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File: 1682334334870.png ( 241.63 KB , 382x380 , soviet_union_PNG19.png )


>be half mongol slavs
>tyrannical violent chauvinistic regime
>rules by terror
>free tortures and all kind of atrocities
>insanely corrupt
>controlled by jews
>oppress' minorities
>persecutes the church
>kills all dissenters
>eliminates ukrainians
>cannot live without war
>relies on gibs from western allies
>unlimited manpower
>shoots whoever try to surrender or retreat
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no clue what OP tries to say


There's a creativity sweet spot to drugs. You've veered too far, I'm afraid.
Now you're just incomprehensible.

File: 1681654531294.jpg ( 30.64 KB , 450x450 , 61EG71hD2gL._SX450_.jpg )


Cockshott is probably the best Socialist theorist of our age, he's completely BTFO'ed all arguments against Marx's Law of Value, he's empirically proven that Economic Planning is 100% possible with current data sets and modern computation, he's shown that current economic theory is based on complete woo that doesn't hold up to basic mathematical scrutiny or even basic logic.
The thing is, because all his online content is extremely complex, technical post-grad level university lectures, it's hard to get his idea's out there. Which I think why as Socialists, we should try present his arguments, theories and evidence in a far more presentable, digestable, ELI5 fashion for Normies.
What made classic Leftypol good is that we were able to present Socialist content for normies that would be shared by Zoomers and such. So I think a good project for us on this board, would be to work How the World Works (https://libgen.rocks/ads.php?md5=0f775aef8cbe24a8978e115669bfcdfb) into a decent Youtube series that explains how we can build a new economic order in the not too distant future.
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He literally has like 10 minute vids that are pretty simple lol


all his shit repeats what he says several times in papers just Google scholar him and you'll get the same stuff. How the world works also covers a shit ton of his vids but even has a section that just sentence for sentence paraphrases sections from one of his earlier works: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/257982894_Value_markets_and_socialism


i forgot to mention the blog too there's no excuse you're just not looking


Ah, I stand corrected then. Knew about his blog but hadn't thought to use Google scholar.


> Refuses to publish most of his stuff in text

uhhh wot?

File: 1681970098745.png ( 171.4 KB , 474x315 , ClipboardImage.png )


This is just a undeniable fact. The amount of dogma and fanaticism in MLism is unparalleled compare to any other ideology. It truly is like a religion.

They have religious leaders which have done absolutely nothing wrong and every time you point out anything bad about them or the actions of ML states, even when it is many times self admittently true, they will find any excuse they can get to protect their deities.

Here are some examples of real conversations I have had with Leninists:

"Why did Mao do these stupid economic decisions which lead to tens of millions dying?"

ML: "Well that was because he was tricked by a evil pseudoscientist. Also the CIA faked the numbers!"

"Why do you worship Stalin so much when the prophet Lenin himself before his death wrote about how bad he was and how he should be removed as general secretary?"

ML: "Lenin didn't really know how good Stalin actually was at everything. Also the letter is probably fake and written by the CIA (founded in 1947) in collaboration with the traitor Trotsky to destabilize Stalin's regime."
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Okay fag


OP the sooner you realize that retards living in the past will never move on to achieve anything of note the btter off you will be.


It certainly makes for easier praxis if you start from the belief that it's all already worked out for you, and all you've got to do is follow the roadmap. Because then you inevitably do fuck all, just like the rest of us.


anchored for low effort


go back to wikipedia and kill your self


>I thought it might be useful to sketch out some of the actual divisions in class in burgerland and the west. Tried to be as detailed yet concise as possible. Generally, I find a lot of the terminology that gets tossed around as vague. Hence this

1. Ruling class

A) Traditional ruling bourgeoisie in military manufacturing, banking, transport, and energy, along with industrial manufacturing and large retail.

B) Communicative bourgeoisie - controlling media and communications platforms, often intermeshed with finance.

C) Finance capitalists, large landlords, people involved with stock and credit markets

D) State bureacrats and technocrats. People who make a living in employment for the state.

