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File: 1691208222378.jpg ( 2.75 MB , 1494x8488 , memeticconspiracy2.jpg )


There is a global fascist conspiracy involving Russia, the U.S. Republican party, and many other players, such as Musk that is engaging in a "memetic engineering" project in an attempt to take over the world by monopolizing the most stupid, hateful minds on the internet, uniting all the most gullible dumbfucks under a single fascist flag.

This image provides key evidence and only the evidence.
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File: 1691282912385.jpg ( 301.27 KB , 1600x1200 , Aminom (2).jpg )



File: 1691283320996.png ( 107.65 KB , 970x1344 , Universal_Creativity.png )

This will be the ethos that will lead humanity into the new era.


File: 1691283575985-0.jpg ( 3.92 MB , 4000x3000 , IMG_20230805_164115930.jpg )

File: 1691283575985-3.jpg ( 1.85 MB , 3031x1700 , cosmiccreationstory.jpg )

Here are the major influences. Whitehead was particularly influential.

Process-relational metaphysics is leftist metaphysics.


>In other words, process metaphysics facilitates the advancement of human freedom through the improvement of the quality of relationships. Mechanistic materialism destroys human freedom by facilitating deterioration in the quality of relationships. The challenge for Process Philosophy is not just to recognize this danger, but to unify against it.


File: 1691583168671-0.jpg ( 91.57 KB , 1080x941 , 1.jpg )

File: 1691583168671-1.jpg ( 118.15 KB , 994x1280 , 2.jpg )

File: 1691583168671-2.jpg ( 24.05 KB , 1080x428 , 3.jpg )

This is a fed thred but just in case

File: 1649581658731.jpg ( 2.54 MB , 2744x3720 , vkdkdfeesho.jpg )


Post all your oc. I did some, I did a bit.
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I made this eons ago >>>/i/484


File: 1690919021579.png ( 955.52 KB , 1024x3072 , He calls you a nazoid.png )

new bump for NAFO pedophiles


Will you please not spam the board with your autistic debate.


File: 1690925729595.jpeg ( 22.03 KB , 474x455 , kek.jpeg )


imagine getting so butthurt that you feel the urge to spam your shit """OC""" in different threads


I honestly just believe every shit lefty meme I see outisde of twitter er x to be some rightoid psyop
I am not even joking

File: 1689398545131.jpg ( 123.69 KB , 1179x884 , 2c9a7f51552c398ed6352f705a….jpg )


In How the World Works, Paul Cockshott argues that the global decline in birth/fertility rates and resulting stagnation of economic growth will create an existential crisis for capitalism in the 21st century. A crisis of profitability where investment will only be enough to compensate for depreciation and the cheapening of capital stock in the economy, but not to create more value and therefore capitalism will enter a terminal stage. Anyways, do you think capitalism can come to an end this way? How do you think it can? Will capitalism make it past this century? Discuss.
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File: 1689615520543.png ( 13.63 KB , 979x1280 , neo-lib-wall.png )

>I once read this paper that argued that capitalism without profit could degenerate into a fully vampiric, rentier economy reminiscent of exploitative systems of the past. But it would be politically inviable because capitalism would no longer have a justification to maintain itself.
Over a longer time-span productive capital has more leverage than rentier capital, that's why the industrial bourgeoisie won against the feudal lords, despite of those having total control over all political institutions. It might be possible for rentier capital to capture the state apparatus of entire countries, but then those countries would loose influence internationally. So it's probably not just political viability, but also material reasons.

>You mean basically what we've lived under for the past 50 years? Why do you pretend neoliberalism and Nazism are anything less than full cannibalization of capital to feed the suet of their screamers? Nothing in the past 50 years works. They literally build shit to fail so people will keep buying ever-crappier products,…

You are correct, however you have too look at this over time, the effects of this system have not finished manifesting.

The long term consequence of degrading the population is declining fertility and that means that labor power will become scarce, and all the stress that's harming the brains of people means less technology innovation. The neo-libs chose profits in the short term and in the long term the proletariat gets all leverage and the pendulum will swing the other way. And when it goes it'll really go.

>to build a machine that is designed to depopulate the world

I think their initial goal was to shorten the lives of workers so they die before they can get a pension. This was kinda stupid because an unhealthy population that dies off earlier has a proportionally shorter "productive life phase".

