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File: 1631839904853.jpeg ( 14.2 KB , 240x240 , artworks-000160623485-h79….jpeg )


the other incel thread got derailed into age of consent shit-flinging, and furthermore i have a larger point so i will make a new thread. overall, i am of the belief that blackpill ideology and the materialist analysis of sex can be reconciled with one another. it is of my opinion that the reason so many incels are traditionalists stems from a fundamental false consciousness that has its origins in the truth of sex not having fully actualized

both black pill thinking and radical feminist thought share a fundamental kernel of truth: that sex based asymmetries are fundamentally grounded on the ownership of particular reproduction organs. other sexually dimorphic traits of the human species which are not primary sexual characteristics still play a role in job market, but as evinced from the fact that we still have unequal representation in jobs that do not require manually intensive labor, it should be clear that their role is far more minimal. there have also been posited psychological differences between men and women, but while they might have some explanatory power, there is a care that should be made, on how substantial these differences really are, which hasn't been had. my problem with this direction is that it uses a continuous distribution of neurodiversity in order to justify a bipartite categorical structure. furthermore, such an explanatory approach is practically inept, as it either suggests that nothing should be done in asymmetrical sexual standards, or an impossible regression in the material conditions of sex (id est, traditionalism). such a regression is, on one side impossible under hegemonic capitalism, and on the other hand, unlikely with current technologies (viz, automation, proliferation of contraception/protection from STIs, mate finding technologies like tinder, etc). this isn't to mention that a social-material regression would be predicated on women turning back on their material interests, which, without copious propaganda is unlikely. not only that, but many men either prefer to have women that are genuine intellectual and economic equals, or are simps who would rather prioritize the rights of women over their own sexual gratification

not only is standard traditionalism insufficient, but so is socialist approaches. the material conditions which produce asymmetries in sexual relations are mostly invariant to economic distribution strategies. we've had patriarchy since agriculture. technology and the reality of diPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Well, I'm not an incel - not that it matters. Once rejected, always rejected. It will always be some bullshit.
If people really want to value this, they're only contributing to the nightmare. I wish I could say it's only their problem, but their problems become my problems because they're trained to go after me or anyone who wants to stay out of their faggotry.
You're not really "incel" unless you're in that hard lumpen class, and in that situation, your life is destroyed for far more than the lack of pussy. It's just a reminder of why the world is a living hell.
But go on. I don't know why you think you're going to win with your likely porn addiction or whatever pity sex you are getting, or why you think this ends well. Fags always revel in the rot.


Seriously, I'm glad I didn't accept being a fag, which is one of the objectives of this rot. That's worse than anything I saw in the incel world, and that's saying a lot. That said, one of the fates for incels was to become a fag or troon out.


Feminism is just liberalism for middle class white women.


SCUM manifesto has done more for both men's rights and women's rights than regular feminism has since it's inception by theory alone.


File: 1686528586263.png ( 174.95 KB , 440x278 , 98h98hkoi.png )

>incel/female question
just call em lesbians

File: 1669524049485.mp4 ( 1.01 MB , 480x852 , 8J2OjvqxSBXF_QTp.mp4 )


<Xi Bros…. I don't feel so good

Over the past week or so, major protests have been escalating in China due to the Zero COVID policy. Apparently, Chinese visitors to the world cup were astonished that no one outside of China cares about the coof anymore, and shared their thoughts on WeChat, which has exacerbated existed discontent. Now, protestors in China are calling for the removal of Xi and the CCP. Maybe nothing immediate will come of it, but it does indicate that cracks in the social cohesion and unity in China are developing, and this may have longer term ramifications.
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There's 100's of millions of middle class people in the US, Europe and Japan. Also the result of the people's glorious revolution?


>Measuring poverty by porky metrics.
Meanwhile urban poor Chinese are more precarious and live in shittier conditions than they ever did as peasants.


The situation with China internal migrant workers has improved tho.


File: 1686527865549.jpg ( 143.98 KB , 900x608 , fa76cb69294f67dc64d945232c….jpg )

chins arnt human but hymen for the west


File: 1686917903008.jpg ( 83.57 KB , 680x794 , 094.jpg )

File: 1628891507241.png ( 530.48 KB , 1080x2300 , Screenshot_20210813-174657.png )


They are filled with conspiracy theories all over the net.

Interesting thing is how often they've been banned. China banned them, Franco spain banned them, Iran banned them, Nazis banned them, USSR banned them, papal banned them, Cuba banned them, hungary banned them. Goes on and on

What do you make of them?