2. Middle classes

A) Petty bourgeoisie - small landlords, traditionally self employed, small business owners.
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Everything you write presumes class exists as a narrative, an idea, unmoored from what a class actually is. There is no class without a functioning institution doing things, and the institutions in any society are things which can be known. Everything you write is consciously supplanting the actual actions with a story about what the classes are "supposed" to be, which will always lurch behind anything that really happens.

Ultimately, most people - and this does not require a great education to learn - understand politics first as people. For most people, "politics" for them is entirely at a local level, in what relationships they can actually affect. The idea that normal people had any participation in the state was always a fantasy, and normal people knew it from the start. You'd have to believe in the pretenses of liberal democracy to believe your version of class struggle, which no one did. Liberal democracy didn't exist in Marx's time, and so when Marx describes the classes in his time, he does not need to say "this is the grand theory that I and I alone can know". The classes contending in institutions were known to anyone and, at the time, there weren't people brazen enough to tell people to ignore what was in front of them. Marx would understand the classes by their praxis and what they do to maintain themselves - he describes it as a "class-for-itself", whereas the workers were at his time a "class-in-of-itself" - that they existed as a thing and the labor relation was well known, but the labor relation was not one the workers chose. The workers had no institutions of their own, and were mediated through this civil society that was entirely controlled by the bourgeois professions. The workers as workers had no legal or political representation except on the terms the bourgeois allowed, which were always about dragging the workers into the domination of the bourgeois. Marx suggests superficially that the workers need their own institutions, but in practice the Marxists insert themselves, since the workers will not on their own terms enter civil society, and couldn't participate at that level. The workers who tried found out that they weren't actually allowed to win.

Also funny you cite genetics - literally a pseudoscience - as your argument for race-theory. You don't even comprehend that you're recapitulating the Nazis' racPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


As for "merchants inventing race", it did not require indoctrination to convince people that races existed. What was new was the idea that race was politically relevant, and this idea did not appear overnight or in the form of today's eugenic race-science. The African slaves and natives of North America weren't just different "race-essences" but came from a completely different history and background. Their societies were constituted in very different ways, and very likely they were physiologically distinct which would have meant differing mental states in some way. The idea that this was an absolute and politically relevant is a specifically eugenic claim - the black slaves were different in history and their thought, but this was not seen in of itself as the justification for slavery. It only gradually emerged that the justification for slavery shifted from history, religion, and practical expedience, to claims about African intelligence and a built-in servility. Obviously enough black slaves were rebellious that an ideology had to be imposed and enforced very violently, and the black ex-slaves had to be conditioned by exemplary violence to maintain the racist system. The extent of violence to uphold the eugenic race claims is always understated, and treated as a just-so story, where the state and dominant institutions are totally neutral or positive influences. This is the unyielding technocratic faith in institutions that were enshrined with an "above-the-law" status, very specifically in the eugenic forms of technocratic rule. The eugenists are the people who believe laws are only for the lower classes, who have an essentially Satanic moral and political view.


File: 1681658244513.png ( 62.26 KB , 512x512 , joe-headpalm.png )

>as your argument for race-theory. You don't even comprehend that you're recapitulating the Nazis'
<The Nazis were opposed to race theories

what ?


You're not opposed to race-theory, you're fake-opposing while cleverly enabling the eugenic core of the belief. It's the "fake egalitarianism" smear you piggers like to use.


The right wing of capital is autistic
The left wing of capital is schizophrenic

File: 1681634792192.jpg ( 113.93 KB , 1140x815 , il_1140xN.2988381969_r7ov.jpg )


<Capitalism has already been superceded

Some sort of bureaucratic managerial mixed economy exists in all major developed economies today. It is the inevitable political development at this stage of history owing the the current level of the productive forces. The central economic impulse isn't the further development of the means of production in order to *produce commodities.* As it stands, only a fraction in the labor force is set to work in producing commodities. A larger percentage is involved either in the realization of value or the social maintenance of power - that it's to say, and increasing proportion of the population is as divorced as ever from production and increasingly devoted to employment in the tumorous and parasitic outgrowths of the economy. Likewise, an ever increasing proportion of the economic surplus is devoted toward the expansion of the infrastructure of services and, more importantly, control. An increasing social investment occurs in fields like marketing and sales, security (ranging from web3 doorbell cameras to rent-a-cops to state militaries), media in it's wide variety of forms, psychological and sociological research, and 'governance' on both a local and international scale. In Gramscian terms, this is an explosion in the size and importance of the state vis-a-vis and over the forces of the productive economy. That is to say, the *capitalists* (which developed and began to supercede the lorded administers of feudalism during the 16-18th centuries) have themselves begun to be superceded by a growing, new, highly technological, secular, and 'scientific' administrator and managerial class.