However there are parts of the ruing class that does want depopulation, because they think that class society can't be upheld for more than about 1 billion people. They basically looked at history and there are like thousands of years where class society isPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



From Malthus on, the democidal intent of imperial capitalism is no great secret. The idea that they want you to marry and reproduce is very alien to what capitalism has meant historically. There are very few pronatalist ideologies in existence, and when they exist they are short-lived and never really followed. It is very difficult to force people to make children they do not want. The Romans faced this problem throughout their history, and eventually did face demographic decline.

There has never been a period of human history without waves of death and despair. From tribal intercine wars and ritual sacrifice to the wars of ancient city-states and warbands, to famines and plagues and the great game of imperial politics, to the regular massacres of slaves and serfs that were a feature of feudal life, to the capitalist enclosures, to today's eugenic dictatorship, humanity has always lived under a death cult. The world where this didn't apply is the fiction, the dream that is always out of reach, even though it is woefully apparent that we never had to do any of this. If someone is close to finding a way out, a terrible force in the human race - and it is something within the human race alone - compels it to return to its inexorable path. This idea would be formalized in modernity - and that's what they call "historical progress". The world, and many of the people individually who have souls and lives, has been trying to tell us this whole time that the way we think about politics and life doesn't work and cannot work, but the human spirit returns to Monke so to speak. That's what humanity is, and it refuses to change… so, here we are.

Capitalism was never a "total system" with an intent of its own. It is a situation, and one that was largely outmoded during the 20th century. The vestiges of capital exist in the petty bourgeois, squeezed out of existence and made to comply with the world to come in one way or another. Those who refuse will neither live nor die, but exist in a vague nightmare where they cannot speak of what has been done to them and to the world. The institutions of today are designed to select for the eugenic creed and eliminate all other potential worlds, so that historical progress can be locked in and made permanent.


Yeah I was about to say this sounds oddly familiar


What is clear is that the fictions that were encouraged for the past 50 years can no longer operate - and really they ceased operating some time ago. 2008 brought new fictions and a gigantic cash grab. We were told to ignore how much was transformed under Obama, as if history were still repeating a cycle from the 1980s and 1990s. As the world changed, in the ruling ideas nothing ever can change. Their next mystification was to claim that history is now truly frozen and nothing new is possible, as the bottom falls out.

When you look at capitalism, it was never a singular "capitalism" whose core mechanisms are unchanging and absolute. Capitalism as a situation - and what we are really referring to is the free trade empire centered around Britain - adapts every generation and with every crisis, in which the chief actors guide institutions to their preferred outcome. That is inherent to the entire project of political economy, where before the economic plans of states did not have to concern mass politics or mass involvement. In the past, most of humanity were out of sight and out of mind in one way or another, and they were regulated less by coin then by fixed social roles that could not be abolished by money. A slave was a slave even if he managed to buy manumission, one of the carrots extended to mitigate slavery. No one forgets the taint of having been a slave, or the taint of "blackness" that came to be an idea in the empire, among the various other marks of class. The same is said of indentured servants - at some point, there is ceiling dictating how far someone could rise. Class mobility was certainly possible, and there was a great mobility of class assignments as the poor were sorted during the 19th-mid 20th century. By 1970, the sorting was done, and the filtering and purging began.
To give you an idea of class mobility - the idea of a black ex-slave ruling a country was rare but thinkable in the Haitian Revolution. It was a reality the empire had to accept, no matter how much it disgusted them. The success of the empire is to make the idea of such a rebellion inadmissible, a fantasy even in thought let alone action. It's why American policy has been to shit on the very idea of Haiti, because that is the example of everything the empire is set up to prevent. Any other example suggesting a similar abolition of institutions had to bPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1690952223867.png ( 258.07 KB , 512x497 , yourmeds.png )

File: 1689763080715.png ( 32.91 KB , 851x425 , ClipboardImage.png )


It is time now comrades. Atlantic Oceans temperatures reach 98, Canadian wildfires continue to burn, and toxic algae continues to grow along the Californian coast. Why take drastic measures I ask? Well the answer is simple. You probably have family members, friends, or children who you would protect at all costs right? The reality is,that when the temperature rises, millions of animals are at risk, and billions of humans are going to die, which will not exclude those loved ones and family members of yours. You may be thinking, "how do we create a organized leftists environmental movement." To do this, we must get rid of all capitalist apologia that is common throughout liberal environmentalist circles. No laws that exist under bourgeois society are going to divert corporate interests in oil. It comes down to who controls the mode of production, and right now, it is the bourgeoisie. If the means of production were given to the workers democratically, oil would be the last energy source that would be invested in.