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File: 1628903840404-0.jpg ( 77.5 KB , 733x625 , p6usl57pudy31.jpg )

File: 1628903840404-1.jpg ( 898.4 KB , 1392x1888 , e7cd7b899e510fb30f2403fa55….jpg )

File: 1628903840404-2.jpg ( 208.25 KB , 737x900 , george-washington-freemaso….jpg )

Yeah. The Freemasons emerged from medieval guilds in the Western world where apprenticeship is very important. Young people would choose a "master" in a particular field, and professionals would group up in guilds to protect themselves, like for carpenters and… masons. That was the basis for what became these secret societies of bourgeoisie in England in the 1700s. When it came to America, it was a secret society for bankers, judges, wealthy businessmen, and politicians.

>They are filled with conspiracy theories all over the net.
Yes. I think ultra-conservatives dislike the Freemasons because they see them as spinning powerful webs to spark revolutions.

Today, I suppose the Freemasons are pretty old-fashioned now. It's like old men who want to get away from their wives, while the upper bourgeoisie today have the World Economic Forum and so forth. The right-wing conspiracy theories don't really talk about the "New World Order" either anymore but the "Great Reset." And this is viewed in highly Manichean terms, like an "evil" plot to enslave the world. But the people at the top of the capitalist world don't see themselves as evil. They think they're doing good for the world, or doing things that will benefit everyone, whether that's the reality or not.

But I'd almost say the Freemasons in the 1700s-1800s were like the Protestant bourgeoise's alternative to the Catholic Church's upper crust of priests and cardinals. And they were at odds with each other, because the Freemasons discouraged Catholics from joining, and the Catholic Church issued injunctions against the Freemasons. There are ultra-conservative Catholics who also feared a Masonic-Judaic alliance. Jewish bankers and merchants worked with the Anglo capitalists who were part of the Freemasons and so forth. I imagine that's why Franco banned the Freemasons. He was an ultra-conservative Catholic leader. The Nazis of course banned Freemasonry as they were reactionary ultra-nationalists.

>China banned them

They kicked them out of the mainland. The Chinese freemasons were tied up with the British and the KMT and are apparently still allowed today to exist in Hong Kong. And they havPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


It's all façade and you still look too misinformed about them. Nobody here relates them with "the protocols of zion's elders" and this speaks alarming


Do they even still exist?


Haven't been politically relevant since the 19th century.



They are most certainly still relevant. Social Media distractions, and cover-ups make people think they're no longer important. The WEF, WHO, WB are FULL of 33rd Degrees.

Zionists fund Freemasonry, so it won't die, but could be restructured to captivate Millennials and Zoomers.

The problem is retaining long enough to identify if MM are capable of becoming a 33rd (sociopathic tendencies).

Current generations are degens, mostly, and it's hard to find well-rounded and morally eskewed individuals that would join.

File: 1685719019796.jpg ( 93.9 KB , 1258x843 , foucault.jpg )


Is Foucault correct when he says that mass surveillance caused Cancel Culture ?
Has people being under constant observation and evaluation brought back puritanism in a new form ?

Do we need to create spaces that can't be observed, in order to generate good quality culture ?
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treating other side as terrorist (popular by mods)


You've always lived under "mass surveillance". The rulers are not blind and always have informants, and have always wanted to clamp down on any possibility of the little people having a single thing. The only thing that changed is that the masters have more eyes and more informants, and trained their subjects to be more eager to snitch. The only snitches who are punished are those who work against the lords' preferred thugs and gangsters.


In other words, Foucault is an idiot making obtuse mystifications to pretend biopolitics is new. It was inherent in the imperial religion of the 19th century and everything the liberals and Nazis did, and implied by socialism and communism.


>Can someone define cancel culture?
A historic example would be the inquisition coming after you for opposing the crusades.

A contemporary example would be the radlibs harassing you as a something-phobe for not supporting rainbow-imperialism.


Interesting point, i guess class struggle has to contain an information element. So what exactly is the objective here ? Should the proles know more about the ruling class than the other way around ?
Yes Foucault's writings are obtuse, but i don't think he's pretending this stuff is new.

File: 1684777659802.jpg ( 165.98 KB , 2000x1800 , 20230522_104335.jpg )


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Yeah that's true but this feels like they're just making a puppet and you're not supposed to notice the strings because you're marveling at the scifi aspect.


yeah but what happens when it's trained on a dataset of $$$democratic world leaders$$$


>What are the political implicit of immortal legislators?
None, as long as nobody believes that any human (or robot) has the right to tell another human how to live his life.


