINK IT'S A LEGIT ARGUMENT OR AT LEAST AN EFFECTIVE DEMAGOGIC TRICK?! ANSWER ME, WHAT WAS GOING ON IN YOUR STUPID HEAD WHEN YOU WROTE THIS? No, really, i'm sincerely curious at this point.


Pure fucking idealism that's what all of the Soviet Union was. The Bolsheviks were the fucking counter-revolutionaries, glad to see their statues getting shit on. I was dancing and fucking laughing watching the "Marxist" eastern countries finally collapse, it was a real time of joy.


File: 1670722204843.jpg ( 165.52 KB , 640x433 , ObviousTroll.jpg )

You're too obvious, even for this place.

File: 1667451319356.gif ( 1.65 MB , 498x301 , 1655028378033.gif )


>revolution will never happen in the first wo- YAKC!


>Polls show 70% of American people support unionization
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>Let's be honest, though–radical violence gets recruits
Maybe a few adventurists, but you don't get the support of the masses that way. Socialism has to be about the masses.

>Mad Max or Fallout apocalypse would be much more mundane than people imagine it to be. Think more along the lines of starvation and cholera rather than cool "le epic" gang fights in modified junk cars.
Dystopian Sci Fi is unrealistic, because these societal collapses are very short in duration. People will reconnect the industrial linkages and restore/repair most of what was lost. It's just that many people will die for no reason during the industrial interruption. The kind of people we see flourishing in Mad Max style movies are basically the same as warlords in imperial resource extraction colonies. I think it's ideology to think that these people could thrive without empire. It's an ideological conception for some kind of "natural state" of society.


If terrorism is so good at radicalizing the proletariat, then why didn't it do it in the 60s and 70s, when every other leftist was toting guns and planting bombs?


In what way was terrorism not good for radicalizing people in the 60s and 70s? It was a huge part of the insurrections and civil wars that characterized the period.


I think that you're missing the point here. Are these people supporting new unions, or AFL-CIO unions? AFL-CIO unions are actively cucking to the actions of Congress and the big bourgeoisie, so unless you have a plan to salt them and bring change or(much more likely) create new systems altogether for class struggle, I don't think this is the flex you think it is. Ask anyone you know what the IBEW or the UFT is like, and they will tell you the same story; little representation in negotiations, constant loss of bargaining power due to increasing workforce(ergo inexperienced workers that cannot provide the same quality), revisionist and outright bourgeois representatives. It's Luxemburg's Reform or Revolution to a textbook level. I suppose there's nothing we can do on our own to find out what the data actually means by that though.


Also workers in general are to stupid to understand how unions work. I'm dead serious. At my old job that was union everyone would constantly bitch about the union but never participate in meetings or do anything to support it.

File: 1628807808075.mp4 ( 53.43 KB , 720x720 , video0-487.mp4 )


It has been said often that there is no ethical consumption under Capitalism. This being said, there seem to be quite a lot of boycotts regardless. Are we to interpret each and all of these boycotts as being futile attempts to reconcile a lack of ethical consumption under Capitalism? Is there reason to participate in boycotts if all consumption under Capitalism is unethical anyway?

Is all consumption equally unethical?
Is there any meaningful difference between purchasing items like clothing or computers brand new vs. used?

I guess these are novice questions. I hope these aren't considered gauche.
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>inb4 Android is linux too
ok, GNU+Linux lol


>I don't know, i guess they made contracts that stipulated good working conditions for their suppliers. They'd have to send inspectors to make sure there is compliance.
do you seriously think they send inspectors to china and taiwan?
also, it's not just immediate inputs, they would need to inspect the whole supply chain down to the African lithium mines and russian gas suppliers lol

>Google has more leverage over electronics suppliers they can get exactly the hardware they specify, small companies like fair-phone probably have to use mostly off the shelf components.

how is this relevant to them requiring my identifying information to unlock a bootloader?
Google doesn't ask me for no IMEI or serial


>do you seriously think they send inspectors to china and taiwan?
>they would need to inspect the whole supply chain
Here read it for your self
I don't really know what all of that means, but i think they outsourced inspections.
My guess is mixed results, parts of the workers do get better conditions but it's not 100%

>how is this relevant to them requiring my identifying information to unlock a bootloader?
I guess that sucks but, isn't this how most android phones are unlocked ? This probably came with the soc, i doubt they intentionally chose to make a convoluted boot-loader unlocking parkour.
The pixel phone has a dedicated security chip ( i think it's called Titan) that handles boot security, as far as i know google designed that chip, and therefore they can have custom functionality. Small companies can't yet design their own chips, maybe with RISK5 that will be easier.


>This probably came with the soc, i doubt they intentionally chose to make a convoluted boot-loader unlocking parkour.
so what, this soc that handles boot security is shipped with an unique code by the manufacturer to unlock this particular bootloader?

why haven't these databases been leaked then yet?