We call upon environmentalists and leftists to join us under the Socialist Environmental Coalition Front, where we will focus on direct AND lesser forms of direct action under a socialist agenda of abolishing capitalism, private property, and eliminating the capitalist mode of production. Starting Christmas day, we will bring back the older traditions of Christmas, by making it a holiday based off antagonizing the bourgeoisie and effecting their profits. This was common practice in the earlier 1900s in NYC, and I think it can be brought back under a cause of fighting humanity's possible detrimental mass extinction. We need comrades like you to do your work though, and spread this all across the web, make sure people are in on it, so that once we strike, it can be overwhelming enough to bring others in, and to destroy more of the security of capitalists and their profit machines.

The Socialist Environmental Coalition Front will be a movement making sure any forms of capitalism are less accepted in the environmentalist struggle. We allow any forms of socialists, anarchists, and communists alike to join us, since we believe the coalition of left wing powers. We also believe that the environmental struggle AND proletarian class struggle are interconnected. Join us Christmas day, and let it extend past that! Spread your propaganda, your memes, or just these exact words to get this movement out there. We need to establish an environmenPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


How man "gifts of defiance" are we going to give them before the capitalist empire is over taken?


Decent post.

Just a few nit picks.
It's now juli and realy hot, what's with the christmas theme ?
Socialists would keep some oil production going for the nafta, which is needed for making plastic.
We can make a proletarian environmentalist movement but then it's got to be accepting of nuclear power, the masses need energy to be cheap not just environmentaly friendly.


File: 1690061440950-0.png ( 248.35 KB , 851x315 , 1 - ChristmasInJuly_FB-Cov….png )

File: 1690061440950-1.jpg ( 89.51 KB , 1200x804 , 2 - Christmas-in-July.jpg )

File: 1690061440950-2.jpg ( 56.87 KB , 736x600 , 3 - christmas-in-july.jpg )

File: 1690061440950-4.jpg ( 53.64 KB , 644x719 , 5 - CIJ.jpg )

>It's now juli and realy hot, what's with the christmas theme ?


Not my problem. Im glad if summer temperature is over 20c but its not.

File: 1690373997569.png ( 92.49 KB , 400x400 , ClipboardImage.png )


Frente Obrero ("Worker's Front") just got 46.000 votes in the spanish elections

They're so-called patriotic revolutionaries who oppose mass immigration and are against gender ideology, pro-small businesses, pro-rent control and wanna pull out of NATO and EU

I'm thinking based
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>nationalization of key economic sectors
lol just because the party supports old macdonald or the sandwich shop down the road doesn't fucking mean that it's a fascist party. Entirely leagues ahead of the outright collaborationist attitudes of Chinese inspired parties like the KPRF. We need more info on the depths of their support.

Everyone else is so entrenched in culture war shit that you have to make a statement against fags or they will enter your party unopposed. I agree that the anti fag art on their homepage is pretty retarded though. They should keep it classy like CPGB (ML) uyghas.


File: 1690404255008.png ( 295.84 KB , 650x914 , 1690404222196.png )



File: 1690404750906.png ( 902.11 KB , 1280x640 , red.png )



Interesting development, if you follow this, pls consider updating this thread from time to time.

Standard Marxist theory considers the chauvinistic reactionary imperial finance bourgeoisie, trying to establish an open bourgeois dictatorship as the source of fascism.