File: 1686318908954.jpeg ( 37.41 KB , 619x500 , eww.jpeg )

>it's all about BELIEVING duuudeee..
solipsistic brainrot


Lol, where have you been the last 20 years. Algorithms have been telling people what to do for years.

File: 1675516725563.jpg ( 78.47 KB , 1080x610 , nuclear-now.jpg )



Is Oliver stone correct about the new race for nuclear energy being led by China, India and Russia.

Is the west going to miss the boat ?
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>Actually I would say the west is hiding it’s time until the neofeudal rent system becomes a immense inescapable reality
They can't make China submit to it, China is already to strong.
These people aren't the rulers of the world anymore.
>then industrialization will continue in a way that reinforces this reality
they're not playing 4D chess, they are loosing a game of checkers
>I don’t think they want to end industry period, they’re just stalling until it becomes beneficial to them
I get what you mean they want to blackmail industrial production to pay them rent, but all they can do is impose a rent burden on some industrial production that will than be out-competed by other industrial production that does not have a rent burden.

Marx made a pretty strong argument for why industrial power will in the end triumph over finance power.
What we are witnessing is a shift of economic power towards Asia, because the western capitalists are not keeping up with industrial investment.



the Nuclear Now Film just released


>race for nuclear energy
What race?
The technology is ancient and (afaik) still unprofitable to this very day, despite the billions upon billions that are being poured into research.

Can you give an example of a single nuclear power plant that actually makes a profit without government subsidies?
inb4 muh AGW


Nuclear power is very advanced, it's using the properties of matter that are way more powerful. From the point of physics there is just way more juice inside the core of an atom than its electron cloud.

Not using the core of atoms means technology gets stuck at a certain level. Not just for energy production but also for other applications. Eventually we'll want to mess around with the nucleus of the atom for other purposes like material science or possibly computing.

Nuclear power makes a lot of economic sense it uses comparably very little resources and labor inputs to produce absolutely huge quantities of energy. That means very low cost energy.

The main reasons why the capitalist mode of production has problems harnessing nuclear power is because it's a long term technology, it takes 2-5 years to build a plant, and then it runs for 40-60 years and then it takes another 2-5 years to decommission it. Which means that the entire cycle of an atomic power plant might be up-to 70 years. Most capitalists don't have that kind of patience.

Nuclear power-plants make electricity, and while electricity is the highest quality of energy we can make, it's also much harder to commodify, because you can't just fill up a tanker and then ship it to a customer. There sort off is a fix for that, i'll com back to it later.

Let me be clear here capitalism isn't the yard-stick against which we measure reality, if capitalism isn't able to deploy a useful technology that means capitalism is insufficient, not the technology. In Marxist jargon one would say capitalism is a fetter on the productive forces.

I think that if you want to run nuclear power within the capitalist mode of production the easiest way to do it, is by having a state-run energy production that provides super low cost energy to capitalist industries. It's basically energy as an infrastructure/subsidy.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Can you explain to us why we should give a shit about profitability?


Racial identity categories have no biological merit, so the thread-subject line is objectively correct.
The hard materialist line isabolishing race identities as false consciousness in favor of class unity.
Is this politically doable ? Could this gain traction among the masses ?

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File: 1685868742622.png ( 53.74 KB , 550x315 , huh.png )

>not clicking that
>I agree with the basic premise.

very peculiar



Yeah, race is a charade & I'm not clicking.


Race is not a "thing" or "substance" you can isolate in a lab, but a question of heredity - basically asking "who your ancestors are" in a general enough sense that is understandable. We have a sense of what races are and who is in what race, but it only became relevant because eugenics became the political idea. The idea of "race rule" was absurd to even the screaming racists of the 19th century. It took eugenics to make that idea acceptable as a pseudoscience.

Maybe some day we wouldn't kill each other over stupid shit. There was a strange time in America where we thought that would happen. No such luck. Today's racism is thoroughly a proxy for eugenics generally, rather than mere "identity". The white racists can't even say what they really think with a straight face, because it's such a laughable claim about nature. It's intended for the petty-manager slaves who want to kick down someone, and when they don't have an identity ready for them to kick down, they find some other trait to justify their shitty behavior. None of it is based on anything but a crass greed, and that is intended. The true aristocracy are far more racist than anything that comes out of the mouth of a Reaganite bullycoward retard, and they are retarded. Listen to a liberal in the political elite talk about Africa and you can see hatred that would make Hitler blush, despite the lack of anything the Africans did except exist and want something for themselves. It's really absurd, but all of it comes back to a eugenic interest overtaking anything else. The Reaganites are their enablers, encouraged to be as stupid and venal as possible, then abase themselves and indulge in cuckold porn because they're the most worthless men and women, whose contribution to humanity is nothing but cheap and abundant torture and misery. The actually capable racists are the true danger. Without their hand, the Reaganites would be exposed as the fags they are and put down, and we wouldn't have to hear their retardation ever again.