Is it ethical for America to import 5 million people a year and raise them up to western levels of consumption? How is t h at good for the planet? Even if you don't believe in global warming it seems wrong, but as democrats we are forced to destroy the planet if we want to replace the white people with people of color.

File: 1670675008406.jpg ( 205.84 KB , 1280x960 , aaa.jpg )


Been reading late 90s interviews with the former soviet top administrative functionaries, and holy shit all of them are retarded beyond belief. No wonder they crashed the ship with no survivors.

Baybakov, who was for 20 years the head of Gosplan until 1985, and before that a minister under Stalin, sacked by Khruschev from Gosplan for being against his sovnarkhoz reform, is basically a dengoid with a Stockholm syndrome because he got bullied by Kaganovich and Beria lol. Kaganovich would swear at him and call him names and Beria one time threatened to shoot him if he couldn't supply Baku's oil (Baybakov was a wartime minister of oil).
The sheer incoherence of his views is astonishing. One the one hand he defends central planning and says there was no crisis and Gorbachev fucked up everything and says how planning methodology and technology was advancing, but the constant erosion of planning discipline and widespread lobbying in CPSU by ministries, republics and other interest groups undermined these advances, makes some redpilled comments that if soviet union had hidden inflation then by the same logic capitalist countries have hidden deficit, and how the western theory of soft budgetary constraints is a product of western imagination because soviet union never just printed money, it got revenue from material economic activity, and the major battlefield for various interest groups was the limited investment budget for every plan period.
But on the other hand he is delusional that central planning and price controls can coexist with the private property, that dengism is the way to go, that mixed economy is a stable construction, and that there will be a place for Gosplan planning in this mixed economy lol even tho western social democracy begun crumbling long before the interview.
He thinks that Kosygin reform was a path to dengism and to the saving of the soviet union, but at the same time he whines about the practical results of enterprise financial self-sufficiency, how some enterprises were hoarding profits while the central government was struggling.
It's very weird, he says that all the economic problems were because of the lack of planning discipline in fulfilling the plans, but at the same time he thinks that Kosygin reform that weakened the planning discipline even more was the way to solve soviet problems lol. It's incoherent.

And he is the least retarded of the all interviewees lol. Next will be Bachurin, Baybakov'Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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just call them chinks, it's more honest, dude


nothing to do with ethnicity
dengism is a state of mind, dengoid


File: 1670682360291.jpg ( 27.68 KB , 350x416 , takingcandyfromababy4.jpg )

This is the candy the Dengists took from me. Notice the thief Dengist's disregard for my visible discomfort.


dengism is a capitalist ideology just like social democracy


File: 1670682609187.jpg ( 70.57 KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )

The first Dengist in my life? My twin sibling. This is when she stole my pacifier from me. That moment I swore an oath to combat international (((dengism))) in all its wicked manifestation.

File: 1661118178355.png ( 524.39 KB , 855x495 , ClipboardImage.png )

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This declared war has greater dimensions than Ukraine, and its goal is to qualify Russia to lead the world and to lead the axis of resistance and to rehabilitate Putin, who has a black history of seizing power, liquidating his opponents, violating the rights of the Russians, and trading power with Medvedev for decades, qualifying him to lead the axis of resistance. Which includes Iran, the Islamic resistance, the Palestinian and the Yemeni as well.. This is how the West hopes that Putin will become qualified to lead the peoples with the right judges. And to reproduce the old polarization with the Soviet Union, which was somewhat comfortable and did not threaten Israel in terms of existence as the resistance threatens Israel. If this situation indicates anything, it indicates that the real conflict exists, even if it is not visible, between Russia and the axis of resistance over the leadership of the peoples, and not between the United States and Russia. Putin is a creation of the West, not a representative of the Russian people. And now his view of Dugin has entered the line, and the goal of assassinating his daughter may be to float his Eurasian project, which is the new incubator of Israel.
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File: 1669146223074.png ( 2.64 MB , 1200x1097 , ClipboardImage.png )

While sharing in the World Cup Tournament and celebrating its winning over Argentina in Dawha , the KSA executed today 17 prisoners by decapitation . Very sportive indeed and very world cup inspiring . This is simply disgusting, and these gulf countries that are normalizing with israel have confiscated the Arab identity. So, when they win , it is the Arabs that have won and we have to celebrate and embrace their victory and make it ours . Fie to such claim and assumption . Those who kill and decapitate and dismember and fund ISIS and promote terror and create havoc do not represent Arabs nor do they represent the Arab values that are noble values . A true Arab will reach for other nations who share the same values like Iran and Latin American countries . The true Arabs are the Heroes of Lebanon and Palestine and Yemen and not some hired stooge who kills mercilessly and wants to be promoted as the best in the football field. This is really pathetic . They have turned everything into a trade and have ruined Sports.
Dawha is not the best place for such tournament . There is nothing there in Dawha except money .. Money and normalization with israel and the largest US military base in the region and maybe in the world . This is what the World Cup this year is about. A poor environment indeed to host such a big event .