>patriotic (= reactionary faschizos) revolutionaries (= populists)
>pro-small businesses (the core of popular fascist movements, as opposed to elitarian types of fascism)

>Political position: Syncretic

>>the FO is not explicitly communist. Their political ideology is a syncretic combination of left-wing economic positions and usually right-wing social viewpoints (= NazBollz)
>>Factions: Hoxhaism

>they defend Hispanic identity (reactionary idpol, another faschizo point)

>They oppose surrogacy & cosmopolitanism ("me so speshul cuz muh genes daddy reich protect me social lebensraum" ‒ another one)

>It has also been accused of giving credit to the Great Replacement theory

>>Last week, excerpts from a video went viral on social networks in which a well-known personality from the world of the Internet gave a speech that ended up leading to a final conclusion: "The enemy right now is the one who defends open borders and globalism," he emphatically stated
>>On the other hand, just this week we have witnessed a tragic attack by jihadist aspirations against a Catholic church in Algeciras, where a man with a psychiatric history murdered a sacristan while shouting religious fundamentalist slogans. As expected and, despite the unanimous message from the members of the affected church and the Muslim community of the municipality who demanded that the event not be politicized, many people, including this well-known personality, were quick to use the event to stigmatize to the Muslim religion, to people of Arab origin and to the phenomenon of migration in general (bitch literally uses the' fascist principle of collective responsibility!)''
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1689754804920.png ( 3.62 MB , 1600x1965 , ClipboardImage.png )


Are there any radical environmentalist anti capitalist forums, threads, or private chats you know of?


no, i'm not a member of the communist party, officer


Radical as in?
Terrorism is bad pr.


>Terrorism is bad pr.
So is socialism.

File: 1689788989881.png ( 149.08 KB , 256x256 , ClipboardImage.png )


Now that the dust has settled, we can conduct an analysis of this confrontation as a struggle involving various parasitic and degenerating elements of France. Individuals of Arab or African descent with the class interests of benefitting from the exploitation of the third world, left their imperialized nations to become part of the privileged labor aristocracy in the imperial core. They intended to benefit from the welfare state's remarkable social-fascist agreement working on neocolonialism, but now ironically find themselves in an untoward predicament, following the gradual proletarianization of this labor aristocracy due to the imperialist's setbacks across Syria, Mali, etc.
The emergence of this amalgamated fusion of lumpen and downwardly-mobile labor aristocracy has propelled them to the utmost of extremes, with their ambition being the destruction of imperialist France, because they aren't able to reap the promised rewards due to the setbacks rendering this social pact unsustainable. These "lumpen-aristocrats" are determined to dismantle all the institutions emblematic of this state, such as hospitals and police stations, and harbor a desire to harm the despised people of this nation. Therefore, it appears relevant to cite the teachings of Marx:
>The lumpenproletariat, this scum of the decaying elements of all classes, which establishes headquarters in all the big cities, is the worst of all possible allies. It is an absolutely venal, an absolutely brazen crew. If the French workers, in the course of the Revolution, inscribed on the houses: Mort aux voleurs! (Death to the thieves!) and even shot down many, they did it, not out of enthusiasm for property, but because they rightly considered it necessary to hold that band at arm’s length. Every leader of the workers who utilises these gutter-proletarians as guards or supports, proves himself by this action alone a traitor to the movement.

These riots obviously didn't hold any revolutionary character, as opposed to the claims made by the Trotskyite and socdem factions LFI, NPA, etc. However, I do perceive a possible opportunity for an authentic revolutionary movement somewhere down the line. Our paramount task should be to reveal the underlying cause of France's fragmentation. This situation demonstrated the absurd character of cosmopolitanism and imperialism, born out of capitalism, resulting in pervasive disorder within the exploited nations. It is contriPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1689798104431.png ( 29.77 KB , 1683x930 , proky wines about wages.png )

>The working class in the imperial core has higher wages
Nope the wages in the imperial core are not high, the wages in the periphery are just low.

You can't pretend to be a Marxist or Socialist, and then attempt to manufacture consent for lowering the wages of workers, by saying their wages are high. Socialists never ever argue against the material interests of the workers. Not even indirectly by the way they frame reality.