Race is a charade but I don't understand anything else you said and I won't click some youtube link unless you give me a reason to.


The video is from the Katie Halper show (lefty independent media with cerebral comedy and political commentary) , and there are 2 Marxists ( Pascal Robert & Jason Myles) explaining how capitalism uses identity politics. It's just shy of 5 minutes short.


Here's a video from The Grayzone about:
<the USAID's DC rollout of the dystopian Diia "state in a smartphone".
It seems as if Ukraine might be something like a test laboratory for this kind of stuff.

Another name for this is the "4th industrial revolution" How this is related to industrialism or why they counted to N°4 already that escapes me. In my mind the industrial revolution started with the steam-engine, the lathe, the printing press, the telegram, chemical fertilizers, … It keeps going and improving until the 70s when neoliberalism begins the ongoing process of de-industrialization.

Cockshot might have called it the Monarchist Revanche
hence the thread title.

I think that what's going on is the digitization of bureaucracy. I think that the neo-liberals are indeed intending to this to become a total control mechanism, that keeps everyone on a leash, a bit like what absolute monarchies were striving towards.

I do not think that this will kill off cash for example. Governments might abandon cash in the form that you can pay taxes with it, or that you can convert your bank-account money into it without extra steps, but that won't stop people from minting coins or paper-notes. Meat-space is still available and that won't ever change. I also think that this will not stop money laundering or tax evasion, because in the last 200 years the state apparatus always had the ability to crush the mafia, it just doesn't want to. (Relatively weak socialist states with nothing but paper-forms and couriers were able to get rid of the mafia.)

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>that won't stop people from minting coins or paper-notes
Which is completely irrelevant because that's not how money works. The stability of a currency is established by a state's ability to compel people to pay their taxes in the form of that currency. Funbux made by anyone else are simply commodities to be speculated upon.


>Which is completely irrelevant because that's not how money works. The stability of a currency is established by a state's ability to compel people to pay their taxes in the form of that currency. Funbux made by anyone else are simply commodities to be speculated upon.
Lol of course you can't make your own fiat currency.

It's still possible to create commodity money, that can be precious metals, but they can also be based on a basket of normal commodities, a little bit like those supermarket gift-certificates. At present hardly anybody is interested in these and they hardly exist, let alone circulate. The reason for that is that government fiat currency is easier to use and has no drawbacks compared to commodity money. However if what many fear or anticipate comes true and those digital currencies get used for political repression, then commodity money will gain an advantage of bypassing those risks. You can't say this isn't a valid concern, in recent international conflicts access-denial to financial-transaction-systems has been wielded as a weapon. Whether this will also be used against smaller targets like organizations or individuals, that's unclear at the moment.

You do raise a valid concern about the stability, precious metals are currently suffering from exchange value fluctuations that are significant enough to make it hard to use as a currency, mostly do to speculation. Commodity money that is derived off a large enough goods-basket should remain usable though. I'm not pulling this out of my ass, during the early period of the 20th century when there were a lot of problems with fiat currencies, like severe inflation for example. A lot of people began experimenting with various commodity money schemes. This is largely forgotten history at this point but there is no reason to think this phenomenon won't come back if material conditions for it arise.


i won't comment on this but this is what ussr invented (ussr invented ipad !)

just like brazilians invented aeroplane


>dystopian "state in a smartphone"
dengbros… I don't feel so good..


You're not entirely wrong to point this out.

However in China it's not really the state in a smartphone, it's the party in a smartphone. The Chinese state is very much a paper-machine. Party membership is mostly optional. Only the military and a few security related branches of government require party membership. party membership also might be an unofficial requirement for certain strategic sectors in the economy

Ironically enough if you want to do the American Yeoman rugged individual lifestyle about being a farmer that lives off grid while generating produce for cash, that's very easy in China because the state will even subsidize that, as long as it's a cooperative or family business.