This thread is the very image of intellectual masturbation.


Entire thread reads like a GPT-3 bot. Free speech is for humans, not bots.


File: 1670631698824.png ( 1.84 MB , 1300x1147 , ClipboardImage.png )

The conquest of the new world in the 15th century was not a singular endeavor it was a global endeavor in which many countries shared and the church also . the European invasion to what was thought to be India came as a surprise to the Natives of that area who were not prepared to such intrusion and who never thought that there lived on earth hordes of barbaric people for whom nothing existed but material greed. They never thought that such blood thirsty vultures existed on earth and they were overwhelmed by such discovery and could not get their act together to face the challenge . The vicious endeavor was a real success in the southern and the northern continent and more so in the northern continent where the genocide of the Natives was also a cultural genocide and worked on uprooting the very existence of the Natives cultural wise. The native languages were erased and so were their religious practices . This successful bloody attempt was certainly very inspiring, and the European predators sought to spread it all over the world and that is why they repeated it in Palestine; and this time instead of sending the outlaws of Columbus or the Puritans of the English kingdom they sent the Zionist Jews to colonize Palestine and massacre the original population like they massacred the Native indigenous in the Americas .
The narrative that accompanied this invasion was also a religious narrative like the Puritan narrative for they had a different notion of good and evil and took their greed for deservation of what wrongly belonged to others . But this endeavor in Palestine was not a success like the one that happened in the new continent and in Australia for the Natives had learned a lesson and the colonialists were received differently by the Red Indians of Yemen and Lebanon and Palestine . The Resistance of the people is what the European blood thirsty predators are facing In Palestine , in Lebanon , in Yemen and in Iran, and everything we are witnessing right now in terms of colored Revolutions and Arab springs and terrorism and war in Ukraine is because of the Resistance of the people . The world powers cannot overcome such Resistances that are sometimes highly inspired and motivated and receptors of the heritage of a long struggle .
What the colonialists are trying to do is go around this challenge by creating fake Revolutions and soft wars and promoting terrorism and spreading diseases and reproducing the polarity pattern that put states in confrontPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1670631761852.png ( 1.22 MB , 1280x720 , ClipboardImage.png )

In order to promote the world escalating polarity between US and Russia that is triggered and has no foundation , Putin inaugurates in Moscow with the presence of the Cuban president a big statue that represents leader Castro . This happens as a commemoration of 60 years on the missiles crisis that happened between the USA and the USSR in the sixties . Thus Putin is bringing up again the USSR history of Russia . This is to say that nothing can be further from Castro than Putin himself ; Castro, who during his life never permitted that a statue of him be raised or allowed that a street be named after him, has nothing to do with Putin whose self promotion campaigns had conquered the social media picturing him sometimes as riding the Grizzly bear or taming the tiger or riding proudly the horse like an American cow boy or scoring in Judo . Castro had banned all sorts of cults of personality that he described as anti revolutionary while Putin does not miss one opportunity to promote his image .

File: 1622763674659.jpg ( 189 KB , 1000x1266 , Nuestro Norte es el Sur.jpg )

 No.294972[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

The other thread was full.
Anything Latinoamérica related, let's unite in discussion while the CIA-funded military hasn't decide to torture us to death for the time being.
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¿Alguién tiene un artículo u algo sobre las causas de la crisis venezolana? Parece como si todo lo que encuentro no dice nada fuera de "los comunistas comen wawas"…


bukele recibió unos cuantos shekels por parte de ""emprendedores"" de las cripto ""monedas"" para darle un poco de credibilidad a ese bulo


Fuera de hispa/pol/ no esta tan mal al menos no esta tan boteado como el 4chanclas


File: 1654379461239.gif ( 115.91 KB , 700x541 , prism-p2-normal.gif )

Por favor que alguien me diga que la infraestructura de internet en latam ya no es así.


Castillo is gone
¿que se sienten Peruanons?

File: 1628628568097.jpg ( 23.25 KB , 383x383 , leninbrain2.jpg )


During these hard times (when vols kill vols) I thought that it would be more than appropriate to start an /EPG/ since for months I've seen users complaining about the lack of effort posts on leftypol.

In any case…

What is an effort post, you might ask? An "effort post" is a response written by a comrade that goes beyond the level of "fuck you" and putting effort into detailing his or her position.

Please be shameless, and plug your OWN effort posts ITT.

I would recommend the userbase to actually address said effort posts in their perspective threads, and the effort-posters to shamelessly screenshoot said posts here for future generations.

I'll start:
>on Caleb Maupin's intellectual enterprise:
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come back at me when you are prepared to shred your po-mo post-ironic stance and come down to our real situation

until then: enjoy your high ground


I am autistic, I do not have a sense of irony


I'm anti-autistic. (It's an actual and SERIOUS condition, look it up!) The symptoms include:
1. not being able to look at the world through a post-ironic lense.
2. being an actual pragmatic communist.
3. fuck you.


Should be revived.



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