File: 1689801391500.jpeg ( 22.03 KB , 474x455 , lol.jpeg )


reminder that our russkie multipolarist """comrades""" bring up those riots as an example of the west destroying itself with """irresponsible""" immigration policies

reminded me of those nazoid pogroms of the immigrant markets in the 00s
how they said "Russkia is for russkies!" lol

Gods, don't you just LOVE multipolarism kek


File: 1689804376158.png ( 1.62 KB , 654x347 , mildly annoyed square.png )

>our russkie
the imaginary Russian 5th column talk is at best paranoia, and at worst anti-democratic attacks against opposing view points.


that are usually leftists that are opposed to imperialism and/or warmongering

>immigration policies

there are 2 groups of people that are opposed to immigration
The first one is people motivated by racism and/or xeno-phobia, that is not a valid motivation, and that has to be criticized. Fanning the flames of racialism is dividing and weakening the working class.

The second one is workers motivated by avoiding an increase in labor-competition from imported labor-power, that is a valid motivation. The working class always has an interest in keeping labor-power a scarce commodity. So in order to make immigration compatible with working class interests, the work-day has to be reduced in order to account for the influx of labor-power and prevent it from harming labor-power-scarcity.

You would be wrong to conflate all these disparate groups as the same. The only thing they might share in common is opposition the status quo in various areas. Unless you are motivated to uphold the status quo, you have little reason to stuff them into the same mental box.

You would also be wrong to attack criticism of the French state for cracking down on it's population, making a criticism is not the same as being a foreign agent. It has to be considered political persecution if opposing political views are attributed to an outside enemy.


File: 1689804728855.gif ( 217.81 KB , 256x250 , b564949543865bdc76f345e87b….gif )

Rent free.
Do you really have to post this reddit-spaced drivel in every thread?


actually good post (op's)


Radhika Desai and Michael Hudson are arguing that inflation is mainly caused by rent-seeking capital doing asset inflation. They are doing an economic policy that will cause a recession, and are doing this on purpose, a bad economy will increase unemployment, and that will harm the economic interests of workers.

So are recessions a type of class-war by capitalists against workers ?

If they do this, aren't they screwing them selves too?
In the present by letting China overtake the US economically even faster
And in the future through labor-supply shortages because recessions drive down labor birthrates.

44 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Price-gouging and monopoly markets are inefficiencies in the capitalist system, not economic drivers. They are the sort of thing that gets corrected during crises. They are certainly not creating inflation.
>From the socialist perspective inflation can be solved simply by switching from money accounting to labor-time accounting.
That would not solve inflation right now, because fiat currency is already fluctuating around the equilibrium of the value of future labor-power. Using Marx's half-formed idea of labor vouchers would address the ancaps' complaint about the Fed printing too many dollars, but that is not the actual problem. The problem is that capital is not growing at the rate that it needs to to sustain itself long-term, and, after 2008, nobody with any control over investment is buying the myth that eternal growth is possible anymore.


Colonialism or sovereignty?
How the global financial system traps countries in debt

<Political economists Radhika Desai, Michael Hudson, and Ann Pettifor discuss how the international financial system traps Global South countries in debt, reinforcing a neocolonial order.


For those that would rather read


maybe you should read some actual theory, nazoid? even 19th century writings would be better!

hudson especially is a fucking clown




A nice animation that explains inflation in 3 minutes


File: 1686749891767.png ( 28.55 KB , 864x519 , non-man.png )


So apparently lesbians got demoted to "non-men" in the rad-woke caste hierarchy. Lesbians always were on the lowest rung, but it seems they are now getting the boot.

I wonder what's going on here ?
Are they just erasing Lesbians or are they erasing women altogether ?
What is the material basis for this ?
79 posts and 21 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


They were paid a lot of money to shill in the churches, and being good Nazis they knew to march when the neocons did their Nazi impression. No one actually believed there was a good reason to be there, and the rulers wanted you to know that America was being run into the ground. They let you know that and know that you couldn't do anything about it. There was no effort to sell the war to the people because the people were no longer relevant to anything that happened, even to the small extent they ever were.

I remember plenty of small-town churchgoers say the war was bullshit, and they heard from soldiers sent there that nothing about the war was real. It was all run by specops and CIA assholes to build torture facilities, and they let you know about the torture. They advertised it on television. It was so over-the-top that it made it clear this was a fascist country now.