That said China is pretty terrible on tech rights too, if you're a non-tech savy person buying the default-config tech gadgets, those have atrociously malicious anti-user features just like in the west. China also has tech illiterate politicians making stupid laws too, they even tried to ban ad-blockers. That said in the Chinese legal system laws are much more temporary. Rules are considered experiments and if people hate it, shit gets overturned very easily. So once the generation of people who grew up with technology enter the political system it's likely going to improve alot. In the west laws are like bricks in a castle-wall, fixing shit is very difficult and takes ages. If you had asked me 5 years ago of what civilization would win the race of making user respecting (satisfying the Richard Stallman standard of ethics) technology the default, i would have guessed that either Europe or the US would win, but with recent developments i'm not sure about that anymore.

China is also an ML system, so as long as you don't criticize the government too much, pretty much anything goes, which might sound unfree on the face of it, but considering where the west is headed, that might end up being less oppressive. Keep in mind that right now people in Germany are being prosecuted for having the wrong opinion on the Ukraine war.

File: 1686009211996.jpeg ( 99.47 KB , 340x293 , Atlanta_Public_Safety_Tra….jpeg )



This is the city council public comment part of the cop city bullshit.
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So we also need a method of evaluating what factors lead people towards honest vs tactical voting

>distance-based voter-candidate "utility"
Sounds like this is the more generalized metric

>Sortition would naturally produce governing politics near the population

Sure but most people don't grasp statistical effects. Explaining why randomized statistically representative sampling is a really robust method, where all avenues for inserting bias have been beaten out, is really hard. Producing all those comparisons with electoral system might be necessary. I would even go as far as stating that we'd have to run an electoral and sortition system in parallel until we can prove by example that these statistical effects are real.


>The increase in "complexity" doesn't seem that significant to me, though - I mean, it's not a difficult concept to understand. How dumb are voters supposed to be?
It's not about people being dumb it's about how much mental resources you require people to spend. If you can get good results with less brain juice, you leave more brain juice for other cognitive activities.

>Except for approval voting, these all just appear to be other forms of ranked choice. This seems like splitting hairs, frankly, especially when I said "ranked choice" and not "instant runoff" specifically.

Fair enough but consider that the main point was about focusing attention on having a bearable worst case scenario.


Sure, corrupting a randomized selection process or the random subjects it picks, that will be very rare. Sortition probably makes it quite impossible to make corruption into a self-reproducing system.

That said it would not be hard to make election promises binding contracts. Enforcing contracts certainly is weaker than the structural anti-corruption tendencies in sortition. However it should be possible to improve the accountability for politicians upholding their election promises.

I guess if you have the option to implement a new political structure, go with sortition, but if you can't, apply as many bug-fixes as you can to the old one.


>Explaining why randomized statistically representative sampling is a really robust method, where all avenues for inserting bias have been beaten out, is really hard.
Is it really, though? The ancient Greeks understood this at least two millennia before the Law of Large Numbers was proven mathematically.


Not sure how to reply to this.
Ancient Greek was also one of the few instances of sortition democracy that we know off. If it was easy to spread this concept why wasn't it implemented more often ?

File: 1682567113461.jpg ( 111.68 KB , 1045x602 , amlo-1.jpg )


Is conservative leftism the way?

>…In response, AMLO in office has combined efforts to shore up the countervailing power of Mexican workers with a blunt economic nationalism. On the labor front, he has boosted the minimum wage (without significantly raising unemployment) and promoted independent trade unionism. He has invested generously in the state oil company after years of neglect and messy marketization, resisted further privatization of the electricity industry, and stunted renewables competition—all to predictable howls of rage from Global North environmentalists, the Biden administration, the Brookings Institution, and The New York Times.

>AMLO’s resistance to Global North green-ism is a telling indicator of his leftist heterodoxy. In this as in many other arenas, he subverts the expectations Anglo-American conservatives and progressives alike have of what it means to be on the left. The differences are even more pronounced when it comes to social issues. While he has personally identified as a devout Catholic, his ruling coalition includes an evangelical junior party, and his government has extended federal funding to biblical-studies programs—a gentle tweak to the laicism that is one of the pillars of the modern Mexican state.
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As long as he's not chopping up indians, he's fine by me
Castillo was already like this before the shithead congress booted him, this is how Latin American leftism has tended to be


Reading theory is best and only form of praxis


Reactionary leftist 🤡


trad leftism is a thing for sure

especially outside the USA

I wouldn't really be against trad leftism it if it's leaders weren't sociopaths or narcissists.

Same with liberal leftism.


A trad leftist is better than a progressive rightoid
At least Castillo started appointing gay people or something despite his tradcath attitudes

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