The primary aim is always power. For a brief period in history, the private ownership of the means of production - to be a capitalist - was the best means to amass power. However, in the sort of post capitalist future that is emerging, those who control (but perhaps not directly 'own') large levers of the economy and structures of control form a sort of oligarchy that simple seeks - directly - to expand its control.

This impulse is increasingly turned inward and against all forms of life, up to and including increasingly levels of power against it's own citizenry, with more and more elements of daily life intertwined with technology, control, and economy.

As a phase in the mode of production, this is a sort of toothpaste that's not going back into the tube. But it doesnPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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supersede the textwall, post a tl;dr
I'm a slow reader, convince me your post is worth my time


There's a tldr at the end of OP


Niger. Do you even read the posts you reply to?


>The solution - a sort of 'sucks least' option
this sounds too much like neo-liberal lesser-evil-ism, as in a ratchet where every time the lesser evil is chosen it gets a little bit worse, until eventually the compounding effects create the worst possible world.

>Some sort of 'mixed economy' with a corporatist state is inevitable.

We're not going to keep state and corporate organizational structures. They are terrible, especially the corporate stuff, that have all the bureaucratic downsides of the Soviet State apparatus without any of the upsides.

We're going to make modal-organisations instead. Basically it's an organization that has a bunch of different modes, that are activated by changes in the material conditions. Because each mode only has to work for a narrow range of situations, organization can be much simpler with low administrative overhead. Each mode will have different people in charge, and that means that abuses of power can also be defined as material condition that changes the mode.

>It's naive to believe classes, castes, and hierarchy will ever disappear.

Maybe hierarchy doesn't have to fully disappear, like in Star Trek where space-ships still have a command hierarchy, but classes and castes, those will go in the dustbin of history.

To me this is gibberish. You're not the first person to suggest something like this, there used to be a vitalism movement
<vitalism, school of scientific thought—the germ of which dates from Aristotle—that attempts (in opposition to mechanism and organicism) to explain the nature of life as resulting from a vital force peculiar to living organisms and different from all other forces found outside living things. This force is held to control form and development and to direct the activities of the organism. Vitalism has lost prestige as the chemical and physical nature of more and more vital phenomena have been shown.

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File: 1681799550017.jpg ( 30.22 KB , 250x375 , 26_hippiehil_lgl.jpg )

>Burger alert

File: 1678650145933.jpg ( 144 KB , 1148x1630 , boringdystopia-11p4vhm.jpg )

 No.467069[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Realistically how do you reconcile lack of gun control in the school shooter era?
These kind of incidents can't go one forever without some kind of push back. Can gun rights preserved without having to live with school shootings?
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Bear in mind that if it comes to a civil war, that will be the end of any reconciliation between those selected to live and those selected to die. Those who survive the war on the latter side will never, ever trust the institutions, "revolutionary" or otherwise. They have no reason to ever believe any government, and no government will or can give assurances to restore any trust in institutions. The survivors of the damned will only be able to form their own institutions, if they are allowed, and they will continue to suffer under the pressure of the ruling institutions which are antagonistic towards them. Very likely the terms of "keeping the peace" will be a total segregation of those selected to die, and many selected to die becoming the reserve army of slavery. With the alternative being maximal torture and death in absolute terror, there is only slavery or suicide. Enough stubbornness will prevent suicide, and the maximal torture thing will be difficult without resuming the purge that was somehow miraculously defeated. So that will mean those who were truly defeated - us of the damned - will be allowed to live on the most meager terms possible. That is what we will be reduced to - arguing just how bad the coming slavery will be. There will be false promises of freedom and manumission, but that has always been a lie and will be doubly so after the struggle. They were never going to let us in their society.