It is a necessity of the fake left to believe nothing ever changes until their thought leaders have declared it so, and it only changes as needed. That is why the left is arrested in time, always religating the past. Anyone operating in the 21st century is purged and silenced. So eugenics marches on…


You can find a small portion of people who are always amenable to war and fascism, because that is their god and natural proclivity. Bush was banking heavily on them to make people go along with what he was doing, and by 2008 that failed. Both the war and the president had basically no approval with the people, seeing as the bottom fell out of the country so that Bush can try and make the millenarian prophecy xome true. There were a few at the time saying Bush was a maniac, and these were basically the old liberal order types.


The fake left needs to believe in the story that they were the only anti-war voice and "knew the truth", and then jump in front with the same boilerplate stories that don't actually tell anything. It's all an op to keep the left retarded, because the left is politically irrelevant now. All that is necessary is to keep the retards in their pens while they're killed off, and that is what is happening now.

It's really sickening how the people lined up to be killed by eugenics are often those who internalize the Satanic religion the most.


still don't really believe that everyone was on it, but i guess that's really hard to even prove. i would have mostly seen true believers at the time but i also grew up in a sheltered environment. although, i've even seen true believers of the ukraine narrative.

>It is a necessity of the fake left to believe nothing ever changes until their thought leaders have declared it so, and it only changes as needed. That is why the left is arrested in time, always religating the past. Anyone operating in the 21st century is purged and silenced. So eugenics marches on…

agree with this though.


The propaganda works well on those who were children or young teens at the time of the Iraq War. Those old enough to fight in it knew it was bullshit. Literally no one bought the "we were in danger" story, and you were allowed to say Bush's story was full of shit. It was encouraged.
Why was that? Because mass support didn't matter, and the sense that democracy didn't matter was more valuable than any popular support for the present war. Fear and terror created an impression worth more for them than love.

File: 1689626094406.png ( 25.16 KB , 903x969 , eu-battery.png )


So the EU will require that all battery operated gadgets need to have user-replaceable batteries by 2027. It's kinda sad that these days this is reason to congratulate law-makers for consumer-friendly and eco-friendly rules, since it used to be universal praxis that batteries and other wear-parts were replaceable not that long ago.

However there is another more interesting part about this, this is the beginning of what is called "circular economy" which is a horribly vague marketing name for a push towards aggressive resource recovery from waste-streams.

That means potentially the beginning of the end for the natural monopoly on resources, given the abundance of waste that has accumulated in the last 200 years. Resources might loose their monopoly-rent and prices might begin leaning towards the cost of production (labor + machine capital). Mass resource recovery from recycling will in the beginning be more expensive then mining but it will cap how much monopoly rent can be extracted from resources, and eventually as productivity enhancement from automation start coming through, the monopoly rents should get squeezed out entirely. At least this should be the case in resource-poor places.

I wonder what the wider economic effects will be ?

Is this unwarranted optimism ?


I mean, before I even consider your question… I have questions of my own. Like, how effective, exactly, are our recycling methods now? How do we plan on recovering this stuff?


>recycling methods
>how effective
material recovery rates are pretty decent
Labor productivity is terrible, most recycling methods still involve people picking out bits from a trash-conveyor-belt.
Plenty of recycling methods are atrocious, for example in very poor countries people are made to burn electronic waste to recover metals
Some types of material recycling have fully automated separation processes tho.
There are huge gaping holes in recycling techniques, certain materials have not gotten any love in terms of somebody developing a recovery process.

You can use a high temperature electro plasma torch to heat up material until all molecular bonds dissolve and then separate out elements by molecular weight. Commercial machines that do this exist, but currently only do really small quantities. For industrial scales they need engineering investment to tag-on some thermal recovery systems to become reasonably energy efficient. The plasma recycler is best suited as a last stage in a recycling chain where it catches what previous less intensive recycling stages missed.
A industrial scale plasma recycler would be extremely potent technology that could be modified to extract and concentrate trace radioactive elements that are universally present in all stuff, so it will require nuclear inspections to make sure that it's not being abused for illicit fissionable material enrichment. Pretty much all technology that is sufficiently advanced is going to require this type of inspection, even in high tech botany there are gmo-plants designed for soil decontamination that carry a similar risk, so don't hold this against it.

As an industry the recycling sector is pretty underdeveloped, but that also means there is plenty of low hanging fruit.


One of the biggest issues I've heard is that recycling at best tends to break even in emissions and at worst can actually be less carbon efficient than just using raw material right out of the ground.

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