Why didn't the Albanians have this many mass shootings?


File: 1681674371776.jpg ( 247.64 KB , 1080x1237 , IMG_20230417_023028.jpg )



File: 1681695128353.jpg ( 166.46 KB , 1170x1113 , 20230413_163143.jpg )



The Big Retard is right for once.


Cockshott released a video about the coming world crisis.

Highly recommended.
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>As to the video, Penisman seems to think that "financial vs productive" capital is divided between china and the west, which is not true. The west has its own productive capital, and china has its own financial, just look at the recent real estate bubble.
Marxists look at which part is dominant. In China productive capital is dominant, while in the west financial capital is dominant. That's what Cockshott says. The recent real estate bubble proves this point. The Chinese state is bailing out the customers who bought buildings and the construction companies, while financial capital took the L.

>His explanation as to why other countries agreed to sell their shit for dollars after the end of Breton Woods is also nonsensical

Explain why you think that.

>Bro they just need more money to accumulate more surplus and somehow only the US was able to provide this growing money supply

>even petrodollar recycling makes far more sense than this dogshit take
Not sure what this means


>In China productive capital is dominant, while in the west financial capital is dominant.
The only problem is that chinese "productive capital" invests its trade surplus back into the us financial markets lol

>Explain why you think that.

you literally quote my explanation below retard lol

>Not sure what this means

It means that the explanations of the kind "well according to M-C-M' to accumulate more surplus value you need a bigger money supply, and so third-world capitalists agreed to be ripped off by the US Treasury and the wall street because the US dollar was already a reserve currency!" are nonsense
Capitalists are not a hivemind, they don't care about abstract M-C-M' schemes, they care about their individual financial accounts.

Capitalists don't want to be ripped off. You need to explain why they couldn't use any other currency, or multiple currencies, to facilitate their accumulation cycle.


I'm not sure where to ask this.

When the world de-dollarizes, does that mean that the US in particular but also the west in general will start shift it's capital composition towards productive capital, and away from financial capital ?

My reasoning is that if western currencies become weaker, exporting manufactured goods and machine capital will become easier while exporting financial capital will become harder. De-dollarization also means that the US can't print infinite money for massively bloated military budgets and they could be looking to make up the loss of global influence from receding military power towards gaining soft-power from exporting goods and machine capital.

Does that logic add up ?



File: 1681587421564.pdf ( 1.4 MB , 232x300 , bea_american_gdp.pdf )

whenever you see someone making a statement like
>hurr durr china has a financial sector just like the US
without quoting numbers, regulations, policy, or literally anything besides their word, don't waste your time, they are arguing in bad faith. the financial sector represented 20% of the american gdp (5.1 t. usd out of 25.4 t.), or ~2 times the gdp of the manufacturing sector in 2022 according to official estimates. the financial sector in china for the same period represented only around 7% of the chinese gdp (1.32 t. out of 18.3 t.) while the manufacturing sector represented around 40%
just ask for numbers and data and see how their arguments crumble away

>shift it's capital composition towards productive capital
capital isn't playdough. there won't be a shift: a large chunk of capital will just be destroyed if the dollar loses it's global currency status


quality answer

File: 1677693265664.jpg ( 60.34 KB , 629x544 , kimjonguninator.jpg )

 No.466481[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

It has recently come to light that fellow comrades have swallowed lies about the DPRK from the imperialist propaganda
Let this be a correction

<Founded on 9 September 1948, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) is a nation governing the northern half of the Korean peninsula. It has a population of around 25M and has an estimated total GDP of $40 billion. You will have likely heard about something else it has that being their “wild & crazy” leader named Kim Jong-Un. But just who is Kim Jong-Un and why has the Kim family stayed in power since the DPRK’s founding?

<To begin we must first look at the definition of a monarchy: “A monarchy is a form of government in which a person, the monarch, is head of state for life or until abdication. The political legitimacy and authority of the monarch may vary from restricted and largely symbolic (constitutional monarchy), to fully autocratic (absolute monarchy), and can expand across the domains of the executive, legislative, and judicial.”

The Korean Peninsula

<Breaking this down we will start with the term of a monarch. A life of power is not something that has ever been afforded to any leaders of the DPRK. The supreme leader of the DPRK, according to their constitution, is the Chairman of the State Affairs Commission, which is held currently by Kim Jong-Un. The Chairman is elected to a term the same as that of the Supreme People’s Assembly (SPA) which, according to their constitution, is five years. Therefore, straight away this debunks the claim of a monarchical regime within the DPRK, because a monarchy cannot exist with the institution of the SPA having control over the electoral process of choosing a Chairman. However, let us dig a little deeper just to be sure.

<The SPA is the primary state organ, which is directly elected by the DPRK’s populace. There are currently three different Parties represented within the SPA, and one organisation. During an election to the SPA: “A candidate is decided in a mass meeting led by the Democratic Front for the Reunification of the Fatherland, which also organises the political parties in the DPRK. Citizens run under these parties, or they can run as independents. They are chosen by the people, not by the ‘Party’.” This means that after these mass meetings, the candidate to be put o
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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So are borders, money, and words - even "fake," here. What's it mean? It's gibberish. Just a bunch of chicken scratch imbued with arbitrary meaning, unless there's some reason to imbue it with meaning, some usefulness.


And so is your manhood


"fake" and "abstraction" are two different things and something being an abstraction doesn't inherently make it bad or not useful.


Comrade dk just reupped and is ready to enlighten us


Socialism can unironically be somewhat monarchic.

File: 1681545753989.jpg ( 184.12 KB , 1600x1161 , FtsMjMXWYAMZOyj.jpg )


How based would it potentially be if leftyfags somehow got the Tariq Nasheed to read Dugin and On Contradiction, and Frantz Fanon?

File: 1680804708482-0.jpeg ( 191.57 KB , 750x912 , Fs6nfFLWwAEjKkJ.jpeg )

File: 1680804708482-1.jpeg ( 183.68 KB , 750x1115 , Fs6nfchWIAApKEm.jpeg )


Does anyone live in Chicago? It was a complete shithole in the 2000s. Filled with drunks and crackheads and such. I can only imagine it's gotten much worse. Here's how the cycle goes
>Bureacratic opportunists come into power
>City goes to shit
>Smart people move out
>Only literal 90eyeq retards are left in city
>They vote for grifting faggot leftoids
>City continues to go to shit
>Becomes Detroit
>Property value crashes
>Gentrifying whiteoids and real estate speculators move in
>Slight increase in police presence so that faggot homo furdaddies can buy Starbucks without stepping into literal human feces

At one point, Chicago and cities like it had tons of industrial jobs, which kept working people there. But, due to shifts in the economy, I imagine the only people who live there are either lumpenized and maldeveloped or part of the professional managerial/financial grift class. The latter can live in gated communities and vote Democrat to make themselves feel like 'decent human beings'(tm). The former are just braindead.

Basically a blueprint for how communities/societies die.
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File: 1681494222322-0.png ( 740.33 KB , 1279x510 , the only solution.png )

File: 1681494222322-1.png ( 640.52 KB , 1280x528 , polly wolly.png )

File: 1681494222322-2.png ( 320.85 KB , 632x438 , osama true messiah.png )

have visited last year
here we go
>trashy neighborhoods, i mean lots of actual random trash
>social climate is that suspicion/distrust(extra burger toppings)
>Dogs wander the streets
>females usually are snobby cunts, also so many dykes
>residents are especially self centered
>chicano cringe pride
>globohomo condensed into a city
>cracked sidewalks, shitty roads
>streets are shit
>part of car culture is to ignore ambulances and not pull to the side
>excessive circle jerking among the labor aristocracy(its a union town)

anyway Mao Mao, Pol Pot, and Franny Franco were spot on about cities


>what is deindustrialization
>what is neoliberalism
<muh bureaucrats
<muh eye cue
Leftoids and cryptofash proving once again that they share the same quality of being historically illiterate


woot is dis


Don't you have coffee to pour?


probably busy having anal with a goat fish

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